Monday, January 21, 2008

To My Dear Friend Afee..

You go for it, girl!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


The other day, bro in law was watching the movie Braveheart on Astro. And there is this one scene were one of the soldiers screams (more like menyeringai). Yasmin was playing a distant away and when she heard the scream rushed to the tv. She looked at the poor guy and with a worried face said, 'Ohhhh deee-eaarrr...What happen??' Hehehehe.... Punya cute!

Thursday Ramblings

I'm currently at CBTL Damai, enjoying a Tiramisu Ice Blended (i can't tell the difference, taste just like any ol ice blended to me) whilst surfing and watching Roger Federer play Fabio Santoro in the Aussie Open. Nice ya. See, this is the perks of my new 'job'. I get to hang out at places that serve indecently priced drinks and free wifi. Occasionally, my drinks are paid for. I'm actually waiting to meet up with someone to discuss business. Most of the time, the person/people that I meet turn out to be interesting with interesting stuff to share. I've met quite a share of great people, whom I consider to be like unknown gems here in KK. What am I going on about? Ya kan, I haven't actually written a lot about my new job. Will write soon.

Halfway into January now, I'm still thinking about my resolutions for this year. In my Toastmasters club meeting last week, I posed a topic, 'Do you believe in making New Year resolutions?' I guess, in some ways I do. It is a good way to start off the year, to think about the things you want to achieve this year. I need to set two groups of resolutions this year - personal and workwise. Feel it's gonna be a great year ahead...lots to look forward to.

Am going to drop by and see my cousin's wedding photo shoot after this. He's getting married in March and is already worried and bogged down by wedding planning woes. A few days ago, I contacted and suggested an emcee for his wedding ceremony. I'm happy to help him out, not many more cousins left to help out with weddings...

Speaking of, my good friend Leo got married to his sweetheart Malethy last weekend in KL. Congrats Mr & Mrs Leo Blawan! Would have loved to meet up with old friends at the wedding. Am waiting for Mae to upload and email pics of the wedding.

Bah...more ramblings later

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Age is But A Number

I do believe in this. Age should not be used to limit yourself to achieving whatever you want. The most famous example being that of our much beloved Colonel Sanders, who started Kentucky Fried Chicken at the ripe old age of 65, if not mistaken? Where would we be today without that finger lickin goodness!

But recent, shall I say - revelations, have got me thinking about this age issue.

The new season of Akademi Fantasia is to kick off soon and it has been announced that the age limit of participants has now been increased to 45. The previous cut off age was 30. This begs to me think two things;

1. Do we really want to watch a 45 year old pakcik or makcik dancing and prancing to Menuju Puncak?

2. The producers obviously do not know what they want or what it is that they are trying to achieve with the show. Are they trying to find raw, young talent? This is what I thought the show was all about. What does it do to the whole dynamics if you have a 40 something in the group? And who is the show audience targetted at?

It could trigger a wave of undi kesian, is what I think. Vote for the old guy - he/she won't have as many chances as the young ones. Well, I haven't watched AF the last few seasons anyway. Let's see what happens. Not that I want to get wraped up in the whole hoohah...

Another thing I read in the newspapers last week, on this issue about MAS stewards and stewardess' retirement age. MAS was deemed to be discriminatory - age wise, for setting a retirement age of 45 for its stewardess, whereas other international airlines mostly have a retirement age of 60. Biar benar! 60 is in the grandma level already. Granted there are some pretty hot mamas at this age but really.... Do you really want some makcik to be doing the safety briefings and serving hot drinks on air? I don't think the makcik would still want to be flying here and there in that age anyway....

I used to think that only fantastically beautiful people were allowed to become stewards and stewardesses. But looking at the current breed, it's been awhile that I saw a really smokin' one...

Yes, age is but a number. But still, you have to realistically look at the situations, don't you think...

Monday, January 14, 2008


I had an appointment for 1130 this morning at Asia City. Being the classic in time* person that I am, I was naturally a little behind schedule and arrived about 10 minutes late. Little did I know that the person I was to meet also hadn't arrived. Relieved that I was there first, I waited. And waited. And waited. At around 1220pm, she calls and I am told that she will arrive in about 5 minutes times. She arrives at around 1235pm and nonchalantly proceeds with our discussion. She offers a small apology, 'Sorry ah, I'm a bit late..' One hour is not a bit. I could've done so many other things in one hour. I had to blow off lunch with the girls. I still haven't had lunch ni. Cos I came straight home to tend to the little girl. I know the old adage that the customer is always right, but they should be right on time too don't you think...I have to meet her again tomorrow..*sigh*

In time* - the person who is always so engrossed, so IN to what she is doing that she tends to be late all the time.. is that you as well? Nah...ada la kawan saya... There's actually a method to switch your time line so that you become a Through Time person (opposite of In time) but it's rather complicated to explain...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Big Apple Donuts

Yep, since Maizura commented in my last entry about Big Apple Donuts, I remembered that I did want to include something about it in my post as well.

Yes, Big Apple Donuts is now in KK with an already opened outlet in City Mall and soon to open outlets in Warisan Square and 1 Borneo.

We went to the outlet in City Mall on its second day of opening. There weren't too many people as I had expected so we were in and out in a jiffy. But if you go there these days, expect there to be a rather sizable queue waiting for you. Urang KK baru sadar ada sudah kadai donut sini! The service is rather slow too, since they have one person attending to each customer choosing their donuts before the next customer can be served. The 'donut servers' wear these face masks to cover their nose and mouth, which in my opinion makes them seem rather unfriendly and disassociated from the customers. My hubby said, 'Would you rather have their spit all over your donuts??' Hmmph! Maybe I'll suggest them to draw smiley faces on the masks. :)

The donuts (I am told) are more expensive compared to Dunkin Donuts in West M'sia outlets. RM12 for a box of 6 and RM22 for a box of 12. My first try, I thought the donuts were a bit thin and seem to have more air than dough. But since we don't have any Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme or what not to enjoy here anyway...OK lah BA Donuts nih!

They have an eclectic range of flavours ranging from your usual Chocaholic (chocolate filled) and Strawberry topped, to more tropical flavours like Mango Tango and something Banana..they even have Green Tea and Spicy Floss. I have developed a liking (and craving) for the 'Say Cheese' flavour - cheese topped donut- yummy but not good for my migraines!

The outlet in City Mall is facing the front road, in between the famed (for the wrong reasons) Sate Mesra and the also newly opened OldTown White Coffee Kopitiam.

Eh...if only la they pay me for this free promotions!

Ikea is in KK

Sort of.

We were having lunch at Secret Recipe, Warisan Square yesterday when someone told us that they were there to check out the new Ikea store. Hubby and I looked at each other, eyes popped out, 'Ada meh?!' I knew there was a new furniture/decor shop opened recently so I guessed that was the one they were talking about and we decided to check it out.

And whaddaya know??! They do sell Ikea stuff!!

It's a shop called Living Concepts on the 2nd floor of Warisan Square. It's not too big but they do have quite a selection of things. From book racks to kitchenware and beds and frames and lightings. I'm not sure how much the prices have been marked up though (I'm sure they are).

It sure doesn't beat the whole Ikea experience you get at the Damansara outlet, but for die hard Ikea lovers, least you have something to look at here in KK. I wonder if they can do orders for you...if you want something from the catalogue that they don't have available here. That would be pretty good if they can!

Yasmin has already set her fancy on this egg shaped chair that can go round round...

Bah, next time you're at Warisan, check it out!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Selfish Me

I received a call from my former workplace yesterday. I was hopeful when I answered, that it would be someone calling to tell me that my claims are ready. Instead, it was a familiar that I recognized to belong to the Head of one of the Engineering programs. We weren't particularly on buddy-buddy terms, so I assumed that there was an ulterior motive. Turns out that he wanted to ask me to take up one of the subjects that I had taught before, citing that they still couldn't find anyone else to teach it. My direct response was, 'Sorry, but I'm rather busy at the moment. I don't think I'll have time to take it up.' We chatted a bit more and he concluded by wishing me well in my new endeavours.

To be I REALLY that busy now?

It's just that I've decided that I need some time off and time away from the whole teaching thing, which I am supposed to have left. The last 6 months, eventhough I had left the times it felt as though I was still there..

So I think I have the right to be selfish now, to say no rather than to create unneccesary stress for myself. Right?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

62% only?

Got this link from Carol's blog and decided to test my addiction level.. :)

62%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Looking for payday loan?

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I've got Songatoma

I've developed a condition called Songatoma.

Songatoma is the condition whereby one hears songs repeatedly playing in one's mind due to continuous and over exposure. The songs unconciously pop up throughout the day, particularly at quiet times when one is doing chores such as ironing or cooking and tasks such as driving or waiting in line or even when one is lying in bed, trying to go to sleep.

In severe cases, one may even burst into song! Be careful to control yourself and try to avoid such instances at unwanted times and situations.

Particularly infectious are songs from Sesame Street, Elmo's World and the likes. But the author warns readers that prolonged exposure to any type of similar shows and songs will also increase chances of infection.

Those who are vulnerable to this condition are mommies and daddies of toddlers and young children. Siblings and other family members might also be infected.

Treatment? There is no known treatment or cures for this condition. One can only be patient and wait for time to take its toll, whereby requests or demand for the said shows/songs has subsided. Be cautious though that the demand may be replaced with something else, which could lead to the same condition returning all over again. You might be cured of the 'Elmo' but develop a 'Johnny' instead. It's a vicious cycle.

If you are already infected, you may ease the symptoms by trying to hum different songs instead or to 'swish' your thoughts to something of a totally different nature. This sometimes works, sometimes not.

All I can say is, Good Luck and Godspeed my readers.

'la la la la, la la la la...elmo's world....' Oops *Swish, swish, swish* See, this really is..quite severe...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tag, I'm It..

I've been tagged by Sharon for this "short answer tag".

1. Do the following without complains. ---> (Linachu says: but how would anyone know anyway? hehehe)
2. Choose 5 people to do this quiz after you've done yours.
3. Tag the chosen one.
4. Start your post with "I've been tagged"

Colour ~ Sweet pastels, red
Food ~ Flavoured Rice - Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Briyani, etc...
Movie ~ Before Sunrise
Sport ~ Tennis (though I can't/don't play myself..)
Day ~ Friday
Season ~ Non rainy - so my clothes can dry naturally nicely
Icecream ~ Chocolate
Crush ~ honestly cant remember...hehe there have been many?
Movie ~ ET
Music ~ Tiffany & Debbie Gibson
Drink ~ Cold Orange cordial yang tawar2...just as I like it....
Car ride ~ From home to my mom's...twas supposed to go to KK but felt something was wrong with car, brake berbunyi dengan kuatnya..panik lantas pusing balik to consult my dad
Phone call ~ To my husband, to ask if he's coming home for lunch
CD played ~ James Morrison, Undiscovered
Gone out with good friends ~ 23rd Dec 2007, dinner at Secret Recipe with Aza, Josie, Rina & Mae
Broken a law ~ last week! My crime: parked at non parking spot for like 3 minutes to deliver something..
Been arrested ~ Never!
=====TAG, you're IT:
Muah muah!


We attended hubby's family's annual New Year gathering during the weekend at Kampung Malangang, Kiulu. This year, my own parents tagged along. Initially, they had just planned to have a drive about and enjoy the kampung sceneries but they ended up staying for the gathering and they were welcomed with open arms. My dad, being the former lecturer and principal of Gaya College that he is, even bumped into a couple of his old students there! :) Famous pula dia nih! Mana-mana pergi, ada saja yang kenal.

Ready for the drive..

Glorious day..and only in Sabah, the magnificent Mt Kinabalu accompanies you on your journey..

Yasmin was her usual initially shy-shy cat self but as soon as she had warmed up to the surroundings, she was at home and off wandering here and there, chasing after cats and dogs, going in and out of the kitchen to satisfy her newfound curiosity of the new place.

Hello camra! Quick..mommy's chasing after me!

Tingau! Banyak!

The boys with Yasmin and their Tina'

Once we had filled our bellies with ample food, we took to going for a short walk since the uncles had mentioned that the road by the side of the house lead to the river. Yasmin was really enjoying herself, walking in stride with her dad, sometimes even leading the way. I guess we have established that she is an outdoorsy person!

I love this shot

Soon after though, we discovered that the said river was actually quite far and we headed back. Interesting thing was, the family's dog had followed us on our short walk. It just walked slowly at the back of the pack, stopping when we stopped. And then when we were returning and nearing the gate of the compound, it went on and went in from one of the openings of the barbwire gate. My hubby said that the dog(s) at the kampung were accustomed to doing that. When they were small, the dog used to follow them whenever they headed off to the kebun. It was like the dog's instinct, to follow the owner. For someone who is normally (ok, always) scared of dogs, I thought that was pretty cool. Kinda like Padfoot looking after Harry :)

We made our way back to KK soon after but not before stopping by the river. Yasmin had her first taste of being dunked into the cool river water.


Love this shot as well...pic taken by Adik Jiji

The beauty about life in the kampung is that things seem timeless. And it seems that the many things we worry about in day to day life are really so petty and unimportant. It's good to get away from the city life once in a while, I say.