Monday, December 29, 2008

Channel 809

Astro has two free channels now, 808 and 809. 809 is AXN Beyond. I was so happy to see my old favourite cult shows featured on this channel. Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files. Before there was Grey's or Gossip Girl or Heroes, these were THE shows.

I was mad for Roswell and the whole Max-Liz thing, the first season was so full of potential but then it got sorta crappy in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. I liked that Max and Liz got hitched in the end though. Not forgetting that this show also featured the then already beautiful Katherine Heigl, her character's name was Isobel as well. And Collin Hanks! Tom Hanks' son. And Emilie De Ravin, now more known as Claire in Lost.

Despite not being into vampires and such, I surprisingly was a loyal follower of Buffy. From the early days when Angel was still cool and mysterious, to Willow being a lesbian, to the second slayer thingy and the Dawn thingy and Spike growing a conscience til the very last episode, I watched. I liked Oz!

I watched X Files on and off. Boleh la. I was scared to watch it at first but then realised that it was more about controversies and cover ups rather than scary alien monsters.

I caught a Boyzone reunion concert on channel 808 whilst I was flipping channels. And erghh..I actually cringed!.. I was such a fan of their songs and Ronan back then...but now, I can't get why they reunited...

Engaging Sunday

Bro in law got engaged yesterday. A happy, merry occasion. The boys were all segak in their full uniform of baju melayus, one of them even kena puji nampak muda. :) Hubby, was on photographer duty again. Saw many familiar faces. Only thing was... the combination of the heat, the busy and crowded house and a cranky, screaming toddler got me all flustered and left me with a little migraine in the end. Thankfully managed to sleep it off.

Anyway, here's a picture of one of the hantarans.

Isn't it nice? I like how it looks so chic and modern, just by replacing the ol talam tembaga with that vase filled with flowers. Very creative!

As for the wedding details of where, when? I have no idea!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of Movies & Shows

These days I seem to watch half movies only. Yeah, I'd start off watching some movie on Astro and then mid way, Yasmin would ask to have her channel on..or she'd drag me into the bedroom or something else. And you know, it's been ages since I went to the cinema..probably don't remember what the insides look like anymore. So far, I have watched Mission Impossible 3, Little Children, The Nanny Diaries and I still don't know how these movies ended. I watched half of Transformers last weekend and then thankfully caught the other half a few days ago. Hehe. By the way, I so had to ask hubby lots of questions about the movie... what can I say, I grew up on the Smurfs and Alvin & The Chipmunks! Ndak tau menahu bah pasal Autobots nih! By the way, that little bad transformer robot thingy, yang jadi handphone tu..freaked me out!

My Heart Will Go On.... can you hear the song in the background? :) I'm happy that two of my favourite-test stars, Leo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet have reunited for the movie Revolutionary Road. Both stars have gotten gorgeous-er since their Titanic days. I watched Titanic twice at the cinema, cried both times then watched it again at my uni's union films and cried again. Here's a snippet from the article in the link above:

"After 13 takes, with patience running on fumes, someone cues up the music again — only this time a practical joker has replaced Dean Martin with Celine Dion's ''My Heart Will Go On,'' the syrupy but strangely stirring anthem from Titanic. Suddenly, it's as if someone pressed the pause button. Everyone freezes for a good five seconds. And then, without saying a word, DiCaprio wraps Winslet in his arms, she spreads hers, and they re-create the iconic hood-ornament image that was wallpapered all over the planet 11 years ago. The 300 or so extras and onlookers explode into applause, juicing the stars enough to nail the scene on the next take."

Cute! Will look forward to watching that one... hopefully the full movie and not just half!

I've finished watching all episodes for Heroes! Still riveting I must say. Hiro and Ando still steal the scenes everytime and ohhh I totally loved the cameo by two very geeky comic book guys! What a great choice to have them in the show! Hehehe...Though I think some of those baddies will probably resurface again for the next season..

I loved the latest episode of Gossip Girl for that tender moment shared between Chuck & Blair. If you haven't seen it and want to... look away now! * I think there's something rather fishy in the demise of Mr Bass Senior. And can't Lily & Rufus just be together already... sighhhh...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Thoughts

Happy Boxing Day!!

It's raining bonkers here in KK. It's the perfect stay in-afternoon nap inducing kinda rain you'd wish for during afternoon prep class, right into turun sukan time. Heh.

I've just resurfaced from a trip to the heart of London and its outskirts, meeting with people named Lexi and Jon and Fi and Loser Dave. It was a nice trip and it didn't cost me a thing. Well, it cost some 20 odd ringgit actually. :) I've just finished reading Sophie Kinsella's book Remember Me? bah. Been burying my glasses into it the past few days, reading in the darkness after Yasmin goes to sleep, accompanied by David Archuleta* on my ol faithful discman, and continuing first thing in the morning. Even gave up fighting hubby for the use of the computer. I forgot how wonderful reading was. Immersing yourself in a different world, getting hooked into turning page after page and then when you finish reading it you feel like you've just said goodbye to some old friends you spent the last couple of days having a blast with.

Reading the book, I got to thinking about the thought process that must go through these authors minds as they write. Like in this book..the main idea is simple really. What happens if you wake up some day and don't have a clue who you are and what you've been up to the past couple of years. You don't even remember your own husband and your own home. And yet, one of the most shocking things to find out is that Brad and Jen aren't together anymore! Hehe...

I remember watching The Making of Mr Bean and they talked about how they come about with ideas for the show. Basically, in any given scenario, they just list out at least 5 things that can happen or can go wrong and that's how they come up with all those maniacal Mr Bean story lines. Cool huh. Sounds simple too but the tough part must be honing in on what would actually make people laugh or for a book, what will make people turn the pages. Something I should practise I guess, if ever I am going to have my own book out.

On a different note, attended a kenduri last night. My cousin who just gave birth has moved back to her house, which is actually my late grandmother's old house in Tanjung Aru. I haven't been there in ages. And it was nice being back there. We then went to Mae's house in Lintas for a short visit. She had invited us for their Xmas open house dinner, we got there quite late but nevertheless enjoyed a nice chat with the tired hostess. Yasmin seems to have no trouble customizing herself to other people's homes and immediately finds ways to entertain herself.

Oh drat, it seems the rain is thinning out... the hunnies are still enjoying their afternoon nap...I'm hungry again..

*David Archuleta CD = hadiah from Rina for my birthday...when I brought out my ancient discman, hubby actually winced out 'Oh god, what's that huge thing?!...' Thanks for the CD Rin! Archie does a lurvely cover of Robbie Williams' Angels.. I like!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pink Elephant

This morning Yasmin looked at me and said, 'Mommy, you're not a pink elephant. You're a mommy!' *Mommy raises her eyebrows in wonderment* I told the daddy and he remarked that it's a good thing that she knows the difference between things. Well, yeah huh! I'm pretty sure I am not a pink elephant, nor would I want to be classified in the same category. No matter how pretty or rare a pink elephant may be! I suspect it's all those episodes of Charlie and Lola she's been watching.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Note: I'm Here

My darling blog, I haven't abandoned you. I'm here. Oh hello you who is reading this...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

40 kgs!

I met a man yesterday. And according to him, he has lost 40 kgs since April this year! We asked him again to be sure.... 14 kgs or 40 kgs? And yes, he said 40 kgs! Oh me oh my oh me oh my... I don't know this person and how he looked like before, but yesterday he was a quite good looking, fit looking guy. He also said that his waistline has gone from 40 to 33. Oh wow. According to another friend, he has also now begun to enjoy life more..he used to be very shy and now after the weight lost, he has even gotten a new job. And his confidence just boomed. How did he do it? Well, he uses this product (iklan sekejap) on a daily basis.

But he also mentioned that he changed his eating habits and started to exercise regularly.

So people...5 or 10 kgs? Or 40 kgs? It can be done!

Today's Thoughts

I am suddenly a weekly visitor to the new KKIA airport. Not that I am jet setting to any exotic locals on a weekly basis, just that we have started to distribute our Coffee News paper at the airport's 24 hrs McDonalds outlet.

I like the new airport. Still pristine looking. Quiet. Calm. And I like the idea of frequenting the place. Only I'd rather be there to be flying off to somewhere and not just make deliveries.

I caught a sight of a man reading at the airport the other day. And I thought.. what luxury, to be able to just sit and enjoy a good book. Whilst waiting to be off to some other place, another world. The great thing about going off somewhere is that, for that period.. you can just forget about whatever is going on in your world. You can switch that off for a while and just enjoy the journey, the sights and sounds of a place where you can be invisible.


I just realized..I like to make lists. To do lists. List of things I have done. List of topics to blog about. List of books I want to read or check out. Waiting for my friends at lunchtime today, I even thought I should make a list of lists to make. Heh! I think it's mostly because I like the act of writing itself. I like scribbling. Doodling. Which is why you'd always see me with a notebook and pen wherever I go, or tucked in my handbag. Even with PDAs and organizers on cellphones, nothing beats that feeling of actually putting pen to paper. Oddly though, I rarely do shopping lists. Which probably explains why I most often end up buying more than I intended or with stuff I don't really need!

Note to self:
  1. Practise/Make shopping lists..
  2. .......

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Reads

Got meself some new reads. From the Times warehouse clearance sale in Kompleks Asia City. I had seen them setting up a few days before, even saw a book that instantly grabbed my attention but didn't really give a thought about going, for fear of buying more than I can chew as I tend to do when it comes to books. But after reading Carol's post about the sale, I told hubby on Saturday that we were going.

Here's what I got:

Hurrrrahh! Have read a few pages of both books and they are good purchases indeed. I read Phil's book as if he is narrating it to me..hehehe..his style of writing is easy to read and he's funny too. Caught a video of him being interviewed on the Bonnie Hunt show, on youtube, and he is really funny and a fun guy...unlike the cool and serious persona we always see on The Amazing Race.

And Sophie Kinsella..well, been waiting for this one to come out in paperback for a while now. 30% off lagi at the sale. Fikir 2 saat jak, then angkat terus. Oh, Phil's book was RM20 by the way. I bought two books for Yasmin as well. There's actually a huge selection at the sale, but you really need time to go through the books, to find what you may want. Not that easy when you have a little kiddie who wants to wander off to the nearby chocolate shop. They had a bargain corner with RM1 books, but was mostly children's books. The sale is on til the 7th Dec, so go check it out if you haven't, you book lovers.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I didn't think turning 3 years old would also mean an escalation in tantrums. The sweet girl has been having tantrums of sorts lately. Macam-macam. Her curiousity means she wants to grab hold of everything and anything she can. She wants to climb here and there and reach for mommy's bottles of perfume and lotions or the sewing kit or drawer of brooches and pins...things that she shouldn't be playing with, she wants to. She wants to play with daddy's camera and uncle's videocam and open this and that. Fuuhhhhh... very demanding the little girl has become and very testing to her parents. And she knows that when she cries, she will probably get what she wants. At most times, I manage to distract her with something like videos on my handphone or pictures on the PC or switching on channels 61x on the tele. I have been doing my fair share of yelling lately. I don't like it and I'm tired too. And you know me, I'm not really a yeller. Perhaps she is bored with things at home. Perhaps it is time for playschool? I just hope it is a phase she will soon outgrow... Wishful thinking you might say.. she'll probably outgrow it by 16 or 17 perhaps!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Remember my dream with Hugh Jackman in it? Well, I can't quite remember what it was all about. But I do remember that I had been browsing the celebrity gossip site OMG that night and Hugh Jackman happened to be one of the celebs I saw on the site. Sent my brain into overdrive I reckon.

Two nights ago, another celeb made a guest appearance in my dream. Phil Keoghan! bestfriends would know that I have an admiration for Phil and that I am a huge Amazing Race fan so having Phil in my dreams would probably be the closest I'd ever get to him. Hehe. Well, in this dream, at first I was just watching the race from afar. I couldn't recognize the teams. But at the end, I actually went to Phil and asked him, 'So Phil, who won?' Hehehe...boleh lagi tanya begitu pulak! Phil, you are most welcomed to appear in my dream anytime you can.. (hehe note to my own self conscious)

I had a bad dream last week, can still remember some of it. But someone once told me that you shouldn't tell people about your bad dreams. Kinda bad luck. So I'll just keep that to me and hope that it just remains that..a dream.

I do have recurring dreams. Not exactly the same thing every time but along the same lines. It's gotten me to think what those dreams could mean. For example, I've had dreams where I would be driving a manual car. With exception to my driving lessons years years back, I have always drove an automatic transmission car. In the dreams, I seem to be slightly panicky but I do the best I can to get the car moving. I think these driving dreams have something to do with the fear of being out of control. Which is one of my main fears in life.

I also have dreams about living or moving to different houses or hotels, sometimes it's even hostels. This one, I think is about wanting and still looking to settle down, wanting a place of my own. Or perhaps, it is due to the fact that I love to travel and still yearn for new adventures and new experiences. When I dream about staying in hostels, sometimes my school friends are there too. And this, I think has to do with the fact that staying in the hostel/boarding school was a significant and probably one of the happier times of my life.

Another dream is where I am trying to say something but my voice can't come out. I've had a few of these where I was trying to address my class but they couldn't hear me or they ignored me. This is not a nice one. Should I assume, it is me wanting some sort of attention? Or it is my fear of not being heard or recognized?

Sometimes if I have a bad dream or a scary dream, I would ask hubby if I mengigau (talk in my sleep) or not. Sometimes after having a good dream, I would wake up and feel really good. Surreal. Bit weird. I try to take all this signals my dreams are telling me, with a pinch of salt. Or sugar. But perhaps they are subtle signs of what I want in my life and what I haven't achieved.

Sweet dreams.

It's Up To Them

Remember I mentioned about those students who submitted assignments that were sebijik like the answer scheme I had? Well, I was all ready to give them just the minimum marks, lower than the lowest marks that the whole class had. And I thought that would be pretty generous already. But then, when I wanted to submit the marks online, I realised that I had to submit marks for each individual question. And there was also a column for comments. If it were just the full marks, then I could just give them the reduced marks as I had planned. But since they wanted marks for each individual question, I didn't want to go and recalculate how many marks for each question. So I just put in the full marks they got. But in the comment section, I wrote long comments for those students about how I felt they did not put in any effort to do the questions themselves, that their answers were an exact copy of the answer scheme and that I felt they shouldn't be given the full marks. So I leave it to them.

Anyway, my friend Has did tell me that she once commented about some students who admitted that their reports were done by other people and the uni didn't seem to care or respond in any way...So I don't know, if they would take action about this or not...I hope they do.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm happy the HK boys won - though it would have been better if Ida & Tania did, they were doing so well. Bad decision to go to Singapore instead of Bangkok. I liked the HK boys ever since they did the tattoo fast forward and then when Vince carried 2 big fishies at once! Gruelling race this time around. Shall we start training and preparing to audition for the next one?? Hehe..Ya la, takkan just celebrities saja yang bulih ikut...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Excited About This..

Chocolate orange flavour! What a yummy way to get your daily dose of calcium!

My November Babies

Hubby and Yasmin had their birthdays on the 9th and 16th respectively, one week apart. No big parties, just simple celebrations at home. We couldn't even decide what cake to get, so we ended up buying slices of different types of cakes for both occassions. Hubby's birthday was celebrated with Rina and Josie and their Raja Ema cd surprise. Yasmin's birthday was spent partially at Port Dickson, then in KL and we went straight to Secret Recipe in Warisan Square to buy the cakes after we landed in KKIA (very nice looking new airport, by the way!)

Hubby's birthday. 9th Nov.
Yasmin doesn't have any luka on her forehead, she just liked having the bubu plaster there.

16 Nov 2008. She's 3 years old!
I've been asking her, 'Is Yasmin 1 year old??' and she says 'Noo..'
'Is Yasmin 2 years old?' 'No...'
'Is Yasmin 3 years old??' 'Yessss.... huwwayy!'

Marks or No Marks

I'm currently marking student assignments from o-yu-am. And guess what I found? Some students have answers that are exact copies of the marking scheme I have, provided by the uni. Sebijik. Word by word. Number by number. Equation by equation. Even where they are asked to sketch diagrams, the diagrams are exactly those in the marking scheme, copy and paste saja terus! I talked to Rach and sms-ed Siva, what they thought. Found out that because I allowed them to submit their assignment a week later than when it was due, some students might have gotten access to the marking scheme - I'm not sure or perhaps from tutors at other centres.

Do you think I should give them marks? They have obviously not put in any work or any of their own effort to answer the questions. Should I give just minimum marks, just for submitting? Thing is, I'm thinking if I do give them full marks, they would think that they can get away with it. And what if, my marking is checked? And they saw that I gave full marks for answers that were obviously copied. I know that the others copied from each other too but I don't mind that...satu salah, semua salah. Even down to spelling mistakes! But for those that have exactly the same answers as the marking scheme, that's a different story.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Matt Nathanson's Come On Get Higher

I'm currently in love with this song. It puts me into this dreamy trance. You know..the kind you'd have when you're in love and can't get that person out of your mind.

If I were to write a screenplay, I'd pluck in this song at that scene where the guy and girl have their obligatory unneccesary silly fight. Or, when they have to be apart even though they don't want to be. I love the simplicity and the honesty in the lyrics. Reminds me how love is in the little things that we take for granted. Makes me want to experience that feeling of being in love again.

I like these lines:

I miss the sound of your voice
And I miss the rush of your skin
And I miss the still of the silence
As you breathe out and I breathe in ..

And this:

I miss the sound of your voice
Loudest thing in my head
And I ache to remember
All the violent, sweet
Perfect words that you said ..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Change Your Corner

So the big news yesterday was that of America's first African American president to be sworn in come January. And all around, people are saying that change has finally arrived to America. Well, it's not just America, change is upon us all.. all the time. Whether we realise it or not. Whether we choose to take notice and take action. Or whether we just choose to remain the same.

Albert Einstein said, 'Change is the only constant'. Everything, everyone, every miniscule being in this universe is constantly changing. And so we try. It may be something as little as trying a new brand of cereal. Or wearing bright pink. Or giving up that unhealthy habit. Or giving up disposables or car pooling to ease mother earth's burden. Whatever it is, I have always, always believed that CHANGE IS GOOD.

And if you're thinking that you are just one person, that you won't be able to make a difference, think of this: Maybe you can't change the whole world, but you can change your corner of it. And when you change your corner, you actually change the world.*

Go on then, change your corner!

* I love this quote. Taken from Toastmaster magazine October 2008. Quoted from Carl Duivenvoorden, Toastmaster, speaker, writer.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ban Yoga?


I just read from theyogainstructordiaries that the country's fatwa council are considering to put a ban on Muslims practising yoga. Because they fear that it could damage and deviate their faith and beliefs. The operative word here being FEAR.

In my opinion that's just it - FEAR. And fear is most often there because of ignorance. Ignorance of what something is really about. Have these people taken the time and done their research to really find out what yoga is all about? Do they think that people can't think for themselves, to differentiate and decide if something is detrimental to their beliefs? Don't you think there are so many other things out there that can damage and deviate people's beliefs?

As someone who has practised yoga and has done some share of reading and learning about yoga, I find this as totally absurd. Yes, yoga is largely associated with Hinduism but it can be practised without any act of worship or devotion to Hinduism or any God for that matter. Yoga includes meditation, but it is more a relaxing type of meditation - to calm, sooth and center one's self. To balance the body, mind and soul.

And it has been proven that yoga bears enormous mental and physical health benefits. What's next? Are they going to ban other sports too? Well, what can you expect? These people even wanted to ban women from wearing trousers because they deemed it as tomboyish and can lead to lesbian sex. Like OH MA GOD!! Have they been trapped in a cave all this while? You have women leading nations and multi million dollar corporations. We supposedly live in this age of globalisation and information. And you want to ban women from wearing trousers?? ABSURD!

Still On Weddings

Sitting at the church and listening to the Father deliver his message on marriage, I got to thinking. How do Atheists get married? I heard in a movie, that in some cultures, the bride and groom would just stare at each other and no one would say a word. And after some time of just staring at each other, they are married. I don't know how true this is. But whatever the religion, isn't the gist of it just the same. Marriage is about commitment and sharing your life together. The wedding sermon (is there a special name for it?) delivered by the Father has basically the same message as that which I have heard delivered by an Imam. Marriage is procedural and religious and sacred but living a life of love and respect together are universal.

But what if, what if you were stranded in a desserted place with just that other person and you fall in love and live your lives together, with no others, no imam or priests around? Can you just declare yourselves married? Would that be acceptable in the eyes of God?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wedding Shoes

Still on the topic of weddings.
These have been dubbed my official wedding shoes.
Primavera, maroon red, bling-ified shoes.
Have only been worn 3 times.
First, to my own wedding reception.
Second, to hubby's friend James' reception.
Third, to Mae's reception.
Anyone getting married soon, let me know so that I can dust them off first.
Oooo.. matching red nail polish would be nice, kan?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mae's Wedding

Our dear friend Mae got hitched to her beau, Asun on the 23rd Oct, here in KK.

Mae invited hubby and I to her house that morning and we got the chance to see her get prepared for the church ceremony. I'm glad we went and shared that precious moment with her. Most of her family members were busy that morning, so it was just us there with her. We saw her being maked up and posing for shots for her official photographer. She was gorgeous in her custom tailored white satin and lace dress, complete with puffy veil. Mae said she chose the design herself. Her bouquet was a simple bunch of ruby red roses, which beautifully contrasted the white dress. (By the way, her bridesmaid, Asun's sister had the opposite. She wore a red dress and had a bouquet of white roses..nice!) We also got a sneak peek at her dresses for the dinner receptions in KK and Kuching - also custom tailored and with lots of bling! Red dress for KK, blue dress ala cheongsam for Kuching.

Taken at Mae's house before the church ceremony.
This is also my 5 seconds claim to fame! A similar picture taken by the official photographer was featured in the slide show during the reception dinner. This one was taken by hubby.

The solemnization ceremony was held at Mary Immaculate Church in Bukit Padang. It was my first time attending this ceremony in a church. The ceremony was simple, small and sweet, with only family and close friends in attendance. It was on a Thursday morning anyway, a working day. I was pleasantly surprised to see my old friend Sophia there, who came all the way from Miri for the wedding. When a taxi pulled up to the church, hubby remarked that maybe it was Sophia. And surely, it was!

Walking down the aisle


The above two pictures were taken by yours truly, using hubby's Sony camera. Hubby on the other hand, was literally all over the place that morning. He had in his possession, a DSLR camera for the day and was snap, snap, snapping away. To the point that some of Mae's relatives thought that he was the official photographer and where the official photographer himself was just kneeling to take his pics, hubby was on his tummy! But the results I tell you...gorgeous! He managed to capture some truly beautiful and honest moments.

One for the album..Us with the happy couple..

The solemnization was followed by a simple cake cutting ceremony and brunch at the churches canteen. Even the bride and groom ate with everyone, took their own food and mingled with the guests. Proving that even though you are the Raja Sehari, there's no need to ask people to bend backwards for you. I liked that.

The reception dinner was held at Pacific Sutera Ballroom. Again, simple arrangements, no royalties or politicians abound (I think..), just good food, good music (overly zealous and loud at times!) and coming together to celebrate our good friend's big day. I wished I had dragged hubby and the girls to dance the sumazau!

Hurrah! Diane and Josie made it to this one

With Sophia

I told hubby that with Mae marrying Asun, our circle of friends have come.. full circle. My friends Leo and Soph are good friends with Asun. Leo, Soph and I go quite a long way back. Mae even more so. And now, we're all connected.

Mae and Asun's wedding slide show was accompanied by Bon Jovi's Thank You For Loving Me. Fitting if you ask me. Gave me goosebumps and moments where I felt berhabuk pula di mata. There were two parts I loved from the slide show. First, on a picture of Mae and her friends (in KL), it said..
Mae is a great friend
The girls would be lost without her..

We may not see her as often, but she is one sixth of our 'the girls' and every time she comes back or we go there, we would always always meet and catch up.

And the second, in another slide, it said..

Asun's first word was run...
And after 32 years of running.... he finally found someone he could stand still with..

Awwwww...major habuk di mata!

Congratulations my dear friends, Mae and Asun.
Wishing you both a glorious and joyous lifetime together. xoxo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It's been a while. I have lots to write about actually, I owe some people some tags, I want to put up some pics. Just haven't quite found the time and prolonged inspiration to do so. Some quick updates, notes and reminders (to myself):

1. Attending a good friend's wedding tomorrow, church ceremony in the morning then dinner later that night...hurrah!! Am excited..

2. I dreamt of Hugh Jackman the other night.. nanti la sia cerita lagi pasal mimpi ni

3. I've lost weight! Triple hurrah!! I need new jeans now

4. Hi Paival.. welcome back to the blogging world... naaaaanti la sia buat tu tag ah

5. Welcome home Rin

6. I'm looking for advertisers for my paper... if y'all know anyone or any businesses, let me know ya

7. Yasmin is almost 3 years old... she's amazing :)

8. Be careful what you wish for.. for they might come true..

Actually, most of the stuff above are reminders to myself on things I want to write about. So to get the full story, stay tuned la yaaa...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh You Am

Had my third O-you-am session last Saturday and it's really worrying. The topic of the day was axial loading and how to calculate displacement for structures and assemblies. Yet, the bulk of the class was spent helping the students to figure out how to calculate the area of a circle (I even wrote it on the board and a few were asking me what it was!), explaining about units - again the prefixes kilo, mega, giga, and they even didn't know how to expand a simple algebraic equation as in 2(x-2) is equal to 2x-4. They have their midterm coming up and their assignment due in the next session. I wonder how they will cope. I'm also wondering why they went for this course in the first place and also how they were even chosen for the course. I also discovered a few students did disappearing acts and only showed up for the first part of the class and signed their attendance.. What's new eh? How lah if like that..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Celebrity Night

I will be attending a dinner function in mid November and the theme of the dinner is Celebrity Night. I'm at a total blank on what to wear. I thought it would be some simple theme like Hawaiian or Black & White or even Superheroes - can just buy a tshirt with a huge S on it minus the underwear on the outside! Would love to wear something that's in line with the theme. The only iconic celebrity look I can think of is Madonna's pointy boobs..hmmm..I don't think so! A skimpy kebaya ala Saloma? If only I had the skimpy body to match. Maybe I can borrow a bunch of kids and go as Angelina? Hehe... Any ideas anyone?

Saturday, October 04, 2008

TV Addict at Loose

My name is Linachu...and I'm
a TVholic.

Only these days, most of my TV shows are watched on the PC. So so happy that many of my favourite shows have returned. No more empty nights. Bless.

Here's my rundown on some of my favourites:

House - House is still House. Still not clear what's gonna happen with Wilson but I'm hoping he will still feature regularly, I like him. Also still hoping for Chase and Cameron, mostly Chase have more airtime on the show. Macam tidak adil pula Foreman still features a lot but not those two.. I'm starting to like the new team though - 13 is OK, Cuttner is quirky and clever, Taub balances things out..

Grey's Anatomy - Enjoyed the two hour season premiere. Meredith & McDreamy have sorted things out. Karev is back to his old way. I find Lexi irritating. Callie & Hahn a couple? Oh..why not? I'm hoping that the army doc will join the cast and also hoping Izzy doesn't die, as some rumours have speculated.

Gossip Girl - I'm routing for B and Little J to be new BFFs.

The Amazing Race - Hurrraahh! Phil is back and looking smashing and I still love his 'The world is waiting for you..' speech. Hopefully they will come to Malaysia this time round, even better if it is Kota Kinabula. Err..too bad bout the Santa Clause and Santarina hippies being eliminated first, they certainly added..err..colour to the show. No favourite team yet. Did I mention I love Phil? :)

The Amazing Race Asia - The Malaysian teams are OK. Did you catch Ida Nerina saying 'Thank you Allah' on the previous episode? I think she's the only Muslim so far on the race... (those guys on TAR season ntah ke berapa..can't count la, first episode sudah eliminated) Anyway, I like the HongKong guys..they seem normal and genuine. At first glance, I liked Mai and Oliver, but after their huge blowout at the end of the first episode..I wasn't sure. Too bad for them.. they were cute..

Private Practise - I like this show because it's more colourful compared to Greys. There's also something crazily attractive about that Pete.

Heroes - is out! But I haven't seen any episodes yet! Soon my comrades..soon!

Any other shows I missed out? Tell me..I need my entertainment!


By the 3rd day of raya, I felt that I've already had enough of raya food. Enough curries and rendang and pulut, I was craving for normal food. Bread and nasi putih and veggies. The days before were just filled with meat and chicken and sugar.... definitely not good for the scales.

On the first day of Raya, we went to my Aunt's house in Likas. There, we were met by many, many relatives..from the Chinese side of the family, mostly from Kota Belud and most of them I don't know. The Chinese side comes from my Grandmother's side of the family. I only knew one aunty and that's only because she was our former neighbour. Some of them were familiar. Even if I bumped into them also I probably wouldn't know they were relatives. My cousin Niz, is the one who knows most of them and he is the one who's usually telling me..'ini anak si anu...', 'itu mama si anu...' Not that I would know anyway. One of them asked me, 'Are you on Geni?' Geni is this online family tree thingy, you see. Our family tree was started by my cousin Aiza, who quickly recruited most of the other relatives and apparently now I am connected to more than 80000 people on my family tree! I kid you not..look at this..

Anyway, that day was interesting. There was even a Deputy Minister and local celebrity at the open house.

After that we were at home and we went to my Mom's later that evening. Yasmin obliged to wear her pink polka dot baju kurung on the first day of raya but then she didn't want to wear baju kurung already for the 2nd day and 3rd day raya visits. Here is the obligatory raya family pic (that some of you have seen on FB..and oh, tia tau oh bila tu musim sejuk mau tiba..)

I ordered cupcakes from Deana and they were yummy and pretty. Yasmin liked looking at the letters and asking, 'What letter is this?' even though she knew what letters they were.

2nd day of raya, we went to another aunt's house in Luyang. I've previously written about a family feud going on between my mom and her siblings, and Alhamdulillah it seems that they are taking some steps towards reconciling. Mom told me that she called her sister on the first day of raya and they talked for quite a long time. Ye la, I think it's been more than two years this feud of theirs. All this while I had continued with subtlety to ask my mom to call them and I don't know if it was me and my constant nagging (terbalik pula kan, anak yang nagging mama) but I'm happy they are now talking. I was happy to meet with my cousins whom I haven't seen in a while. And they had such yummy food at their house!

3rd day of raya, we went to Anna's house at night - where I was so happy to see mixed veggies and acar timun on the menu! Sayurrr!

Yasmin got an airplane ride

I like this pic..can't remember what we were talking about though..

Hee...kesimpulannya, raya ni..makan dan makan dan makan saja laa. All the biscuits and cookies still lingering around in the house ain't good for me... try as I may, it's difficult to resist those kuih makmur and shortbread biscuits!

Itu ja la cerita pasal lotsa other stuffs to blog about..PS, you may notice the date of this post, 4th october..yeah it took me all this while to upload the photos and finish writing the post.. phew!

Of Weddings & Traditions

I was talking to a friend, who is in the stage of preparing for her wedding, planned to take place in a few months time. She mentioned how the whole process of even planning and discussing the wedding can be nightmarish and difficult. Hubby and I offered her some of our ermm.. wisdom.. based on our experience.

Firstly, one has got to realize that even though you are the one who is going to get married, it is not your wedding, it is everybody's wedding. Everybody here encompasses everyone who is on the wedding committee - parents, soon to be parents in law, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, siblings, even neighbours or any odd pacik or macik who feels they want or should have a say in some part of the wedding.

Then, of course..understand that certain 'things' need to be done in certain ways. Because you need to keep everybody happy..and you don't want to embarrass any of the family in any imaginable or unimaginable way. And this means that, when you start asking 'Why?', for example, 'Why do we have to do so and so..' the most likely responses you might get will include - 'Don't ask..just follow..' or 'Because that's the way it has always been done...' or 'It's tradition..' Yep, no rational explanations are needed. Even if you're just curious to know why the women side must send 2 more dulangs of hantaran compared to the men's side, no need to ask why we still need sirih junjung even though no one in the family makan the stuff anymore...yep, no questions...just follow...

Also, though it is your wedding, probably two thirds of the wedding guests are gonna be people you don't even know - friends, co-workers of your parents and in laws, distant distant relatives, neighbours from the opposite end of the kampung, etc. Well, this one is not too bad actually...these people usually bring angpows!

During our wedding preparations, there was a meeting..yep, ada committee meeting lagi our wedding venue, and some people suggested that we berarak to the dewan from the middle of the car park..which was quite a distant away and would most definitely be congested and hot on the day itself, a suggestion I really disliked and disagreed to. So, I pulled out my sourest face and had my say and hey presto, they in the end agreed to our alternative instead. Actually, I'm a bad liar you see and I'm a bad poker player too, anything I don't like or agree to, you'd sure see on my face. So, one of my aunts, musta seen this that day, saw how unhappy I was and she was on my side... So all is not lost you see, you can still have your say and get your way!

Additional thoughts:

Garden weddings are beautiful. In theory. And in cool climates. Although it is definitely possible to execute the perfect garden wedding here, there are many things to consider. You definitely need a meteorological consult - is it gonna be hot, or really hot or scorching hot? Or is it gonna rain cats and dogs? In both cases, canopies and tents would be essential. For the former, add in misting fans or hand fans as well - don't want guests to run to the shades or suffer heat stroke or sun burn right? I know you can't control the weather, but you can be prepared.

Also, as much as I am all for foregoing certain illogical and irrational traditions, some are worth the keep and should be considered sacred. The nikah ceremony for example, is the most important one in a Muslim wedding. It should be comfortable, intimate, exclusive. You don't want to give the Pak Imam any surprises as well!

Speaking of.. I was wondering how they do lafaz nikah in English or any other languages. Someone once told me, he had to do the lafaz nikah was it 3 or 4 times, on account that he stutters quite a lot. I think it's not as much how many times you need to do it, but what the meaning holds for you as well. Sometimes though, the lafaz can be so rehearsed (remember the point on not embarrassing the family), that it can sound so robotic, like on autopilot. Which is why I love listening to the different vows people use in Christian weddings, it's more personal.

Anyway, I'm digressing. Ultimately, your wedding is your once in a lifetime (hopefully) big day. Certain things you need to do and just follow...certain things you can have your way....
Either way, you will survive :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

I quite enjoyed this show. The kids are amusing and adorable and the questions are quite good to test one's knowledge and memory. Was surprised that it is also the brainchild of Mark Burnett - this guy is so creative and great with reality shows!

Anyway, wanted to talk about my OUM class last weekend. It was the second session. And already there were some smart alecs showing their fur in the class. I think maybe they were just being playful. I was surprised though to discover that some of them lacked even some really fundamental knowledge.

For example, quite a few didn't know that the prefix kilo - as in kilonewton or kilopascal, etc..meant that you need to multiply by 1000. One person asked me what was the 'g' symbol. g as in gravitational acceleration and why you need to multiply it with a mass. They struggled to remember what was the formula for area of a circle - well, there are moments when I have to sit down and think about it as well. Pie*r squared or two pie r, can be confusing. Some had trouble using their scientific calculators - well..I myself, am still not familiar with all the functions!

But, I consider not knowing that kilo means multiplying by 1000 a really big booboo. And not familiar with g? It's really fundamental knowledge and I think most of those guys are teachers. Worrying if you ask me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Menang Lagi

So Mix FM is now officially my favourite radio station. On Tuesday, I received this....

RM200 worth of Pizza Hut vouchers. I won them in Mix FM's Know Your 90's contest (on at 9am weekdays). This was actually about a month ago, around about the same time I won the Jason Mraz cd. But I figured, I'd wait to write about it only when I receive the prize, just in case the whole thing was a figment of my over active imagination.

It was a fine Friday morning and I was listening to the radio en route to my delivery destinations. So on comes the Know Your 90s contest and I'm listening and thinking, hey I know all those songs, let's give it a try and sms in. It's easy peasy, you just have to name the 3 song titles and artists they played. A few minutes after they played the 3 songs, they announced a winner. Not me. So I'm thinking, no biggie.

I was actually walking on the streets when I got the call. This guy told me I won. So I ask him, I thought they already announced a winner..and he said something to the point that my sms came in late and they just had to announce a winner..something like that, I couldn't really hear on account that I was walking on the street and traffic was noisy. I think my question threw him away, he didn't even get to asking me what was the answers! He asked for my address and that's it. I won!

So I'm thinking, either I'm really lucky with Mix FM or maybe no one else is entering these contests?? I gotta try one of those with cash prizes! Sedap juga berbuka makan pizza..hehe...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Young Ones

I attended our Agel business briefing session last Saturday. I enjoy going to these sessions to be reminded of what a great thing Agel is and the other members have sorta become like family. At the end of the session, I got to chatting with this girl - the daughter of my friends, who are also doing the business. This girl is form 3, yet she was chatting to me so confidently, so enthusiastically and so genuinely. In fact, she was the one who approached me and introduced herself first! There were things she said that made her sound mature beyond her years and really amazed me. Her personality really shined. I guess it is a testiment to what great parents she has - both parents are business owners, dynamic and passionate leaders.

I think at that age I was a bumbling, insecure little girl. (Still am sometimes!) I can't blame my parents, but honestly, there was a time when I did think that a lot of who I am now is the result of how I was brought up. My parents are quite conservative. My dad is a very quiet person and I guess my sister and I take after him too. Sometimes, if people asked me questions, my mom would be the one to answer it first. I was never encouraged to speak up, to speak my mind, to argue. Not that I want to be loud or argumentative, I just wished I had more of a voice then and a better sense of myself.

Thinking about it now, I want Yasmin to grow up to be like that girl. Outgoing, dynamic, confident. I don't want her to shy away when asked questions. I want her to have her own opinion and to be secure enough to share it. I want so much more for her... and so, in wanting more I will also have to work to better myself at the same time.

I drive by St Francis girls school on my way back home on most days and I always think of how those girls are so young and so full of potential. With the entire world waiting for them. If I could go back in time, I would probably change some things, do some things differently, make different choices that would bring my life in other directions. I guess, there's still time, there's still a chance, there's always hope..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling Love

I was in the mood for something sappy and local (for some reason), so I watched the movie Cinta, again. I cried my eyes out for nearly 1 hour and 49 minutes. Little details here and there, got to me. Even just the opening credits. I forgot what a gem of a movie it is. One of the best Malay movies I've seen, I would say. Love it.

a must watch!

Still on the topic of love, I wanted to share this..

Some guy proposed with a huge banner that was put near the bus stop in Damai. It's been up for a few days.... This pic was expertly taken sambil memandu, mind you... Well, tonight, as I passed by there again..I saw that there was already a response..

Never mind that the answer should actually be 'I will..' Hehe..oh, this picture was taken whilst stopping at the traffic light, don't worry..I don't usually make it a habit going off snapping random pics whilst driving.

Huhu...what do you think? Romantic? Cheesy? (And do romantic gestures go downhill and become a distant memory after marriage? Persoalan ni, side effects from watching Cinta)

Well, at least those guys will (hopefully) have a great story to tell their kids some day..

Saturday, September 20, 2008


A question that I am pondering about and would like to put out to all you good people reading this:

If Money & Time is not a problem, what is it that you’ll really want to be doing with your life?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gossip Girls

Yesterday, I asked Rina and Josie to meet up during lunchtime, just to cerita-cerita. I haven't seen them in a while and hey, who's to say that we can't meet up during Ramadhan just because we can't eat or drink? I picked up Rina and we met Josie and Jane at Grace Point. The place was rather subdued - guess their main clientele are Muslims. Believe it or not, the waiter still asked if we wanted to order drinks! J & J were given the go ahead to eat, we didn't mind - tapi mereka pulak yang malu-malu and susah mau telan tu makanan..hehe. We talked our usual topics - from TV shows: The Amazing Race Asia, House, some of Rina's Korean drama ada juga terselit - to updating on friends - Raya plans, holiday plans, etc. Good stuff - where would I be without you girls to gossip with? Hehe... Cheers ladies, xoxo.

PS.. The Amazing Race is returning! 29th Sept on AXN. Oh yeah..Phil, I'm waiting...

Lazy Day/Week

The thing about being self employed is..there's that word self there. Meaning almost everything has to be done yourself. On most days, this is fine. On some days, this can be mighty tiring. On days that you just don't feel like doing anything, this becomes a pain in the behind. Cos like it or not, things need to be done and there's no one else to do it but yourself. I have been having a particularly lazy week this week. I have been rather absorbed in the other business (I've just realised how so much more amazing it is and how it embodies everything I believe in and want - I love it even more). This morning, after doing the laundry and cooking Yasmin's breakfast and having my shower, I wanted to just lay on the bed, rest and wait for Yasmin to wake up. But of course, I had things that needed to be done this morning. So once she woke up, I had to practically drag my lazy arse down and drive to do my morning's tasks.

My wish partially came true though. When I got to the printers, turns out they had done the wrong printing! They printed this week's paper again, instead of next week's. Rugi their paper, and my minyak kereta but I got the morning off as I wished for. Hee.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love This Man

I still love you after all this while
I still remember the first time I saw you
And touched you
I was smitten
You were there with me when I needed you
Soothing me
Nourishing my soul
Accompanying me on those lonely nights
Lulling me to sleep
Waking me up in the morning
Some say that you are now obsolete
Replaceable with newer, sleeker, sexier ones
Who aren't even man
But I still love you so
And as long as you are still there for me
So shall I be for you
I love you
My DiscMan


Monday, September 08, 2008

Rain and Sleep

It's just after imsak. It has been raining non stop for what seems like hours. Though I can think of half a dozen things that I can do before daybreak - like doing the ironing, or preparing that document that I need for a meeting later today, checking Astro channel 816 to see if the US Open semis is on, blogging about my ordeal in making an online booking yesterday - the rhythmic sound of the rain, the cool air of the morning, beckons me to snuggle and snooze in bed for just a little while longer...I'll do those things later.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Buying Goods from the USA

Whoever was the first person to say, 'I'll create a website, make it as an online store and make the goods available to people worldwide!' is a genius! The number of online shopping sites and the variety of goods available online nowadays is amazing. Whatever you're thinking, whatever you want, is just a few clicks away. Goods that were previously only available in other countries can now be purchased online and delivered right to your doorstep. Brilliant, convenient and hassle free!

Personally, I love to browse online stores and have done my fair share of buying products such as books, cds, dvds and clothes online. I once even bought a pillow online! So far, I am a satisfied online shopper, never had any problems with online payment and all my orders have been delivered in good condition.

There are two main qualms that I have experienced though. Firstly, there are still certain websites that do not take international orders. In most cases, these sites are based in the US and thus deliveries are restricted to North America only. Secondly, for certain online stores that do deliver internationally, the shipping or delivery charges cost a bomb! I have once experienced, merrily shopping through this site and putting in products in my cart that cost around 60 dollars and when came time to check out, I was shocked to find that the shipping charges alone cost more than 100 dollars! More than the items themself! And they weren't even huge or heavy items. Needless to say, that purchase was cancelled.

If you have had a similar experience but would still like to enjoy buying goods from the USA, check out the website.

This site enables you to use a real US address, which is in fact the company's headquarters address, for your purchases, and they in turn will then forward the package to you for very reasonable international shipping charges. The company also provides other services such as:
  • Mail forwarding - they can forward your letters or any magazines, journals, etc. that aren't available internationally
  • Mail consolidation - group together your purchases to be delivered in one shipment (you won't have to pay extra for the separate shipments)
  • Personal shopper - for sites that only accept US based credit cards, they can help to make the payment for you first
  • Flexible shipping options based on your needs
I think these are all great features especially for someone like me, a self confessed online shopaholic! which site should I surf next??

Sponsored by MyUS

Roy's Wedding

Outdated post: Here are some pics from Roy Nadzrie's wedding, a few weeks ago. Many of our school mates were there - Hafez & Kim, Brenda, Yusrih Alip, Paival, Ag Faizal, Herda, Rudy to name a few...but didn't get any proper pictures with them.

In Blue

With Puan Aminah, our former English teacher at SBPS
She still got hubby's full name right but seemed to think I was Norazlina..
By the way, she lives just across the road from Roy's house and is still teaching English (not at SBPS anymore though)

The photographer photographed.
Osmand, on duty

Teaching Again

My friend Siva, asked me if I was interested in a part time teaching gig for OUM and before I knew it, I found myself agreeing and going home with a module to study and an attendance list to compile. So, I'm teaching again. After almost a year of non contact with any white board markers and standing in front of a classroom. Had the first tutorial session yesterday. Only 11 students showed up. And I have to say...I seem to still have the gift...of putting students to sleep! Hahaha...ya la, halfway through the session, I saw ada sudah yang terkebil-kebil!

I had done a stint with OUM some years back and so they still had all my records and details. I didn't have to go for interview or anything, which was good.

In my previous experience, one thing that I would never one of the classes, when I turned to write on the whiteboard..I suddenly heard..snoring! Yes, one of the guys (pakcik2 bah..apparently drove all the way from Beaufort at 3am) was fast asleep. I don't remember how he woke up. Hehe. Last time I taught Math, and I wasn't very comfortable with it and had to do a lot of preparation and revising for the subject. This time, I'm teaching my favourite Strength of Materials subject and so revising and preparing is not too bad.

There are only 5 sessions, 2 hours each and its once a fortnight. So not too bad. I was having trouble though yesterday..of trying my best not to teach. We are actually only supposed to be conducting tutorial - discussions, exercises, etc. Most of the students admitted that they haven't read the module prior to coming and so I was half half in between, going through the actual topic and doing practice exercises. Only managed to complete one exercise question. Maybe next time, I'll just jump straight to the exercises.

I have to admit this. I actually do not believe in the whole part time/long distance studying thing. To me, if you were to commit yourself to going back to studying, you have to fully immerse yourself to benefit to the fullest. In that way, you have a full appreciation of the course you are studying. I do commend these people who are making their time and juggling between work, family and studying...but I just have to wonder, how effective it is. In the end, they will have a degree...but what does it really mean? That's what I think is important.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

They're Back

I'm alive again!!

This month sees the return of my favourite shows! Just watched the first episode for Season 2 of Gossip Girl. This show is not one of the best in terms of storyline and it's just oh so unrealistic and borderline adolescent at times...yet I find myself impossibly addicted to it!

Soon..Grey's, Private Practise and House will be back with new seasons as well. Oh...I caught a trailer of the new season of Desperate Housewives on tele last night...looks interestingly steamy!

In waiting for these shows to reappear and for the lack of shows to watch, I had asked hubby to download me past episodes of Gilmore Girls. I watched two episodes..and Gilmore Girls is still pretty much watchable and relevant, I must say...

Oh..for those of you watching House on AXN, don't miss the two part season finale - it's brilliant!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan Mubarak

It's Ramadhan!

Other than being a month filled with blessings and an opportunity to cleanse ones self, the great thing about Ramadhan is that you wake up for sahur and then you have this time - the time after sahur up til dawn (or whatever time you need to get ready for work). If you aren't sleepy and don't want to go back to bed, you can always do some house chores like ironing or laundry. You can turn on the tele and watch whatever is showing on Astro. You can finish off any unfinished tasks for work - when I was still teaching, I used to do my class preparations after sahur. You can surf the web and blog! And you have the added bonus of (maybe) catching a glimpse of the sunrise, breathing in a new day, being thankful for your life. I do so love this time.

Happy Fasting everyone. Wishing you a blessed and joyous Ramadhan ahead.

PS..I forgot what's the english term for sahur... apa sudah tu?

Seafood Anyone?

Who doesn't love seafood? I sure do. One of my favourite recipes has to be simple steamed fish with ginger and spring onion. Served with hot rice and condiments of chilli and sweet soy sauce, you have yourself a yummy and healthy meal. My dad on the other hand, loves chilli crab. He's not one to spend so much time in the kitchen but on those odd days that he does have a craving for those crabs, he would do everything from buying them at the market, to cleaning and cooking them himself!

I was looking through this website - The Great American Seafood cook off 2008 and the top 5 seafood recipes listed. My favourite has to be the Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots by Chef Tafari Campbell of Maryland. It looks like a simple recipe, one that can be easily prepared at home but I'm sure it's on top of the scale in terms of taste. I love the combination of orange and green colours in the recipe and also that it contains not only fish but also a dab of crab and shrimp as well. Wholesome and scrumptious!

I like that the seafood is served on a pea puree - I'm sure that would be a sweet and heavenly combination. If I were to make it at home, I would probably substitute the rockfish with any other fish available and also substitute the required veal stock for the sauce with chicken stock.

Although this is an American recipe, it can easily be recreated with the available ingredients here. I am blessed to live in this place where there is an abundance of choice when it comes to seafood. You don't have to look for anything imported, the domestic seafood is fresh from the sea, it's sustainable, it helps the economy of local fishermen, it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and it's great tasting too! I am also blessed that I don't have any allergies towards seafood and shellfish.

All this talk about food has got me salivating and it's the first day of fasting month! Well, if you're a seafood lover too and need some inspiration on what to cook tonight, check out this site - and choose your favourite recipe to try out. You can even vote and stand a chance to win a trip to New Orleans.

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

Sunday, August 31, 2008

How You Doin'??

Do you have a 'look'? What look? The look is the face you would give someone to spark their interest and to show yours. Honestly, I was never a flirt. My nose was always buried in books or in front of the tv. I do not know heads or tails about flirting. Sure, I've read tonnes of girlie magazines on Flirting 101 but to put it into action would be another thing altogether. And seriously speaking, I'd be in a whole lotta trouble if I do go out on a flirting spree and the only person you can probably find me flirting with nowadays would be my husband. That is..unless, I run into Jesse Spencer sometime someday then that would be a different story!

Thinking about the look, well yeah.. the right look can make or break not just careers, but hearts and lives as well. Flirting doesn't have to be all about pick up lines and romantic gestures. Flowers and chocolates are nice but giving the look itself is one non verbal and subtle form of flirting. It costs less as well! Sure, I've probably given someone that look sometime in my life and I've been on the receiving end as well. And it can vary. It can be... just a shy glance. A simple smile. An intent stare. An all out look of excitement for just being able to see you. All of them, can send butterflies a fluttering in your heart. When you get the look, you'll know.

What do you think of this look?
So OK OK..this is my FB profile picture. I really couldn't find any old photos of me, giving any type of look. But this is probably how my look would be...just a simple say, 'Hey.. How you doin'?' - ala Joey from Friends :)

One of my favourite looks, from a movie of course (would rather not disclose any personal ones here), comes from William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (1996), the modern version starring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. That look that Romeo had as he waited for Juliet to walk down the aisle, woahh.. melts me everytime. I couldn't find a photo but God, I love that look. If only my hubby would give me that look some time. Oh never mind, I'll be content with rewinding to that scene over and over and over again.

So how about you? Want to practise your look and your flirting skills? Try out Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. It's an interactive game that tests your wits in coming up with fun and sexy responses, with the ultimate goal to outflirt your opponent. The best flirts win prizes that help make them more irresistible to their conquests and achieve gorgeous Victory Hair at the same time. Go on lovebirds, don't hang around and wait for cupid to do his thing, give this a shot and flirt away!

For more widgets please visit

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Linachu and Politics

A few days ago, I spent the morning with my cousin whom I haven't seen in a while. I had forgotten that he had a keen interest in politics and current issues. And so when he asked me about my thoughts on the Permatang Pauh by elections, I knew I was in for one of those talks again. Politics and economics, not my most favoured topics of conversation. My cousin is barely 19 years old you see. I suddenly had visions of me playing with him when he was little and him sitting on my lap during car rides. And now here he is, talking to me about politics and economics!

I am proud though to see him with such passionate interests and that he is learning about the ropes in life. He is currently pursuing a diploma in culinary arts and has intentions to pursue a degree in law after that. I admire that he has a great sense of himself and knows what he wants to do. I advised him though to take things in stride and to see how things go and to enjoy the experience of learning as he goes along.

He asked me, 'Kakak..would you be interested to go into politics?' And my direct, without a thought response was 'NEVER!' I wouldn't have the heart to make promises and see them not come through, I don't have the tenacity to be able to kiss ass all the time, I hate bickering and backstabbing as there most certainly will be. I can't even stand office politics, what more an entire state or nation?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cave Woman

I must have been inside a cave this last weekend. I didn't even know the price of petrol has gone down until hubby mentioned it to me yesterday! Filled up my mobila this morning and it still cost around RM96 for a full tank, so.. not much change there but at least ada la kan....

By the way, since they are having a parking ticket amnesty month now..hubby helped to check if our cars had any overdue parking tickets. And apparently I have one that is RM26+ and this is after the 95% discount. Kononnya the actual amount is like RM200! I'm like what??! When??! Where??! As far as I know, I've paid all my parking tickets..I even paid all those penalties when it was late. Hmm..and how to prove that that RM200 penalty actually exist. I don't have any parking tickets kept. Maybe it was blown away? Caught in the rain? How to know? I once had one ticket but when I checked there was no writing on I ignored it... maybe that's the one that's amounted to RM200?? Geezzz.....

Another by the way, if you've been reading my sponsored posts and notice that my grammar or spelling is a bit tunggang terbalik, my apologies. Linachu is actually very particular about spelling and grammar mistakes and does her best to proof-read before she posts. But most of the sponsored posts were done in a rather kelam kabut state because I need to do them within a certain time period. Hence those mistakes...and after I posted them, I can't edit them cos it has been submitted so they review based on my original post....If only my phone has e-mail notification so that I can do the posts well before time runs out..

2 x 2 Meme Tag

Tagged by Sharon.
Here goes:

Two names you go by
1. Lins
2. Az
(I have many actually! You can't imagine how many variations a simple Azlina can morph into!)

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Red tunic (my favourite)
2. Undergarments (of course ma!)

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Money to pay off my credit cards & house loan
2. Money to buy stuff for myself and my loved ones

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. Play with Yasmin
2. Unfold my comfy fleece blankie

Two things you ate today
1. Pisang Rebus
2. Milo drink

Two people you just spoke with
1. A tailor who is doing our baju raya
2. Some lady from the bank who called

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Meeting my friend Agnes
2. Finishing up next week's publication and sending off for printing, by which I mean clicking the 'send' button on my e-mail!

Two longest car rides
1. KK to Sandakan (back in those days when my family was working in Sandakan. With my dad's safe and steady driving took us around 6 hours, longer if we were to stop in Kundasang)
2. Calais, France to Garda, Italy (was a bus ride actually - but well WORTH it! Took almost an entire day and they repeatedly played the Full Monty video on the bus!)

Two favourite beverages
1. Teh Ping
2. Teh Tarik
(Me loves me tea!)

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this tag
1. Rina
2. Aza
3. Mayra
Muah muah!


Do you do things and then wonder, 'Am I nuts for doing that? Or is it normal?'

Do you have any wacky rituals or habits? Most of the times, we do things because that has always been the way we've done them or that was the way our family did it. But some times as well, these little quirks can turn into an unnecessary habit that can eat away at you. At the same time, it might drive people around you nuts, they might think it's cute or they might laugh at you.

Check out Reader's Digest and this year's entries on Are You Normal or Nuts? What do you think? Do you have any of those quirky habits listed in the entries? How about your family or friends?

I particularly liked the entry about the person who was afraid to go to high places, not because he was afraid he would fall, rather because he was afraid he would jump off! And he mentioned it's not that he wants to kill himself, it's just a fascination with sensation of flying or floating in mid air. Wow... personally, I do not have a fear of heights and I would not willingly jump off an airplane or a bridge - yep, skydiving and bungy jumping a no no for me! - but I guess there is that fascination for people do have the guts to do so and a curiosity as to how it will feel. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to experience these.

I also liked the one about his lady (I assume) who took 7 years to finish off her 14 bottles of nail polish and she didn't want to buy any new ones until she finished those off! Kudos to her...I don't think I would have been that patient and disciplined! It's a good thing actually... cos sometimes we just buy and buy things that we don't really need and in the end, it winds up in the trash anyway. I would consider her normal not nuts, but she is a rare breed indeed.

What are some of your funny or nutty quirks? (Hmm...can be another tag!) Would you dare go under the test to see if you are Are You Normal or Nuts?

Why not? Let's face it, nobody is 100% normal, we're all a little nutty and that's what make all of us unique and fascinating individuals, right?

By the way, if you are in need of more laughs to lighten up your day, go check Reader's Digest Laughs and give yourself a giggle. Have fun!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Friend, Old Foe, New Arrival

On Tuesday, I met with Dena of deanacakes. After reading about her and seeing fellow bloggers post up yummylicious pictures of her cupcakes, we finally met in person. *Hi Dena, if you are reading this!* I didn't know that she was also a reader of my blog, hence she knew some of my history. And it turns out that she is also from a research work background, so we had that sort of in common. We spent almost one and a half hours chatting, mostly about life, about cakes :), about our daughters, as though we had known each other long since. I guess that is one of the perks of my current life..that I can spend such time just to enjoy long chats with people. Anyway, Dena is one of my new advertisers in my paper.. sugar lovers, check out her blog!

By the way, I met Dena at One Borneo. Surprising thing was that when I arrived, one row of shops didn't have any electricity including Big Apple Donuts, where we originally planned to meet. That's not good for one that claims to be the biggest, bestest mall in town.

On my way back after meeting with Dena, I saw a familiar figure on the 1st floor. He was with his sons and I initially thought of just passing by since he didn't notice me anyway. But in the end, I stopped and said hi. Dr Y, he was the third..nope the forth person I met when I joined SKTM. And I worked with him closely to establish the Mech Eng program for the school. He is a rather different character, labeled very serious, rather unsocial but brilliant and dedicated when it comes to research work. In my initial years at SKTM, he used to really confuse me..because he was always up against the former dean and sometimes I didn't know who to really listen to or follow. It drove me crazy! And there were also times that I felt ragingly mad at him...there were good times too. Well, all that's in the past anyway.. He seems, still the same...I am thankful for all he had taught me and I wish him nothing but the best.

From OneBorneo, I headed to Hospital Likas, to visit my good friend Rachel who just gave birth the previous day. It was a wonderful feeling being in that maternity ward and seeing that innocent little newborn. I wonder how Yasmin would react to having a little sister or bro. No, I am not pregnant again...yet :) Congrats Rachel and welcome to the world Baby Raphael!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flirt Til You Drop

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.."

Recognize that line? It's a classic, from the movie Casablanca. I love it. It's cool, casual and not mushy at all. I've heard this line used and rephrased in different situations and different movies.

Speaking of romantic lines, one of favourites is from the mini series Anne of Green Gables. The scene, at the bridge when Anne and Gil walk together..and Anne says "I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you..." Awww...and Gil kisses her in the end and all of us girls watching swoon and goes teary eyed... I still love that scene after all this time...

I also loved Dorothy's 'You had me at hello..' in Jerry Maguire. And equally, Jerry's 'You. Complete. Me.'

Aahhh..all this lovey dovey talk makes me.... want to watch those movies again! :)

But anyway, what do you think? Do you think it would work if we were to use these lines in real life? Some might seem to corny but hey, if you were suave enough to use Bogart's line from Casablanca..who knows, it might work!

Here what you can do instead.. go check out the Victory Hair and play the Extreme Style by VO5 's Ultimate Flirting Championship

Play the game and these out some of those classic lines from movies and see if they work. It's an interesting and interactive game and hey, at least this way... you won't crash and burn too bad if you get the cold shoulder! And if all else fails, you can always say 'We'll always have Paris..' Or London or KK or wherever you are. Happy flirting!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ugly Elbow

When I was still working in UMS, I signed up for this monthly contribution program for WWF. It was RM30 per month, which is done via auto-debit from one's bank account. I continued this monthly contribution up to early this year then I decided that I needed to preserve my finances better or rather use it for some more important purpose. Not that saving and caring for the environment isn't important, it's just that when budget is tight... you'd be better off saving and caring for yourself first, right?

And so, I called WWF and asked to have my monthly contribution cancelled. And they obliged, for the past few months there weren't anymore deductions. But early this month, I noticed an auto debit on my account, of the same amount that was only previously for WWF. I checked with my bank and found out that the autodebit was indeed made by WWF. So after a few days putting it off, I finally called them this afternoon. The lady that spoke to me verified that yes, they did cancel my contributions as I requested but there must have been some 'glitch' for this month. She apologised for the inconvenience and was about to end our conversation when I just asked her, 'Do I get a refund?' She sounded surprised. Maybe she thought I would just halalkan the glitch. I know it's not that big a sum of money but when you don't have a fixed income I would say every other penny counts. In the end, after telling me that it will take some time, she said they will arrange for the refund.

So, here I am..with my ugly elbow (buruk siku bah!)...but well.... I do look forward to the day that I can once more make my contributions to help for important causes or for those in need. That's the best thing about being wealthy really..that you have so much money, you can just close one eye and give it for now that RM30 needs to be channelled for Linachu's wellbeing first.