Saturday, December 29, 2007

McSteamy Lives Next Door

Or McSteamy is a friend of our new neighbour.

Our new neighbours are Irish. And of the partying kind. They have just moved in about a month ago and so far they have had two very, very LOUD parties. And yes, we weren't invited and I doubt any of the other neighbours were.

The first party was on Christmas night, which lasted til about 2 or 3 am. And last night, there was a birthday party for someone named Julia. We should've seen it coming, as there were balloons and a banner stuck on their front wall since that afternoon. This one lasted til the wee hours of the night as well. And how many times does one need to be sung Happy Birthday anyway..I counted at least 3 times!

The previous owner of the house was also a party animal. That is, before he had a very unfortunate accident, which was one of the reasons he sold the house. At one time, they were celebrating his birthday and same thing - loud, thumping music, chatters & laughter past midnight, the works. I was literally a party pooper when I asked my hubby to either give them a friendly reminder that 'hey...there are other people in this neighbourhood...' (which, by the way, I was really quite surprised that no one else had complained..there are many other families with kids living here. I was pregnant at that time..which probably explained my non tolerance and extra need for a good night's sleep). Oh, where was I... oh..yeah, the other choice was to call the cops on them. So.. my hubby, being the diplomatic soul that he is, chose the later and lo and behole, a few minutes after that...sure thing..we saw the police lights approaching and heard a nice copper saying something to the point of, 'Bulih minum...tapi jangan terlampau bising.....' Needless to say, the party dispersed after that... *Evil party pooper me!*

So when we 'saw' that the new neighbours were also of the same 'genre', hubby and I exchanged looks... Wahai jiran orang puteh ku...kalau kau berparti bising-bising tu boleh...tapi, bersedia la kau ya...

I told hubby that if we bump into them today we should politely ask, 'Nice party last night, mate??!!'

Oh..what about McSteamy, you ask? Well... I caught a glimpse of some white guy on his phone, stepping out from the party..and in the darkness of the night..he looked a tad bit like a certain Dr Mark Sloane @ McSteamy.... Does this sight for sore eyes mean that the loud partying is forgivable?? Let's just are safe for now Irish!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Makings of a Domestic Goddess

I cooked Lamb Curry the other night and it turned out ohh-so-sedap! A tad spicy but scrumptiously delicious.

I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to cook. Other than preparing Yasmin's daily meals, I haven't done much cooking for quite some time now. Mom-in-law does most of the cooking at home.

Someone once told me that two women shouldn't share a kitchen - it'll never work. Heh. True. We tend to stay out of each other's ways and have our own time in the kitchen. Even with my mom, we tend to have our own ways of cooking - she used to like to put on the fire before she even got to chopping the onions - something that highly stressed me out!

As the Domestic Goddess herself says, cooking is and should be something highly pleasurable. Playing with your sense of touch and smell. Concocting delights and goodness for your body and heaven for your tongue.

I probably should make more effort to cook at home. But if I were to do so, I'm worried we'd probably end up having dinner at 9pm each day! I also have these visions of myself hosting dinner parties and inviting friends over. Sunggoh Nigella-ish, kan?

Well, let's see... anyone up for my kari kambing just gimme a shout...but make sure you bring over dessert!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Migraine, Anyone??

So I know that money can buy you lots of funny or unusual things these days. But, would you ever have thought that for a mere 30 bucks, you can get yourself....a migraine?!!

Yes folks, it seems that there is a so called massage centre in one of the prominent shopping complexes here that is selling migraines! This actually caught my eye quite some time ago and on a recent trip there, I nabbed my ever so handy camera phone and caught it to share with you.

And whilst we're at it..what is a Becom?

And Energy Hot Stone? just sit there and look at some hot stones that contain energy?

I may not be an English teacher but I love words. Words are important. Words carry meaning and messages. You may not need to employ an editor or copywriter but how hard is it to ask someone to check it first?


So here's some of what I got for my birthday..

Hurrah!! Thank you, hubby and friends!

So, it seems that it is a good idea to come up with a wish list...Must start compiling for next year..Heeeeee! Ada juga hadiah yang tidak diduga... and er, thanks for the cake....Yasmin liked it :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday SMS

Oh yes..gone were the days that you'd receive birthday cards in the mail and even e-cards online! Nowadays, paling sanang pakai sms saja to wish Happy Birthday. It's the thought that counts, yeah?

I received an early birthday sms yesterday, saying 'Happy Birthday, Mrs Azlina...' It was from an unlisted number and since there was the 'Mrs' in the message, I assumed it was one of my students.. So, I replied back

Linachu: Thx :) , my bday's 2moro actually..who's tis, btw?
Reply: It's Mr LimKH...
Linachu: Thx Mr Lim...thx for remembering...
Mr Lim: U r welcome..will never forget mrs azlina..keep in touch :)

I was driving then and was all of a sudden hit by a flood of nostalgia..

Mr LimKH was one of my former students. Graduated a few years ago. I had taught his class 3 subjects in 3 consecutive semesters, by the end of which, I was totally convinced that they were all sick of me. But then, they did something I will never forget - they threw me a surprise birthday party! It was supposed to be a raya gathering but somehow they managed to shift it into my birthday celebration instead. They all sang Happy Birthday dengan teramat sangat kuatnya - you know la students, loud and rowdy especially at the sight of food...or was it their lovely lecturer.. ;)

I told hubby about the sms and he said something along the lines of 'see, you did touch and make a difference to some people...' Awww....

It's nice to be remembered. Thanks Mr LimKH, for making my day..

My former life...


I am 31 today!
Well, technically, I was born at I still have a few hours of being 30! Hehehehe........
Going for HiTea with the family later... gonna stuff myself with roast lamb and satay and all..
And awaiting gifts...Gifts, oh gifts...come to momma! Heeeeeeee!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Did I Start Something?

I got a call from a friend and former colleague this morning, asking me about the procedures to go about to resign from work. I wasn't surprised. Both of us had long talked about leaving and frankly speaking, I always thought that she would be the one to act first since she had a lot of extra curricular, out of work activities and even owned a share in a private engineering consultant firm. But, it turned out that, I was the one to resign first.

I had met with her a few days ago, as I went to hand in my exam results (yes, I was still teaching part time in the past semester - I was a flying lecturer) and as she talked about the changes in administration at work and her frustrations with some colleagues, I was reminded of what I didn't have to deal with anymore and what a great decision I have made.

What surprised me was, in this morning's conversation, she mentioned that another colleague, an IT lecturer, had also recently resigned. And before that, another colleague had also resigned - albeit for a different and very, very surprising reason - he was a high ranking university officer too, besides being a lecturer.

So, adding in my friend - that would be 3 people who have resigned or are on the pathway to resigning from the uni. Now, call me crazy, call me perasan... but....was it me? Did I start some kind of revolution here? Suddenly, in a matter of months after I leave..3 more people are leaving/have left too? And leaving the uni, leaving our school was virtually unknown of, unspoken of before one had ever left, intentionally, before...

There was a group of us, who had talked about leaving, since a few years back.... but year after year..we were still there...and THAT, was actually one reason why I decided to leave...because, I didn't want to be back in that same spot again next year, talking and doing nothing. Frustrated, unhappy, unsatisfied. And I somehow thought that, I needed to be strong and to make that decision to leave so that everyone else would realize that it's OK, it's OK to leave. We don't have to stay there if we are so unhappy about it.

My good friend Liau, actually told me that me him thinking. Thinking about where he is and where he wants to be. I made Liau think!

I'm sure that these people had long before had thoughts about resigning and moving on to greener pasteurs. My leaving was probably just a wake up call to them...

But, if my decision and my leaving had in any way made these people (or others) realize that they could leave, if they wanted to...that their was an abundance of opportunities and possibilities for them out there, that they could do and achieve whatever they wanted.... then, I'm GLAD! I'm so GLAD!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The New Becky Bloomwood

I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug at a most untimely time. Finances are low and budgets should be strictly kept. And here I am, constantly thinking about the hundreds of things I want to buy. I might not necessarily need them at the moment, but by God, I want them!

Not withstanding the items on my birthday wishlist, there seems to be so many things to want. I wish I had a 100 close friends who are contemplating on things to give me for my birthday, so I can list them all there. What is it with women and shopping huh? I’ve got a serious case of the Becky Bloomwood syndrome.

Let’s see, I saw monthly disposable O2 Optix contact lenses on promotion and I so want them. I think my current glasses don’t really do much for my look. It was a choice of practically rather than style – I opted for these kononnya flexible frame glasses because of my very determined and playful little girl who likes to pull on mommy’s glasses. But even now, ada miring sikit sudah. Anyway, O2 Optix, I want.

Then there’s this cute cute Carlo Rino sling handbag with floral prints that I’ve had my eye on. It’s practical, I mean..the long sling would make it easy to use even when I have to carry another bag or carry baby. Practical is important, right?

Next, shoes. A girl needs comfy shoes. My Scholl sandals, on the brink of detachment have been recently retired. My Hush Puppies slippers too, I think has numbered days. Plus, they are just so plain. I do want comfy shoes but I want some stylish ones too.

Oh, I also am in dire need of a new collection of undergarments too! It’s about time to ditch the mommy bras in favour of new, comfy and nice ..err, non mommy bras. Which if I may add, is not easy to find. I don’t know bout you mommies out there...but I just find that it’s quite difficult to find good fitting bras now - post baby. Underwires hurt, boob cup and width changes with different brands, straps are too short, etc, etc. I might forever be destined to wear maternity bras!
I want new clothes too! And books – have a few in mind. Oh dear!

I saw Matchbox Twenty’s new album which is a sort of compilation album featuring their hits so far. I was always waiting for them to come out with such a compilation. I love Rob Thomas’ swoony sexy voice.

The Ipod Nano too, is suddenly looking very delicious. I went to KL for a day trip last week and thoughts of an Ipod to watch my favourite Grey’s or House episodes kept flooding into my mind. Oh...yeah...I was in KL last Thursday! Shall write bout that after...

In the meantime..anyone have any quickfix to fight off the shopping bug? Kestau sia!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tag: 8 Random Things

Tagged by Sharon.

The Rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So, here are 8 random facts about myself:

1) Astrologically and horoscopically (?), I am a Fire Element born under the romantic month of the year of the Dragon, under the star sign Saggitarius!
2) I'm the youngest daughter.
3) I have freckles!
4) I married my highschool sweetheart.

5) I am currently self-employed.
6) I have quite an amazing memory (if I can say so myself) when it comes to certain things...names, phone numbers, birthdates, song lyrics...sometimes even things I don't want to remember, I can't get out of my head!
7) I like plain, cold, milky tea - no pearl, no coconut cubes, no blackjelly. Just plain.
8) I've been to a Boyzone concert!

Tag eight people - hmmph..
Joc (again..)
+ 2 more..whoever volunteer themselves and feel like doing this!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big Announcement, Long Overdue

Some of you might already know this, some might not and perhaps should prepare yourself for what might be a shocking announcement. A conversation with a friend this morning reminded me that I haven't actually told everyone about this.

Well, I might as well let the cats out of the bag so they can prance freely on the streets!

This morning's conversation with said friend went like this:

Friend: it true? You have left UMS???
Me: *Sighhhhhhhhhhh* True!

For those you of who were slightly taken aback by that, are you okay now? : )

YES. It's true. I have left the realms of academia. Hung up my whiteboard markers (well, not quite actually). Said bubye to the good ol OHP and LCDs, attendance sheets and punchcard machine.

Let's see if I can clear out some things that you might be blurting out to your monitor at this moment...

Almost 5 months ago actually! As I said, an announcement long overdue. My bad and also cause I was busy sorting out all the 'new' things in my now unemployed or shall I say, freely employed life.

Here's the big one: WHY??
Yes, this was probably the first thing that popped into your mind. I don't blame you. It's perfectly natural.
WHY oh WHY, in God's name would I do such a thing?
WHY leave a perfectly secure, good and noble job?
WHY, when so many other people are looking for jobs and would particularly LOVE to get into UMS?

Well, let's see. I have been there for almost 7 years and it did not seem like I was really going anywhere. It might come as a shocker that I recently discovered that I wasn't really into it. Teaching was OK, it was tiresome at times, but generally it was OK. But when it came to research and projects, I was totally out. I wasn't the kind to want to spends hours and days on end, at the lab, staring at specimens and machines. I'd rather be blogging! ;) I haven't attended any seminars or conferences in the past few years. And even if I did, they probably made me! And to be bored the bonkers out of me. I was tired and bored of sitting in on presentations, meetings, projects and plans that I wasn't really interested in. Even final year student presentations bored me, which is bad because..I would be one of the examiners and it wouldn't really be fair to the students if I was actually not in the correct state of mind to mark them.

And so you can see, that when people started asking the big, 'Bila mau buat PhD?' drove me mad! How could I possibly commit to something that big, when my heart is all the while and all the way somewhere else?? I would rather spend 3 years writing a book! And I've seen some friends too...who might not be too entirely sure that they want to do a PhD, but they've gone ahead to do is expected. Doing it just for the sake of doing it?

I think I've known it for a while now. That I wanted to leave. It was just too damn scary to contemplate and comprehend before. But it was time. Time to make a decision. I made mine. It might be the hardest decision I've made so far. Weighing out security verses the unknown, pride verses asking 'who am I? what do I do?', conforming verses freedom and the possibility to do so many other things. And along the way, one of my biggest fears was actually...hurting and dissapointing two people that have been there more me all this parents. Particularly my father. He had always had high hopes and expectations of me, that I will end up being a Professor. And it was really difficult, painful and sad to have to convince him that I wanted something else. If I had had the guts to confront my father about this sooner, I might have left long ago.

So yes. UMS was great (in a sense). It was a good job. Secure and all. And yes, many people want to get in and I wish them all the best...just that, it's no longer for me. For the record, I think people think it's easy being a lecturer...not quite. As I said, it's not just teaching..there's a whole lotta other, shall I say, crap?? that you have to do.

SO, what now? What have I been doing?
I've been up to..THINGS. I'll leave this for another post? Penat le, dah 4am ni...I couldn't sleep before this.

So now, you all know..I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier....

Let me close with two things:

1. I remember Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw saying, 'My job is not who I am, it's just what I do...' or in my case, it was what I did..

2. When I told a friend about my intention to leave, she said, 'But, aren't you afraid of the unknown??' Damn right I am!! But you know what...the unknown ain't looking too bad fact, it's looking quite great from where I stand :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yasmin Anne is 2 years old!

The sweet girl is 2 years old!

Do you think babies/toddlers know that it's their special day??
I can still consider her as my baby, right?

On her birthday, the 16th November, we had a quiet dinner - just the three of us at Delifrance in Warisan Square. Yasmin was her usual active self, not wanting to sit in the baby highchair but then, the waitress girl at the restaurant brought a piece of paper and a box of colour pencils for her and Yasmin sat there colouring away whilst we enjoyed our dinner. Amazing!

Busy colouring

Yummy spaghetti

By the way, after dinner, en route to Times Bookshop, I spotted a very familiar looking 'KUPI' t-shirt! : )

I had invited friends and family to come over for Yasmin's birthday celebration the next day at 'rumah atuk' as she would say. Many of them weren't able to come though, but nevertheless..thanks so much to Josie, Mimi, Rofendy and my cousins and aunty who did show up.

I ordered a Chocolate Fudge cake from Secret Recipe and asked them to do a picture of Elmo on top. I was really nervous and worried that they would get it wrong but thankfully, the cake turned out nice and Elmo was Elmo. Phew.

I also ordered a bunch of helium filled balloons from The Party Shop in Kompleks Karamunsing - very nice indeed! I bought goodie bags and filled it with crackers and candy to give out to the kids.

So cute Yasmin blowing the candles! I think she's seen it in the cartoons before...

Your turn, try to blow it.. :)

I cut up Elmo!

The food!! Macam hari raya pulak!

Though, I was a bit too tied up with the food arrangements, etc., on that day that I didn't really play the good hostess and sit and layan all my guests properly. Even forgot to ask everyone for a group photo! *Note to self for next year's party: Don't forget to layan the tetamu*

All in all...OK la, my party planning attempt. Must watch more of David Tutera.

But, you know what's the best thing about your child's birthday? It's not only the kid's BIRTHday but it is also the mommy's BIRTHday. I read somewhere - For every baby that is born, a mommy is born too... : ) So, Happy Birthday to me too.

The CHIKIN mobile! One of her gifts from her Nenek.
Look at her...sooo happy...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late Night Addiction

What does a girl do when she can't sleep at night?
Watch 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy back to back!
If I didn't have to think about waking up early (well..not THAT early actually) to cook Yasmin's food or to do the ironing and stuff...I'd probably have watched more!
Ooooohhh juicy, juicy and incredibly addictive!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Still on Birthdays

Yep, still on the topic of birthdays.

The house received a package from USA yesterday, from hubby's sis and it contained, among other things, birthday cards for everybody! Yes, it seems that everybody in the house will be celebrating their birthdays either this month or in December or January. The cards had specific instructions to only be opened on the actual birth date. So, I'll have to wait to open mine! Hubby already opened his on the stroke of midnite last night (ya birthday boy dia hari ni! and I still hadn't gotten him a proper gift!) Yang January tu lagi la lama kan...sabar ka dia tunggu tu? Yasmin also received a Halloween shirt and skirt - very nice - and a tshirt that read 'Future Harvard Freshman'...

Anyway, cheers to sis Ann for the cards and gifts!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ranggau and Leo

L-R: Sophia, Siti Sabrina, Ranggau, Leo, Victor. On the floor: Linachu

My old pals Leo and Ranggau will be getting married soon. Not to each other, of course! Leo is getting married to his sweetheart Mal, on the 12th Jan next year in KL and Ranggau will be getting married the following week, 19th Jan to I don't know who and I don't know where.

I go back quite a long way with these two guys. I first met Ranggau when we both participated in the Titian Emas program way back in 1992. Met Siti Sabrina there as well. From then on, 'Gau' and I became penpals - yep, remember back in those days when we used to actually write and mail letters?? Wasn't that a joy?? Happy tu kalau balik dari kelas atau balik rumah, ada dapat surat from someone, kan??!

Anyway, Gau wrote the funniest of letters!! Used to make me laugh my eyes out. And I didn't mind his not-so-neat handwriting at all! And he sent me birthday cards with odd and funny things attached to them, like a straw and a rubber band (mana sudah tu ah?). He once wrote about how his friends and him went to watch The Joy Luck Club at the cinema...and all the guys cried for like 2 hours...and one girl cried for 2 hours 15 minutes! Heh. We wrote to each other through out our form 5 year and talked about god knows what were the issues back in those days.

Then, as fate would have it...we both applied and got selected to receive the Shell Scholarship fund to pursue undergraduate studies in the UK. Wow...coinkidink or what, right?? We first met again in Miri during the Induction Session and the rest as they say, is history? Well, I actually thought that our relationship took a different turn once we met up and went to the UK together. I guess, I enjoyed it somewhat more when we were more like anonymous penpals. But it was fun being reunited with Gau and Siti Sabrina too!

I got in touch with Ranggau I think two years back. Actually, it was him who tracked me down and ended up serial calling my house because I used to always miss his calls. Last I know, he is working in Singapore and is involved in marketing or finance or something like that. He actually studied Petroleum Engineering in Imperial College, London. Smart people bah my friends ni. He was into surfing and writing poetry. I wonder if he still has his dragon ball haircut??

Now Leo. Hmmm..OK, I also met Leo when we went to UK together under the Shell Scholarship fund. When we were there, OK so...our friendship. We just hung out together, with the gang. We did write to each other as well, during the holidays. Whenever I went down to London, I would either stay at Sabrina's place (cool, cool apartment in South Kensington!) or at Leo's place (stay with Sophia, they were housemates).

One thing that I will always remember - in my final year in the UK, I applied for this Bunac program (work exchange program in the US) and after waiting at the US embassy in London for like 3 hours, found out that I was rejected! Twas one of the saddest days in my UK life! Leo, kind soul that he is, tried to cheer me up and brought me out for a movie and food. Thing is...I actually forgot my purse (which contained my student card), so we couldn't get the student rate for the movie (mahal bah!) and then he payed for my food as well. And...and....thing that time, Leo was actually nursing a torn tendon (which he got playing footie) and was walking around in a cast and crutches! Kesian the poor guy...dah la kesakitan dan penat berjalan..then tak dapat tengok movie and kena pulak bayar for my food! Aiyo...that was a bad day indeed!

We kept in touch after our graduations - e-mail and chatting online. Once he landed his job in KL, I would call him up whenever I was there and he'd bring me out for makan (and pay for it as well!). He once got booked for making an illegal turn when he was sending me back to my hotel! Aiiikkk! I introduced him to our dear friend Mae Mavis and it turned out they were connected in more ways than one. So now he's getting married - I'm so happy for the guy!

We have confirmed that we will be attending his wedding reception in KL, though we haven't made any travel arrangements yet. I'm hoping to meet up with some old friends at his wedding, especially Siti Sabrina - my dear shopping bud masa di UK. Maybe I should call up Ranggau too... mana tau dapat invite juga kan?

What a nice stroll down memory lane that was.....

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Yes, still on the topic of birthdays. We'll be celebrating three birthdays soon.. my hubby and Yasmin's this November and yours truly's in mid December. I'm planning a small birthday party for Yasmin and inviting friends and their kids to come makan-makan with us. If you haven't received my email or sms invite, tungguuuu.... And for my hubby, well...I think I won't mention it here lah, biar lah dia surprised?

For the benefit of those who might be cracking their heads, thinking of what to get me for my upcoming birthday...I thought I'd come up with my birthday wishlist and make life easier for you..hehehe

Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Music albums: Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Cinta the Soundtrack (I lost mine!), Anuar Zain's new one
  2. Books: Like the Flowing River: Thoughts & Reflections by Paul Coelho, Shopaholic & Baby by Sophie Kinsella
  3. Vouchers for Body Shop, Parkson or Times
  4. Bangles, bracelets or beaded necklaces - dunno why I suddenly developed a liking for these
  5. The sepit rambut with the big flowers - cantik! Though, I'd only be using it at home anyway...
  6. Notebooks (can't have enough..) or 2008 diary (nice one laaa..)
  7. Supply of daily or monthly disposable contact lenses - miss wearing lenses and my specs ni bingkang bingkuk sudah!
  8. Bring me for DimSum at Hyatt or Hi Tea at Pacific Sutera :)
  9. Jesse Spencer or Phil Keoghan (refer to blog bout old-er men below..) - do ya think these guys can be wrapped in ribbon and flown in for me?

Ok la...better stop here...this list can go on and on forever.....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Old Men

With hubby's birthday approaching soon, this following conversation ensued, a few days ago:
(* some details may have been added, distorted or imagined by author*)

Him: How old are we this year?
Me: 31 la..
Him: Ohhh...
Me: Don't worry know what they get hotter as they age.. ;)
Him: Ya kaaa?
Me: Ya laa, look at all those old guys...Pierce Brosnan, Gabriel Byrne, George Clooney...they're hot, man!
Him: hmmmmm...

Ladies, will you concur with me on this one? Betul kan, for most men la... there's just something about getting older...they get more attractive, don't you think?? OK, granted that guys like Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney memang muda-muda dulu pun hot....but look at Gabriel Byrne for instance, not really someone that I would classify as attractive or overly good looking..but then a few years ago, whilst I was watching Stigmata (of all movies!), I started, this Gabriel Byrne is hot oh! Or did you all watch the final season of Sex & The City...that old, artist dude that Carrie dated and went to France with....wasn't there just something oddly attractive about him?

Perhaps it's their worldliness...that they have experienced, seen and been places... perhaps it's at this age that they exude self confidence and maturity... they've gone through things that you're supposed to have gone through and made you a better person...

Whatever it is, there is no denying.... old men are hot! Here's just hoping that with age also comes wisdom and patience and the ability to save the world and the realization that missing one football match isn't the end of the world!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Raya

My sweetie pies on the 1st day of raya

Beraya at my aunt's. I love the vibrant colours on this pic

Diane and her sis Mildred (not in pic) roared our house with their laughter (what more with Josie and Rina!), when they visited us on the 3rd day of raya

Visited Afee's house together with the gals, on that 3rd day of raya as well

Pink for October

I love that tagline... 'Squish a Boob, Save a Life!' Thanks Carol, for passing this on to me.

So, what do you think about my blog's new look? I decided to go Pink, as a tribute to this month's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I quite like the look I might keep this theme even after this month is over.

Did you know that a majority of women/people believe that most breast cancers occur among women with a family history or a genetic predisposition to the disease? The reality is that over two thirds of women diagnosed have no known risk factor.

Many of you wouldn't know that, just over two years ago, my very own sister found a lump in her breast, which was later confirmed to be cancerous. And yes, there was never any history of cancer in our family. It came as a surprise to all of us. My sister underwent an operation to remove the cancer and went through cycles of chemotherapy/radiation treatment. And she is doing very, very well today. She even left the corporate world and is now working (and having a blast) at Makna- the National Cancer Council. I guess the whole experience literally gave her more of a whole new meaning to life.

I am ashamed though to admit that I do not know much of the details of what she went through, seeming that she lives and had her treatments in KL and I too was just married and pregnant at that time. It's still inexcusable though. I/We, should have been there for her. My dear sis, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you at that time when you must have been shocked and terrified and in need of support. I'll always pray for your health and well being and happiness. And I'm absolutely delighted for the life you have now.

And to you, who are reading this - here are also a few ways of how you can help with this cause:

1. Spread the word.
Announce the event on your blog. You could write a blog post (like this), or a little note about it. Whatever you choose to do, just go ahead and tell your readers about it.

2. Go pink.
Modify your theme if you know how to, or get yourself a pretty pink theme. If you run a website, turn your website pink. But if you don’t like pink, you could still participating by putting up a badge on your sidebar.

3. Design badges and banners.
Design a couple of “Pink for October” badges or banners for other participants to use (for free) and to publicize the event. Some of the existing badges and banners can be downloaded from the official Pink for October site.

4. Design blog themes.
If you are good in designing blog themes, why not make one in support for the Pink October?

The Pink Penguin was sent to me by Carol.
Now, it is my pleasure to pass it on to these lovely ladies …Josie, Sharon, Loly and Mimi.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007


So, did you watch? Dr SMS being launched into space?

You know what, I think he was chosen because he's the more good looking one of the two! Heeee... But right before the launch..where they showed footage of him and his fellow astronauts in the Soyuz...there were moments there where he looked scared stiff! He only smiled after the lift off... Baca doa agaknya kot.... Ya loh, it's a huge, huge thing's not everyday you get fitted into a space suit and go into a claustrophobic looking space shuttle and what more, being blasted into the great big unknown! It's every little kid's fantasy! It was mine....

My favourite movie when I was in primary school was Space Camp. (My hubby teases me about this!) Heard of it? It starred Tate Donovan, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston and a very young Leaf Phoenix (now known as Joaquin). I watched it over and over and I even brought the tape with me to my nenek's house to watch before I went to school (sekolah petang maa). I so wanted to go to Space was the coolest! Heheheee....

Anyway, it's a great accomplishment for Dr SMS, who is also a part time model, mind you...I don't know why they must include this in all the press releases...just say he's a doctor cukop la bah! It's a great accomplishment for the nation...Yesterday, there was a news headline reading 'Lebih penting melahirkan angkasawan daripada ustaz....' Like...what??? Apa kaitan ni...

Anyway...I'll pray for Dr SMS' safe journey home...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Annual Beam Challenge

Every year, I organize this annual Beam Design, Build & Test Challenge, as part of the Strength of Materials course that I teach. We had it last Friday (a little later than I liked - since it was the second last week of the semester) and I think the students had jolly good fun doing the project.

What I do is, I provide them with the necessary materials - a piece of paper/cardboard material and a bottle of glue - and they are to design a beam which will be tested by applying increasing loads at its center. The group with the best strength (can withstand highest load) to weight (lowest mass) wins! This year I gave them a piece of manila card like material measuring approximately A4 size and told them that this is all they get. So they have to brainstorm design ideas beforehand and decide which design to use. Use of cellotape, additional glue, stapler or any other joining device was strictly prohibited. They build their beams in the lab in an allocated time of about 1 and a half hours - so no one can main buyuk and use illegal materials and do it at home! I tell you what most of the groups did show up with...a hair dryer! To help the glue dry faster. Yes, never have I seen so many guys with hairdryers before...and of course, they all say that it's not really theirs...

This is a project that I enjoy doing every year...just because it beats the heck out of just sitting passively in the lecture room. In previous years, students who have never ever talked or asked me any questions during class...all of a sudden, find their voice during this activity. We have fun testing the beams and seeing whose is the strongest. They cheer massively each time the beams collapse.

Last year, I also did another project when I taught the subject Dynamics. I asked the students to device an experiment to determine a value for the gravitational acceleration, g. It was great fun as well and I was really impressed with the ingenuity and creativity of some of the students. One group went to the extent of borrowing a shot put from the sports stadium and dropping it from the first floor of the lab block. They measured the height, weighed the shot put and took the time for it to fall from the first floor. We made sure no other humans, animals or plants were hurt during the activity - well, maybe there were some squished insects!

Good fun and I think the students learnt something from these projects as well...Ini la yang dikatakan experiential learning!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Yep, I signed up my blog for PayPerPost about a week ago and received notification that my blog was rejected! was supposed to be my big money making scheme! Getting paid to do what you love...ain't that what we all want. Anyway, my blog was rejected on the grounds that I didn't have at least 20 posts in the past 90 days. I guess that's justifiable, they are checking if you are an active blogger or not.....My bad for not reading the fine print..ingatkan semudah ABC terus boleh sign up and make money...and my bad also for not writing more often!

So, don't be surprised la ya...if suddenly you see everyday got new blog entry..hehehe.... So, today already 2 entries, 18 more to go and I'm set!

Facebook Virgin

There seems to currently be a general shift from Friendster to Facebook. I've received several add as friend invitations for Facebook in this past week, all duly accepted with just a click of the finger. I actually signed up for Facebook quite some time ago, when one of my former students invited me to do so. I didn't really pay much attention to it though, was too busy with Friendster and Multiply at that time. And now, this sudden ignition of interest in Facebook - and some are even claiming that it's way better than Friendster - has got me baffled. So far, I have:
  1. added my photo
  2. added friends
  3. been poked and super-poked
  4. adopted a pet, a Tyger I named Bella
  5. done a movie compatibility and friends likeness test
  6. been bitten by a vampire, werewolf, zombie or is it, I am a vampire, werewolf, zombie (?)
  7. installed some other applications I'm really not sure of
So ok, the first, second and fifth ones are fine. But the rest, I really got no clue actually! What do I feed Bella?? And I'm just too lazy to go read the FAQs section to find out more and to see what's so called so great bout Facebook.

So...Facebook junkies, help me out....and for heaven's sake, stop biting me already!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Delightful Little Girl

She looks so grown up, ya? She'll be 2 yrs old next month...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Good Bye Harry!

*WARNING: may contain spoilers!*

I'm not saying that Harry dies..(though you might already know how the book ends..) I'm just saying good bye to Harry, Ron, Hermione and the others in JK Rowling's magnificent world, who have kept me company through sleepless nights and boring days at work...for these past few years. I feel like I've known them for years...

Yes, I finished reading Deathly Hallows about two weeks ago and have come to terms that there will be no more of Harry Potter to look forward to. Well, the movies are still there, of course... For those of you who have read Deathly Hallows, what did you think? I thought it was a brilliant conclusion to the series. JK Rowling managed to tie up all the loose ends and bring everything full circle. Reading parts of the book was really intense. On some parts, I felt this strange feeling of 'beaming with pride' and 'having a warm glow in my heart' like I was Harry's mother..oops, sister .... or something..

The parts that I loved the most were : the 7 Harry Potters, The Break In and Break Out of Gringgots, The Battle for Hogwarts, the Room of Requirement and of course the final battle between Harry and Voldermort. I also loved the fact that many of the previous characters such as Oliver Wood, Katie Bell, Cho Chang and even Percy Weasley made their reappearance...ooh and Hermione's little beaded handbag as well! Hermione was pure genius in this book!

Several characters did perish..and none were actually resurrected, as some had speculated.

I liked the 'Nineteen Years Later' bit at the very end....Yes non-HP readers, there is a 'into the future' epilogue...wanna know who hooks up?? I can already imagine what that should look like in the final movie....and if they don't stray too much from the book and manage to keep all of it in, it's gonna be one heck of a brilliant movie to look forward to! Who cares if it turns out to be 3 or 4 hrs long.....

For all my raving about the book, my hubby has taken it upon himself to start reading it as well.. (heeee! ada jugak org lain baca buku aku tu akhirnya...) He started by reading the final few he knows the ending. And now he's reading it from the start.. :)

Now..I'm starting to have a crazy school girl crush on Daniel Radcliffe...he is after all and will always be..Harry.

Oh look, even Yasmin is in on it....

Good Bye Harry....

Our Children

As I was driving yesterday, I heard this ad/message on the radio, sounding something like this..

"Times have changed. Our children are not safe. Please don't allow your children to go to shops, pasar malam, or anywhere alone. Please don't leave them unattended..."

This is, of course, in the wake of the recent discovery of a little girl's body in a gym bag, brutally murdered and sexually assaulted. The body has now been claimed and confirmed to be that of Nurin Jazlin, a girl who went missing after going to a pasar malam alone, about one month ago.

I still remember seeing her parents plea on the news, that first day after Nurin went missing. My immediate thoughts then were 'how could you let her go alone...' but I also remember thinking 'I'm sure she's ok, they'll find her...' How wrong was I...

Yes, times have changed. But I don't think it was ever OK to leave your child alone, unattended... Last night's news reported that Nurin's parent might be charged with negligence... Though I partly feel that they should've known better, I'm sure that losing their beloved child is punishment enough.. What scares me the most, is the fact that there are opportunists out there..on the watch...with cruel intentions...even (or especially) on unsuspecting, innocent children...

Alfatihah Little Nurin. I don't even want to imagine what you went through before your death. I pray that your parents get through this...I pray that they find who did this to you...I pray that no other children will experience what you did... I pray for the safety and well being of my own little sweetheart and that God give us the hindsight and guidance to be the best parents we can..

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cinta & Perpisahan

I saw this video in theyogainstructor's blog and i just had to post it as well. Loved it. Thought it was beautiful. The song, the musical arrangement and the singer's not bad as well (even if he does sing with his eyes closed! plus he looks so much better with the short haircut). I didn't know that Cinta won Best Picture in the recent FFM awards. I'm so happy it did. It's really a gem of a movie with a great soundtrack as well.

On that note, I lost my soundtrack CD of the movie :( I think I had it in my old CPU at the office and didn't realize it was still in the CD slot when the CPU went kaput. It was taken away by technician dudes and when I asked them, they said they didn't find any CD in the CPU. My hubby said of course they would say so! Hmm...I'm still silently hoping that I've actually misplaced it and it's somewhere with my belongings....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Office?

Hurrah for the wonders of wireless technology!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yasmin Anne at 21 Months

Gosh, can't believe that our Yasmin is almost 2 years old. It's amazing to see how she's grown and learnt so many things. My friend Cheryl told me about how she noticed that her son really developed in terms of vocabulary and speaking skills at about this age. And yeah, it's true...I think at about this age the kids really learn how to mimic words they hear and actions they see (so be careful what you say and do...nanti diorang ikut)

Here are some words that Yasmin says regularly:
Hi, Hello (Awuu), See you (tee you), Mommy, Dad, Baby, Girl, Teeth, Eat, Up, Down, No (she has 3 variations - nooo, nahhh, nope), Car, Cat, Bird (urd/od), Book, Hippo, Apa, Ada, Itu, Ini, Mau
and more....

and I know that she understands many other words already as well...

Oh yeah, she can also say Dorthy, Dabbi (Darby), Annie, Jojo - all thanks to Playhouse Disney Channel! She has recently learnt to say Jiji (her uncle's name) and ohhh she does a cute peekaboo too..her version is 'Pee-booo'

She also eats on her own nowadays and although it's sometimes knuckle cracking to see half of her food ending up on the floor and another quarter ickily stuck on her clothes, I know it's important for her to learn and practice eating on her own. So nowadays, we usually need to change her after her meals cos sometimes she refuses to wear a bib.

She entertains herself as well, most of the time. She'll be playing with her highchair, chairs, switch the tv on and off, switch the dvd player on and off...she's usually playing with stuff other than her toys!

She's starting to have tantrums as well...when she doesn't get what she wants... cries and shouts...sometimes we just gotta say no and try to divert her attention to something else...sometimes we give in....

Ohh, we always bring her to the bookstore at Warisan Square and she seems to love it. She'll be running around and taking out books from the shelves. And if there are other kids, she will call them 'baby!' eventhough they are older than she is.... And eventhough she'll be 2 years old soon, she's still gonna be my sweet little baby....she always will

Almost Dinner...

If you happen to have free tickets to a dinner event at a fancy hotel, and it happens to be pouring with rain, and there are no parking spaces close by to the dinner ballroom and you have to park like 3 miles away, and you have just one umbrella for the two of you...... better just give it a miss lah!

Never mind that you spent half an hour getting all dolled up and you put on your new funky shirt..
Never mind that the grand prize for the lucky draw are return tickets to Germany and a spanking huge plasma tv...

It's not gonna be any fun if you're sitting there soaked to your undies...
Better go home and enjoy your nasi with telur goreng and a hot milo....

us...soaked and hungry

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Greys, Lost and Harry Potter

I had a Grey's Anatomy marathon last weekend. I watched four episodes back to back, only to realize that we were one episode short. My hubby had diligently downloaded the episodes for me, to avoid us having to rush back on Sunday afternoons to watch it on ntv7. And I started out watching just one episode each time, to coincide with the one aired on tele. But then, it just got juicier and juicier and I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. And so, hubby had just finished downloading the final episode - cheers you!

But, I am sooo behind on Lost! We 'obtained' a CD copy of the entire Season 3 of Lost and so I havent watched the ones showing on AXN for quite a bit now. But even with the CD, I still havent watched it. My hubby has been nudging me to watch so that he can cerita about it cos he doesn't want to surprise me with any unexpected plots. FYI, I just watched episode 10 on monday night, the one with Hurley and the van, the funny one...Hehe, Roger Work Man not Workman....Yep, I know, I know...di AXN mau finale sudah kan.....

Harry Potter - So yes, I got my book! The last HP book ever. Or so we think?? We went to get it on the day it was released and left the house at like 7.58am ( I don't even leave for work that early!). I wasn't really expecting a crowd..and I was right...there in front of Times bookstore in Warisan, 3 ladies from the store sat...just the 3 of em. According to them, there was a crowd earlier at 7am. ANY-WAY...I've read as far as page 103 ( I think). Ya bah...the rest of the world already knows Harry's fate and me, still lengang-lengang baca at my leisure....and I have refrained from reading any reviews, comments, articles or whatsoever on the book. I know that well meaning Potter fans out there would just NOT be able to not reveal what happens in the book..and I want to find out myself. I TERbaca one article in Daily Express a few weeks back..and they revealed the last line in the book! I was like...**%#@!! exciting, huh...

Oh...I loved JK Rowling's introduction to the book. The book was dedicated to seven people/persons (seven because it's also the number of souls/horcruxes Voldermort has..) and the last dedication was something like this:

'to you...if you have stuck with Harry til the very end'

enough to get me reaching for my hanky!

And there was also a poem/prose on death. As though she was preparing the readers for what was to come's well known that two characters will be, erm, killed off in the book...

Oh gosh....I said I didn't want to read any reviews on the book and here I am, reviewing and revealing bits of it to you....Sorry!! My bad....


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shoes, Yoga and Wishing

Aren't baby shoes just the cutest thing?

Yasmin doing her downward facing dog yoga pose

Wishing..... (when will I get to meet Elmo?)

Monday, July 16, 2007

6 Weird Things About Myself

Sharon tagged me to post 6 weird things about myself. Here goes:

  1. I love notebooks. I have lots of notebooks of different shapes and sizes, for all sorts of different things. I have an 'Ideas' notebook, I have a journal, I have a small notebook for my handbag, I used to have a notebook to note down interesting new words I learnt and new phrases and idioms. I have a PDA too actually, which I also use to jot down stuff but I still prefer actual notebooks really. So, if you're looking a for a gift for me, I would be happy to get a notebook...but get me the nice ones ah, not the small 555 notebook! Hehe...
  2. Doing the laundry gives me immense satisfaction.
  3. I think that men wearing baju Melayu (particularly, my hubby --he didnt pay me to say this!) look sexy! But it's not as though I go around staring at them OK!
  4. I studied Mechanical Engineering at uni though I think I don't have one technical bone in me. I'm a peoples person, not a machines person!
  5. I love watching tennis, particularly the Grand Slams, on tv though I don't know how to play.
  6. I've been to a tattoo bar and will be frequenting one again soon!
I wanna tag:
Josie - face it girl, you DO have your weird tendencies :) Hang on, did Sharon tag you as well?? Bah...double tag!
Rizwan - yep, another weirdo..heee!
Loly - though maybe she's received this tag before...

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Watched Grey's Anatomy, Episode: Six Days - Part 2, this afternoon and it was the saddest one yet!! I was watching at my parents house and had to constantly tahan the air mata and lap-lap tepi mata....uhuk uhuk

IZZIE: "I'm a surgeon and I am a person who becomes emotionally involved. I will never again cross the line like I did with Denny. I have learned my lesson. But I'm still both, and I'm not going to give up either part of me. And I am not going to apologize for it."

GEORGE: "I... I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't."
CRISTINA: "Yeah, that never really changes."

Josie's Birthday

We celebrated Josie's birthday on the 29th June. Happy Birthday you!

Thing is, after the bruhaha that was Rina's birthday..Josie sorta knew something was a brewing and she was expecting to be surprised! She even had this elaborate plan to kenakan balik all of us...something to do with Transformer masks and toy guns..

Anyway, Josie was only informed on the venue of her birthday celebration about 1.5 hrs before the thing. And her elaborate plan was foiled once she knew the venue. Hehe. We celebrated at one of our fave restaurants, Little Italy. We being myself, Hubby, Yasmin Anne, Rina, Jane, Johaniff and Osmand. We were later joined by a rather tired and forgetful Roy Nadzrie.

Here is what we discovered: Little Italy folk sing better than the Secret Recipe folks...hehe. Chocolate Moist Cake from Strawberry Cake House in Damai memang sedap. Josie hebat berlakon surprised. :)

Also...Joe is gonna be out of town for his birthday and Hubby and I will be doing ours at home saja, thanks. :) Heeeeeeeeee.....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Coming Soon...

Watch this space...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Wingardium Leviooosah!

I'm a happy camper! Finally pre-ordered me a copy of HP&TDH at Times Bookstore in Warisan Square. The book is gonna be out on the 21st July and the shop people have told me that they will be opening at 7.01am that day (as will bookshops all over the world, apparently!). I can just imagine myself sneaking out in the morning, and then standing in line (with all the other kiasu kids! hehe) waiting for the shop to open. Shall I dress in a witch's hat and bring along a broom and sebatang kayu as a wand? Heeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Secret

Shhh...want to know The Secret?
Have you heard The Secret?

You might've heard about the recent hype of the book The Secret and also it's accompanying movie with the same title. If you're a self help junkie like I am, you've probably read or seen both.
So, what IS The Secret, you might ask?

The Secret is this: everything is governed by the Law of Attraction.

This is not some complex theory of quantum physics or science (well, actually on a deeper level, there is a connection). Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you attract whatever you want, through your thoughts and feelings and actions.

If you want something, money for instance - everyone wants money, right? Thinking thoughts of wealth and abundance, will give you the wealth and abundance. If you keep thinking that you don't have enough money then the law of attraction says that you will always not have enough money! If you keep thinking that you need to lose weight, you will always need to lose weight and never reach that ideal weight you want. In short, concentrate on the things that you want and be grateful for what you already have. Don't dwell on what you don't want and what you don't have.

There are 3 steps in applying the law of attraction; ask, believe and receive. The first step is to ask for what you want or to put your intentions out there. The second step is to believe that you will have it, that you deserve it and that you already do have it. Visualize yourself having what you want. And the third step is to receive what you want with gratitude.

Try and apply this to any faucet of your life. It works! Read the book, it's amazingly powerful stuff. If you get a chance to watch the movie, it will reinforce the stuff that's in the book especially if you are a more visual person, like me.

I had a law of attraction moment yesterday....I was looking at this guy's business card, with the intention to call him later. And a few minutes after that, he called me! That's the law of attraction, at work for you.

Whatever you want, whatever you think and feel, you will attract it to you. Your thoughts become things. And the simplest thing you can do really, is to think happy and good thoughts, cos that will always be attracting happy and good things to yourself! It's as simple as that. That's The now you know...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Like Going Home

"Nahhh, dia balik sudah!" said the aunty to Michelle, gesturing at me. The way she said it, was like I'd just got home from a long trip away. I managed a sheepish snigger.

Truth is, the aunty was the receptionist and Michelle the Pilates instructor. Yes, after a hiatus of almost a month, I managed to get myself to attend Pilates class at Scott and Michelle's yesterday. And in between doing the side stretch and the mermaid pose, I couldn't help but smile to myself. That reception, 'nah, dia balik sudah..' made me feel ever so welcomed, like I was a fool to ever not come, like this was a place I would always enjoy going home to. Indeed. I always come out of Pilates class feeling serene and healthy, like I could just eat a whole plate of broccoli for dinner.

FYI, I ate a bowl of spinach and a tomato for dinner. Healthy, healthy me ;-)


My Life Is Mine

Something to re-read often, to remind myself that my life is mine, my decisions are mine and I am the only one responsible in shaping and making my own life:

Doing What I Please

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Weekend Indulgence

Weekends have become an indulgence for me. It's when I catch up on all the tv shows I miss on the weekdays - due to its showing too late or other unpredictable circumstances (baby wants to go to bedroom early).

Let's see, before this, it was just Grey's Anatomy at 130pm on Sundays. We usually go out for brunch around 1130 or noon and then we'd be rushing to go home or to my folks place so that I can enjoy my viewing of McDreamy, McSteamy and McKarev! (I liked McVet actually!) And it's soooo worth it. To rush home to catch the show, I mean. Totally love it. There aren't many shows these days that satisfies my need for an emotionally engaging storyline with great characters, witty one liners, non over the top drama all in one. Many a times I had to hold back tears, just because of that one line or one act or one look. I love a good cry, actually!

And now that Lost is back on AXN, Saturdays will also be a day to look forward to watch the repeat. The season 3 opener was...intriguing, interesting and slightly annoying. Sepa bah 'the others' ni? And how do they know so much about all the passengers? Geram aku.

I also watch repeat of Heroes on Saturday. I love watching it again, even though I've seen the whole episode. But there are those days when Yasmin wants to go to bed early and I miss those crucial last 10 minutes or so and am thankful for Astro's repeats. Hubby was mentioning that we could just borrow the dvd from our friend (you know who you are :) yang pandai kasi bocor butir2 yang tidak sepatutnya tu... )and finish off the whole thing in one viewing. But then....there won't be anymore anticipation, right? What would there be to look forward to on Wednesday nights?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Friday, June 01, 2007

Yasmin's Bedtime?

Mommy: Yasmin, bedtime sayang...

Yasmin: Wait mommy, I wanna check my email......

Mommy: Yasmin, bedtime....

Yasmin: Aww mommy...I haven't finished reading this book.....

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tickle Me!

My parents just returned from their trip to Johor. My cousin, from my father's side just got married. Before they left, my mom asked me if there were any Elmo toys that she can buy for Yasmin. So, I casually mentioned to her the existence of one TMX Elmo but also told her that it was a tad bit expensive though..

On Wednesday, she called me saying that they had bought it! :O
Grandparents have the luxury of spoiling their grandkids, I guess.. and if you know my parents, they are the most generous people..If you just so much as mention something...tunggu la...satu minggu lepas tu, mungkin ada sudah tu...

Hubby and I were actually planning on saving some dosh monthly, to purchase the TMX Elmo for Yasmin's birthday in November. Tapi Atuk and Nen sudah kasi wooooohooooo!! (Thanks mommy and Pa...I love you.. )

This thing is so cute and infectious, hubby and I love it...Oops, I mean..Yasmin loves first she was afraid of it! But now she has warmed up to the the fuzzy red thing. Balik-balik suruh tekan kasi on... :) I'll try and upload the video soon..

It comes with warning, some more!