Sunday, August 31, 2008

How You Doin'??

Do you have a 'look'? What look? The look is the face you would give someone to spark their interest and to show yours. Honestly, I was never a flirt. My nose was always buried in books or in front of the tv. I do not know heads or tails about flirting. Sure, I've read tonnes of girlie magazines on Flirting 101 but to put it into action would be another thing altogether. And seriously speaking, I'd be in a whole lotta trouble if I do go out on a flirting spree and the only person you can probably find me flirting with nowadays would be my husband. That is..unless, I run into Jesse Spencer sometime someday then that would be a different story!

Thinking about the look, well yeah.. the right look can make or break not just careers, but hearts and lives as well. Flirting doesn't have to be all about pick up lines and romantic gestures. Flowers and chocolates are nice but giving the look itself is one non verbal and subtle form of flirting. It costs less as well! Sure, I've probably given someone that look sometime in my life and I've been on the receiving end as well. And it can vary. It can be... just a shy glance. A simple smile. An intent stare. An all out look of excitement for just being able to see you. All of them, can send butterflies a fluttering in your heart. When you get the look, you'll know.

What do you think of this look?
So OK OK..this is my FB profile picture. I really couldn't find any old photos of me, giving any type of look. But this is probably how my look would be...just a simple say, 'Hey.. How you doin'?' - ala Joey from Friends :)

One of my favourite looks, from a movie of course (would rather not disclose any personal ones here), comes from William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (1996), the modern version starring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. That look that Romeo had as he waited for Juliet to walk down the aisle, woahh.. melts me everytime. I couldn't find a photo but God, I love that look. If only my hubby would give me that look some time. Oh never mind, I'll be content with rewinding to that scene over and over and over again.

So how about you? Want to practise your look and your flirting skills? Try out Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship. It's an interactive game that tests your wits in coming up with fun and sexy responses, with the ultimate goal to outflirt your opponent. The best flirts win prizes that help make them more irresistible to their conquests and achieve gorgeous Victory Hair at the same time. Go on lovebirds, don't hang around and wait for cupid to do his thing, give this a shot and flirt away!

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Linachu and Politics

A few days ago, I spent the morning with my cousin whom I haven't seen in a while. I had forgotten that he had a keen interest in politics and current issues. And so when he asked me about my thoughts on the Permatang Pauh by elections, I knew I was in for one of those talks again. Politics and economics, not my most favoured topics of conversation. My cousin is barely 19 years old you see. I suddenly had visions of me playing with him when he was little and him sitting on my lap during car rides. And now here he is, talking to me about politics and economics!

I am proud though to see him with such passionate interests and that he is learning about the ropes in life. He is currently pursuing a diploma in culinary arts and has intentions to pursue a degree in law after that. I admire that he has a great sense of himself and knows what he wants to do. I advised him though to take things in stride and to see how things go and to enjoy the experience of learning as he goes along.

He asked me, 'Kakak..would you be interested to go into politics?' And my direct, without a thought response was 'NEVER!' I wouldn't have the heart to make promises and see them not come through, I don't have the tenacity to be able to kiss ass all the time, I hate bickering and backstabbing as there most certainly will be. I can't even stand office politics, what more an entire state or nation?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cave Woman

I must have been inside a cave this last weekend. I didn't even know the price of petrol has gone down until hubby mentioned it to me yesterday! Filled up my mobila this morning and it still cost around RM96 for a full tank, so.. not much change there but at least ada la kan....

By the way, since they are having a parking ticket amnesty month now..hubby helped to check if our cars had any overdue parking tickets. And apparently I have one that is RM26+ and this is after the 95% discount. Kononnya the actual amount is like RM200! I'm like what??! When??! Where??! As far as I know, I've paid all my parking tickets..I even paid all those penalties when it was late. Hmm..and how to prove that that RM200 penalty actually exist. I don't have any parking tickets kept. Maybe it was blown away? Caught in the rain? How to know? I once had one ticket but when I checked there was no writing on I ignored it... maybe that's the one that's amounted to RM200?? Geezzz.....

Another by the way, if you've been reading my sponsored posts and notice that my grammar or spelling is a bit tunggang terbalik, my apologies. Linachu is actually very particular about spelling and grammar mistakes and does her best to proof-read before she posts. But most of the sponsored posts were done in a rather kelam kabut state because I need to do them within a certain time period. Hence those mistakes...and after I posted them, I can't edit them cos it has been submitted so they review based on my original post....If only my phone has e-mail notification so that I can do the posts well before time runs out..

2 x 2 Meme Tag

Tagged by Sharon.
Here goes:

Two names you go by
1. Lins
2. Az
(I have many actually! You can't imagine how many variations a simple Azlina can morph into!)

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Red tunic (my favourite)
2. Undergarments (of course ma!)

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Money to pay off my credit cards & house loan
2. Money to buy stuff for myself and my loved ones

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. Play with Yasmin
2. Unfold my comfy fleece blankie

Two things you ate today
1. Pisang Rebus
2. Milo drink

Two people you just spoke with
1. A tailor who is doing our baju raya
2. Some lady from the bank who called

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Meeting my friend Agnes
2. Finishing up next week's publication and sending off for printing, by which I mean clicking the 'send' button on my e-mail!

Two longest car rides
1. KK to Sandakan (back in those days when my family was working in Sandakan. With my dad's safe and steady driving took us around 6 hours, longer if we were to stop in Kundasang)
2. Calais, France to Garda, Italy (was a bus ride actually - but well WORTH it! Took almost an entire day and they repeatedly played the Full Monty video on the bus!)

Two favourite beverages
1. Teh Ping
2. Teh Tarik
(Me loves me tea!)

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this tag
1. Rina
2. Aza
3. Mayra
Muah muah!


Do you do things and then wonder, 'Am I nuts for doing that? Or is it normal?'

Do you have any wacky rituals or habits? Most of the times, we do things because that has always been the way we've done them or that was the way our family did it. But some times as well, these little quirks can turn into an unnecessary habit that can eat away at you. At the same time, it might drive people around you nuts, they might think it's cute or they might laugh at you.

Check out Reader's Digest and this year's entries on Are You Normal or Nuts? What do you think? Do you have any of those quirky habits listed in the entries? How about your family or friends?

I particularly liked the entry about the person who was afraid to go to high places, not because he was afraid he would fall, rather because he was afraid he would jump off! And he mentioned it's not that he wants to kill himself, it's just a fascination with sensation of flying or floating in mid air. Wow... personally, I do not have a fear of heights and I would not willingly jump off an airplane or a bridge - yep, skydiving and bungy jumping a no no for me! - but I guess there is that fascination for people do have the guts to do so and a curiosity as to how it will feel. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to experience these.

I also liked the one about his lady (I assume) who took 7 years to finish off her 14 bottles of nail polish and she didn't want to buy any new ones until she finished those off! Kudos to her...I don't think I would have been that patient and disciplined! It's a good thing actually... cos sometimes we just buy and buy things that we don't really need and in the end, it winds up in the trash anyway. I would consider her normal not nuts, but she is a rare breed indeed.

What are some of your funny or nutty quirks? (Hmm...can be another tag!) Would you dare go under the test to see if you are Are You Normal or Nuts?

Why not? Let's face it, nobody is 100% normal, we're all a little nutty and that's what make all of us unique and fascinating individuals, right?

By the way, if you are in need of more laughs to lighten up your day, go check Reader's Digest Laughs and give yourself a giggle. Have fun!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Friend, Old Foe, New Arrival

On Tuesday, I met with Dena of deanacakes. After reading about her and seeing fellow bloggers post up yummylicious pictures of her cupcakes, we finally met in person. *Hi Dena, if you are reading this!* I didn't know that she was also a reader of my blog, hence she knew some of my history. And it turns out that she is also from a research work background, so we had that sort of in common. We spent almost one and a half hours chatting, mostly about life, about cakes :), about our daughters, as though we had known each other long since. I guess that is one of the perks of my current life..that I can spend such time just to enjoy long chats with people. Anyway, Dena is one of my new advertisers in my paper.. sugar lovers, check out her blog!

By the way, I met Dena at One Borneo. Surprising thing was that when I arrived, one row of shops didn't have any electricity including Big Apple Donuts, where we originally planned to meet. That's not good for one that claims to be the biggest, bestest mall in town.

On my way back after meeting with Dena, I saw a familiar figure on the 1st floor. He was with his sons and I initially thought of just passing by since he didn't notice me anyway. But in the end, I stopped and said hi. Dr Y, he was the third..nope the forth person I met when I joined SKTM. And I worked with him closely to establish the Mech Eng program for the school. He is a rather different character, labeled very serious, rather unsocial but brilliant and dedicated when it comes to research work. In my initial years at SKTM, he used to really confuse me..because he was always up against the former dean and sometimes I didn't know who to really listen to or follow. It drove me crazy! And there were also times that I felt ragingly mad at him...there were good times too. Well, all that's in the past anyway.. He seems, still the same...I am thankful for all he had taught me and I wish him nothing but the best.

From OneBorneo, I headed to Hospital Likas, to visit my good friend Rachel who just gave birth the previous day. It was a wonderful feeling being in that maternity ward and seeing that innocent little newborn. I wonder how Yasmin would react to having a little sister or bro. No, I am not pregnant again...yet :) Congrats Rachel and welcome to the world Baby Raphael!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flirt Til You Drop

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.."

Recognize that line? It's a classic, from the movie Casablanca. I love it. It's cool, casual and not mushy at all. I've heard this line used and rephrased in different situations and different movies.

Speaking of romantic lines, one of favourites is from the mini series Anne of Green Gables. The scene, at the bridge when Anne and Gil walk together..and Anne says "I don't want diamond sunbursts, or marble halls. I just want you..." Awww...and Gil kisses her in the end and all of us girls watching swoon and goes teary eyed... I still love that scene after all this time...

I also loved Dorothy's 'You had me at hello..' in Jerry Maguire. And equally, Jerry's 'You. Complete. Me.'

Aahhh..all this lovey dovey talk makes me.... want to watch those movies again! :)

But anyway, what do you think? Do you think it would work if we were to use these lines in real life? Some might seem to corny but hey, if you were suave enough to use Bogart's line from Casablanca..who knows, it might work!

Here what you can do instead.. go check out the Victory Hair and play the Extreme Style by VO5 's Ultimate Flirting Championship

Play the game and these out some of those classic lines from movies and see if they work. It's an interesting and interactive game and hey, at least this way... you won't crash and burn too bad if you get the cold shoulder! And if all else fails, you can always say 'We'll always have Paris..' Or London or KK or wherever you are. Happy flirting!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ugly Elbow

When I was still working in UMS, I signed up for this monthly contribution program for WWF. It was RM30 per month, which is done via auto-debit from one's bank account. I continued this monthly contribution up to early this year then I decided that I needed to preserve my finances better or rather use it for some more important purpose. Not that saving and caring for the environment isn't important, it's just that when budget is tight... you'd be better off saving and caring for yourself first, right?

And so, I called WWF and asked to have my monthly contribution cancelled. And they obliged, for the past few months there weren't anymore deductions. But early this month, I noticed an auto debit on my account, of the same amount that was only previously for WWF. I checked with my bank and found out that the autodebit was indeed made by WWF. So after a few days putting it off, I finally called them this afternoon. The lady that spoke to me verified that yes, they did cancel my contributions as I requested but there must have been some 'glitch' for this month. She apologised for the inconvenience and was about to end our conversation when I just asked her, 'Do I get a refund?' She sounded surprised. Maybe she thought I would just halalkan the glitch. I know it's not that big a sum of money but when you don't have a fixed income I would say every other penny counts. In the end, after telling me that it will take some time, she said they will arrange for the refund.

So, here I am..with my ugly elbow (buruk siku bah!)...but well.... I do look forward to the day that I can once more make my contributions to help for important causes or for those in need. That's the best thing about being wealthy really..that you have so much money, you can just close one eye and give it for now that RM30 needs to be channelled for Linachu's wellbeing first.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Yours

I received a package via courier on Monday and inside was this...

Hurrah! The package came from Mix FM. I entered one of their online contests some time ago and had completely forgotten about it and didn't even receive any notification that I won. Hubby had actually downloaded this album for me but it's nice to have the real thing.

Here's to more prizes coming in the mail!! A big fat cheque would be nice :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Walt Disney has been called as one of the greatest visionaries of all time. And I agree. His vision has brought fun, happiness and magic to so many and will continue to do so for generations to come.

I, myself, grew up on a lot of things Disney - movies, music and Disney characters. And now that Yasmin too has familiarized herself with the Playhouse Disney channel (75% of our tv time is devoted to this channel!), I'm reliving and re-loving all those Disney characters that I had almost lay aside. Thinking of it, here are my top 15 list of favourite things Disney:


1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - by Elton John from The Lion King
2. A Whole New World - Aladdin
3. Hakuna Matata - the song and also the motto itself! Also from The Lion King
4. Reflections - Mulan
5. Go The Distance - sung by Michael Bolton from the movie Hercules


6. Aladdin - cool dude!
7. Pooh Bear - love his laidback style
8. Eeyore - there's something really lovable about his whole grim outlook on life!
9. Belle - from Beauty and The Beast, the most beautiful among Disney's leading ladies
10. Buzz Lightyear - who can ever forget that mantra "To Infinity...and Beyond!!"


11. My Friends Tigger and Pooh
12. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - a classic
13. The Little Mermaid
14. Mickey Mouse - the Disney icon
15. Enchanted - very likeable movie!

What are your favourites? List your top 5 and see how many we have in common (hey, this can be a tag! - whoever feels like it, tag yourself!)

There's a new ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD Game out. This game brings a new twist to the old favourite Bingo. It lets kids learn numbers, colors, and matching skills using their favourite Disney characters, music and movie clips including those featured in my list above! Should be tonnes of fun, not just for the kids but the whole family as well.

To purchase your copy or to check out its features, go to or and search for Disney Bingo.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Have To Wait

The release of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince has been delayed to July next year. Boohoo... looks like will have to wait and guess will have more time to re-read the book!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Old Photo

Here is an old photo of my mom (left), my aunt, my late Grandma and sitting on her lap is my uncle. Don't they just look genuinely happy? It looks so peaceful too..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Job?

I saw a job vacancy ad recently. It was for this organization that I always thought I would want to work with. The job description as well, seems like it would suit me well. And so, my mind has been racing with thoughts as to whether I should give it a go.

It has been just over one year since I left my job at the uni. I love the business(es) that I am involved with. Both are superb and have great potential, in my opinion. I love the flexibility that I have - that I can spend some time to jemur kain (yeah..this is important to me!) in the morning and not have to worry about punching in late - that I can come home for an extended lunch hour to be with Yasmin and to put her down for her afternoon nap - that I can drop by to my parents place at any time - that I can schedule self indulging appointments anytime I want.

But honestly, there are some days that I leave home and am not sure of where to go. I do have a small rented office space and it is convenient.

I do miss...having an actual office. Being a part of something, being part of a group. Interaction. A fixed monthly income.

I don't know. It is actually the second time I have seen this vacancy advertised. The first time as well, I considered it but then decided to give it a pass. Maybe I will look into the ad again. Both my businesses are pretty much set up and can be run with not too much effort and time. Or I could get someone to run it for me. I'll give this a thinker again.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Turn·o·ver: change or movement of people, as tenants, customers, business owners, in, out or through a place

One thing that I have noticed since starting our business, is the rather startling rate of business turnover here in KK. I imagine it would be the same anywhere though. Since one of the main things we do is distribute our paper to restaurants and cafes around KK, it's just quite surprising to see a lot of these businesses come and go. This week alone, I discovered that two of our distribution outlets have closed. One is the rather cosy Olive's Cafe in Centre Point and the second Kopicat Cafe at Kompleks Asia City - I am told that it is actually under renovation and will be reopened next year!

There is, I mean was, a small cafe in Gaya Street that I wanted to approach some months ago but I was told that it was being taken over by a new owner. So I waited. Even after it was reopened by the new owner I didn't have a chance to approach them though. And just last week, I walked past there..and the cafe is no more! It is now a print/photocopy shop.

Quite a few of our distributions outlets have closed this past year. There was one cafe in City Mall which was open on one week I went there and the staff were all nice to me but come next week, it was closed! And what sucked is that they don't even have the courtesy to call us and let us know. Along with them closing, goes our display stand which we provide free to these outlets! They are quite pricey as well.

With quite a number of shopping complexes due for completion - Suria Sabah, KK Times Square (so original the names kan..), Harbour City, Star just wondering if there are enough businesses to fill these places up. Even 1Borneo hasn't lived up to all the hype. I'd be happy if more cafes opened though!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fake Japanese

We went to 1Borneo last night and decided to have dinner at Sushi King. the long, twisting and turning sushi train! But the sushi selection itself look limited, though I'm sure you can still order those not available on the train from their menu. We had Tori Teriyaki Don, yumm! But mak small the serving! I think I even spotted one of my former student working there!

There is one thing that irked me though. It was how the staff there would periodically have outbursts of yelling out Japanese greetings to customers walking in and out of the restaurant. I know it's supposed to be welcoming..but it just sounded soooo fake. I mean, one'd have them yelling out these greetings (which I wonder, do they really understand what it means)...and then if you ask em something, they'd be all like..'ohh...ya bah...' and I heard some 'astagaaa...' and 'anu bah...' ni dengan accent yang pakat lagi nih. Like, what if Japanese tourists do come in the restaurant and start talking to these people in Japanese... then again, who knows..maybe they DO speak the language...

Anyway, I wanted to laugh out loud each time they harmoniously did the greetings...Tidak juga salah just greet in Malay or English saja kan...

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Down Memory Lane

This is a pretty old picture of Yasmin. Was taken when she just around 1 yrs old. My my, how she has grown! Anyway, see that t-shirt she is wearing? That is actually my old t-shirt from when I was a wee little girl and my dad was doing his Masters in Pittsburgh USA. It was my school's t-shirt - Liberty School in an area called Shadyside. My mom found it and washed it and said it could probably fit Yasmin. :) And it does.

Anyway, she was wearing it the other day and hubby asked me if the place Shadyside really exist. So I said, yeahhh huh! And told him to google it. Which he did. And so he found a link to Yahoo Maps which showed the exact location of not only Shadyside in Pittsburgh but also Liberty School itself! Cool, I thought!

So after hubby left for work (this was in the morning and Yasmin was still sleeping, so I let her so I could surf for a while), I decided to have a look at the maps and started recalling the name of places. I looked up Beechwood Boulevard, which was the location of our house. And there's the Three River Stadium. And that's about it that I could remember about Pittsburgh. I was just 7 years old then.

I then decided to look up Southampton and Manchester in the UK. I love both places! I love Soton for its greeneries, I loved my room in my hall of residence in my first year, I loved our house in Primrose Road in my final year. (Second year I stayed in this house, the landlord was Indian - hmm..we did have a few fights with them!) I had fun looking at the roads in the map, those that I used on my way to uni and back - yes, there..I was walking everywhere! I even used to walk to this little place called Portswood which was somewhere in between the uni and Soton town centre. I loved Ocean Village, which was by the ocean, where else and also where the cinema was! Penting tu! Sigh...would so love to go back there for a visit.

For my masters, I chose Manchester. Why exactly...I don't know. Perhaps because they offered a good course. I had actually visited Manchester during my A Levels time, when choosing which uni to go to. My first impression was that it was too busy, too dirty, too industrial. But during my Masters, I so loved it! I stayed at this hall of residence which was like 5 minutes from my classes and 10 minutes from the city centre. Bestnya! I even joined the gym there, I watched a Boyzone concert with my friend Momoka, I watched a play - Pride and Prejudice, I watched countless cult movies, ate lovely Halal food, worked as a receptionist on weekends, had a crush on my supervisor (oops!). Oh, I visited my friends Sar and Siti in Glasgow and I also met up with Siva in Manchester! (Note to self, must scan and put up that pic of us in Glasgow)

Sometimes feels like I can still recall the exact look and feel of the places there. How it sounded, how the bakery in Marks and Spencer smelt, the fishmongers calling me Luv or Darlin', hehehe... I bet I can still remember which routes to take to go where. It was nice having that quick jog down memory lane. Thanks technology, thanks Yahoo!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Kids No More

I caught New Kids On The Block's new single Summer Time on the radio and decided to check the video out on YouTube. Who doesn't love NKOTB, right? Well, we certainly grew up with all their tunes during school time. Everyone going ga-ga over their favourite guy, some professing marriage, plastering the walls with their posters and doning their t-shirts and all. Hehe..I'm not naming names here..but you know la who you are kan! (Myself not excluded!) So here they are making a come back now.

What say you? Sure, the new song is fresh and hip sounding but honestly, I think it's gonna be one of those songs that will enjoy a fair time of airplay and then probably fade out with time. You can sing along to it now but 6 months down the road, you probably won't even be able to recall it. And the 'New Kids'...well..enough to say that they certainly ain't kids anymore. They are all in their late 30s for god sake! Memang nampak tua la sudah...especially Danny and Jonathan.

I could accept if Joey and Jordan went with their solo careers - I think they did give it a try - and I think they would have a fair chance in succeeding, probably. But what I really have trouble in accepting is Donnie Wahlberg. Why oh why?? He had set himself apart and branded himself as a recognizable actor. He was Carwood Lipton, a military man, one of my favourites in Band of Brothers! Why go back to matching white outfits and synchronized dance moves and cheesy music videos?? Here's to hoping that his bro Mark has a better sense then to go back to his Marky Mark ways!

While I'm on this subject.. I feel the same way about all the other 'bands' that are trying to make a come back - Spice Girls, Take That..hmm who else.. to me, their time has gone... they won't be able to compete with all the new talent that is out now.. As much as I love Gary Barlow's voice and their song Patience..where are they now?? And the Spice Girls should go back to being mommies and spending their royalty money or whatever else they've been up to... Boyzone..please don't reunite, you won't have a chance!