Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy Moms

Last Saturday, my mom and I went to this quaint little maternity shop called Happy Moms. The shop is ideally situated among a row of maternity specialist clinics, which is very convenient, I must say. The shop is little. But when we went in, it was packed with lots of maternity clothes, baby stuffs and toys. How wonderful, as I thought there weren't any such shops here in KK.

The salesgirl and owner immediately went to work on me. Showering me with suggestions upon suggestions of clothes that I simply MUST try. And they kept putting in blouses and skirts and dresses in the fitting room that by the time I got in, there must have been more than 10 items of clothing in there for me to try on!

In the end, I happily settled for one blouse, one skirt and a dress. At least I now know where I can go to buy nice clothes. Guess going to that store really does make you a Happy Mom! :)

Monday, July 11, 2005

Tick Tock..

Pottermania! Posted by Picasa

Tick tock tick tock...5 more days til the release of the new Harry Potter book! We were at Penguin bookstore yesterday and at least two people were asking about the book. Looks like everybody's gone Potter crazy...and I'm not even halfway through the Order of the Phoenix!