Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ada isi sudah?

I am told that this is a customary question, asked to newlyweds, in anticipation of the pitter patter of a new member of the family.

Still, can I say that... the question just bugs me! I don't know why..if asked in the wrong manner, it really gets on my nerves. Never mind that, and this is our secret... *shhhh*, memang ada isi pun! *wink wink*

OK..if someone comes up to me nicely, asks me how it's going and asks me in an intimate, hush hush, caring and giggly manner, 'ada isi sudah?' Then I might just break and tell em the good news.

But there are some people, some whom I haven't talked to in ages..some whom I am not particularly close with..when they first see me, this is the first thing they ask! No 'how are you?', 'long time no see..' It's directly 'ada isi sudah?!!' And as I reluctantly shrug the question off..they'll start to mutter about honeymooning first, how 'everything' will be more difficult when you already have a la la la la....

I'll just lay low first and when baby is ready to show him/her self to the world..then I'll just smile to see the look on those people's faces...

Blown away

I went to get my hair washed and cut yesterday. It was a hair saloon that I regularly go to. Had my hair washed first. You know - before this I was always under this impression that hair washing is something that I could do myself at home. Something I could at least save some 13 bucks on. But lately, I quite enjoy it. Having my hair washed in the saloon. It's more of like a relaxation and indulgence ritual. So anyway, after my hair was washed, the owner then cut my hair to shoulder length with long wispy layers around. Then my hair was blow dried straight.

So when all was finished, I started to get ready and put on my tudung. From the corner of my eye, I could see this one Chinese aunty staring at me whilst I did this. No doubt somewhat intrigued by the whole process. And then it happened - the owner who'd cut my hair earlier was now blowdrying the hair of this lady sitting next to me. I heard her utter, 'Sudah cantik cantik kasi blow, dia pegi pakai topi pula..' Wah this really got to me! First of all, I pakai tudung lah, not topi! She was probably referring to the serkup but still...And secondly, I had been coming to this saloon regularly. They all knew that I wear tudung. What? Was I to just merrily walk out to show off the beautiful blow drying job they had done? Of course, I had to put on my tudung!

I just found this a little bit insensitive and not really good customer service, if you ask me.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Of Cats and Wabbits

Every morning, the cutest thing. A group of cats will quietly assemble in front of our house gate. There's Geena Davis (clearly identifiable by the mole on her cheek, we assume it's a her..), Stalin (yes, reincarnation of the Russian leader himself), one tabby cat and two other black and whites yet to be named. The ring leader used to be Hitler, you couldn't miss him with his rectangular black patch under the nose. We haven't seen Hitler in a while. However, every day too..there is this baby cat being caged in our neighbours house. Poor thang, just wails and miaows it's heart out all the time. We suspect he is under interrogation and on the brink of revealing Hitler's whereabouts.

Moving halfway across town, there is the tale of the 7 wabbits. Princess, Handsome, Chila, Pahang, Casper, Kupang Marudu and one more..I forget the name. Yesterday, it was discovered that Casper could be of dual genders. In an act of shock and desperation on hearing the news, Chila attempts to jump over the balcony and almost does. Only to be caught, in the matter of seconds by Boboy. Phew... 3 stories high, it wouldn't have been a pretty sight!

More from the animal kingdom soon.. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Reality Is..

What a great week in reality tv.

Let's see. First, in The Amazing Race, Uchenna and Joyce gave new meaning to going all the way, when Joyce agreed to participate in an ancient Indian ritual that required her to shave her head. Joyce was awesome, she knew that it was their only chance to get ahead of the pack. If they were to go back and do the Detour, they would've been dead last. I loved how she reasoned that it's just hair. Exactly! It will grow back. I am now rooting for this team to win. Romber (Rob and Amber) are just too confident and cocky for their own good. Team Mattel (Ron and Kelly) seem to be brewing trouble of their own. Somehow I don't really see Meredith and Gretchen making it as the winners.

Let's go to The Contender. I admit, when the season started I had no inclination to follow the series. I didn't think that a bunch of guys boxing would be my idea of great reality tv. And now, I'm hooked. Not on seeing the guys get bruised and battered each week but on how Mark Burnett so skillfully weaves in elements of emotion in each boxer's stories. I love it. This week, Jimmy Lange lost to Joey Gilbert. I gotta hand it to Joey, boxing with just one leg as he had torn the hamstring on the other. Though I was really rooting for Jimmy, albeit for the wrong reasons (Jimmy is the better looking of the two!). I loved how at the end of the match, Jimmy talked about his family, his expectant wife and how that is really what's important for him. Not embarassment on losing or anything like that.

Well, perhaps the only low or surprising moment this week was the booting of Anwar Robinson off American Idol. My friend is officially in mourning and wearing black to show her support for Anwar. I admit that Anwar's performances have been a tad bit boring the past few weeks. Still, I had thought that Porky (Scott Savol) and Anthony would've gone first. My top 3 : Carrie, Bo and Constantine. Let's see how it goes.

Isn't reality tv remarkable? The good ones that is. We can get so caught up in these people's lives, love em and hate em. When, to them, we're just like this small blip in their universe, silently casting in our votes for them.

Friday, April 22, 2005

What Am I Doing?

This morning, I met this guy who is a trainer in the field of Memory Techniques. Once we got chatting, I found out that he is actually trained as a Chemical Engineer but chose to go into the self development field. And this just made me think, darnned! Nothing against him..but it's just that I wonder, what am I doing, working in this field? When my real love is to do something else. Always fancied myself to be a writer. I want to run my own business, train as a certified Mind Mapping trainer, write articles, write a bestseller, learn a new language, travel the world. And yet, still, I hate that I am a slave to the punch card machine, clocking in, day in and day out.

I want to take the plunge. Somebody..gimme a nudge?

Don't Forget to Remember

This morning I attended a Memory Techniques seminar which was conducted by Lim Teck Hoe, the current Asia Memory Record Holder. It was an interesting and lively seminar, filled with anecdotes and exercises and mental aerobics to improve the memory.

Isn't it quite ironic that we have to pay so much for extra memory these days? Let's see, a 256MB usb drive costs something like rm200 or so? We can pay so much to add these additional features for our computers, palm pilots, handphones but what are we doing in terms of using our own memory capabilities - the most sophisticated computer ever - our own brains?

In a matter of hours, Lim got us to memorize lists of random items, numbers, historical dates. Interesting and amazing! He even did a demonstration where he memorized 55 random numbers all in the span of 2 minutes! He then recited the numbers correctly, even backwards! He taught us about memory techniques such as the memory chain, memory pegs, memory mnemonics, using significant information and the major system.

I was surprised that I could memorize a list of 20 random items and a list of 30 or so random numbers! Wanna know the secrets? Ahh...ask me and I'll quote you my charges.. :) Also, check out By the way, Lim Teck Hoe also once trained Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah. Cool!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Insya-Allah translated means 'with God's will'.

I recently invited a colleague to attend a meeting and his immediate response was Insya-Allah. But somehow, from his reaction, I immediately got this feeling that he wouldn't or never really had the intention to come for the meeting.

Why do people respond with Insya-Allah when they fully know that they aren't going to come/commit anyway?

Somehow, I would prefer a direct 'sorry, I won't be coming'.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Malaysian Idols Fantasia

I'm not talking about Fantasia Barrino, winner of last year's American Idol, but our local reality hit Akademi Fantasia. As the new season of Akademi Fantasia gears up, I wonder what kind of surprises and talents will we be seeing this year. Last year, it was quite delightful to see three Sabahans being chosen for the show. And yet more so to see two of them in the finals. However, last season's AF seemed to miss some of the charm that was inherit in the first season.

If I were to compare the two winners, Vince from AF1 and Zahid from the second season, I would think that Vince would win by miles out. There's not much that I can recall about Zahid except for his goofy performance of M Daud Kilau's song and him crying for not being given the same attention as given to Linda. When I think of Vince on the other hand, I remember the first time he sang in the Af concert..the heart tugging 'Pergilah Sayang'. I remember him singing Belaian Jiwa and Flying Without Wings. I remember him playfully playing with the cameras and being crushed by Sahri. I remember his song 'Hold on to Your Dreams' that was actually used to close the season's show. *sob sob*

Now, if we compare AF with MI - Malaysian Idol. Vince and Jac. Whaddaya guys think? So far, I havent seen or heard much of Jac. I havent listened to any of her songs except for 'Gemilang' which she sang in the finals. But Jac is somewhat typical dontcha think? Her voice and style are somewhat typical of Fantasia or should I say, the general African American singers. So again, to me, Vince still wins. I guess from the start I never really expected the AhBeng could sing..He surprised me!

But how would our singers fair in front of Paula, Randy and Simon? Sad to say, Simon would probably tell most of those who were on AF1 and AF2 that they are horrendous and should pack their bags straight away!

Hopefully the coming season of AF will give us more to look forward to, more great talent, more to remember. I wonder...whatever happened to Nemo the cat?

Monday, April 18, 2005


Did you guys know that there are some 384 or so Pokemon characters? Yep, I just found out this fascinating fact yesterday, whilst browsing through this magazine with my husband. :) I found this amazing and wonderous. That someone actually went through the act of painstakingly creating each of those characters. And how each can actually evolve and gain new powers. Wow.

Pikachu remains my all time favourite..


I watched the movie Chocolat a few weeks ago on RTM1, of all channels. I forgot what a charming and delightful movie it was! Loved it... where have all the good movies gone?