Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ladies, You Can Save Lives

This post is not for the faint hearted. But if you want to know about how you ladies can save lives, then read on. Guys, you can share this information with the women in your life as well.

Do you know what are stem cells? Did you know that stem cells are the genesis of our lives? We all started from a stem cell. Yes, from the moment of conception, a single stem cell is created. This then multiplies into hundreds of millions of cells during pregnancy and continues after birth right through to our adults lives.

Why are stem cells so important? They serve as a vital source of cell regeneration and repair thoughout our lifetime. This means that stem cells have the potential to be used to possibly treat major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's. These are diseases that many are battling all over the world. In my own family as well, there has been a history of heart disease and diabetes and so far, only conventional treatments and preventative measures have been available.

There has been a lot of buzz on stem cell research in the past few years. Perhaps most widely heard of are the collection of umbilical blood stem cells from new born babies. Now the company C'elle has come up with an exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology that enables women to safely and easily collect stem cells found in menstrual blood. Sounds icky? And why menstrual blood, you might ask? Scientific studies by C'elle has shown that stem cells found naturally in menstrual blood have the ability to differentiate into other cell types which equals potential developments and ability to save lives from the above mentioned diseases. Not only can it save your own life but the stems cells could also match first degree relatives who are in need - your siblings, your parents, your children.

So the next time you have your monthly cycle, think of what that blood actually can do. To find out more About the Science behind this, visit C'elle and view their C'elle Client Testimonial about the procedure and its benefits. C'elle is currently running a 'Caring is Sharing' promotion whereby if you purchase one kit, you will receive one free - a great gift for your bestfriend or loved one.


Sponsored by C'elle

In November

Woohooo! Just watched the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie online. Am very excited and can't wait. Hopefully I can make it to watch it at the cinema this time. As with the previous HP installment, Order of the The Phoenix, things start to get more serious in Half Blood Prince. If you watch the trailer, the kid that plays the young Voldermort is quite creepy looking (and he is actually the nephew of Ralph Fiennes, who plays the older Voldermort). The kid reminds me of the one in The Omen, very evil looking! I should start re-reading the book, just to refresh myself :) And oh, Harry is very handsome looking in the new movie...he will have a new love interest too!

By the way, a number of other important things are happening in November: there's the birthdays of the two people in my life, there's I Am Agel event in PD and there's also Toastmasters Convention in Bali (no more directs flights from KK??). The first two definitely will happen..the other two..I want to go but don't know yet...we'll see..

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


How do you squeeze your toothpaste?

You know, there are people who like to squeeze from the bottom end, some squeeze in the middle, some from the top. Does it matter? Well, apparently, this is one of the things that newly wed couples usually first argue about - their different squeezing preferences.

My friend admitted that she is the kind that likes to squeeze from the bottom end. And she likes that the toothpaste tube itself is nicely shaped when she squeezes from the bottom. So it drove her absolutely crazy when her then newly wedded husband squeezed from the middle and the top and wherever he pleased. She would reshape the toothpaste tube every day so that it is to her liking. I think they have managed to resolve this toothpaste issue now.. at least I hope so!

Anyway, I want to share this story about another couple. It is the husband that likes to squeeze from the bottom. And one day when he saw his wife squeeze from the middle he finally couldn't take it and hollered, 'Why do you do that?? You should squeeze from the bottom! Here, let me show you how to do it!' And the wife, her reply was simply, 'Why? Will it make your teeth any cleaner if I do that??'

Hmm...there are two things to note here. Firstly, sometimes..many times actually, things are just too trivial to argue about. We can spend so much time and energy arguing about stuff that just doesn't really matter in the end. Like the wife said, will it make the teeth any cleaner? Will it really make a difference?

Secondly, well... life's all about compromises. So, if it's really important to the other person, you compromise, you make way, you do something and make that person just a little happier. And in other times, they will do the same for you too. Then everyone will be happy.

That's the story for today. Now..I have to go reshape that toothpaste tube.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are you Financially Fit?

It was just in the recent years that I learnt about the concepts of financial freedom. Before that, I was always of the mind that as long as I had a steady job with a good income then I would be OK. This was what I was taught as I grew up. Get good grades, get into a good university, get a degree then get a good job with a pension and you're set for life! It was not until I attended a session on Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow game, that I first found out about the concepts of the rat race, passive income and financial freedom. It was a revelation and a scary truth. I did not want to have to work in a job I barely liked til I was 60 years old and live like a hamster on a wheel, going round and round forever trying to catch up on paying bills. I wanted an extraordinary life. And I learnt that the way out would be to venture into business, to invest in properties and bonds. It's either that or to wish on your lucky stars to strike it big in a jackpot!

Do you know if you are financially fit? To find out, check out Bills IQ. This site provides a free financial health check up where you will be able to learn your BillsIQ, get tips to improve your financial stability and Consolidate debt with additional offers to help save more money.

My score was 73%. I don't fully know what this means or how it is calculated but on the surface it looks like an OK number, right? However, when I did a comparison of my score with other women around my age and similar educational background, my score is actually lower than average. Especially now that I am self employed, it is more important than ever for me to learn how to manage my Credit card debt and to learn about Debt consolidation and Debt relief. It is scary to see so many people, even young ones who file for Bankruptcy just because they aren't able to manage their finances properly and get proper Debt help and Credit counseling.

BillsIQ is an excellent site as it also offers practical advice and tips on financial fitness that can be applied by everyone. These days, it's not just physical fitness we have to take care of, with the price of goods and cost of living rising every year, it's ever so important to be financially fit as well. It might be a daunting thing to do a financial health check but it's definitely advisable. Good luck!

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My Daughter..

the photographer!

Yasmin and I were at home alone last Saturday. Hubby was out enjoying a movie and some brotherly bonding time. We were in the bedroom, getting ready for bedtime when Yasmin managed to grab a hold of her daddy's camera. And she was snapping away! We were both amused and laughed together. In my mind, nasib baik lah camera digital! No need to worry Kodak habis..hehe...

So here are some of her shots..what do you think?

'Mommy..take picture again'

Grover squished by Barney

Love this shot of Elmo!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Cisco Certified

I would be first to admit that I am no whiz when it comes to computers. I have never undergone any official training and my ability extends to the use of common software and applications and surfing the web. Does online chatting and online shopping count as well? Even when I was lecturing, I sometimes turned to my students when I had problems setting up the computer and projector for our classes. The students would save me and win hands down with better knowledge and experience when it comes to information technology (IT). This is partly due to the fact that they have grown up in this time where computers, softwares, applications are abound. There is also the fact that their curriculum in school, college and university has been designed to include elements of IT to cater for the future working environment. I guess there’s also the fact that they are more naturally curious and many tend to be self taught when it comes to computers and IT, which is really good.

There was a time when IT courses seem to be the IN thing and most school graduates would put this as their first choice of course to study. Then there was a time when it was said that there was a saturation of IT graduates in the market and many were struggling to find work. Nowadays though, there is no denying that global demand for IT professionals are evident at many levels in different fields and industry - from manufacturing to entertainment to fashion, all require IT knowledge and management. For those that really want to succeed in the field, personal and professional development would be essential. One step would be to go for Cisco certification programs. For us ordinary folk, we should be thankful to Cisco for they are a company that creates Internet solutions that enables easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

I have heard about Cisco before from my former colleagues in the IT department but never realized its importance.
I knew that many of the IT students in the department were actually undergoing Cisco training and certification. The certification program starts from the entry/associate level right up to expert level with specializations in various areas such as routing and switching, security and LAN certifications. It just shows that it is never too early or too late to start building up technical know how and qualification. This is definitely an added bonus alongside the black and white academic content learnt at university level. I'm sure that those students really benefited from the training and were able to use this certification to buff up their resumes. And indeed, many of been able to secure jobs with reputable companies locally and internationally. Personally, I always tried to instill the want for self development amongst my students and would definitely encourage them to go for these type of real world training programs if they had the opportunity to do so. If you know of any IT professionals ready to take their career to the next level, point them to Cisco!

Sponsored by Cisco

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Healthy Me

For the past two weeks, I've been trying to go healthy. With the eating. Quite some time ago, I had signed up for these slimming treatments at a renowned centre. It has been some time since my last visit though. Life and everything around it hadn't given me a chance of affording visits there. Mind you, they have all been paid for though. So, after a long hiatus, I decided to go back, I was in need of some TLC for the body anyway. I love the treatments, really - massages and wraps - very therapeutic and calming.

Anyway, I was asked to meet with a nutritionist and consultant on my last visit. They did a body analysis and well, no surprise to me that I had gained weight. My water level was not nearly enough and my percentage body fat was a scary 45%! The nutritionist advised me to keep a record of food I eat daily for one week. And so, that is when I started with the 'go healthy' eating. For one, tidak mau juga my daily intake list is an arm's length and filled with yummy, fatty foods. And also, I guess it was about time I do something anyway.

Along with the food record was attached a list of foods that I could and shouldn't take. The first column was labeled 'Do Not Take' and were all foods with high% of fat including Fried Mee and its likes, Roti Telur, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beriyani, Satay Sauce, even Nasi Ayam! There goes my favourite Nasi Goreng down the drain. The next column was labeled Take Moderately, in this section there's foods like Soto, Fried Meehoon, etc. I was told to drink at least 3 litres of water through out the day (the amount equivalent to 2 large bottles of mineral water). I have tried to drink more but I think it's still less than 3 litres. The only thing is, I find myself running to the loo every so often! Also, I was told to eat dinner before 7 pm, to not have fruits at night time and to not drink too much before bedtime.

So for the past two weeks, I have stopped taking Fried Rice and Fried Mee, deep fried foods, buns, cakes and pastries and even my favourite Teh Ping and Teh Tarik. I realised that it is possible to make healthier choices. I do order Chicken Rice but I ask to have it with plain rice instead. I started eating Meehoon Soup and Soto, which I normally never eat in restaurants because it makes me heaty and sweaty. But in the name of healthier eating, I opted for these instead of my usual Nasi Goreng. We went for buffet at Hyatt and I am proud to say that I managed to forego all the deep fried dimsum and all the scrumptious desserts! I gobbled up two large plates of green salad and topped it with roasted lamb and chicken and had fruits for dessert instead.

So far, I have not made it to have dinner before 7pm. By the time I finish bathing and taking care of the girl and having my own bath, it's well after 7. I try not to eat rice for dinner or if I'm really hungry, I take in small amount only.

Yesterday though, I was a bit cross when I ordered my lunch at GracePoint. I specifically told the girl there that I wanted plain rice with my steamed chicken instead of the chicken rice. I told her twice and she said yes. But when she delivered my order, I saw that it looked like chicken rice. I asked her and then only she said that the plain rice wasn't cooked yet! And she quicky walked away! Yesterday also, I had a smidgeon of a bite of the cupcake Josie bought. Shhhh..... What was that Rin? Makan banyak sekali sekala better than sikit2 selalu selalu?? Yang selalu selalu tu yang takut jadi out of control tu!!

Well, as of today, if the scale is not lying to me, it looks like I have lost over 1 kg. So hopefully, I can continue with the healthy eating habits to get the results I want. I do have an ulterior motive to lose weight :) A lot of people have been asking when 'the second one' will be coming. I do want a second one. But I want to get healthier first. I know that the weight will start piling again during pregnancy but at least it will be good to have a healthier start to begin with. So wish me luck! And if you see me near any cakes or pastries, just yell Oiiii!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm Looking..

Dear Friends,

Please help me out. I'm looking...for people who are looking to

1. Promote their business or events

As most of you know, I am doing a publication called Coffee News here in KK. It's a cool and FREE weekly publication with really interesting and light reading materials that people can look through as they are having their meals or as they wait for their orders or wait for their friends, etc. I am looking for more advertisers for the paper. Our rates are low compared to newspapers, etc. The only thing is we don't accept advertising from food outlets, everyone and everything else is welcome - beauty salons, spas, tuition, sports, photographers, etc.. semua boleh! If you have friends with businesses or know anyone who might benefit from effective and low cost advertising, please refer them to me!

PS..if your referral signs up, you will be rewarded with some gift certs from us!

2. Make more money!

Yeah, I joined this really cool network marketing company with cool health and beauty products. The company is called Agel. Google or Yahoo it.

Now before you think network marketing = direct selling = pedaling products from door to door, weekly RA RA meetings and quotas to meet..let me share with you, network marketing is really the way to make PASSIVE income. Network marketing essentially means that you enrol people under you and they enrol people and so on and as the network builds, you start earning money from all these people you don't even know, that you've never met, who could be half way around the world from you!

If you are open to this opportunity or know someone who might be, tell me!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tag Lagi

Tagged by Anna & LabPapa. So here goes:

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago?

Talking in front of a group of kids who would periodically nod to pretend that they understood what I was yabbering about, preparing notes, marking gazillion assignments, tests and exam papers, devising experiments, attending way too long meetings and presentations, blogging, chatting and going out for long lunches during workhours. Going out on dates with then 'boyfriend', wondering when la he will propose....

Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

1. Send stuff to recycling center
2. Drink lots of water
3. Check e-mail
4. Do up next week's Coffee News
5. Meet Agnes at 6pm

Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?

1. Roti Kawin
2. Pastries
3. Maggi Mee Goreng
4. Jeruk Mangga
5. Karipap
(Note: with exception to no. 4, all are currently forbidden)

Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Pay off debts
2. Buy a semiD or banglo
3. Take multiple vacations each year
4. Invest to make even more money
5. Go shopping, baybeh!

Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?

1. Blogger!
2. Receptionist
3. Tutor
4. Lecturer
5. Volunteer - volunteered for special kids program, to become a lab rat in a psych experiment, to be a student guide all back in uni days

let's pass this tag to... Izzy, Maizura, Misako, Fran and Aza.

Shoot For The Moon

Wanted to share this poem entitled Shoot For The Moon. It was written by a young and bright guy named Jared, whom I met when I attended a Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) course back in 2004. NLP is all about how the mind and body work together and how our thoughts are translated or projected into the way we communicate, our actions, habits and behaviour. It is essentially about how your computer (your mind) is programmed and manifested to the world.

The NLP training was the best course I have attended so far, very dynamic, very meaningful, with a lot of A-HA moments along the way. I must mention, ehemm.. that both Jared and I scored full marks in the test that was conducted after the course. Yes, there was a test and yes, first time ever I got full marks in a test since primary 2!

The poem encompasses the essential principles behind NLP. I love it cause it's so simple and meaningful. Have a read....

Shoot for The Moon

As they say: personal best, nothing less
And then you can shine above the rest.

And know that what you get is what you give
And it's not how long you live but how you live.

It's never too late to make
Your own happy childhood cake.

Dance with your fear, don't you resist.
If you do, it will only persist.

Just remember when you are the batter,
If there is no mind, there is no matter.

Nothing in life has any meaning
Except the meaning to which you are leaning.

There is no failure, it's only feedback
And that's simply an information pack.

People are more than their actions can tell.
People aren't broken; they work perfectly well.

And certainty is created inside;
Your environment doesn't decide.

In the moments of final decision,
Your destiny is shaped with precision.

So just go and shoot for the moon
And don't worry if you fall too soon.

By the time you realise where you are
You'll have created a bright new star!

by Jared Abdul Rahman

Linachu's note: I love the bit - there's no failure, only feedback. And also the bit about how people are more than their actions can's so true... you can never assume to know what another person is going through.. but at the same time..people can never be work perfectly well, you just need to iron out the kinks along the way... Also, it's never too late to make your childhood cake - in other's never too late to do what you've always dreamt of doing!

Hope you enjoyed the poem..and can take away something from it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Obsession?

Look what I discovered over the weekend... I saw this on Sandra's blog and immediately sms-ed her to find out where to get the stuff. The pic below shows two egg moulds, bear and bunny shaped. You put in a hard boiled egg, dunk in cold water for 5 - 10 minutes and then it comes out with the shape of the mould! So cute!

Bought the egg mould at the Japan Home Center in Kompleks Asia City. Sandra told me there are more available at Daiso (the 5 ringgit shop) in OneBorneo but haven't had a chance to go there yet.

Upon surfing through a few more mommy blogs, I found that many are already addicted to this - what they call Bento-ing - packing nicely shaped, decorated food into lovely container arrangements. There are even many other knick knacks and accessories such as cutters for veggies, fruits and sandwiches, cute little containers for sauces, food picks, rice moulds, etc. And there are plenty of different shapes and designs - Hello Kitty, Pooh and gang etc. Just try and search on e-bay or check here. This blog also has more pictures of bento sets prepared for kids.

I think it's a great idea to do up food for kids in this way. Make it nice and all so that they will enjoy and actually eat. Yasmin ate up almost both of those eggs! We also tried cutting up bread and pancakes using the bottom part of the mould. And it's fun preparing it!

Anyway...must ask LabPapa if all this is available at his place and what the pricing is like..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

One Word Tag

Tagged by Rina, who was tagged by Lab Papa, who was tagged by KadusMama and that's where the trail of people I know ends. I think you are actually supposed to give one word answers as per the title of the tag but it seems impossible to do so for some of the questions. I'll try though.

1.Where is your cell phone?- Tuuuu naa

2. Your significant other?- RHazeman

3. Your hair?- Straight

4. Your mother?- Worrisome

5. Your father?- Conservative

6. Your favorite thing?- Food!

7. Your dream last night?- I dreamt I was in Portsmouth and bought a train ticket to Southampton. Hubby and Yasmin were't with me because I thought of giving them a call but realized that with the time difference they were probably sleeping. I wonder what that meant? Probably because I was talking to Leo earlier about going to the UK again.

8. Your favorite drink?- Teh Ping

9. Your dream/goal?- Financially free

10. The room you're in?- Bedroom

11. Your hobby?- Shopping (when I have money)

12. Your fear?- Dementia

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?- Living in my own-fully paid-interior designed-exterior landscaped-open to friends, house.

14. What you're not?- Kiasu

15. Muffins?- Chocolate Chips

16. One of your wish list items?- Blackberry

17. Where you grew up?- KK

18. The last thing you did?- Surf

19. What are you wearing?- Yellow tee + grey 3/4 pants (baju rumah)

20. Favorite Gadget?- DiscMan (yes, I still own and love my discman!)

21. Your pets?- None

22. Your computer?- Acer

23. Your mood?- Good

24. Missing someone?- Friends from the old workplace

25. Your car?- 11 year old purple-blue Daihatsu Ascend named Mobila

26. Something you're not wearing?- G-string

27. Favorite store?- Ikea :)

28. Like someone?- Yes!

29. Your favorite color?- Red

30. When is the last time you laughed?- Just now with Yasmin

31. Last time you cried?- Watching the second episode of Private Practice, was about babies.

Who shall I pass this tag to? I think most of y'all sudah kena tag...whoever wants to do it lah!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Calling all Mommy Bloggers

In my club meeting last night, someone posed the question: How do you balance between work and family? I guess this is a matter that is close to the heart of many people, both men and women. In an ideal world, you would want to go to work at 9am and be home at 5 sharp and still have all the energy in the world to: make dinner, do the laundry, bathe, feed and play with the kids, iron clothes for the next day, wash the dishes, clean the floors and also hopefully, have a little bit time for yourself. It's not easy. With increasing price of goods as well, many have to resort to working overtime or taking up another means of income. I know many or most of my friends do so.

Wouldn't it be just wonderful to be able to work from home, raise your children and make some money at the same time? Well, amazingly, many people are doing just that!! Freelance work, data entry, online businesses, monetizing websites, blogging. Blog, blogs, blogging. I do so love those words. And I thank the heavens for the person who thought up this wonderful media!

Here's something to check out: SocialSpark. For you mommy bloggers who are looking to make some extra money, here's your answer. Have a look through the site, sign up for their mailing list or better else, sign up as a blogger to start making money as you please. Mommies are one of the most creative bunch of people I know! I guess you have to be, when dealing with little munchkins and management issues on the homefront. So why not put that creativity to use, share your views and stories with the rest of the blogging world and make some dough at the same time! Daddies, no need to feel left out..I'm sure daddy bloggers are needed too!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Monday, July 07, 2008


Help!!! I need to leave town!!

I previously wrote about how we were planning a mutiny on our Toastmasters club. Our proposal to shut down the club was veto-ed by the higher powers, citing the club is 'important' and pledging their utmost support for the club.

Just came back from the club meeting tonight, our first after our so called mutiny-ndak-jadi plans. And surprise surprise... suddenly there's the institute's branch chairman, a guest engineer, members that have been missing all this while, turning up for the meeting. Our usual comfy and cosy meeting room was filled up to the brink.

As usual, I enjoyed the meeting. The energy was high, there was laughter and camaraderie and good learning too. I knew I should've left early though. Before talk about appointing the new committee began. I was surprised to find out that two of our ex committee members will be moving outside of KK for new jobs. Which left myself and Weelee in the spotlight.

I absolutely dislike it when people start to point fingers and appoint who should take up what role. Weelee was suggested to be the president and myself as one of the vice presidents (the one that has the most duties to do). We've both taken the roles before. Both of us remained quiet during this process where 'they' simultaneously nominated, then seconded, then agreed on everyone's behalf that we were the best to take up the roles. In fact, I tried to utter my disagreement, that I didn't want to take it up anymore but I doubt anyone listened. They just congratulated themselves on supposedly fixing our problem saying stuff like 'Should be OK..', 'You can do it..', 'Easy bah..' Senang cakap saja. DANG IT. Back to square one.

The whole purpose of the mutiny was to get THEM to take responsibility and take up roles in the committee. Now it's being shoved back to us. Weelee is more willing and diplomatic than I am. I think he sees that this could be a starting point to revive the club, what with mr chairman promising more members and support. The operative word being could.

Man...I'm perplexed. I haven't agreed to anything. How lah?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Attention CD Lovers

Err..CD stands for Cloth Diapers...not Compact Disc...

For you ladies that are into Cloth Diapering, and I know quite a few of you are...please check out this promotion from

For KK ladies...
Grab your copy of Coffee News KK, Vol 13:1 (7 July 2008) and Vol 13:2 (14 July 2008) to get your voucher code there. You will be entitled to a 5% discount of your total purchase and FREE SHIPPING for KK's Delivery addresses ,no minimum purchase required! Please share this with your friends...The voucher code is valid until the end of July.

Where to find Coffee News? Ask me!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Here Fishy Fishy...

We were in KL for a short break two weeks ago. On our second last day there, we managed to go to two fishy places: Fish Spa at The Pavilion and Aquaria at the KL Convention Centre!

We had seen The Fish Spa featured on tv and did say beforehand that we MUST give it a go when we're in KL. The Fish Spa is this place where you soak your feet in a pool of fish that will eat the dead skin off your feet. We first went in just to enquire, we dilly-dallied undecided then continued walking around. But later, hubby mentioned that bila lagi mau cuba? So we went back and signed in!

At first, it was rather scary to intentionally put the feet in there to be baham-ed! The initial 5 minutes or so was spent just cracking up the nerve to actually put the feet in. Hehe. FYI, it's RM38 per person for half an hour. Kids above 4 are charged half of that and kids under 4 go in free. Yes, it's safe for kids as well.

There are two (public) pools at the spa, the inner pool has little fishies and the outer one has larger ones. The inner pool was initially full of people so we had to go for the outer one with the larger more vicious fishies. And it's not just one or two that come feeding at your feet, it's a school of them all at once!

What did it feel like? Geli juga oh. Slightly ticklish at the start but once you got used to it, it was rather pleasant! Eat away!! Yasmin even had a go. She put in her feet for a while and immediately screamed and laughed at the same time! Hehehe. There was this group of tourists who were screaming and squirming loudly as well.

Was really glad we went. It was really therapeutic and will definitely go again the next time we are there!

Next, it was off to Aquaria at the KL Convention Centre, just 5 minutes walk from The Pavilion. We wanted to go because we thought Yasmin would enjoy it. Entrance is RM28 per person, with MYKAD and little kiddies like Yasmin go in free.

Initially, there were exhibits of little fishes, reptiles like snakes, lizards and frogs, insects... and I was rather dissapointed. I didn't want to see all that.

You wouldn't want to dunk your feet into this pool! This is a breed of piranha!

Later though, we came to larger tanks with sharks, stingrays, turtles and..err, bigger fishes. That was more like it.

Then...we came to the main attraction called The Living Ocean. This is a 90 metre moving walkway underwater tunnel, a simulated ocean environment complete with a shipwreck. Wow! Amazing. Soothing. Harmonious. It's worth it to go to Aquaria just to see this feature!

That's a shark on top!


That's one huge and scary looking fella. The eye seems to stare right at ya! Wonder what he's thinking..hehe...

So there you go, our fishy adventure! Twas fun... After that, we met up with Mae at KLCC for a bit and chatted about her upcoming special event. Yasmin had fun running around, searching for rides... and look who she found.. :)


By the time we walked back to the hotel it was past 7 but still bright out ... The little girl, who hadn't had her usual afternoon nap was all poofed out...


but did wake up to enjoy a dip in the bath!

During the trip, we did manage to meet up with Diane, who drove us to Ikea where we were met by her Emil. Didn't buy a lot this time round but managed to enjoy the Swedish Meatballs and yummy Chocolate Balls! My sister and kids came to see us at the hotel and also, we bumped into Ani Surianty (Facebook pal) on our first outing to The Pavilion which was a nice surprise. By the way, most of the shops there are really high end. There is a huge and really nice Times Bookstore though. Have more pics to share...the next post la ya..

Rogue Driver

For the past two days, I have been knowingly driving around with an expired driving license. Not that I didn't try to renew it. I went to the post office in Damai, there was a massive queue (everyone wanting to collect their fuel rebate thingy) and then when it got to my turn, the clerk told me that the JPJ system was offline! According to him, 'memang begitu...sekejap ada, sekejap tiada' Biskut chipmore ka?? So off I went. Then, went to another post office and turns out they weren't JPJ enabled. So decided to just go home.

This morning, decided to just make a drive of it to JPJ in the dreaded, Jalan Bundusan. Jauh bah tu and the traffic...atukuii. Got there and guess what?? Tiada karan pulak!! OMG (slap forehead). Was beginning to think I was destined to just be a rogue driver. I waited it out for about 10 minutes and then there was..eureka! Electricity! What followed was rather ugly though. I couldn't believe how unprofessional the personnel there were. They were so loud during the blackout and even more after it came back on. Mayhem. Sikit-sikit they will say 'SOT'... karan sot, computer sot, server sot, kipas pun thing they forgot..pekerja sot!

They had this big sign which said, 'Harap maaf, sistem luar talian (OFFLINE)' I would think that they should have a system whereby even if there was no electricity or the system was offline, they should still be able to process applications and renewals manually. Then they can do the keying in after. Rather than having people to wait and listen to their moans and groans! Anyway, am a legal driver again..hurrah??