Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tickle Me!

My parents just returned from their trip to Johor. My cousin, from my father's side just got married. Before they left, my mom asked me if there were any Elmo toys that she can buy for Yasmin. So, I casually mentioned to her the existence of one TMX Elmo but also told her that it was a tad bit expensive though..

On Wednesday, she called me saying that they had bought it! :O
Grandparents have the luxury of spoiling their grandkids, I guess.. and if you know my parents, they are the most generous people..If you just so much as mention something...tunggu la...satu minggu lepas tu, mungkin ada sudah tu...

Hubby and I were actually planning on saving some dosh monthly, to purchase the TMX Elmo for Yasmin's birthday in November. Tapi Atuk and Nen sudah kasi wooooohooooo!! (Thanks mommy and Pa...I love you.. )

This thing is so cute and infectious, hubby and I love it...Oops, I mean..Yasmin loves first she was afraid of it! But now she has warmed up to the the fuzzy red thing. Balik-balik suruh tekan kasi on... :) I'll try and upload the video soon..

It comes with warning, some more!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Favourite Songs

Songs that should be played on the radio more often:
  1. Nobody Knows - The Tony Rich Project
  2. Viva Forever - The Spice Girls (I seriously love this song!)
  3. As I Lay Me Down - Sophie B Hawkins
  4. Insensitive - Jann Arden
  5. Stay (I Missed You) - Lisa Loeb
  6. End of the Road - Boyz II Men
  7. All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You) - Heart
  8. Have I Told You Lately - Rod Stewart
  9. Burn - Tina Arena
  10. Show Me Heaven - Maria McKee
  11. Smooth - Santana feat Rob Thomas (sexy song!)
  12. I'll Be - Edwin McCain
  13. You and I (Both), The Remedy - Jason Mraz
  14. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship (I sooo loved Andrew McCarthy..)
  15. Back For Good - Take That (one of their best)
  16. Lullaby - Shawn Mullins

The Right or Best Thing?

If you are an avid Grey's Anatomy watcher, like I am, you might remember this episode where Meredith is in the midst of choosing between Derek and Finn (and she also has to undergo an appendix operation). Derek tells her to choose Finn, because he is the better one. And as she talks to Finn, she suddenly realizes that...well, yes...he does seem to be the better one between the two...BUT the thing is, he's not 'THE' one.

My point is...recently, I have been thinking about this. Sure, when making a decision, people will always advise you of what is the 'right' thing to do, or the 'best' thing to do. But sometimes, it's not just about doing what's right or what's best, it's also about what you really want to do. It might not be the correct thing or the best thing, but it's what you really want. What your gut is telling you and what your heart desires. Surely that has to account for something too.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lonely..I'm So Lonely...

I was mentioning to hubby this morning that, I don't have any friends at work. You might think, alaaa kasiannnn....Well, there are lots of people here but most of them are just people that you see day in and day out but aren't really your 'buddies'. Let's buds: . CT has moved up the ranks, is now a program coordinator plus she is also now on maternity leave. Sar, whose office is just next to mine - I think she has taken up a part time gig as a consultant in an outside firm - I rarely see her these days. Rach is off doing all those government imposed courses you have to attend (*brainwashing*). Asni has gone off for further studies. The only thing that brightens up my day at work is bumping into Siva and Liau. They're the only ones to provide scintillating and weird conversations. The other day, my car was next to theirs at the traffic light...and they made funny faces at me. Hee!

Wouldn't you agree that having friends at work makes the day even better? I think you can even argue that it makes you more creative and perhaps more productive too, rather than sitting alone in the office all the time. Not having friends at work makes for a more dull day in the office and you really do feel like you are at work. Working with friends, at least you have more fun and it wouldn't seem like such hard work.

In my department/program too, everyone is essentially doing their own thing. There isn't anyone that I really mesh well with. Everyone has their own interest.

I guess it would be even more lonely if you were working on your own like doing your own biz. But at least then, you would be out and about, seeing people and not stuck in the office all the time.

I am thankful though, for the internet (those days that it's working) and my books and my busy little mind that engages itself with so many thoughts and crazy ideas....

My other next door office neighbour is Mr Jamal. I bump into him every now and again. And each time, he would ask me 'How are you?' and I would say, "Good" or "Fine" or "OK". Then I'd ask him back and every single time he would respond in the same way, "Surviving............." *Sigh*

Work shouldn't be just about surviving, right?? should be fun and engaging and passionate...Yesterday, I had this thought that I wanted to have this Tshirt that said, 'I love my work!' and to be able to wear it proudly. I hope that will be someday soon.

So hey, you people...I'm a lonely soul me, email me, write me a comment and brighten up my day!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our Yasmin

It goes without saying that our life now revolves around our darling little girl, Yasmin. Like last weekend for instance, my aunt invited us to a barbeque family gathering to celebrate mother's day. It was to start at 430pm. We were quite excited to go but also realized that late afternoons is Yasmin's usual napping time. On that day, I put her down for her nap at around 3pm and thought, 'OK, let's let her sleep first...we could still make it for the bbq..' But then she slept til almost 7pm and so we had to give the chicken wings and lamb chops a miss...

You might say that we could just wake her up...but, look at that...

Would you want to wake her up? It's lovely to watch her sleep and wonder what she's dreaming about.. This is also a reason why I am always late to work in the mornings and afternoon. I'd rather let her sleep in, unless la I really, really need to go..

She's a big girl now. 1 and a half years old.

Today, we brought her to the clinic for her vaccination. The last time we were there was when she was 1 year old and not yet walking. So imagine what a haven it was for her this time round.

Hello Mommy!! Yasmin's dreamhome

Even in the doctor's office, she was busy walking around and playing with the toys. Doctor said that eventhough she is underweight, she is obviously a very active, healthy and a happy baby! Yes she is! : )

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rina's Birthday

Our bestfriend - Rina's birthday was on the 16th May. So, on the 15th, I duly smsed her saying 'We are planning a surprise birthday lunch thingy for you tomorrow. R u free?' :) She called me back saying, 'So it wont be a surprise, anymore!' Oh, you wait and see Rina!

Come the 16th, I headed out to Secret Recipe at Warisan Square as planned. I was the second to arrive, the first being a very nervous and excited Josie. Why was she nervous? Well, she had just talked the Secret Recipe staff into singing Happy Birthday for Rina, after we finish our lunch! Heeeeee! Josie could hardly disclose her excitement all through out lunch. Hampir-hampir lagi terkantul when Joe asked, 'Jadi, siapa yang nyanyi ni?'

Johaniff, Josie, Linachu and birthday girl Rina. Hubby took this pic.

Luckily enough, Rina was seated next to me and our backs were to the cake counter. So there was Josie, making eye signals and little head nods, to the staff, indicating which one was the birthday girl and when we were ready for the cake.

Not long after, when we had finished eating and settled down chatting, I suddenly heard a distinct "1, 2, 3.." and then there was singing! The entire staff was singing Happy Birthday! Even those at the back, in the kitchen! Heeeee! And there was laughing....which was mainly us...excited and also because it was quite funny! The other diners all looked up and smiled as the thing went on. Rina was literally gobsmacked. Heh...there's your surprise, girl! Good one Josie!

So now, everyone else has vowed to either go AWOL or not do any birthday celebrations at any restaurants...semua takut kana nyanyi! Hehehehe...... But it was fun and definitely one to remember! I haven't laughed like that in a while...

Happy Birthday, Rina!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finding Neverland

I watched this movie last Saturday. Hubby downloaded it, from sources unbeknowst to me.

Johnny Depp, looking 'normal' for a change and very handsome too, stars as James M Barrie, a writer and playwright living in London in the 1900s. He also sports a lurvley and very believable Scottish accent. Kate Winslet plays Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, a widow and mother of four young boys and she is as gorgeous as usual. James forms an immediate attachment to Sylvia and her boys and they become his muse to produce his best ever piece of writing - Peter Pan.

The movie is delightful and magical and meaningful, albeit with a sad ending. It's a shame it did not garner much attention here despite Johnny Depp being Oscar nominated for his role. (I have this theory that the Hollywood foreign press or whoever those guys that decide the Oscar winners are...that they actually love Johnny Depp and want to give him something. Well, he was nominated two years in a row...) I have never seen the DVD for Finding Neverland in stores here.

Love the tagline: Unlock your imagination!

Yes, whatever you can imagine and believe, you can make it real! Beautiful.....

My Ice Aged PC

I spent all of last Friday afternoon installing a CD writer onto my office PC, deleting files and programs here and there to make sure there was enough disk space to accomodate the program. When I managed to install it, I immediately started selecting files I wanted to burn onto cds. My first attempt failed. Then after multiple more tries, they still failed.

I wanted to clear space on my PC since it has been up to sorts lately. Always low memory. Sometimes error and can not open certain files and programs. And I'm pretty sure there's a virus in there as well. I thought of copying all the files first before asking for it to be reformat.

Anyway, I remembered what my hubby mentioned, that maybe it wasn't about the disk space availability but the PC's RAM. RAM, virtual memory...all these terms beat me. My hubby did have a very good analogy about RAM and a messed up table - he said that RAM is the processor and it's like your table. If you take out or open too many things on your table, it might still fit but it will be messy and hard to handle. Something like that la.

And so, I checked la right the PC RAM. Guess what I discovered? My PC has a mere 64MB RAM. Nahhhh, patut lah kan. And here I am installing and running RealPlayer and Webshots and downloading music and pics here and there. poor PC. Yes, I have actually had it since 2000 and it has never been updated, mind you! Kasian kan...

This morning also, I continued clearing off programs and files. I uninstalled my beloved RealPlayer and Webshots Desktop. Biar la the PC as bare as minimal. But then...I discovered that I dont even have Windows Media Player! And I just can't live without my sudah download pulak WinAmp Lite! Heeee :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mommy's Day!

Congratulations to my friend Siti Hasnah, who just gave birth to her third baby - a boy, at SMC this afternoon. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow!

A big Happy Mother's Day shoutout too, to all my mommy friends, especially those who are celebrating for the first time - Loly, Rachel,.. - feel blessed, enjoy and ask your hubby to treat you to something!

Muah muah.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today's Quote

"Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow." author unknown

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

James Morrison: Discovered

Bought this album yesterday. Eventhough the first single - You Give Me Something, has been on the airwaves for some time now, I always just thought that it was OK. Then I chanced upon the single Undiscovered last week, downloaded it and was instantly hooked! It was the track I kept 'rewinding' on my IPod. Loved it.

On a whole, the album isn't dissapointing. Love his husky voice, serak-serak ala Bryan Adams but with a more soulful and mellow tone to it. Lovely to listen to when you need to wind down and get lost in your own thoughts...

i'm not lost; not lost, just undiscovered
and when we're alone we are all the same as each other
you see the look that's on my face
you might think i'm out of place
i'm not lost, no, no, just undiscovered.