Friday, January 27, 2006


I met up with my friend Sharon last week and we started talking about our babies. Sharon had her second child, a baby girl named Selena, about 3 weeks before I had Yasmin. Like me, she too had a C-section.

We started talking about our confinement period, what we did and ate and so on. I told her that the only food I was really prohibited from eating during those 44 days was ayam jantan. The rasional being, that kononnya, the male chickens do a lot of clawing and scratching, and hence it was 'feared' that the wound from the operation would itch. I was always suspicious of this belief though..since if you think about it, chicken is a source of protein and protein is needed to build up human tissue and hence, tak kira ayam jantan ke betina..should be good for the body, right? Anyway, since they were adamant about it and since they didn't want me to live on fish and veggies only during that time, my mom and aunts had quite the time searching around for girl chickens! Hehehe..

Another pantang was that I shouldn't wash my hair. The exact period of how long, varied. Can you believe that some people told me to go an entire month or if possible the whole 44 days, without washing my hair!! Worse, there were even some that said you shouldn't even bathe! The argument here was that, takut masuk angin. I didn't wash my hair for two weeks and then I caved. How to stand it? I felt that my hair and head was getting so smelly after one week. Still I stuck it out. But at two weeks, I thought, surely hygiene factors should be taken into account. Besides, in the olden days, those ladies probably had to wash their hair using cold water from perigi, that's why la they got sick. I actually asked my doctor if there was any medical basis to this masuk angin theory and he said there wasn't. So there you go..

I was also told not to drink cold water or icy drinks. So that the body remains warm. Now, this one, is not so bad la. I could live with it. Still,I remember, there were those days that I just longed for a teh tarik ping!

My understanding is that the confinement period is meant as a time for rest and recovery, after the pain of labour and childbirth. God knows where some of this pantang stuff came from, probably just handed down from generation to generation, even though some of it should be obselete by now. All of it, is with good intention though. And even though I didn't really buy some of it..there was still this subconcious thought lingering in the back of the mind..kalau tidak ikut, nanti something happen..nahhhh!


I brought my laptop to the office on Monday and have left it there the whole week. My hubby says that this is a bad sign, when you start leaving things like that. Means that you don't care about it as much anymore. Last week, I used the laptop to do some work one day and then just left it in the living room the entire week. Usually I would have kept it back in its bag and bring it into our room. True also la hah, mula-mula beli dulu bukan main lagi jaga. Clean it, put it back in the bag, carry to and fro office everyday..Actually, my laptop is quite old already. Now the area near the keyboard has started to peel and it's gone a bit sticky. Thought of trading it in and getting a smaller, lighter one. Hubby suggested I get an Apple IBook. That would be supercool...

But my newest acquisition and toy is my new Sony Ericsson K750i handphone. Totally love it! And we're also thinking of buying a Maclaren stroller for Yasmin.. and so, no more funds for laptops or other toys now...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Question: How did Britney Spears get her pre-baby body back so fast? Tengok gambar dia, only a month after having her baby - her tummy already flat as a board.

Answer: Having a nutritionist, dietician, chef, personal trainer, money to pay for it all....And uuh, i guess, not chomping up Snickers bars (like I just did) helped too!