Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weekend

Highlights of the past weekend:

  • Meeting the girls for lunch at Little Italy. Was feeling cheesy and had the gorgeous beef lasagna..mmmm....Yasmin seemed to charm everyone there. There's one waiter dude..we call him 'si peminat' Hehe. He seemed to like to position himself so that he can main2 tengok Yasmin. Yep, even at this age she's a charmer. Hubby will have to brace himself when guys start courting her...
  • Waking up to a cool, rainy Sunday morning. Not the ideal Sunday I had wanted. Wanted to do my big load of laundry. But anyway, it was nice to be able to snuggle in bed and laze about, daydreaming away..
  • Roger Federer winning the Aussie Open. Is he human - Federer? Pwoargh..he most definitely is working his way to be the greatest tennis player ever...Good thing he didn't cry this time.
  • Yasmin walking. The sweet girl can now walk more than a few steps. But she's still a bit wobbly at times..and when she's tired, she'll go back to all fours..and she's very quick! Hurrah!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That Time of the Year Again

It's that time of the year again. When the yearly appraisals for the previous working year are due. This year uni management has concocted a new form that we were instructed to download and fill online (meaning fill using the pc since several sections contain drop down menus with answer options already provided). Maybe they thought this was mighty clever of them, but it just makes the whole thing more complex really. Sanang lagi main tulis saja gia!

Anyway, I had put off filling up the form until I asked a colleague when it was due. First info that I got was that it was due end of this month. And then later in the day, Liau came and asked me if I knew how to do the marking sections - yes, we are supposed to also evaluate ourselves and give ourselves marks based on our performance in certain criterias. I know, it all sounds so complicated, huh? After which he informed me that it was due tomorrow, which is now today. Heh.

So, I spent this morning filling out the form. To the best that I could, giving myself honest marks that I feel I should get. It wasn't that difficult really, seeming that many of the sections were left blank due to my non-performance in those areas. Thing is, after all the calculations, my self evaluated marks come out at a measly 55.3, which is categorized under 'tidak memuaskan' and is the lowest category there is. Hmmph.

This is why I don't like this appraisal exercise much. It makes your self worth go down the drain. But honestly speaking, I deserve the marks that I get cos really, I haven't been performing. The truth can sting you in the ass and slap you in the face at the same time.

Or... maybe I should take this as an indicator...that I should really be moving on... I don't want to be judged like this again every year...I have so much more to give..I'm not a tidak memuaskan, dammit!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What Am I Doing?

At certain points in my life, I started to ask myself, 'What am I doing?' This question has propped up a lot lately and it has somewhat metamorphosed (if that's a word) into, 'What the flamin' heck AM I doing??'

Work is really taking its toll on me. Certain days are particularly stressful. When the whole class seems to be talking and laughing while you stand like a moron staring into the light of the OHP machine, you start asking yourself, 'What's the point anyway?' Teaching, learning should be fun. It should be passionate and exciting. It shouldn't be by the book. Lately, I've been feeling like I'm not 'here' anymore. I mean, physically I am at work but mentally and spiritually, I'm way off...

Today I came across the website of one of my university-mates. She took accounting & finance at uni and I think she worked in this line for some time after graduating. But recently, she has become a full time freelance dance instructor. And it's got me thinking..... 'I want to dance too!'

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For 2007..Part 2

Goals, Aims, Objectives, Things to Strive for this year:

1. To be overweight! Yes, you read that right!
You see, according to BMI calculations, I am currently in the 'OBESE' category. My BMI is above 30. BMI of 25-30 is overweight and BMI less than 25 is considered 'normal'. To lose too much weight too quickly will be unrealistic, not to mention unhealthy. So I am hoping to lose just those few kgs so that at least I won't be in the obese category anymore.

2. To get the business going and earning $$
We invested in a business/franchise license quite some time ago and I feel soooo guilty for not getting it up and running. We could have been earning money this past year but since we are also working full time, we have sort of left the biz hanging. I need to get it going. I am going to!

3. To leave my current job
This goes hand in hand with the above. If I can get the biz going and earning, I won't be too stuck moneywise. Thing is, I've been at this job for quite some time now. And too be honest, I don't really enjoy it to want to stay any longer. I have decided that I don't want to pursue further studies in this field anymore. I want to learn something new, something that I can be passionate about, something meaningful that I can live with. I guess it's quite rare to have this resolution - to quit your safe, secure income job - but it's mine for this year. Wish me luck!

4. To move house
It's not that I don't like living with the family...but.. I need my space. And I want a space to call my own. Besides, we have all those cool Ikea stuff to decorate with. I know that moving house is gonna make life more complicated. So far, mom in law is the one who takes care of Yasmin, who prepares breakfast and dinner, etc. But I'm sure we'll be able to adapt. We'll have to send Yasmin over in the mornings. But I'm sort of excited of the prospect of waking up early to prepare breakfast and cooking up a storm for dinner and having friends over and all. Excited, I am!

5. To write
Not just to blog, but to try and make some money from writing articles and what not. I also have an idea for a book in mind. I need to get on writing!

6. To learn something new
This might sound cliched but...hmm, why not? Haven't decided what yet. Maybe a language - Mandarin? Kadazan? (Josie bulih jadi cigu sia?). Maybe a sport. Tennis! I've wanted to learn tennis like...forever. Baking? Yum yum.... Oops, must remember about goal no. 1 above!

So there. 6 things for 2007. Hmmm...I should add another one. 7 things for 2007 sounds better...


7. To take the family on a vacation somewhere
Preferably overseas. I know it's Visit Malaysia Year and all...but I want to go somewhere else! Of course, this all depends on being able to make enough money, once I quit my job and settle into the new place and all... Well, here's to wishful thinking and who knows, this one might come true..

So there . 7 things for 2007. :)

Also to look forward to this year:

Weddings: Cousin Atie, Cousin Nana (maybe), Batman
Yasmin will be 2 yrs old in November
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The Amazing Race All Stars - go team Cha-cha-cha!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things That Bother Me

1. People/cars who side park or double park when clearly there are empty parking spaces nearby

2. Ladies who wear tudung but wear baby tees that are close to revealing their armpits. Also those who wear knee/calf length skirts/dresses/pants. Ada oh!

3. A traffic police officer who designates himself to control traffic when the traffic lights seem to be working perfectly well.

Actually this more than bothers me! It's drives me bonking mad! Especially those times where I am in a hurry..

A close relative to this is the cop who makes himself Lord of the Roundabout. Ni lagi satu. The roundabout was put there for a purpose, to ease traffic. Yang ngko pegi sibuk mau jaga roundabout tu apa pasal?? This is just pent up frustration..been planning to go for Pilates class since the past week and am always hindered by the long traffic queues near Masjid Likas because of the said Pakcik Polis..

Maybe..there is some good intention/meaning behind all these...but it sure does bother the heck out of me....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Moment in Time

Friends reunited.
Memories rekindled.
Laughter shared.
News unveiled.
Hopes and dreams for the future laid bare.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Husband Loves Our Paediatrician

He does!!! Check his entry She Called!

She called our house at 930pm last night. And I was right there as he took the call. I saw the shine in his eyes and the adoration in his voice as he spoke to her. He was actually beaming... After he put down the phone, I asked him...'You love her, don't you?' And he said.... 'Yessss..'

There, there. Before you go on thinking that our matrimonial bliss is over... let me tell you this...I love her too!

There, there...before you go on thinking that we are into kinky threesomes...let me tell you this...

You see, hubby actually called her in the morning to ask about Yasmin's allergy that has returned. She must've been busy then since the reception told him that she would ask her to return the call. Hubby waited the entire morning and afternoon and she didn't call. We just assumed that she was busy and didn't really look much into it. Well, that's why when she called as we watched the closing lines of Grey's Anatomy later in the night...we were both surprised! It's not common to find a doctor who's so concerned and actually returns calls! This is the second time that she has returned our call.

And she called him, 'Yasmin's daddy' lagi... Cair si kawan terus bah...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

For 2007..

I just learned that the difference between aims and objectives is as follows:

aim - usually general, intangible and can not be measured
objectives - something that is specific, achievable and measurable

Hence, as this new year dawns...I wonder, should I set some resolutions for myself? And should these be set as aims or objectives? Or does it matter anyway? If I set them as objectives, then I will know specifically what I want and hence how I can specifically achieve them. On the other hand...... there are five more fingers?? Heh..I heard that somewhere and I liked it! OK, as I was saying...on the other hand, if I set them as aims, then they can be just like...guidelines. Yes, guidelines on what to strive for this year. And because of the intangibility of the whole thing and because there won't be any measurables to measure..then I won't pressure myself too much and I won't get dissapointed should I not achieve them. Hmmph.