Wednesday, April 25, 2007

V.V. Important Dates!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 13 July 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 21st July 2007

Four Things

Not tagged..just felt like doing it...

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Lecturer
2. Tutor
3. Receptionist at Weston Hall in Manchester
4. Student Volunteer

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Before Sunrise
2. Before Sunset
3. Gattaca
4. Love Actually
It's no coincidence that Ethan Hawke is in three of em..

Four Places I have Lived:
1. Sandakan
2. Southampton
3. Manchester
4. KK!

Four TV Shows I Would Love to Watch:
1. Heroes
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Smallville
4. 6 Degrees

Four Places I have been on Vacation:
1. Bukit Tinggi
2. Venice, Verona and Garda, Italy
3. Bali
4. KL!

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
1. Yahoo Mail
2. Multiply
3. Friendster
4. My own blog! Heee!

Four of My Favorite Foods:
1. Roast/Barbeque Chicken
2. Bread and butter pudding
3. DimSum
4. Nasi Kerabu

Four Places I would Rather Be:
1. At home
2. At our apartment
3. Pilates class at Scott and Michelle's
4. Eating DimSum at Hyatt

Four Albums I Cannot Live Without:
Well, technically, I could live without em..but having em makes life the more wonderful..
1. Cinta OST
2. Westlife by Westlife - when they were new and still good..
3. Mirrorball by Sarah McLachlan
4. Waiting for My Rocket to Come by Jason Mraz

7 Things - tagged by Loly

7 things to do before I die
- Perform Haj (again..with hubby and family)
- Publish a bestseller
- Watch the sun rise on a beautiful, tranquil beach
- Buy a house
- Travel to as many places I can..
- Meet other soulmates and kindred spirits out there
- Have more babies!

7 things I can’t do (for now...)
- Swim
- Ride a bicycle
- Drive a manual transmission car
- Speak Chinese and French and Italian
- Sing like Siti Nurhaliza or Jordin Sparks
- Talk politics or kiss ass (I dont want to...)
- Spit in public (I dont want to...I despise people who do..)

7 things that attract me to Europe
- Olive oil on bread
- Wimbledon and Roland Garros
- Italy and Switzerland..I want to see Federer's cow...
- Efficient public transportation system
- To collect Planet Hollywood tees and shot glasses
- That quaint little hotel and the seafood in Brussels
- Want to go 'home' to England

7 things I say
- OK
- Serious?
- Ofkos
- OH Mah God!
- Eeek
- Hurrah!
- Uii..

7 good books
- As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
- Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
- Jemima J by Jane Green
- Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone by J K Rowling - the one that started it all..
- Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
- Dictionaries - all of em!

7 good films
My favourites:
- Before Sunrise
- Before Sunset
- Gattaca
- Dead Poet's Society
- Patch Adams
- Empire Records
- Love Actually

7 blogs to tag
- Hubby
- Josie
- Leyana
- Sharon
- Carol
- Aza
- whoever's reading and feel like doing this!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Yasmin Anne at 1 yr 4+ months

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not At The Library

It's 10.51am on a Wednesday. I'm in my office. Yes, what a productive being I am, you might say...spending office time to blog. What can I say. I'm a blog addict. Every other day I need to either delve into someone elses meandering or indulge in mine.

I've actually been marking exam papers for 2 hours straight now (well, not really straight...I did have the odd break here and there, but anyway...) and my eyes need a break from the clutter of in-illegible handwriting.

Yes, I am in my office. Not at the library. You see, two days ago I received this memo stating that I was again 'luckily' chosen to attend a workshop on 'how to conduct searches using electronic database' at the library. A few thoughts sprung to mind:

  1. me again? No one else, meh? Then I thought about it and yes, there is no one else in our program. Everyone else is either a Program Coordinator or Deputy Dean or Associate Professor or away on study leave. So Azlina la, the lucky chosen she has nothing to do!
  2. Conduct search? Everyday also I am either google-ling or yahoo-ing or wikipedia-ing something....OK, perhaps there is some intricate method to conduct searches and obtain the most optimum results..but I really want to know? Not really....not now....
  3. I just had my exam last week! I have tonnes of papers to mark!
  4. I'm not going.

Yep, there and then I decided I wasn't gonna go. I have better things to do....mark papers, blog, conduct other searches of my own.....

Once upon a time, I was really an obedient person you know. Whatever you needed me to do, where ever I needed to go...I'd be there. You could count on me. I was your woman. Always reliable.

So, when did this happen? When did I become so.... un-obedient? My parents would probably flip if they knew how many 'wajib' functions I've blewn off....

It's not that I'm not that same reliable, obedient person I was. I guess it's just that I've learnt that there are times where you gotta prioritize what's important, what's more meaningful to you...and saying NO when you have to! And so, yes...just so you know..I'm in my office today, not in the library, thanks.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Po-a and Jake

Look at that. That's a pic of our Malaysian Students Association (MSA) committee of Southampton University back in 1997!

The reason I dug out this old pic is that hubby and I met up with Po-ah during the weekend. He was in KK for a business trip and he called me up. Even asked me my full name! Heh.. Well, yeah..I haven't talked to the guy in almost 10 years. He was my coursemate actually. It was only the two of us, in our batch, who were M'sian doing Mech Eng at Soton. In second year, Siew came along and joined us.

Po-ah seems like still pretty much the same guy he was back then, minus the ponytail, of course. He now sells transformers and plays golf, from what I could gather. Other than that, he's still laidback, talks a lots, etc...much like he was back in Soton.

Coincidentally, last week, my internet snooping talents also resulted in me finding Jake on friendster. Jake or Mat Jake as he liked to introduce himself was our MSA president. I can't even remember what was my post..was it Secretary? Perhaps...somehow I always seem to land this type of post, back in those days. I liked Jake. He was, and I think still is, that full of energy, jovial type of guy....infectiously enthusiastic as well. I actually met up with him again when I was in UMIST in 99-2000. He was doing his Masters in Project Management there. That was a nice surprise. I think he works for Indah Water now.

Next year will be our 10th year out of uni. Wahh...has it been that long? Po-ah said there are some talks about having a reunion then. That would be...errr, nice..I think. Let's see......

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


According to Robert Kiyosaki, doodads = unexpected and unnecessary expenses. You know, things like...your car suddenly breaking down or that impulse buy of shoes, of which you already have tonnes of, those vcds or dvds that you just must have but then you never watch anyway, your glasses breaking into two.... doodads, doodads...

My doodad for this month is the latter. Yes, can you believe it..Yasmin was playing with my glasses last night..something she is quite fond of...and all of a sudden, there is a snap and then I see that one of the lenses actually broke! It was plastic though and I had those frameless glasses...Tidak sangka pula boleh pecah! What should I expect..they were cheap ...less than RM200 for the frames and glasses. And actually, I had just replaced the frame like two months ago...sebab Yasmin main sampai bingkuk tu frame...

Finances for this month are already on a low...and that, just must also be the time when you suddenly have a doodad! Hmmphh......

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I usually end my class by asking, 'Any questions??'

And the usual response will either be (a) blank faces, (b) non chalant, don't care faces, (c) pack up bags because they know the class is ending..

We always encourage students to ask...and though some of them do, most seem to never dare to do so...or they would rather just ask their friends to explain it to them. I'll tell you when they do start asking questions... the one or two week period before the exams! I wish they would ask questions that really matter and that can help them though....

These are a few questions that I usually get:

  • Is the exam easy ka? (I usually just turn a blank face on and go hmmm........)
  • How many questions? (OK maybe this is important try and spot questions or sections that might come out....but I usually DO tell them this during the class!)
  • Will this or this be in the exam? (Again..same response as first question..)
  • Are the questions on theory or calculations? ( Hmm....I usually say this 'Even though it is still need to know the theory, my dear!)

And the killer one:

  • Miss (yes, they still call me Miss), I don't understand ALL of this (showing entire file of course notes). Can you explain it to me???

And you think it ends there... Yesterday, after my exam paper for Material Science, this kid comes to see me and the following conversation ensues:

Kid: Miss, saya tak dapat jawab soalan exam tadi..(Miss, I couldn't answer any of the questions in the exam)

Me: Kenapa? Ada apa-apa? Kamu sakit? (What's the matter? Are you sick?)

Kid: Tidak. Memang kelalaian saya sendiri. Tidak bersedia, tidak study. (No, it's my own doing. I didn't prepare. Didn't study)

Me: Hmmm....

Kid: Miss, boleh tolong saya supaya saya tidak fail?? (Miss, can you help me so that I don't fail the course?)

Hmmm...this is what I mean...never come to ask anything during the term...but then have the nerve to come and ask me to do 'something' so that he doesn't fail??!! COME ON!!! I straight away said no, that he will get what he gets!! Don't even get me started on the 'love notes' I usually get in exam papers.....itu lagi satu!! I wonder how many I will get this time round......