Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crack Me Up

My friends Rina and Josie went to watch Mr Bean's Holiday over the weekend, which was apparently so funny that they laughed their eyes out. And so, Rina and I got to talking about our favourite and funniest sitcoms on tv. We both agreed that they don't make sitcoms like they used to. Meaning, all our favourites and funniest were those older or now defunct ones. Most of the newer sitcoms are just plain slapstick and look like they are trying too hard to be funny. Both of us agreed that the funniest sitcom were and are still : Friends, Frasier, Third Rock from the Sun, to name our faves.

I love watching Friends reruns and it still cracks me up! Just ask my hubby, sometimes sampai ketawa yang tiada bunyi and sampai keluar air mata tu sebab kelucuan. And Frasier - just watching snippets or adverts for the show alone make me laugh!

Among my other fave sitcoms:
  • Home Improvement - I loved watching the boys grow up and loved the finale where at last we saw Wilson!
  • Sex and the City - loved it! is it considered as a sitcom?
  • Dharma & Greg - love the hippie!
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air - still remember Alfonso's dancing??
  • Cheers - about the same vibe as Frasier
  • Golden Girls - lucu la those ol ladies
  • Happy Days - tatap cool!
  • Spin City - loved it! both Michael Fox and Charlie Sheen versions - very funny
  • Saved By the Bell - I was soooo happy when Zach and Kelly got married!
  • That 70s show - how do you pronounce Aa-me-ri-ca?
  • Clueless - just cause it was cute
  • Everybody Loves Raymond - didn't really follow it religiously but the mom and dad were damn funny

And oh oh....do ya remember any of these older ones...I grew up on these:

  • The Facts of Life
  • Growing Pains - masa ni Kirk Cameron was a hottie
  • Full House - John Stamos was the hottie
  • The Cosby Show
  • Different Strokes
  • Family Ties
  • Giligan's Island
  • Perfect Strangers - remember Balki?

Ya ya...I know..I watch(ed) a lot of tv..... Syiok mah!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

6 Degrees, Heroes and (uurghh) AF

I watched the pilot episode of Six Degrees on ntv7 last Wednesday and I liked it. I've always loved that notion that somehow, in some way, we are all connected to each other. The show explores the lives of 6 people..all living their separate lives and dreams and they are somehow interconnected through circumstances and by chance. The show looks promising. At least I'll have something else to watch on Wednesday night.

Thanks to American Idol (by the way...when is that Sanjaya gonna be booted out??!), Heroes is now on at the later time of 10pm. Which is usually the time when I have to go and put Yasmin down to sleep. I'm now watching Heroes repeat on Saturday nights, but I don't mind bah if you guys (meaning Rina, Joc n hubby!) mau cerita about it! Heh. I watched it just now and it's getting pretty intense. I hope Hiro manages to save Charlie..I liked her. How come Weiss (Matt) and Ted (radiation guy) are the only ones wondering about their powers? Who's that kid Mohinder keeps seeing? Looks like a younger him...Does that short haired girl (helping Claire's dad) has powers? Where are Peter and Nathan...I like them... : )

Just now also, I caught a bit of AF! I've stopped watching it now...I think it has just gotten too lame and overrated. Even Aznil is rather boring now. I saw this dude Ebi (sabahan kan?) perform Bailamos...and oh my god! Punyaaaa laaaa..ndak bagus! And more sickening is Ogy Ahmad Daud actually saying that it was sexy! Masya Allah....it was awful man! I caught a bit of the Diari Af yesterday...and I actually couldnt even bring myself to watch the whole thing! Errkh...sorry la AF fanatics yang membaca ni....I just really think the whole thing has gotten way out of control...and not to mention, those kids can't sing! Thank goodness there are better things to watch on tele!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


For the past few months now, Yasmin has known the word 'dad'. She'd wake up in the morning, look around and once she located her dad, she would point at him and say 'dad!' Very cute. I wondered when she would start calling me.

Well, about two weeks ago, we were sitting around at home and she suddenly looks at me and says 'Mimmm-my!' Hurrahhh...Mimmy pun mimmy la..I'll take it! Alas, I have a call sign!

So now, whenever she looks at me and says 'Mimmy', she will also quickly locate her dad and point at him and say 'Dad!', as if to acknowledge both of us at the same time.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something Sad

Yesterday started out with me doing my usual thing at the office...going through my email, checking my must read blogs for new entries, going through Multiply and Friendster...for updates..my usual morning routine....Then I stumbled upon the blog of one of my primary school friends. He wrote a kind of memoriam...someone had passed away... As I read through it and his previous entries, only then did I find out that it was his fiancee..who had passed away. Immediate sadness and disbelief swept through me. I sms-ed hubby and my bestfriend Rina, to inform them about it...

His fiancee had lost her battle to cancer. She was in her early twenties. I never knew her and I can't comprehend what he must be going through now. I remember seeing the engagement picture he posted recently. I remembered the few moments where we had bumped into each other at town. And all that while, I would never have guessed that he was going through what he was...

Here I am....lamenting about what happens on tv, where to eat for lunch, what clothes to wear tomorrow....little trivial meaningless stuff....when there are people who are actually in real sadness and hardship... Here I am, still undecided with what I want to do with my life...and there are people out there who don't even get the chance or the time to decide..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Confessions of a TV addict

Isn't it weird how certain things can create an unexplainable emotional impact on you?

For instance, yesterday, I was watching the repeat of CSI (Vegas) and there is one scene where Greg gets beaten up by this gang of costumed hooligans. I swore the scene lasted so long, it was painful to watch and I just wanted to yell out and cry, 'STOP IT! STOP beating up Greg!!!' And when it ended, it was heartwrenching to see Greg laying there, battered and covered with blood. I almost wanted to cry.

Crazy isn't it? It's just a show...Greg or what's his real name..is OK, he's not hurt. Sometimes you watch these shows and you just feel like you know these people, they are your friends, you laugh and cry with them... Well, this is the first time CSI has done this to me...the usual culprits are Grey's Anatomy, hmm...that's about it actually...

Hmmm...I think I just watch wayyy too much tv...and I'm too emotional too.... Hmmm.....

Sad ka?