Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Talk to Me, Goose

Have you ever felt like talking to someone, but there was no one to talk to? Sounds sad, doesn't it?

I was driving home the other day, when I felt this sudden urge to talk to someone. I wanted to call my friend Rina, but I knew it was about the time she would be getting ready to go home from work. Similarly with my hubby. And so, I drove home accompanied only by Ros, the DJ on Mix FM and the voices in my head.

I suddenly thought of all those people I wish I could get in touch with. What with all my internet snooping prowess, there are still some who remain elusive. Here is a list of people I would desperately love to talk to (in no particular order):

1. Eddie Chau - my friend from my college days in Loughborough. British Chinese. He's working in Silicon Valley, USA as a programmer. Last time I met him was when I went to Manchester for my masters. He picked me up at the airport and brought me shopping! He used to call me here and also in Manchester. Haven't spoken or email him in ages. I should...

2. Ranggau Jules Muda - friend and penpal since we went for Titian Emas in 1992. Then fate brought us together when we both got sponsored by Shell to do our undergrad in the UK. Very funny dude. Used to write letters that made me laugh my head off and sent me weird birthday cards. Last I heard he was in Singapore, surfing and writing poetry.

3. Noorazlina Abu Bakar @ Noi - my lil sis in SBPS. Spent a lot of time together, chatting, jogging, eating. Had lots in common. Where is she now?

4. Azamima Razali - also friend from SBPS, though she moved to 'Malaysia' when we were in form 2 or form 3. Last saw her after SPM, if not mistaken. A kindred spirit and bosom pal.

5. Salisa Veerapun @ Mo - my Siamese friend, doing the same course in UMIST. Thank god, there was another girl on the course! Very artistic girl. I think she has a Phd by now!

6. Joanne Lee - my penpal when I was in primary 6 to around form 3. Australian Chinese. Got to know her from a chain letter thingy back then. She loved Tom Cruise too (back then).

So, if you're reading this, and you know these people or their whereabouts, help me jejak kasih please...It's such a small world, six degrees of separation right? Everyone, everything is somehow interconnected, so who knows, right.....