Saturday, December 29, 2007

McSteamy Lives Next Door

Or McSteamy is a friend of our new neighbour.

Our new neighbours are Irish. And of the partying kind. They have just moved in about a month ago and so far they have had two very, very LOUD parties. And yes, we weren't invited and I doubt any of the other neighbours were.

The first party was on Christmas night, which lasted til about 2 or 3 am. And last night, there was a birthday party for someone named Julia. We should've seen it coming, as there were balloons and a banner stuck on their front wall since that afternoon. This one lasted til the wee hours of the night as well. And how many times does one need to be sung Happy Birthday anyway..I counted at least 3 times!

The previous owner of the house was also a party animal. That is, before he had a very unfortunate accident, which was one of the reasons he sold the house. At one time, they were celebrating his birthday and same thing - loud, thumping music, chatters & laughter past midnight, the works. I was literally a party pooper when I asked my hubby to either give them a friendly reminder that 'hey...there are other people in this neighbourhood...' (which, by the way, I was really quite surprised that no one else had complained..there are many other families with kids living here. I was pregnant at that time..which probably explained my non tolerance and extra need for a good night's sleep). Oh, where was I... oh..yeah, the other choice was to call the cops on them. So.. my hubby, being the diplomatic soul that he is, chose the later and lo and behole, a few minutes after that...sure thing..we saw the police lights approaching and heard a nice copper saying something to the point of, 'Bulih minum...tapi jangan terlampau bising.....' Needless to say, the party dispersed after that... *Evil party pooper me!*

So when we 'saw' that the new neighbours were also of the same 'genre', hubby and I exchanged looks... Wahai jiran orang puteh ku...kalau kau berparti bising-bising tu boleh...tapi, bersedia la kau ya...

I told hubby that if we bump into them today we should politely ask, 'Nice party last night, mate??!!'

Oh..what about McSteamy, you ask? Well... I caught a glimpse of some white guy on his phone, stepping out from the party..and in the darkness of the night..he looked a tad bit like a certain Dr Mark Sloane @ McSteamy.... Does this sight for sore eyes mean that the loud partying is forgivable?? Let's just are safe for now Irish!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Makings of a Domestic Goddess

I cooked Lamb Curry the other night and it turned out ohh-so-sedap! A tad spicy but scrumptiously delicious.

I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to cook. Other than preparing Yasmin's daily meals, I haven't done much cooking for quite some time now. Mom-in-law does most of the cooking at home.

Someone once told me that two women shouldn't share a kitchen - it'll never work. Heh. True. We tend to stay out of each other's ways and have our own time in the kitchen. Even with my mom, we tend to have our own ways of cooking - she used to like to put on the fire before she even got to chopping the onions - something that highly stressed me out!

As the Domestic Goddess herself says, cooking is and should be something highly pleasurable. Playing with your sense of touch and smell. Concocting delights and goodness for your body and heaven for your tongue.

I probably should make more effort to cook at home. But if I were to do so, I'm worried we'd probably end up having dinner at 9pm each day! I also have these visions of myself hosting dinner parties and inviting friends over. Sunggoh Nigella-ish, kan?

Well, let's see... anyone up for my kari kambing just gimme a shout...but make sure you bring over dessert!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Migraine, Anyone??

So I know that money can buy you lots of funny or unusual things these days. But, would you ever have thought that for a mere 30 bucks, you can get yourself....a migraine?!!

Yes folks, it seems that there is a so called massage centre in one of the prominent shopping complexes here that is selling migraines! This actually caught my eye quite some time ago and on a recent trip there, I nabbed my ever so handy camera phone and caught it to share with you.

And whilst we're at it..what is a Becom?

And Energy Hot Stone? just sit there and look at some hot stones that contain energy?

I may not be an English teacher but I love words. Words are important. Words carry meaning and messages. You may not need to employ an editor or copywriter but how hard is it to ask someone to check it first?


So here's some of what I got for my birthday..

Hurrah!! Thank you, hubby and friends!

So, it seems that it is a good idea to come up with a wish list...Must start compiling for next year..Heeeeee! Ada juga hadiah yang tidak diduga... and er, thanks for the cake....Yasmin liked it :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birthday SMS

Oh yes..gone were the days that you'd receive birthday cards in the mail and even e-cards online! Nowadays, paling sanang pakai sms saja to wish Happy Birthday. It's the thought that counts, yeah?

I received an early birthday sms yesterday, saying 'Happy Birthday, Mrs Azlina...' It was from an unlisted number and since there was the 'Mrs' in the message, I assumed it was one of my students.. So, I replied back

Linachu: Thx :) , my bday's 2moro actually..who's tis, btw?
Reply: It's Mr LimKH...
Linachu: Thx Mr Lim...thx for remembering...
Mr Lim: U r welcome..will never forget mrs azlina..keep in touch :)

I was driving then and was all of a sudden hit by a flood of nostalgia..

Mr LimKH was one of my former students. Graduated a few years ago. I had taught his class 3 subjects in 3 consecutive semesters, by the end of which, I was totally convinced that they were all sick of me. But then, they did something I will never forget - they threw me a surprise birthday party! It was supposed to be a raya gathering but somehow they managed to shift it into my birthday celebration instead. They all sang Happy Birthday dengan teramat sangat kuatnya - you know la students, loud and rowdy especially at the sight of food...or was it their lovely lecturer.. ;)

I told hubby about the sms and he said something along the lines of 'see, you did touch and make a difference to some people...' Awww....

It's nice to be remembered. Thanks Mr LimKH, for making my day..

My former life...


I am 31 today!
Well, technically, I was born at I still have a few hours of being 30! Hehehehe........
Going for HiTea with the family later... gonna stuff myself with roast lamb and satay and all..
And awaiting gifts...Gifts, oh gifts...come to momma! Heeeeeeee!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Did I Start Something?

I got a call from a friend and former colleague this morning, asking me about the procedures to go about to resign from work. I wasn't surprised. Both of us had long talked about leaving and frankly speaking, I always thought that she would be the one to act first since she had a lot of extra curricular, out of work activities and even owned a share in a private engineering consultant firm. But, it turned out that, I was the one to resign first.

I had met with her a few days ago, as I went to hand in my exam results (yes, I was still teaching part time in the past semester - I was a flying lecturer) and as she talked about the changes in administration at work and her frustrations with some colleagues, I was reminded of what I didn't have to deal with anymore and what a great decision I have made.

What surprised me was, in this morning's conversation, she mentioned that another colleague, an IT lecturer, had also recently resigned. And before that, another colleague had also resigned - albeit for a different and very, very surprising reason - he was a high ranking university officer too, besides being a lecturer.

So, adding in my friend - that would be 3 people who have resigned or are on the pathway to resigning from the uni. Now, call me crazy, call me perasan... but....was it me? Did I start some kind of revolution here? Suddenly, in a matter of months after I leave..3 more people are leaving/have left too? And leaving the uni, leaving our school was virtually unknown of, unspoken of before one had ever left, intentionally, before...

There was a group of us, who had talked about leaving, since a few years back.... but year after year..we were still there...and THAT, was actually one reason why I decided to leave...because, I didn't want to be back in that same spot again next year, talking and doing nothing. Frustrated, unhappy, unsatisfied. And I somehow thought that, I needed to be strong and to make that decision to leave so that everyone else would realize that it's OK, it's OK to leave. We don't have to stay there if we are so unhappy about it.

My good friend Liau, actually told me that me him thinking. Thinking about where he is and where he wants to be. I made Liau think!

I'm sure that these people had long before had thoughts about resigning and moving on to greener pasteurs. My leaving was probably just a wake up call to them...

But, if my decision and my leaving had in any way made these people (or others) realize that they could leave, if they wanted to...that their was an abundance of opportunities and possibilities for them out there, that they could do and achieve whatever they wanted.... then, I'm GLAD! I'm so GLAD!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The New Becky Bloomwood

I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug at a most untimely time. Finances are low and budgets should be strictly kept. And here I am, constantly thinking about the hundreds of things I want to buy. I might not necessarily need them at the moment, but by God, I want them!

Not withstanding the items on my birthday wishlist, there seems to be so many things to want. I wish I had a 100 close friends who are contemplating on things to give me for my birthday, so I can list them all there. What is it with women and shopping huh? I’ve got a serious case of the Becky Bloomwood syndrome.

Let’s see, I saw monthly disposable O2 Optix contact lenses on promotion and I so want them. I think my current glasses don’t really do much for my look. It was a choice of practically rather than style – I opted for these kononnya flexible frame glasses because of my very determined and playful little girl who likes to pull on mommy’s glasses. But even now, ada miring sikit sudah. Anyway, O2 Optix, I want.

Then there’s this cute cute Carlo Rino sling handbag with floral prints that I’ve had my eye on. It’s practical, I mean..the long sling would make it easy to use even when I have to carry another bag or carry baby. Practical is important, right?

Next, shoes. A girl needs comfy shoes. My Scholl sandals, on the brink of detachment have been recently retired. My Hush Puppies slippers too, I think has numbered days. Plus, they are just so plain. I do want comfy shoes but I want some stylish ones too.

Oh, I also am in dire need of a new collection of undergarments too! It’s about time to ditch the mommy bras in favour of new, comfy and nice ..err, non mommy bras. Which if I may add, is not easy to find. I don’t know bout you mommies out there...but I just find that it’s quite difficult to find good fitting bras now - post baby. Underwires hurt, boob cup and width changes with different brands, straps are too short, etc, etc. I might forever be destined to wear maternity bras!
I want new clothes too! And books – have a few in mind. Oh dear!

I saw Matchbox Twenty’s new album which is a sort of compilation album featuring their hits so far. I was always waiting for them to come out with such a compilation. I love Rob Thomas’ swoony sexy voice.

The Ipod Nano too, is suddenly looking very delicious. I went to KL for a day trip last week and thoughts of an Ipod to watch my favourite Grey’s or House episodes kept flooding into my mind. Oh...yeah...I was in KL last Thursday! Shall write bout that after...

In the meantime..anyone have any quickfix to fight off the shopping bug? Kestau sia!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tag: 8 Random Things

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So, here are 8 random facts about myself:

1) Astrologically and horoscopically (?), I am a Fire Element born under the romantic month of the year of the Dragon, under the star sign Saggitarius!
2) I'm the youngest daughter.
3) I have freckles!
4) I married my highschool sweetheart.

5) I am currently self-employed.
6) I have quite an amazing memory (if I can say so myself) when it comes to certain things...names, phone numbers, birthdates, song lyrics...sometimes even things I don't want to remember, I can't get out of my head!
7) I like plain, cold, milky tea - no pearl, no coconut cubes, no blackjelly. Just plain.
8) I've been to a Boyzone concert!

Tag eight people - hmmph..
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