Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Office?

Hurrah for the wonders of wireless technology!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yasmin Anne at 21 Months

Gosh, can't believe that our Yasmin is almost 2 years old. It's amazing to see how she's grown and learnt so many things. My friend Cheryl told me about how she noticed that her son really developed in terms of vocabulary and speaking skills at about this age. And yeah, it's true...I think at about this age the kids really learn how to mimic words they hear and actions they see (so be careful what you say and do...nanti diorang ikut)

Here are some words that Yasmin says regularly:
Hi, Hello (Awuu), See you (tee you), Mommy, Dad, Baby, Girl, Teeth, Eat, Up, Down, No (she has 3 variations - nooo, nahhh, nope), Car, Cat, Bird (urd/od), Book, Hippo, Apa, Ada, Itu, Ini, Mau
and more....

and I know that she understands many other words already as well...

Oh yeah, she can also say Dorthy, Dabbi (Darby), Annie, Jojo - all thanks to Playhouse Disney Channel! She has recently learnt to say Jiji (her uncle's name) and ohhh she does a cute peekaboo too..her version is 'Pee-booo'

She also eats on her own nowadays and although it's sometimes knuckle cracking to see half of her food ending up on the floor and another quarter ickily stuck on her clothes, I know it's important for her to learn and practice eating on her own. So nowadays, we usually need to change her after her meals cos sometimes she refuses to wear a bib.

She entertains herself as well, most of the time. She'll be playing with her highchair, chairs, switch the tv on and off, switch the dvd player on and off...she's usually playing with stuff other than her toys!

She's starting to have tantrums as well...when she doesn't get what she wants... cries and shouts...sometimes we just gotta say no and try to divert her attention to something else...sometimes we give in....

Ohh, we always bring her to the bookstore at Warisan Square and she seems to love it. She'll be running around and taking out books from the shelves. And if there are other kids, she will call them 'baby!' eventhough they are older than she is.... And eventhough she'll be 2 years old soon, she's still gonna be my sweet little baby....she always will

Almost Dinner...

If you happen to have free tickets to a dinner event at a fancy hotel, and it happens to be pouring with rain, and there are no parking spaces close by to the dinner ballroom and you have to park like 3 miles away, and you have just one umbrella for the two of you...... better just give it a miss lah!

Never mind that you spent half an hour getting all dolled up and you put on your new funky shirt..
Never mind that the grand prize for the lucky draw are return tickets to Germany and a spanking huge plasma tv...

It's not gonna be any fun if you're sitting there soaked to your undies...
Better go home and enjoy your nasi with telur goreng and a hot milo....

us...soaked and hungry

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Greys, Lost and Harry Potter

I had a Grey's Anatomy marathon last weekend. I watched four episodes back to back, only to realize that we were one episode short. My hubby had diligently downloaded the episodes for me, to avoid us having to rush back on Sunday afternoons to watch it on ntv7. And I started out watching just one episode each time, to coincide with the one aired on tele. But then, it just got juicier and juicier and I just couldn't wait to see what happened next. And so, hubby had just finished downloading the final episode - cheers you!

But, I am sooo behind on Lost! We 'obtained' a CD copy of the entire Season 3 of Lost and so I havent watched the ones showing on AXN for quite a bit now. But even with the CD, I still havent watched it. My hubby has been nudging me to watch so that he can cerita about it cos he doesn't want to surprise me with any unexpected plots. FYI, I just watched episode 10 on monday night, the one with Hurley and the van, the funny one...Hehe, Roger Work Man not Workman....Yep, I know, I know...di AXN mau finale sudah kan.....

Harry Potter - So yes, I got my book! The last HP book ever. Or so we think?? We went to get it on the day it was released and left the house at like 7.58am ( I don't even leave for work that early!). I wasn't really expecting a crowd..and I was right...there in front of Times bookstore in Warisan, 3 ladies from the store sat...just the 3 of em. According to them, there was a crowd earlier at 7am. ANY-WAY...I've read as far as page 103 ( I think). Ya bah...the rest of the world already knows Harry's fate and me, still lengang-lengang baca at my leisure....and I have refrained from reading any reviews, comments, articles or whatsoever on the book. I know that well meaning Potter fans out there would just NOT be able to not reveal what happens in the book..and I want to find out myself. I TERbaca one article in Daily Express a few weeks back..and they revealed the last line in the book! I was like...**%#@!! exciting, huh...

Oh...I loved JK Rowling's introduction to the book. The book was dedicated to seven people/persons (seven because it's also the number of souls/horcruxes Voldermort has..) and the last dedication was something like this:

'to you...if you have stuck with Harry til the very end'

enough to get me reaching for my hanky!

And there was also a poem/prose on death. As though she was preparing the readers for what was to come's well known that two characters will be, erm, killed off in the book...

Oh gosh....I said I didn't want to read any reviews on the book and here I am, reviewing and revealing bits of it to you....Sorry!! My bad....


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Shoes, Yoga and Wishing

Aren't baby shoes just the cutest thing?

Yasmin doing her downward facing dog yoga pose

Wishing..... (when will I get to meet Elmo?)