Thursday, September 25, 2008

Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

I quite enjoyed this show. The kids are amusing and adorable and the questions are quite good to test one's knowledge and memory. Was surprised that it is also the brainchild of Mark Burnett - this guy is so creative and great with reality shows!

Anyway, wanted to talk about my OUM class last weekend. It was the second session. And already there were some smart alecs showing their fur in the class. I think maybe they were just being playful. I was surprised though to discover that some of them lacked even some really fundamental knowledge.

For example, quite a few didn't know that the prefix kilo - as in kilonewton or kilopascal, etc..meant that you need to multiply by 1000. One person asked me what was the 'g' symbol. g as in gravitational acceleration and why you need to multiply it with a mass. They struggled to remember what was the formula for area of a circle - well, there are moments when I have to sit down and think about it as well. Pie*r squared or two pie r, can be confusing. Some had trouble using their scientific calculators - well..I myself, am still not familiar with all the functions!

But, I consider not knowing that kilo means multiplying by 1000 a really big booboo. And not familiar with g? It's really fundamental knowledge and I think most of those guys are teachers. Worrying if you ask me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Menang Lagi

So Mix FM is now officially my favourite radio station. On Tuesday, I received this....

RM200 worth of Pizza Hut vouchers. I won them in Mix FM's Know Your 90's contest (on at 9am weekdays). This was actually about a month ago, around about the same time I won the Jason Mraz cd. But I figured, I'd wait to write about it only when I receive the prize, just in case the whole thing was a figment of my over active imagination.

It was a fine Friday morning and I was listening to the radio en route to my delivery destinations. So on comes the Know Your 90s contest and I'm listening and thinking, hey I know all those songs, let's give it a try and sms in. It's easy peasy, you just have to name the 3 song titles and artists they played. A few minutes after they played the 3 songs, they announced a winner. Not me. So I'm thinking, no biggie.

I was actually walking on the streets when I got the call. This guy told me I won. So I ask him, I thought they already announced a winner..and he said something to the point that my sms came in late and they just had to announce a winner..something like that, I couldn't really hear on account that I was walking on the street and traffic was noisy. I think my question threw him away, he didn't even get to asking me what was the answers! He asked for my address and that's it. I won!

So I'm thinking, either I'm really lucky with Mix FM or maybe no one else is entering these contests?? I gotta try one of those with cash prizes! Sedap juga berbuka makan pizza..hehe...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Young Ones

I attended our Agel business briefing session last Saturday. I enjoy going to these sessions to be reminded of what a great thing Agel is and the other members have sorta become like family. At the end of the session, I got to chatting with this girl - the daughter of my friends, who are also doing the business. This girl is form 3, yet she was chatting to me so confidently, so enthusiastically and so genuinely. In fact, she was the one who approached me and introduced herself first! There were things she said that made her sound mature beyond her years and really amazed me. Her personality really shined. I guess it is a testiment to what great parents she has - both parents are business owners, dynamic and passionate leaders.

I think at that age I was a bumbling, insecure little girl. (Still am sometimes!) I can't blame my parents, but honestly, there was a time when I did think that a lot of who I am now is the result of how I was brought up. My parents are quite conservative. My dad is a very quiet person and I guess my sister and I take after him too. Sometimes, if people asked me questions, my mom would be the one to answer it first. I was never encouraged to speak up, to speak my mind, to argue. Not that I want to be loud or argumentative, I just wished I had more of a voice then and a better sense of myself.

Thinking about it now, I want Yasmin to grow up to be like that girl. Outgoing, dynamic, confident. I don't want her to shy away when asked questions. I want her to have her own opinion and to be secure enough to share it. I want so much more for her... and so, in wanting more I will also have to work to better myself at the same time.

I drive by St Francis girls school on my way back home on most days and I always think of how those girls are so young and so full of potential. With the entire world waiting for them. If I could go back in time, I would probably change some things, do some things differently, make different choices that would bring my life in other directions. I guess, there's still time, there's still a chance, there's always hope..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling Love

I was in the mood for something sappy and local (for some reason), so I watched the movie Cinta, again. I cried my eyes out for nearly 1 hour and 49 minutes. Little details here and there, got to me. Even just the opening credits. I forgot what a gem of a movie it is. One of the best Malay movies I've seen, I would say. Love it.

a must watch!

Still on the topic of love, I wanted to share this..

Some guy proposed with a huge banner that was put near the bus stop in Damai. It's been up for a few days.... This pic was expertly taken sambil memandu, mind you... Well, tonight, as I passed by there again..I saw that there was already a response..

Never mind that the answer should actually be 'I will..' Hehe..oh, this picture was taken whilst stopping at the traffic light, don't worry..I don't usually make it a habit going off snapping random pics whilst driving.

Huhu...what do you think? Romantic? Cheesy? (And do romantic gestures go downhill and become a distant memory after marriage? Persoalan ni, side effects from watching Cinta)

Well, at least those guys will (hopefully) have a great story to tell their kids some day..

Saturday, September 20, 2008


A question that I am pondering about and would like to put out to all you good people reading this:

If Money & Time is not a problem, what is it that you’ll really want to be doing with your life?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gossip Girls

Yesterday, I asked Rina and Josie to meet up during lunchtime, just to cerita-cerita. I haven't seen them in a while and hey, who's to say that we can't meet up during Ramadhan just because we can't eat or drink? I picked up Rina and we met Josie and Jane at Grace Point. The place was rather subdued - guess their main clientele are Muslims. Believe it or not, the waiter still asked if we wanted to order drinks! J & J were given the go ahead to eat, we didn't mind - tapi mereka pulak yang malu-malu and susah mau telan tu makanan..hehe. We talked our usual topics - from TV shows: The Amazing Race Asia, House, some of Rina's Korean drama ada juga terselit - to updating on friends - Raya plans, holiday plans, etc. Good stuff - where would I be without you girls to gossip with? Hehe... Cheers ladies, xoxo.

PS.. The Amazing Race is returning! 29th Sept on AXN. Oh yeah..Phil, I'm waiting...

Lazy Day/Week

The thing about being self employed is..there's that word self there. Meaning almost everything has to be done yourself. On most days, this is fine. On some days, this can be mighty tiring. On days that you just don't feel like doing anything, this becomes a pain in the behind. Cos like it or not, things need to be done and there's no one else to do it but yourself. I have been having a particularly lazy week this week. I have been rather absorbed in the other business (I've just realised how so much more amazing it is and how it embodies everything I believe in and want - I love it even more). This morning, after doing the laundry and cooking Yasmin's breakfast and having my shower, I wanted to just lay on the bed, rest and wait for Yasmin to wake up. But of course, I had things that needed to be done this morning. So once she woke up, I had to practically drag my lazy arse down and drive to do my morning's tasks.

My wish partially came true though. When I got to the printers, turns out they had done the wrong printing! They printed this week's paper again, instead of next week's. Rugi their paper, and my minyak kereta but I got the morning off as I wished for. Hee.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love This Man

I still love you after all this while
I still remember the first time I saw you
And touched you
I was smitten
You were there with me when I needed you
Soothing me
Nourishing my soul
Accompanying me on those lonely nights
Lulling me to sleep
Waking me up in the morning
Some say that you are now obsolete
Replaceable with newer, sleeker, sexier ones
Who aren't even man
But I still love you so
And as long as you are still there for me
So shall I be for you
I love you
My DiscMan


Monday, September 08, 2008

Rain and Sleep

It's just after imsak. It has been raining non stop for what seems like hours. Though I can think of half a dozen things that I can do before daybreak - like doing the ironing, or preparing that document that I need for a meeting later today, checking Astro channel 816 to see if the US Open semis is on, blogging about my ordeal in making an online booking yesterday - the rhythmic sound of the rain, the cool air of the morning, beckons me to snuggle and snooze in bed for just a little while longer...I'll do those things later.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Buying Goods from the USA

Whoever was the first person to say, 'I'll create a website, make it as an online store and make the goods available to people worldwide!' is a genius! The number of online shopping sites and the variety of goods available online nowadays is amazing. Whatever you're thinking, whatever you want, is just a few clicks away. Goods that were previously only available in other countries can now be purchased online and delivered right to your doorstep. Brilliant, convenient and hassle free!

Personally, I love to browse online stores and have done my fair share of buying products such as books, cds, dvds and clothes online. I once even bought a pillow online! So far, I am a satisfied online shopper, never had any problems with online payment and all my orders have been delivered in good condition.

There are two main qualms that I have experienced though. Firstly, there are still certain websites that do not take international orders. In most cases, these sites are based in the US and thus deliveries are restricted to North America only. Secondly, for certain online stores that do deliver internationally, the shipping or delivery charges cost a bomb! I have once experienced, merrily shopping through this site and putting in products in my cart that cost around 60 dollars and when came time to check out, I was shocked to find that the shipping charges alone cost more than 100 dollars! More than the items themself! And they weren't even huge or heavy items. Needless to say, that purchase was cancelled.

If you have had a similar experience but would still like to enjoy buying goods from the USA, check out the website.

This site enables you to use a real US address, which is in fact the company's headquarters address, for your purchases, and they in turn will then forward the package to you for very reasonable international shipping charges. The company also provides other services such as:
  • Mail forwarding - they can forward your letters or any magazines, journals, etc. that aren't available internationally
  • Mail consolidation - group together your purchases to be delivered in one shipment (you won't have to pay extra for the separate shipments)
  • Personal shopper - for sites that only accept US based credit cards, they can help to make the payment for you first
  • Flexible shipping options based on your needs
I think these are all great features especially for someone like me, a self confessed online shopaholic! which site should I surf next??

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Roy's Wedding

Outdated post: Here are some pics from Roy Nadzrie's wedding, a few weeks ago. Many of our school mates were there - Hafez & Kim, Brenda, Yusrih Alip, Paival, Ag Faizal, Herda, Rudy to name a few...but didn't get any proper pictures with them.

In Blue

With Puan Aminah, our former English teacher at SBPS
She still got hubby's full name right but seemed to think I was Norazlina..
By the way, she lives just across the road from Roy's house and is still teaching English (not at SBPS anymore though)

The photographer photographed.
Osmand, on duty

Teaching Again

My friend Siva, asked me if I was interested in a part time teaching gig for OUM and before I knew it, I found myself agreeing and going home with a module to study and an attendance list to compile. So, I'm teaching again. After almost a year of non contact with any white board markers and standing in front of a classroom. Had the first tutorial session yesterday. Only 11 students showed up. And I have to say...I seem to still have the gift...of putting students to sleep! Hahaha...ya la, halfway through the session, I saw ada sudah yang terkebil-kebil!

I had done a stint with OUM some years back and so they still had all my records and details. I didn't have to go for interview or anything, which was good.

In my previous experience, one thing that I would never one of the classes, when I turned to write on the whiteboard..I suddenly heard..snoring! Yes, one of the guys (pakcik2 bah..apparently drove all the way from Beaufort at 3am) was fast asleep. I don't remember how he woke up. Hehe. Last time I taught Math, and I wasn't very comfortable with it and had to do a lot of preparation and revising for the subject. This time, I'm teaching my favourite Strength of Materials subject and so revising and preparing is not too bad.

There are only 5 sessions, 2 hours each and its once a fortnight. So not too bad. I was having trouble though yesterday..of trying my best not to teach. We are actually only supposed to be conducting tutorial - discussions, exercises, etc. Most of the students admitted that they haven't read the module prior to coming and so I was half half in between, going through the actual topic and doing practice exercises. Only managed to complete one exercise question. Maybe next time, I'll just jump straight to the exercises.

I have to admit this. I actually do not believe in the whole part time/long distance studying thing. To me, if you were to commit yourself to going back to studying, you have to fully immerse yourself to benefit to the fullest. In that way, you have a full appreciation of the course you are studying. I do commend these people who are making their time and juggling between work, family and studying...but I just have to wonder, how effective it is. In the end, they will have a degree...but what does it really mean? That's what I think is important.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

They're Back

I'm alive again!!

This month sees the return of my favourite shows! Just watched the first episode for Season 2 of Gossip Girl. This show is not one of the best in terms of storyline and it's just oh so unrealistic and borderline adolescent at times...yet I find myself impossibly addicted to it!

Soon..Grey's, Private Practise and House will be back with new seasons as well. Oh...I caught a trailer of the new season of Desperate Housewives on tele last night...looks interestingly steamy!

In waiting for these shows to reappear and for the lack of shows to watch, I had asked hubby to download me past episodes of Gilmore Girls. I watched two episodes..and Gilmore Girls is still pretty much watchable and relevant, I must say...

Oh..for those of you watching House on AXN, don't miss the two part season finale - it's brilliant!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadhan Mubarak

It's Ramadhan!

Other than being a month filled with blessings and an opportunity to cleanse ones self, the great thing about Ramadhan is that you wake up for sahur and then you have this time - the time after sahur up til dawn (or whatever time you need to get ready for work). If you aren't sleepy and don't want to go back to bed, you can always do some house chores like ironing or laundry. You can turn on the tele and watch whatever is showing on Astro. You can finish off any unfinished tasks for work - when I was still teaching, I used to do my class preparations after sahur. You can surf the web and blog! And you have the added bonus of (maybe) catching a glimpse of the sunrise, breathing in a new day, being thankful for your life. I do so love this time.

Happy Fasting everyone. Wishing you a blessed and joyous Ramadhan ahead.

PS..I forgot what's the english term for sahur... apa sudah tu?

Seafood Anyone?

Who doesn't love seafood? I sure do. One of my favourite recipes has to be simple steamed fish with ginger and spring onion. Served with hot rice and condiments of chilli and sweet soy sauce, you have yourself a yummy and healthy meal. My dad on the other hand, loves chilli crab. He's not one to spend so much time in the kitchen but on those odd days that he does have a craving for those crabs, he would do everything from buying them at the market, to cleaning and cooking them himself!

I was looking through this website - The Great American Seafood cook off 2008 and the top 5 seafood recipes listed. My favourite has to be the Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots by Chef Tafari Campbell of Maryland. It looks like a simple recipe, one that can be easily prepared at home but I'm sure it's on top of the scale in terms of taste. I love the combination of orange and green colours in the recipe and also that it contains not only fish but also a dab of crab and shrimp as well. Wholesome and scrumptious!

I like that the seafood is served on a pea puree - I'm sure that would be a sweet and heavenly combination. If I were to make it at home, I would probably substitute the rockfish with any other fish available and also substitute the required veal stock for the sauce with chicken stock.

Although this is an American recipe, it can easily be recreated with the available ingredients here. I am blessed to live in this place where there is an abundance of choice when it comes to seafood. You don't have to look for anything imported, the domestic seafood is fresh from the sea, it's sustainable, it helps the economy of local fishermen, it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and it's great tasting too! I am also blessed that I don't have any allergies towards seafood and shellfish.

All this talk about food has got me salivating and it's the first day of fasting month! Well, if you're a seafood lover too and need some inspiration on what to cook tonight, check out this site - and choose your favourite recipe to try out. You can even vote and stand a chance to win a trip to New Orleans.

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