Thursday, May 29, 2008


I called up a certain government office last week, to enquire about my application of a permit for my business. Actually, I had been calling them once or twice each week, for the past few weeks. Each time, it was either - they couldn't check the records or the person in charge wasn't available, etc, etc. So last week, I was adamant to actually get some information. My permit was expiring soon and it was critical for me to get some answers.

So I spoke to this lady. She sounded sooooo reluctant to help me. And again, she told me that the person in charge of that particular section was away, attending a course *brainwashing?*. I persisted though... so she told me that they had already mailed the approval letter to me and I just needed to proceed with the payment. So I nicely ask her, can she please fax a copy of that letter to me. And her response....wait for this..... you know what she said??!

She said, 'alaaaaaaaa...penat laaaaaa...'

I was like OHHHH - MYYYY - GODDDD!!! WHAT???

And I actually said to her, 'penat???!!'

And she continued mumbling on about how it was not her job, bla bla blaa.... and I'm still like OHHH MYYY GODDD! I actually kept quiet for what seemed like a few minutes, cos I was so gobsmacked I didn't know what to say next...and guess what, she eventually asked her colleague to find the letter and told me she will fax it to me. And 10 minutes later, I got the fax.

So I'm thinking, apa yang susah and penat betul just to put that piece of paper on the fax machine and punch in a few numbers??? It's not like they're doing heavy duty, under the sun work over there! And then, she even wanted to argue with me that my fax numbers weren't enough...Kan in Sabah our phone/fax numbers are 6 digits only...and when I told her so, dia pun ketawa terkedek-kedek.

And hey, I worked in a government establishment before, I sat for Induksi and I know for a fact that they actually have all their Perintah Am and Pekeliling and what not. I know that there is actually a Pekeliling on how to answer phone calls. TRUE. I clearly remember, that you are supposed to answer the phone within 3 rings and get this, it actually says in the Pekeliling that you are to answer and speak with a SMILE! Yes...because they say the person on the other line could actually feel the smile if you answer in a warm manner!! SERIOUS! I remember this cos it really made me laugh when we discussed it in the course!

It wasn't my first bad experience with this particular govt office. Before this was worse. I spoke to one guy who was SOOO rude even before I managed to introduce myself he thought it was his civic duty to teach me how to talk on the phone. OMG OMG!! And another lady, when I told her I never received their letter, she said something to the point of KK must be a really small, desserted, primitive place if even letters don't arrive. Again OMG! It was really bad up to a point that I didn't want to call that office anymore and I asked my hubby to help me call there. And he never got what I got! Erkkhh... that must be the worst govt office ever...

Penat??? OMG it still makes me laugh and also drives me mad at the same time!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weight Loss Tip of the Day


Yes, if you have the choice, go for something you really love, that tastes scrumptious, no matter what the fat content or calories! You know why...well, if you settle for something lacklustre, that doesn't really tantalise your tastebuds or fulfill your craving... you will just be unsatisfied. And when that happens, you will probably automatically start to think of what else to eat next! As I always do! And this equals more calories anyway! Sometimes I manage to tell my body ' just had food'...sometimes I succumb.

So there you go, Linachu's weight loss tip of the day! Practice and prosper :)

The above is based on Linachu's experience earlier this afternoon, of eating a nasi lemak which cost RM5.90 and didn't actually taste like nasi lemak at all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hubby bought a recent copy of Times magazine. This one is a special issue as it features 100 of The Most Influential People in The World. Who are on the list? Well, let's see...there's the Dalai Lama, there's the 3 US Presidential candidates, prominent political figures such as Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair, spiritual leaders from various nations and religions, entrepreneurs and inventors like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Brad & Angelina, Chris Rock, sporting figures like Andre Agassi, Kaka and Lance Armstrong. And there are also some less known figures who are making a meaningful impact in their own special way.

For example, have you heard of Mark Zuckerberg? I never have before I read the mag. You probably never heard of him, but chances are the majority of you reading this are avid users of something created by Mr Zuckerberg. A little something called Facebook. Sound familiar? And guess what? Mark Zuckerberg is 24 years old! 24, a self made billionaire and he has changed the world! Doesn't that just smack you in the face?! He was a computer science major in Harvard when he created what is now one of the most notable social networking websites in the world. Heck, I check my Facebook every day! Em, thanks Mark!

Another feature is a Professor named Randy Pausch. You may have caught him featured on an episode of Oprah. I did. Randy Pausch is a Computer Science professor at Carnegie Melon University and he is dying. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and doctors gave him a period of 3 - 6 months to live. Why was he featured in Oprah and in Times magazine? He delivered a last lecture to his students before leaving the university and his lecture was not about computer programming or anything academic, it was about dreams, how to live your life and how to achieve what you want and have fun along the way . This lecture was videotaped and has been downloaded on YouTube more than a million times. He also re-delivered the lecture to the audience when he was on Oprah. At the end of his lecture, he said that more than 300 students came for his last lecture that day but he really only wrote it for 3 people, at which time a picture of his kids appeared on the screen. He said that they will listen to it someday when they are old enough. And at this point everyone in Oprah's audience starts to cry, including yours truly sitting at home. Check it on YouTube. If only all academicians are that passionate and sincere and giving. His message will definitely live on long after he is gone.

What I particularly loved about the features in Times Magazine was that each story was written by a different person and not necessarily from the journalism background. For example the feature on Oprah Winfrey was written by Michelle Obama, the feature on Brangelina was written by George Clooney and Andy Roddick wrote about Andre Agassi. I think that is special. Each story was written by someone who personally knew these people and not just any old reporter chasing a by line.

I also liked how many of those featured, particularly prominent political figures and entrepreneurs, talked about how they and their companies want to contribute to environmental causes, making green choices for our mother earth and a better place for us to live in. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our leaders here had those type of visions? Like hello, coal powered plants are not the ONLY option dear Mr LM!

So you might be wondering if any Malaysians made it into the list. Yes, someone did! No, sorry Dr didn't make it. And no, neither did the current PM nor the former PM. It's Anwar Ibrahim who made the list! He is cited as a global voice for moderate Islam, a tolerant and courageous leader who is set to make waves in Malaysian politics and a leading role on the world stage. Let's see.

GG, House and Idol

Confessions of a TV addict:
All my favourite shows have come to an end. What more to watch to feed the late night blues?

I didn't really like how Gossip Girl ended. Everyone that's supposed to be together aren't. And just when you thought Chuck Bass has turned a new leaf, he doesn't. The only satisfying end was for G, she so deserved it and I loved Dan & B working together on it.

House... the final two episodes of the latest season was amazing! It's airing on AXN this June, this season is really different...since all three Docs - Chase (xoxo), Cameron and Foreman left at the end of the last season. If you've seen the scene with the tribal council thingy in the previews..that was hilarious!

Grey's is also coming to an end, downloading the last two episodes as we speak!

And last but not least...Idol. What to do on Wednesday and Thursday nights now? Well, little David didn't win and for a moment after I found out (before the show, via the internet of course), I was really rather upset at the judges for putting him on a pedestal, singing praises and giving him that idea that he was the definite winner. I think they realized this though as you can see they somehow backtracked their comments on the final results show. He should've/could've won. Will definitely be looking out for little David's album. David Cook may have won the title but David Archuleta actually won that finale night. They are both winners.

It was a great results show though ya... Bryan Adams still rocks! I loved little David singing with One Republic/Timbaland. The stint with Mike Myers and then the trio Ben Stiller, Jack Black and IronMan was funny. And ohhh...Michael Johns is hot!


Thursday, May 22, 2008


for the boys.

I imagine men all over the world are dancing their jiggy dance and laughing their cheeky laughs. If they are Man U fans, that is! I knew there was something fishy when I saw my hubby tiptoeing out of the bedroom at 3am this morning! Girls..this should be a good opportunity to ask your men for stuff or ask them to belanja makan, they'd probably be in too good of a mood to say no! Heee! But errr... if he happens to be a Chelsea fan, be gentle then...not that I get why losing a one and half hour chase after a wee little ball can be THAT devastating..OMG, I'm actually talking about football???!

Anyway, I hope to be celebrating a little too later this day..when a certain David wins know my pick, Simon said it was a knock out but I'm still nervous!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look of The Year

Hey you young and beautiful people! Do you sit in front of your tv or browse through magazines wishing you were the next Tyra Banks or Gisele Bundchen? Well, look no further..join Look of The Year and be discovered! This is a unique online beauty contest, the first of its kind! They are currently looking for people from all over the world to submit your best pictures for a chance to win a USD10 000 prize plus a chance to get spotted and start a career as a model. The contest is open to girls and boys aged 14 - 19 and men and women over 19. One winner will be chosen from each category. Paris, New York, Milan...the world is your oyster. If this is your dream..or the dream of someone you know...ask them to check this out today! Who knows, we might see you strutting your stuff on the runway or immortalized on the cover of a magazine soon.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Korean Birthday

We celebrated our dear friend, Rina's birthday, with dinner at Fish&Co on Friday. The initial plan was to have a dinner of Korean cuisine at SSAM Cafe but the owner told me that he might be shorthanded that night and since we didn't want to rush, so the bibimbap and dosirak were abandoned for some good old fish & chips and some very yummy chocolate pud.

Roy Nadzrie, Osmand Danny and Johaniff joined us for dinner. Rina siap jadi model lagi..since our friend Osmand is a full fledged photographer and his birthday gift (to be) was a portrait photo of the birthday girl. We were looking around for those Fish&Co singers to serenade Rina but fortunately for her, they weren't anywhere to be seen. :) Min Anne pulak couldn't sit still and kept escaping to the nearby sports shop to look at the balls!

Our friend being an avid (more to obsessed) Korean drama fan, Josie's gift was a collection of Korean DVD and CDs. And me, I came up with the genius gift of a container full of kimchi! Hehehe.... That's supposed to be 2 weeks supply, Rin!

Happy Birthday, my old chum..Muahmuah!
(oops, i don't mean old as in tua..i mean..well, you know what i mean!)


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yasmin Calls Elmo

Yasmin has this new thing... she will pick up the phone (or any other devices resembling a phone - remote control, hairbrush, etc..) and she will talk to Elmo. Here's how the conversation usually goes..

Yasmin: Hello..
Yasmin: Ya?
Yasmin: Oh Hi's me Yasmin..
Yasmin: What? Why not?
Yasmin: An elevator operator?
*pause**mumble mumble*
Yasmin: Oh ok...
Yasmin: Ok bye..bye..bye...

Hehehe! Complete with pauses too! You might be wondering where she got that elevator operator's from one of her Sesame Street cds, where Big Bird calls up The Count. But it's very clever that she can replace her name and also Elmo's name in the conversation. So cute!

Last night, I read her one of her storybooks, it's like 5 pages only actually..and at the end she said, 'That's a great story, mommy!' The kid is too amazing!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


We had the Committee Meeting for our Toastmasters(TM) club tonight. It is almost the end of the current term and as usual, there are goals and progress to update and a new line up to be determined.

Club President started the meeting with the usual pleasantries. Then the treasurer presented his report. Then came the agenda everyone wanted to avoid - the naming of the new committee line up for next term. Everyone looked at each other and smiled. Here's the thing. Although it's a club and there are officially 16 members registered, the club has basically been run by the 6 of us for these past 4 years. Every year, what has happened is that we just recycle and rotate our positions in the committee. Very green and environmentally friendly, us. 4 of us have held the President position. So the other 2 came under the spotlight. No1 said that he is still a new member (just joined last year actually) and does not feel he can take up the position yet. No2 said that he honestly does not want to take it up as he does not feel he can give the level of commitment that is required. So then, it falls back to the 4 who have already had a taste of the throne. None of us want to take it up again. We circled around the issue, climbing over, rolling under it, joking and each one prodding the other to take it up.

And then, No2 suddenly brought up that it is not just a short term issue. What would happen in the following term and so on? Would we still be recycling our positions and taking up the responsibility because there is no one else to do so? Should we start thinking about closing the club altogether? WOW...honestly, I was......GLAD! He had said the thing I wanted to but didn't know how! I had thought everyone would be too sayang with the club and never even conceive of shutting it down.

The reality was that, we were all burnt out. Excluding new guy No1, all of us had served in the club's committee for the past 4 or 5 years. We had done various membership drives and promotions but had no luck in signing up fresh blood into the club. The club is actually an in-house club under the umbrella of the Engineer's Institute (EI) and they, although very supportive financially, had been no real help in terms of membership and attending activities. Club President mentioned that EI was disappointed that we haven't shown any progress despite money being spent. Just goes to show that money ain't everything. What we really needed was physical backing, of them introducing their staff to join the club, for them to get off their high horses and actually attend the meetings themselves. So now it has come to this.

In the end, we decided that we would be OK in shutting down the club. We could always join any of the other TM clubs and they would be more than happy to take us in. Club Pres was saddened by the decision and was also worried that he would be blamed. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. He's presenting to them today. But it was unanimous. And it was not a happy decision. I, for one always raved about how I loved my TM outings and how they are the best bunch of supportive and positive people that I've ever met. A sentiment shared by the others. It's just that we have all moved on with our lives... we now have families and kids and work outstation and are not that 'free' as we were 4 years ago.

If EI doesn't offer an alternative and suggest someone/people to take up roles in the committee, then it's gonna be Bye-bye EI TM Club! (tsk tsk...but i'll be OK...other clubs would probably want me, I've won speech contests for the club you know! hehe very modest I am. Hmmm but I'll probably take a break from the whole TM scene for a while anyway.......)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Have you ever heard this quote:

"Despite the high cost of living, it remains a popular choice"

Hehehe. What choice have we got, right? It's either live...or..die!

Living IS expensive these days, don't you think? FYI, I survived the weekend with just 1 ringgit in my purse. Well, it helped that we didn't really go out anywhere and hubby paid for our meals and we got invited to lunch yesterday.

So, this morning, I took out 30 bucks from my bank. It was barely midday and I had spent most of it!

Change battery for watch = RM10
Parking ticket = RM1
Cup of tea = RM4.50 (I know.. so mahal kan! Read explanation below)
Lunch: Nasi ayam+Teh Ping = RM6.80
Parking ticket again = RM2.70

By lunchtime, I had exactly 5 bucks left. So maybe I didn't need to change my watch battery but.. I can't live without my watch! Mom loaned me one but I love mine.. Anyway, does watch batteries cost this much? Think it was like 5 bucks or something, the last time I changed it..which was, errr..5 years ago?? Hehe.... My next watch is definitely gonna be either a Seiko Kinetic or Citizen EcoDrive. And oh, the cup of tea...I was invited for drinks at this cafe and I assumed that it was on the house. Tinguk-tinguk, I ended up paying that 4.50 for the cuppa! And it wasn't even some exotic, fruit or herbal tea. It was Lipton!

Later in the afternoon, I bought some minced chicken and veggies which cost me 4 bucks. So in the end, I now have RM1 left in my purse, just as I had at the start of this day! Crazy kan?

Actually, 30 bucks is not much bah these days. You can even spend 30 bucks on one meal alone for one person! How lah?? Have to follow Becky Bloomwood's example, need to either Spend Less or Make More Money! Must be the second choice ..cos for me, sometimes it feels like I am just incapable of not buying stuff!

Friday, May 09, 2008


It's 1.39am and I can't sleep. I wish there were new episodes of Grey's or House or Gossip Girl to watch but I've exhausted them all and hubby tells me I need to be patient and quit bugging him about it. Heh. So here I am...I'm blogging, bloghopping, FB-ing and listening to YouTube at the same time.

By the way, I ran into my hero today. Wanted to say hello but I was suddenly starstruck and didn't work up the nerve to talk to him. I don't think he remembers me anyway. It's been a few years. 2 and a half to be exact. I think he is one guy that I will always remember and have a small place in my heart for. Who's the mystery man? My Gynae bah! He delivered sweet Yasmin, how can he not be my hero!

I've also decided that I'm taking back what I said about a month ago. I want David Archuleta to win Idol! Dave Cook may be the performer, the more daring and original...but how sedap is David A's voice!! It should be a David vs David final, don't you think?

...Sunday's Mother's Day. Happy Mommies Day to you mommies. :)

I should sleep...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

Last night, hubby and I attended a small dinner gathering hosted by two of our former schoolmates. To be honest, I was rather worried at first. Was initially told that 10 - 15 people may attend. I consider that quite large for a sit down dinner gathering. If it were somewhere where one could lounge around and meander, it would be different.

You see, I have this thing, I don't do well in large sit down dinner thingies. This might sound funny but I don't like to talk 'over' the table - by which I mean, for instance, if someone on the total opposite end suddenly asks you something and then everyone else would probably look at you (or not) and then you'd have to like scream back the answer to them. I don't like that. I'd probably just end up being quiet and listening and laughing sheepishly at other people's conversations. I prefer small, intimate sit downs, where it's almost like you're huddled together and you don't need to speak loudly. But of course, you can only do that with really close friends.

So anyway, last night. Turns out it was only 6 of us. The two lovely hostesses were probably slightly dissapointed. These girls were at our school for a limited time period, they left for another school about a year or so after joining. And for the exception that one of them has something really closely in common with me and the fact that we were classmates and there were only 6 girls in our class, I would say both these girls were in a different league than me. They were and are probably more Blair Waldorf and Serena VanDer Woodsen, whereas I'd be more of a Humphrey ( xoxo). It's funny how I still felt a little bit of that last night. The girls were gorgeous and stylish and thin and confident. And I was suddenly an insecure twit. Don't you just hate when that happens. Well, the ladies were very gracious though. And I think I did manage some intelligible conversation along the way.

Here's what I realised though... I love the fact that I am still in touch with a large group of my friends (thanks facebook!). People can change and still be the same. And, you should never make assumptions about other people and their lives, you can never know.

And last night's dinner sparked or rather re-ignited this idea that I have had for quite some time now. I've had this idea of writing a book, centering around a group of olds friends who are meeting up again for a reunion. I was actually really excited when I told hubby about it this morning! And he told me, 'Get going with your draft!' Heeeeee! Exciting. Is this what writers feel like when they come up with a novel idea? You'll buy my book, right?

Sunday, May 04, 2008


What words could one possibly a mother who has just lost her child. I want to sms or call but I struggle to think of something to say.. nothing sounds or feels remotely right. All I can do is offer my silent prayer to her and to her little angel. AlFatihah.