Monday, July 31, 2006


They say that Saggitarians crave adventure, freedom and independence. That's me alright. I want and need my very own wide open space.

Things have started to get a lot smaller nowadays. (Or am I getting bigger? Nahhh!) Our room is smaller. Between hubby and me, the two of us, we just have so much stuff. We've also put in an extra cot for Yasmin in the room, so she can play and we won't have to worry about her falling off the bed. And so...sempit oh!

Another thing, my car. My lovely-hardworking-all paid for in full!-car. I call 'her' Mobila. Mobila has been with me for almost 10 years now. But she's getting smaller. Went out with hubby and baby last week, and it was not comfortable. At least not for me. What with me, who's not so small, the baby car seat and the restless, curious, mobile baby herself all in the back...aiyooo! Even though I had just professed to friend that I will not buy another car til this one absolutely can not move anymore....I found myself starting to think of the MYvi of all cars!

Hmmm.... me wants more space...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sometimes I look at her laugh and scream and jump...and I wonder, 'You were once in my tummy?' Wow!


I don't like this word much.

Wajib = Compulsory. Must. Mesti. Tidak boleh tidak.

Received an email this morning about a ceremony to be held this afternoon. And the ending clause read - 'Mohon kerjasama anda untuk mewajibkan diri untuk hadir..' ??? I won't try to translate that.

My office seems to love to use this word - wajib. I mean, even for some events that are clearly not related to us, we are told that attendance is compulsory! Why? If the event was important and meaningful, surely people would come, because they want to. But to attend something that has no relevance to you...and to be told that it is compulsory...I really don't like that!

Yes. You'd probably didn't think I'd have such a rebellious streak..

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Run Forrest Run!

Sometimes I have this sudden burst of energy and I just feel like ... running! It's like I need to release all that pent up energy. Perhaps that's how Forrest Gump felt!

My hubby says that perhaps I can channel that energy to do something else. Yeah...very wise, my hubby.

But to run is immense sense of freedom. I like to imagine myself running on a stretch of beach, with no other soul around.. whisps of crisp air in my hair, the sun barely peeking out behind the clouds....I run and run and run...and breathe in that sense of freedom, feeling that all is good in this world.

Anyone wanna join me?