Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Almost there

I'm now almost 36 weeks pregnant. Today is the 250th day, which means there is an estimated 30 days left til I'm due. But of course, that is only an estimation. In theory, I could give birth anytime from now. Feeling pretty anxious these days, mainly thinking about how things will go, all the preparations that we haven't done, etc etc. Though I guess all that is normal. I just pray that everything will be fine and I know that the best bit is coming...meeting baby!

Monday, October 10, 2005

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Excuses, excuses

A student came up to me this morning and asked me when she would be able to take 2 make up tests, which she had previously missed due to illness. I had agreed to let her take the tests since she did have a medical slip from the doctor. But I remembered that it took her quite some time to even hand the medical slips in to me, almost a month, if I'm not mistaken.

The class had just had another test last week. And after I finished marking the tests yesterday, I took note of all the students who were absent - meaning they had missed that test. And the same girl was among them. She had missed yet another test.

What irritated me was that, I was the one who brought up the fact that she had missed another test. Her reply was a very lackadaisical, 'ohh yeahhhh...' and then began on this story of how she was studying for the test, slept late, woke up late, couldn't get in contact with any of her friends (of course! they were already in the class,sitting for the test!!), yada yada yadaaaaaa....At that point, I had just switched off and told her I didn't want to hear any of her excuses.

Only then did she start to make this 'muka kesian' saying, 'so I can't take that test??' Uuughhhh..

I keep remembering, I have a responsibility 'to' these students to teach them..but I'm not responsible 'for' what or how they choose to react.. Just bums me out to think that with that kind of attitude, that girl is gonna be having more problems later on in her studies and in her life too...but still, it's her choice..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Give us a chance to be creative

I can't help thinking that sometimes there are just too many rules around. For almost everything we do, there are certain rules or standards that must be complied. In order to be accepted, we must follow the norms - or else...

In my opinion, all these rules do really..is to stifle creativity.

For instance, yesterday - there was a heated issue brought up in Parliament, concerning how the singer, Hattan - had supposedly sang Negaraku in a 'different' way. His acapella version was immediately deemed as an insult to the integrity of the song and the nation. Now, I don't know if Hattan did indeed have an ulterior motive but I would like to think that he was merely being artistic, giving his own interpretation of the song, being creative. To be instantly stamped as insulting the nation - just seems a little too much. My husband tells me that there is an actual Parliamentary Act on the National Anthem. Maybe there are specifics in the act that say the song MUST be sang in a certain way ONLY. But hmm..what about some people who are simply tone deaf, who 'got no rhythm'? What about kids who are just learning the song? Try as they may, they just can't get the tune right - does that mean they are insulting the nation too?

Then, there's the Post Office. Some time ago, the Post Office introduced these new 'standards' meaning that only certain type of envelopes of certain sizes are acceptable. Others I think, will incur extra postage charges. As I understand it, you can't have any funky shaped envelopes or any with bold and striking colours. To me, this is another imposement that does not allow people to express themselves. Isn't that what letters are for? Expressing yourself?

Many of these type of 'rules' make us follow the norm. No way to stand out and be yourself. No wonder we're struggling when it comes to creativity..We're all being programmed..We're living 'IN' the MATRIX! So.. do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

After a hard day's work

What a long day...I think I'll have a snooze....