Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Mother's Woe

Yasmin hasn't been feeling well the past few days. She's had the sniffles and a slight cough. We brought her to see the paediatrician on Tuesday evening and the usual medications were prescribed.

Today though, I was worried sick because she vomited twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon after she had her milk. I've seen my share of puke and have also been puked on. Part and parcel of being a mommy. It has become a sort of phobia for me though. I don't like puke. Does anybody? When she was smaller and still had to be burped, I worried every time cos if she was vomiting out the milk it meant she wouldn't be getting enough to fill her tummy. Happened a few times. Not a pretty sight and scent. So today, when it happened twice, my mind went on overdrive thinking was it something she ate? Was it me? (Cos I still breastfeed her) Is it something more serious to be worried about? Another visit to the doctor?

She hasn't been eating much the past few days and if she was vomiting, surely that is not a good sign. But being Yasmin, she carried on her usual playful self after that, so it eased my worries slightly. She had a slight case of diarrhea this evening, so we concluded it must have been a stomach bug. I hope so.

I guess being a mommy, you have get used to feeling guilty about things. About your child's health because you influence it directly or indirectly. About having to go out for work or other stuff in the evenings and weekends. About looking away that very minute that she was about to stumble or fall. About being selfish and wanting some time and things for yourself. About raising your voice at times and not allowing her to explore something to her hearts desire.

In the end though, I am doing my best. I am not perfect. I am learning. And I love her unconditionally.

Us and The Clouds

Last Night's Idol

Whoaa...what a performance from David Cook singing Billie Jean on last night's show!! I was never a fan of him all this while but I do agree with the judges that his performance was amazing! Also thumbs up to Michael Johns singing a medley of Queen's We Will Rock You+We Are The Champions. I do think both these guys have good charisma and seem well suited to be a frontman in a band. I liked Brooke White's performance too, she is honest and pure in her performances though sometimes I think she talks too much! David Archuleta... sweet sweet David..I think he's an angel and I love his voice but he is still a kid. I wish he would've waited a few years to enter Idol and then probably he would have more experience and maturity that will flow through in his singing as well. Then again, we don't know if the show is gonna be around that long..

Based on popularity, David Archuleta could probably win but based on maturity and a better sense of themselves, I would say the winner should be either David Cook, Michael Johns or Brooke White..

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Good Day

I love my job today. I had a great morning.

First off, met up with a new client at Coffee Bean Waterfront and it was a great meeting since she turned out to be a fellow Agel member, also a mother of a young child working freelance from home plus she has a good appreciation of briliant reading materials - a kindred spirit! I closed the 'sale' though I think she pretty much already made up her mind even before we met.

Next, I met with another client, who has been a loyal supporter of my endeavours for more than 3 months now. I do enjoy meeting with him because he is always in a jovial mood and he has lots of ideas (not to mention insider info) to share with me. Today, I took the opportunity to share with him not only about our primary business but also some new discoveries and ventures I am into. And he was quite surprised by my enterprising nature and commented that he is impressed by how articulate I am and that I have good PR skills. WOW! My hubby and I always discussed about how we should learn to graciously accept compliments and not go with the humble 'alaaaa tidak laa..biasa saja...' and say thank you instead. I think I didn't manage a thank you but I smiled appreciatively (probably more like grinning ear to ear like a Cheshire cat - to borrow Rachel's recent similar expression). I think if he knew my educational background he'd probably be really surprised. Anyway, it was a good meeting.

I know I've been blogging mostly bout business and money stuff lately. In fact I did register a new blog some time age to chronicle my new journey and experiences. Will get that up and running soon!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Power of Two

I attended a business training session this evening and at the start of the session we were presented with the following brainteaser:

If given the following two options, which would you choose?

a. You will be given RM500,000 at the end of every week for 1 month
b. You will be given RM1 on the first day and it will be doubled every day for 1 month

We were asked one by one which option we would choose. My initial thought was...of course la go for the 1st choice!! RM500K per week, that's tonnes!! By my gut told me there was something bout that second choice, something to do with the sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit I chose the second one. (Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit = start small, but in the long run, it will grow really big!)

And here's what I/we learned:

If you take the first option, in one month there's 4 weeks, so at the end, you will have RM2,000,000! Two million beb! Kaya kayaaaa....

If you go for the second option, here's what happens - everyday your money will be doubled you start with RM1, second day you have RM2, third day RM4, fourth day RM8....yawn yawn....sikit saja nih....but hang on, let's see where it goes...look below...
  1. RM1
  2. RM2
  3. RM4
  4. RM8
  5. RM16
  6. RM32
  7. RM64
  8. RM128
  9. RM256
  10. RM512
  11. RM1024
  12. RM2048
  13. RM4096
  14. RM8192
  15. RM16384
Hey by day 15, this is starting to look like it's going somewhere right? And yeah know can check this out in an excel spreadsheet..By day 30, what happens will have a whopping

RM 536,870,912!!!

Half a billion! I knew it!! So this sikit-sikit thingy does lead somewhere!

So what can we learn from this?? In terms of a business? In your work? One way to look at it: whatever you are doing, know that however small it might will make a difference, maybe not today...but someday, it's gonna be big!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Assumptions & Beliefs

I took some time out yesterday and went for a facial. The beautician assigned to me was this same lady that has done facials for me for the past 2 years or so. But it's not that I go often, especially after having Yasmin, I only went once in 3 or 4 months. So when I go settled in, this lady asked me, 'Tidak kerja hari ni?' (Not working today?). And I replied that yes, I was working but I am now working on my own, so I have some flexible time. To this, she astonishly said, 'Resign sudah dari UMS???' and later added, 'Punya sayang lah tu..' (What a loss..)

I was slightly irritated that this lady, whom I barely really knew, would assume that she knew about me and my previous working conditions!

But then I realised, it was a normal reaction. People love to make assumptions, they think they know things and what is best. Truth is, we are all living in this matrix filled with beliefs, assumptions, things that we take as normal. We label each and everything as good, bad, thin, fat, long, short. We see something and we give a meaning to it, a meaning that is not neccesarily to be true. Anything slightly weird or different or out of the norm is deemed not good, not fitting, maybe even stupid.

I do this too. You know why? It's because we grew up and we live in this world where certain beliefs have been embedded in our souls. And therefore, we see and judge everything in this context. Having a 'good, secure, permanent job' is deemed GOOD. Resigning from your job is NOT GOOD. Trying to do something new, starting out your own business is most probably in most people's eyes labelled as different and therefore foolish or crazy and the list goes on. But then again, for every person who thinks the above, there is another breed of people who would think differently and think of it as BRAVE, ENTREPRENEURAL, INSPIRING. These are the people we should surround ourselves with! These are the people who realise there is a matrix..these are the Neos and Trinitys and Morpheus'!

The bottom line is that there are a lot of beliefs that need to be reframed and assumptions shouldn't be made straight away. Just think of it, if students or even employees believed that asking questions or voicing out an opinion was not good...where would we be? As kids, we were always told to be polite, to not be noisy, to not go against what 'older people' or traditions say...And these are beliefs that are brought forward in our adult lives. Wouldn't you agree with me that that needs to be reframed?

I've started to believe that it's good to be weird and different, to be un-normal, to be EXTRA ORDINARY! (there i go again...)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MLM = Money, Lifestyle, More Money!

I heard somewhere that a sure fire way to scare off people is to tell them that you are involved in network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM). As though you just ate a bag full of garlic, they avoid you like a vampire, in fear of being asked to sign up, attend cult meetings and buy products that are most probably overpriced and overhyped. I know. Because I was that person. I probably ran out of excuses on why I couldn't attend or that I still had my supply of health supplements and skincare and all.

Heck, I DID sign up on a few. I joined Cosway for a few years - is Cosway an MLM? I liked the products and variety. I stopped buying though cos I found that I was sometimes buying stuff that I didn't really need. Just to use up the vouchers or coupons or offers. I joined Elken. Even bought the lingerie/corset set. Wore it for a few. But seriously, how could someone stand wearing that all day, everyday? I signed up on another one, can't remember the name now... I think mostly because I couldn't say no and I was blinded by the promise of riches, which, of course..never materialised - the products were no good actually! I never got into the Amway or HerbaLife wave though. No offense if you who are reading this is involved in any of the above!

So now... I surprised myself when I recently decided, very mindfully and conciously mind you, to sign up for another MLM business. I wasn't gagged or held at gunpoint. Yes, OK OK...I was again blinded by the promise of riches and the potential for greater income (who wouldn't??). But the most important thing was that I really, really liked the product. It was new, it was cool, it was different. The company and concept were cool. And the potential to be big was already on the way.

I've been thinking these past few weeks, that my life is just sooooo ORDINARY. Normal. Routine. Biasa. And yes, I know that I should be grateful for all that I have. There are people who are living in way poorer and way less circumstances than mine. And yes, I am grateful. I have enough to suit my needs. I even have the luxury to indulge at times. But what I was thinking is that...I WANT MORE. I like to be able to indulge and to indulge my friends and loved ones. I want to be able to pay all my bills, not to have to worry about the next bills coming and have a bit, no, a lot extra just to enjoy life and more. To be able to give my family the best. To be able to give myself the best. To do all the things I want to. To live an EXTRA-ORDINARY life! And I see this new business I have joined to be a pathway in which I can realise all this.

I started thinking, ya sure MLMs are not for everyone. But I think that the main reason I avoided all those opportunities before was because I was probably afraid. And malas. Worried to have to talk to people and then of course, the fear of rejection. With this new business, one of the good things is that they have a lot of tools, so it's not like you have to do presentations for just pop in a DVD and hey presto! Another thing I discovered is that it's not about convincing people, it's just about sharing. If they like it then hey, hey! If not, no worries and just move on. It's probably not for them now..but maybe a month, a year from now, who knows?

Besides... we've all heard it, all those stats and articles about people earning like 10 or 20K per month, 1 million there must be something to this whole MLM thingy right??

If you are intrigued with all this, check out this site and this one too. And look at this, Ashraf Sinclair pun in this business! Cool!

It might be for you, it might not...but the underlying message I want to send out to the web universe is this -- LET'S BE EXTRA-ORDINARY!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Smorty, I'm In!

Blogging is all the rage these days, almost everyone I know has a blog and the definite trend now is to blog for money. Hey, who am I to defy a trend? So here I am, I'm in!

If you are looking to earn some extra cash and you love to blog, why not sign up with Smorty. If you're one that usually has a lot to say about things then this is right up your alley. Get paid to blog and share your opinion on products, services and websites provided by the advertisers and get paid weekly via PayPal! You even get to choose which assignments you want based on which subjects interest you. If only it was like this in school last time, I'd be a smorty pants! Hee.

On the other hand, if you are looking to tell more people about your business then look into using Smorty for blog advertising. With more people turn bloggers and even more people visiting blogs these days, this is definitely one marketing opportunity to look into too!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

An Extra Harry Potter

Just read that the final Harry Potter book is going to be made into two films! Producers say that they want to do justice to the book and unlike the previous books, no elements should be removed from the Deathly Hallows book when it is transferred to the silver screen. extra Harry Potter movie, yes please! The first one is slated to be out in November 2010 and the second one in May 2011. Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Roses & Cupcakes

I played Birthday Fairy yesterday and helped my friend Mae to surprise her mom with some birthday deliveries. I ordered a bouquet of red roses from my friend Sandra's florist in Damai. And I ordered 50 multi flavoured cupcakes from my friend Carol. Best juga. I wonder if there's a market for this kind of service....

By the way, 30 cupcakes made its way to Mae's mom. 10 were kidnapped by myself and another 10 went to JosieKupi. :) If you're interested to try the cuppies, let me know, I'll hook you up with Carol. She also does various other cakes, cheesecakes, etc! It's always a good day for cake!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The 8's Tag

How fitting that I am doing this 8's tag on the 8th March, which is also coincidentally the birth day of the person who tagged me! Happy Birthday, Sharon!

Here goes:

8 things I’m passionate about:
1. My Businesses - I'm currently involved in two businesses: Coffee News and Agel. I think both are exciting and fresh and fun with great potential to be really, really big!
2. Writing - as in the actual act of taking a pen or pencil and writing! I know it's the electronic age and I do use the calendar feature on my mobile phone to record appointments and tasks plus I do own a PDA (which I haven't used in ages!), but I do so enjoy penning in tasks in my diary, scribbling out reminders and thoughts in my numerous notebooks, doodling, mindmapping, writing!
3. Writing - as in the act of putting words together to make out understandable, imaginative, intelligible sentences. Always loved writing since school, couldn't you tell English was my favourite subject? So here is where blogging comes in.
4. Books and places associated with books - I love books! In my opinion, E-books and the internet will never replace that pure pleasure of actually holding and flipping though the crisp pages of a book. I love bookstores and libraries too - they're a haven.
5. Talking - with the love for books and words, comes the love to talk. Most people who know me well would say that I am actually not a talkative person. Yes, I do say I am a quiet person and more of a listener. But one place where I love to talk and where I learned to talk better is in the Toastmasters organization. I've been a member for some 5 years, I've participated and won speech contests, I enjoy the monthly meetings and the wonderful people I have met through this organization.
6. Eating - this is not such a good passion to have but it's too difficult to resist. What can I say, I love my food. I love eating out or cooking and eating in and am game to try new types of food!
7. Learning - I think one of the most profound realisations I've had is that learning does not stop at school and that there is just soooo much that one can learn and equip oneself with. Especially now in this information age, it's not just about remembering what's in those textbooks, it's about learning and appreciating all those 'soft skills' that comes in so useful in life.
8. Shopping - I love to shop (when I have the dough), I love buying things for my sweethearts and I love buying gifts for people. Usually I must pick out something that I equally like, to be given out as birthday, wedding gifts, etc.. if I just buy something just for the sake of it, macam tidak puas I usually take my time in choosing gifts, sometimes I even prefer to buy something that is more expensive but that I am truly satisfied with...great for the soul, not so for the purse!

8 things I say often:
1. Thank you - yes, I really am that polite.
2. Yes, please. - Again, polite oh kan? :)
3. Sorry? - instead of saying Excuse Me, I tend to say this. Kesan daripada tinggal in UK dulu.
4. No Yasmin, No! - I really don't like to say this and restrict her too much but what's a mother to do when she starts climbing and reaching out to objects she shouldn't touch??
5. Serious??
6. OK or alternatively: Bah!
7. Aww mannn
8. Kanapa?

8 books I’ve read recently:
1. Like The Flowing River by Paulo Coelho - just bought, still reading, excellent!
2. The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler - bought few months back, haven't finished, love Jane Austen but this one is just not gripping enough for me, will try reading it again soon
3. Good Housekeeping's Chocolate Recipe Book - birthday gift from Josie. Mouthwatering read. Am hoping that by reading the recipe over and over again, I will be magically be able to turn out the most yummiest, gooey-est chocolate pud!
4. Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitales - learning tips & tricks to seduce and persuade people through my writing. Can you feel yourself going into a trance reading my blog?
5. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling - Read last year actually.... tsk more Harry to look forward to....
6. Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling - attempted to re-read the book that started it all... amazing to read again! stopped midway..
7. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne - also read last year. Amazing. I am a believer!
8. My own Ideas notebook by Linachu- I periodically read through the stuff I write down in my own notebook and am sometimes fascinated at the things I churn out!

8 things to do before I die:
1. Achieve financial freedom
2. Publish a bestseller
3. Umrah/Haj with the family
4. Take the kid(s) to Disneyland
5. Travel to as many places around the world
6. Apologize to my parents for any/all my wrong doings
7. Write a screenplay and see it on screen
8. Write and stash a collection of love letters for my loved ones

8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. Undiscovered by James Morrison
2. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship
3. End of the Road by Boyz II Men
4. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling
5. Drops of Jupiter by Train
6. I Hope You Dance by Leann Womack
7. The Prayer by Charlotte Church & Josh Groban
8. Burn by Tina Arena

8 things I learnt in the last year:
1. Opportunities are everywhere. You just have to choose to see them.
2. Sometimes you just have to be bold and just do it!
3. If you don't ask or try, you will never know.
4. 'No' doesn't mean much to a 2 year old.
5. People don't always pay on time.
6. People have good intentions but it is up to you to choose to listen/accept their advice.
7. Be careful what you wish for, the law of attraction works!
8. Playhouse Disney is a Godsend!

8 people to pass this tag to:
Mostly everyone I know has been if you feel like doing this, be my guest!

PS..halfway through this I had a fleeting sense of dejavu that I've done this tag before.....

Monday, March 03, 2008

Money, money, money...

Sabahan girl Ayu won One in A Million last Friday. Good for her! I just hope that she isn't suddenly flooded by people that claim her to be their favourite niece, favourite student, former best friend at school, etc etc. And I hope it doesn't get to her head...

And last night, I watched this guy on the show Deal or No Deal win RM100 000!

I want money! Hey universe, I want my money! My money is out's just waiting for me to come bank it in! Show me the moneyy!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Did you know that the word blog first made its appearance circa 1998-1999? The word Blog is a short form of web log meaning an online diary or personal chronology of thoughts published on a web page. I think it was some time last year, that I participated in a contest and wrote in my biodata form that one of my interests was blogging. When the contest chairperson interviewed me, he asked, "What's a blog?" Well... unless you have been living in a cave all this while you would know that the word is now in common use, recognized in English dictionaries and have developed in usage to include:

blogging: the act of writing in a blog
blogger: a person who blogs
blogaholic: a person who is addicted to blogs and blogging

and now, a new one I just came across: Blogvertise.

Blogvertise = Blog + Advertise. Blogvertising gives the opportunity to people, businesses and virtually anyone to advertise their products, services or events in blogs. With the increasing popularity in blogging and accessibility to the internet, it is no wonder that there is a new niche and means of promoting oneself in cyberspace .

This also opens up a new means for bloggers to make money online by writing and promoting (either the good or the bad) of these blogvertisers. If you're one that usually has a lot to say about the products and services you come across and you like to write, then this might be the opportunity for you to create more moolah for yourself. Check it out, dudes!!