Friday, February 10, 2006

I Wanted to Be a Paediatrician..

Last night, as I was getting ready to leave for my Toasties meeting, Yasmin started to cry. As it was almost her feeding time, I assumed that she was hungry. And so, I got ready to feed her using expressed breastmilk in the bottle. But she was still crying and she didn't want to take the bottle. So then I tried giving her the boob instead, still she wasn't drinking. The crying got frantic, up to a point where she seemed to be losing her voice. We had noticed that she had a blocked nose since the day before and thought that this might be the cause. And so, we decided to whisk her to see a doctor.

We hadn't really been to a paediatrician before and had to decide which doctor to go to. Go back to SMC where Yasmin was born? We weren't sure if the 'paed' would be available at night. The outpatient GP there didn't seem too helpful when we went the last time. Go to see my OBGYN? He was always helpful when we asked him questions about babies..Or try one of those children's specialists clinics? Actually, I was just talking to my friend about paediatricians earlier in the morning and she recommended one clinic at Jalan Lintas. And so, we decided to check it out..

Fortunately, it was still open. The clinic is called 'Kid's Clinic' and when we stepped inside..wahhhhh! Decorated with bright colours, there were coloured lights beaming on the ceiling, there was a play area with plenty of toys and books and furniture that we recognized to be from Ikea. Very nice one! When she was calm, Yasmin seemed to enjoy looking around the place.

We had to wait quite long for our turn. (Oh, I had to give my Toasties event a miss. Baby was more important!) When we saw the doctor, Dr Terry Huang, first thing I noticed was that she was wearing a doctor's coat which had been sewed on with colourful pictures on patches. :) She then got down to asking us what was wrong, how long has baby had the blocked nose, anyone in the family sick, who took care of baby..and so on..She sounded very stern. But then when she got to checking Yasmin, she was quite playful. She made faces and baby sounds. She called Yasmin 'sayang'. She had this long plier like thingy which she used to fish out some dry 'dongot' from Yasmin's nose. She then explained to us about how baby's breathing works (they are nasal wonder she was fussy), how the dongots are formed, what we can do, etc. She was really very thorough and nice! Looks like we made the right choice to go to her clinic!

Before we left, Yasmin was starting to cry again..this time I knew it was the hunger cry. The doctor then asked us if we'd like to use the room in her clinic to breastfeed. I thought that was a really nice gesture. Good to have a doctor that supports breastfeeding, I've read that not all do...

And so, we officially have a paediatrician now. Made me think..there was a time, back in school, where I wanted to be a 'paed'. And that visit last night made me wonder, why the heck did I go and do engineering instead! Mesti siok kan, jaga kanak-kanak! Do y'all think it's too late? Bulih ka sia jadi macam Patch Adams?

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I recently found out about this girl I knew at school, who had just lost her baby. After trying to get pregnant for so long, some complications were discovered and she was advised to terminate her pregnancy. No one could possibly ever imagine what she had to go through, the pain and heartache of making that decision. My heart goes out to her. Still I believe that it is God's will and that someday God would grant her this, what she wants the most.

Thinking about this, I look at my baby Yasmin. I tell her that I love her and that I am sooooo thankful for her, for the gift that God has given me. As I say this, tears start rolling down my eyes. And Yasmin looks at me, with her lovely bright eyes. She flashes me that sweet smile of hers as if to say, 'Everything's OK, mommy..everything's ok...'