Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!

I spoke to my old friend Ag Mohd Faizal this morning and wished him a Happy Birthday! It's only once in 4 years that I would be able to do so :) Rina pointed out that... it means he's only had 8 birthdays so far..hehe..he's actually just 8! And the rest of us are goin' on 32 this year.....*repeat mantra: age is just a number, age is just a number..*

By the way, did ya just love David Archuleta's version of Imagine on American Idol last Wednesday?? I've watched it like 10 times on youtube! Me likes very much...

Thursday, February 28, 2008


A few months ago, when I first got into Facebook-ing, I took the quiz "How Addicted to Facebook Are You?" and I scored a measly 4%. Well, since then, I have to admit, I have been actively checking on my Facebook account almost on a daily basis, adding and searching for friends, adding in applications, etc.

Thanks to Facebook, I managed to reconnect with some old and long lost friends, keep in contact with the usual gang and have a glimpse into the lives of some new friends. Some of the applications are cool. I do enjoy the odd Superpoke - I love how they're so creative and manage to add in current things, like today, I received an Oscar from Shaxmayra and I threw a Simon (Cowell) to Josie. Hee! I like the Hatching Eggs and Growing Gifts, Superlatives, Addicted to (add in TV show title), Featured Friends, the Lil Green Patch and TV Trivia (cos I can answer most of it! hehe) Also, just today (thanks to Carol), I Became a Fan of Sophie Kinsella, checked out her profile and watched a video of her reading from her new book and talking about the upcoming Shopaholic movie. (Weehoo! Isla Fisher is gonna be playing Becky Bloomwood)

The applications can get a bit too much though. Just last weekend, I spent almost an entire afternoon going through and clearing out some 300+ requests/invitations for applications. Sorry la friends, if I ignored your request. Banyak sangat bah. In the end, I cleared it down to 11 but now it's starting to pile up again! I accepted and added in applications here and there. And then if I didn't like it, I would remove back the application.

I particularly don't like those applications/quizzes in which you have to forward it to like 15 or 20 people, just to view the results. Like, it's not that imperative that I know 'Which Friends Character I Am' or 'Who is My Celebrity Boyfriend'. I'd usually remove the application if I needed to forward it to know the results. TAPI, mungkin ada juga la yang saya forward, some of those that I am intrigued to know the results. (Sorry la if I forwarded to you and spammed your requests page!) There are some quizzes that I just don't like the sound of.. like "How Will You Die?" or "Are you a Rock Star or Porn Star"... like Helloooo... ignore terus ni. Then there are those quizzes like 'What is Your Eye Colour?' (hmmm..) and "What is Your Blood Type?". Can know blood type meh answering a few questions? ..dunno la, maybe can. Then there are those quizzes that 'claim' to be scarily accurate. Sekali go through the questions, alalaaa... those types of questions pun boleh claim to get accurate answers? I know all this is just in the pure name of fun, but still.....

Anyway... I still enjoy Facebook. And I'm sure if I do back the "How Addicted to Facebook Are You?" quiz, I'd probably score higher this time round... What? You haven't joined Facebook?? Apa lagi, daftar la..see what all the fuss is about..Add me as your friend, can send me requests but ada la kemungkinan I might ignore it... as you will soon learn why.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away...

We've been having rainy days and murky skies here in KK for the past two weeks. On those few days, I just walk by and try to ignore my ever increasing pile of laundry. In the end, I decided to haul my two bags of laundry over to my mom's house and abuse her washing and drying machine. The drying machine, though not environmentally friendly, is a saviour in this type of weather.

I was reminded of my college and university days, doing laundry is an event in itself. I think I used to do my laundry once a week then. A few days before, I'd start saving my one pound coin for the washing machine and 20 pence coins for the dryer.

When I was in Manchester, towards the end of my studies, my flat was directly above the laundry room. So I could sanang-sanang angkat the laundry then just retreat back to my room whilst waiting for it to be done or watch tv in our kitchen/common room. I do love the smell of the launderette, so it was a lovely whiff of air from our flat. By the way, in Manchester, I worked a part time job in the weekend as a receptionist in a nearby Hall of Residence. And one of my many and most favourite duties, was to give out 20 pence coins change for the laundry. Hee. Anyone who wanted to get their clothes dried had to go past me. Hehe.

In Southampton, my 2nd and 3rd year I lived in a house with a washing machine. In the summer or on the rare sunny days, boleh lah gantung baju di luar rumah. Otherwise, just dry it indoors. I remember there was one breezy day where even my jeans hampir terbang out of the fence! During my first year, I lived in halls of residence (posh name for: asrama), it was called Montefiore Hall (pronounced Montifioray). Oh but I did really love my halls and my room. I had an ensuite room (my own toilet and shower...mahal tapi amat berbaloi! No need to wait turns and can take as long as I want) The halls were new so the furniture and decor was still in good condition. My room was just in front of the kitchen, again easy to pop in and out..just a tad noisy when my Greek flatmate had her gatherings. Anyway..the launderette was still in the vicinity of the halls, just a fair walking distance away.

During my A Levels in Loughborough (pronounced Lufbera not Loboro), I rented a room in a house that didn't have a washing machine. Atu-kui. Terpaksa la si kawan ni mengangkut her laundry all the way to town, to the launderette near the chinese restaurant. I don't quite remember what I did whilst waiting for the laundry. Maybe I went to the shops, maybe I went to my friends house which was nearby.

If we go back further and look at the proses mencuci kain whilst at SBPS (secondary school), all reading this, my friends yang dari SBPS... masih ingat ka mencuci kain di bilik..err what's it called sudah tu? I forget... And tatkala when there was no water...aiyooo... asal hujan jak, everyone go menyerbu near the tangki air. Then menjemur kain malam-malam, sometimes minta kasi kawan juga tu... Hehe... How long did they have that dobby thingy working eh? I think it was like just 1 washing machine that the Co-op had??

Anyway, this was supposed to start out to be about the rainy weather..turned out to be a tale about laundry.. hehe

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gooey Chocolate Pud

On a happier and more delicious note, for you chocolate lovers out there...if you're craving some good ol chocolate pudding, try the one at Fish & Co in Warisan Square. It's lovely. Served warm and gooey, with a very generous helping of vanilla ice cream, I think it might just pass by Gordon Ramsay's standard. Ini dia gambar yang sudah separa kena gobble..


It's RM8 only (not inclusive of tax), not bad I think. And it's quite enough to be shared for 2 people..unless yang betul-betul penggila chocolate, you might not want to share!

I've tried a similar pud in Bella Italia..they call theirs Fantasia De Maria, named after the chef's wife or something like that. But I think Fish & Co's is the winner. Try it the next time you're there!

Oops, licin bah..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Makes Me Sad

They say that blood is thicker than water... apparently not so, when you have things like inheritance, properties and money issues on the line.

You see, my cousin will be getting married soon. And I have been helping him in little, little things like finding an emcee for the dinner ceremony, referring a baker friend to do the cake gift boxes, giving suggestions here and there and moral support when needed.

About a month ago, he called me up to ask if I can suggest someone to take up the role of Best Man or more commonly here - the Pengapit. I immediately knew who the best candidate was. And so did he. Before I even mentioned it, he was the one who said to me..'you know the most suitable person is Boboy'. I couldn't agree more and I was happy that he thought the same. Boboy is our cousin. And he's the perfect bill to be the pengapit. You see, apparently there have been many takers wanting, volunteering and auditioning themselves for this coveted role but all were rejected, on accounts of being: too short or too gebu or too dark or too old, already married or non Muslim...I didn't realise there were so many requirements to fulfil just to become a pengapit! And Boboy, he was perfect. He was our own family member, he's young, he's tall and slim, not married and good looking too.

Well, here's the glitch. Our families (my parents and my cousin's family) have not been in good terms and in contact with Boboy's family for the past year or so. I never got too involved and never took an interest in their quarrel but in short, the misunderstanding has to do with my late grandmother's house. I myself am still in contact with Boboy and I bump into his family on occasion. I have been asking my mom so many, many times to please just put everything under the waters and mend this broken bridge, take the first step and just call them up. But she refused.

And so, even though both of us agreed that Boboy was the perfect choice as pengapit, my cousin stated that his mother would never agree. And that was that. I kept my hopes open that he would reconsider and the families would miraculously reconcile before the wedding.

Then, just last week..cousin showed me the wedding invitees list and table arrangements. And though our mothers' side have 5 siblings, only 2 were listed in. Boboy's and another auntie's family was not even there. They weren't even brought up. Even extended families were in the list..2nd, 3rd cousins...but not those two. And furthermore, cousin also told me that he had finally found a Best Man, someone related to his fiancee. Sedihnya saya... but of course, I couldn't say anything then...

Don't know how long this thing is gonna carry on for... makes my heart ache this..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yasmin Part 2

(In addition to the previous post..I just remembered these little snippets that I wanted to share..)

Yasmin is a curious girl. She likes to ask, 'What is it?' or 'What's this?' Sometimes she would ask and then answer herself. Then having given the correct answer, she would say "That's right! Good job!" :)

She also started playing her version of hide and seek. She would put a pillow over her face and then if I ask, 'Where's Yasmin?' she'd reply 'Hiding..hiding under pillow' :)

Another one she likes is...she would hide something under her pillow or under the blanket or in some other places..and then she would call out for it... The other day she put her hand under the pillow and then she said, 'Hannnnddd....where arrrrrrre youuuuu??' Then she lifted the pillow and said, 'There you are!' 'Don't worry, I got you...' :)

That's our darling Yatmin!


Yasmin woke up to a surprise last Sunday. Thanks to the combined efforts of her daddy, Auntie Diane and her Uncle Jiji.

Our living room has turned into her mini playground. See those baskets of toys in the picture? There's now one new addition. Check it out...

Ta daaa!! She has her very own slide!

Bertuah betul kanak-kanak zaman sekarang, kan...

Here she goes!!


She continually amazes us everyday...She knows to say things like, "I know what to do..." Sometimes she asks me things like names of items or colours and when I get it wrong she will say, "Bukan white's yellow!" When I start to doze off while (trying) to put her to bed, she will call out, "Wake up, mommy!" She sings to the tune of Elmo's World...Her pronounciation of the letter S is still not quite there, she will either use a C sound or a T sound, so she refers to herself as Yatmin :) Sangat cute.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Before Sunrise - Dance

My favourite movie. Watching this again made me want to ask my hubby out on a date this Valentine's Day...

Friday, February 08, 2008


Don't you think that Malaysians are so obsessed with titles?

The other day, someone called me up and introduced himself as Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) W. Unfazed by the whole title thingy, I just replied by calling him Mr W.

At the old workplace, I was once the emcee for this event in which the guest of honour was addressed as follows: Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Professor Datuk Seri Panglima Dr someone Bin someone. A mouthful, ain't it? And I had to address him not once but many times throughout the ceremony!

Muslim pilgrims that go for Haj - sure, it is a sign of respect that they are addressed as Haji and Hajjah. But an Arabic ex colleague told me that in their country, they don't actually put that title with their name. And they don't go around calling each other Haji or Hajjah. But here, it seems to be a must.

And another thing that I still find it weird to accept is, women with the Datuk title. I mean, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza? Just doesn't sound right. Won't it be lovelier to just give her a Datin. (Is she a Datin Seri now, by the way?)

Anyway, I just think that there is too much preoccupation with having these titles here. Some people put the titles in as if it is a part of their name. I mean, when it comes down to it, you were born as who you were and that's that!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm a Postie

I'm on the bandwagon, I've signed up for blog reviews at PayPerPost! Most of my blogger friends have already signed up for this and have been having a blast earning extra dough for their posts. Getting paid for doing something you love, what could be better than that yeah?

You know those, school personal cards that we had back then, those with the ambition section where you have to fill out 3 of your ambitions when you grow up... I would have written blogger if this existed 20 years ago!! It's great to be able to have you say, share your views, do it in your own way and get paid for it. You could even do it in your pyjamas! I have always enjoyed writing and am a self confessed blogaholic, so you could say that this would be one of my dream jobs come true! I love how the bloggers are called Posties, as well. Very cute.

So, if you enjoy blogging and want to earn some extra money then sign up as a Postie today. The registration process is very simple and it takes up to 3 days for your blog to be approved. Do take note though that your blog must be at least 3 months old and have at least 20 posts in the previous 3 months span. If not, then be patient (3 months is not that long) and starting blogging now!

What will I do with the money I earn?? Let's just say that online shopping has never looked so enticing... a girl can never have too many books..or shoes and handbags for that matter!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh How Times Have Changed

I met up with Sharon for a delightful late lunch at Brass Monkey, Tanjung Aru yesterday. It was great to catch up and talk about life, go down memory lane and look ahead to the future.

15 years ago, we were in form 5 and our topics of discussion would most probably be - Prinsip Akaun, Add Maths, New Kids on the Block, Beverly Hills 90210, how to lose weight. Yesterday's topics included - our kids, work, what's up with other friends, money issues, how to lose weight.

15 years ago, if we were to talk about the future, it would probably have been about what course to study, where to study, where to work after. Yesterday's talk about the future was about our kids, creating a better income, taking care of ourselves so that we can take care of the kids.

How times have changed alright. The dreamy, hopeful, idealistic and naive girls (well, maybe Sharon wasn't but I sure was all the above) are now the practical, reality bitten, sleep deprived, worrisome working mommies.

I do think that I am still that dreamy, hopeful, idealistic and naive (at times) girl though...I just have more wrinkle lines now, the odd strand of silver hair here and there, the stretch marks, kanga paunch and (even) wider thighs..

I introduced Sharon to the manager of the restaurant, citing that she was my old school friend and he remarked, 'Why, you look like you just left school yesterday!!' Talk about making a girl feel good...Thanks a lot dude, nice one.. Yes, it does feel like it was just yesterday that we were donning our school uniforms and standing in line in those hideously long school assemblies.... but alas, times have changed....

Monday, February 04, 2008

Too Long

I called the old office for the umpteenth time this morning, asking if my claim was ready. And I was given the same old reply, 'Yes, we already submitted it to the Bendahari in October. It's not ready yet.' Yes, this I already know and heard before. I called last week and was told that they would check and call me back. You think they called back?? Then a few weeks before that, 'It will be ready in 2 weeks.' In December, I was given the promise of 'It will be ready before Raya Haji'. I'm sure they're bored of hearing me call again and again too.

I don't know much about accounting but tell me, why does it have to take so long to prepare a cheque? My claim was for my teaching hours in July to October last year. Is it because I am no longer a permanent staff, that I am in the 'not important, sure can wait' pile. I have bills to pay too. And if you ask me, it is probably more important to pay part time staff or outside staff first because these are the people that are helping you out, out of their own time, effort and I'll say - sincerity.

Yesterday, my ex colleague sms-ed and said that my offer letter for one of the course I taught last semester is NOW ready. You see, in July to October, I actually took up two courses but I was initially only given an offer letter for one. So I could only make my claims for that one course. So now, I can claim for the other course ... When do you think that will be ready?? I'll be optimistic and put a marker on December this year... Hmmph!

Time of My Life

My friend Sophia sent me these pics from the weddings of our friends, Leo & Ranggau respectively.

The Shell bunch... Siti Sabrina (my best shopping & cooking buddy..very pretty her) & hubby Arsil, Sandra & hubby Geoff, newlyweds Leo & Malethy, Donna & hubby (I think), Daniel & Sophia

Sophia & Daniel, Mr & Mrs Ranggau Jules Muda
They got married in Singapore

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was in the company of these people.

I sometimes wonder...what would my life be like if I were to have worked with Shell. Would I be happy? Would I be driving my dream car, living in my dream house by now? Would I be worldly traveled? Would I be able to stand the corporate life?

Then I would start to think... if things were different, would they be the same? Would I be married to my sweetheart? Would I have Yasmin? Would I have met some of the wonderful people who have come into my life since? Would I have had some of the great experiences I have had....

Drives me crazy these what ifs... And I guess, I will never know. What I do know is that I am thankful for what I have, for the experiences and the people who have come into my life... and so, all I can do is treasure the good times and memories I once had as a 'Shellie'.. and continue these great friendships I have... (how fitting, my iTunes is now playing GreenDay's Time of Your Life!)

This one was sent by Mae. Taken after Leo & Mal's church wedding ceremony. I just love Mae's sweet dress!