Monday, November 28, 2005

What a Miracle!

This photo was a taken two days before I had our baby. Tengok perut tu - our baby dalam tu. For 40 weeks and 6 days, I carried you in my tummy, baby and I loved you from the moment I knew.

And now, intoducing baby: YASMIN ANNE BT RIZWAN HAZEMAN

16 November 2005 - Part 3

My hubby told me later that throughout the operation, he could see reflections of red through the doctor's goggles. I myself, saw glimpse of movements as reflections on the lights above the operating bed.

It was cold. My left hand which was connected to a drip, was also attached to a blood pressure monitor - which periodically turned on and squeezed my arm so tight, it hurt at times.

Not long after the operation started, I was told that I would feel some pushing movement near my chest and abdomen. And then..the moment. Hubby told me that baby's head was out. Baby had hair! Baby's mouth must have been suctioned to remove any fluid and then the sweetest sound - baby's first cry! A few minutes after that baby was out!

Dr John came by near us, carrying baby and he said something like, 'Nahh is saying, why are you disturbing me sleep?' :-) But I couldn't see him clearly, nor baby at that time. I was covered in tears. I didn't know I would react that way..

Baby was ushered to the paediatrician after that I guess. And the next part was the stitching up. Doctor said it would take up to 45 minutes.

The paediatrician, Dr Anthony - whom hubby said he chatted with before entering the OR and who seemed really nice, came in after that. Dr Anthony said something to this sort, 'Not bad ah this baby. The cord was quite small. But baby is not bad, five fingers, five toes, got some pipi some more.' :) Sounded like music to our ears.

They finished stitching me up, hubby left to change and then I was sent to this room to be warmed up and my pulse was monitored. Dr John was there doing up his notes of the operation, I presume. And then he came by and told me that he would see me later that day.

I rejoined hubby later and was sent back to my room where the whole family was already waiting. But the biggest thing of all - I had a baby! WE had our baby or as hubby said, we're no longer TWO-gether gether but now a THREE-gether!

Friday, November 25, 2005

16 November 2005 - Part 2

We asked the doctor all sorts of questions regarding the C-section. Finally, we asked when or how soon it would be performed. His reply was, 'right now.' I remember thinking at that moment, 'ok..he's gonna perform the operation.' It didn't occur to me at that time that he would have to assemble a whole team for the operation. It was about 230 pm then.

I was prepped for the operation. We called our families to inform them. And perhaps an hour later, we were whisked down to the 2nd floor operating theatres. I was lying down on this trolley thingy and whilst being wheeled down into the operating theatres, i remember this view of my hubby standing there in the transfer room looking at me. It's probably a picture that I will always remember in my mind. I was wheeled to this room where an anaesthesist inserted a drip onto my wrist and prepared me for the spinal block for the operation. Dr Lim or Liew, I think - the anaesthesist.

After that, it was into the OR. Thinking about it now, that was the first time I ever had an operation. It's quite a big deal really, if you think about it. Sure, I was scared. I was cold. And I wanted my hubby. The spinal block was administered, an injection on my spine. I felt a slight prick and was told that in another five minutes I wouldn't be able to feel anything from the waist down. My legs started feeling numb, heavy and tingly.

Hubby appeared by my side moments later, dressed in those green doctor's scrubs. Though I was covered with green clothes and blankets, the anaethesist kindly lifted it slightly and allowed us to hold hands.

The operation was about to start. I felt the doctor's swabbing my tummy and bikini line with what must have been alcohol. It was getting colder. Doctor did tell us that one of the side effects of the spinal block would be shivering, as it tended to make you feel colder. But the OR itself was cold - 19 degrees, I think, one of them mentioned.

I heard hubby say 'Bismillah' and then it started. I couldn't feel anything though except feeling really, really cold. Holding on to hubby's hand kept me warm.

To be continued..again..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

16 November 2005

I wanted to get all this down while it's still fresh in my mind.

I went in to Sabah Medical Centre for induction of labour last Wednesday, as scheduled by my doctor. I remember feeling a sort of anxiousness and also excitement that morning. Knowing that at the end of the day, we will be greeting a new member of our family. My hospital bag has been long packed, and so after breakfast - which hubby almost forgot, at around 830 we made our way to the hospital.

We 'checked in' at admissions, received a complimentary goody bag, I got tagged and then we were on our way to the maternity ward. We were told that it was quite full, only 2 bedded rooms were available. Musta been baby boom season.

I was put on a fetal heartbeat and contractions monitoring device and my doctor, Dr John Teo (bless him) came in a little later to check the baby's heartbeat and if my cervix has opened. It wasn't. But there was some bleeding, which indicated 'the show'. He then inserted a pill for the induction. I was told to wait for about 2 hours for the effects to take place. I started to feel contractions about an hour after that. No contraction readings were around 0 - 30. I started feeling contractions that were at readings of 70 - 80. They were quite strong and clearly distinguishable. Just slightly painful.

After 2 hours, the doctor came in again and checked my cervix. Only 2 cm dilated. He then ruptured the membrane of the amniotic sac to further induce the labour process. It was a warm gush of water. Felt like a lot. Doctor then said and showed my hubby that there were some traces of meconium in the amniotic fluid. Something we were hoping not to see. It meant that the baby has passed motion in the womb. The dangers would be if baby were to have swallowed some of the meconium and it ended up in her lungs.

We had to make a decision. We could continue with the induction and have a normal delivery, which could take up to 12 hours. The other option would be to go for a caesarean section delivery. Doctor said that baby was already under some stress since she had passed going through with normal labour could put her under more stress. Hubby and I talked about it. Dr John was really understanding and patient too. There was really just one decision. We had to go for the c-section operation.

To be continued..

Monday, November 14, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Wow..this year alone, I have read 3 Harry Potter books - Goblet, Phoenix and yesterday I finished Half Blood Prince (HBP). Many reviews have said that this latest edition has not lived up to all the hype it generated - boring, tidak best... are some of those that I have heard. For me, I think Goblet still remains as the most exciting. But JK Rowling has taken a more adult tone starting from Phoenix and this continues in HBP. The characters are after all growing up. Personally, I think HBP answers a lot of questions. The elements of intrigue and mystery are still there, as are elements of humour at times.

I don't want to reveal too much but here are some highlights from HBP - as JK Rowling has indicated, the HBP is neither Harry nor Voldemort. Hint: it's one of the teachers at Hogwarts. Harry has a new love interest - I was rather hoping that he and Cho would work out. Something's brewing between Ron and Hermione too. Harry is the new Quidditch captain for Gryfinddor! We find out more about how Voldy became Voldy. And the big one..unfortunately, one of the central characters perishes....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Letter to Baby

This morning I received some baby gifts from my cousins. Along with the gifts was this short letter addressed to the baby, welcoming her to the world and to the family. I found this really sweet and touching - a beautiful gesture by my teenage cousins and it sparked this idea. To write a letter to baby myself - perhaps something I could do a few days after she is born. I could keep it until she is old enough to read it someday. I think that would be beautiful.

I can't wait to meet you, dear baby...