Friday, December 22, 2006


I went for a pap smear this morning. Not the most comfortable thing and not something one would voluntarily do...but nonetheless, important and essential. It's one of those things that remind you that you are in fact, an adult. Like having a mortgage and car repayments. When we were kids, we were sometimes in such a hurry to grow up...but now...we long for those days where life was simple and care-less....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One of Them

I've joined the IPod revolution...I'm officially 'one of them'..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Big 3-0

My birthday is coming up soon. Hurrrahhh!
I didn't have any plans at first, nothing special..just the usual dinner with family and close friends. But now I am thinking that I should plan something bigger. It is after all, the big 3-0. A change in the frontal digit only comes once in 10 years. Cause for celebration indeed, if you ask me! Let me give it a thinker...

I will be on leave as well on that day. Am thinking of going for a facial or massage and getting my nails done... Indulge.... And what presents am I hoping for? ;-) Had planned to get myself something EXTRA NICE and UBER COOL.

Hubby, Friends: Any physical (or monetary) gift(s) would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise....your promised tokens of LOVE & FRIENDSHIP for the year to come will be accepted too....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Pretender

I'm tired of pretending to be interested in things that I am not really interested in....


The thing about having a cold is that it mucks up all your other senses. Yesterday afternoon, I had for lunch..what looked like a really scrumptious meal of sizzling sweet and sour fish. But it was...just meaty and bland and not tasty at all...

I also started to have some kind of imbalance in my ears. Occasionally, if I swallowed or took a breathe, it felt like pressure was being relieved in my ears..kind of like when you are in an airplane. Weird.

The other night, I had a wee accident. I had been driving my dad's Perdana and was parking it in our driveway. I'm used to expertly parking my small Mobila in that spot and imagine my eyes widening when I heard a bang that night. The right hand side of the perdana had hit a post in the middle of the parkway. The sound of metal brushing against metal...all I could do was gasp and call for my hubby to move the car. Hoping that it can magically undo what I had done and there was not much damage to the car. Alas, the car did not escape unscathed. There were scratches and spots of peeled paint. And it's probably going to need a little bit of hammering to get it back to shape. Still hubby said that he'd seen worse.

Can I say that it was the cold? It affected my sense of spacial judgement?