Monday, December 29, 2008

Channel 809

Astro has two free channels now, 808 and 809. 809 is AXN Beyond. I was so happy to see my old favourite cult shows featured on this channel. Roswell, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X-Files. Before there was Grey's or Gossip Girl or Heroes, these were THE shows.

I was mad for Roswell and the whole Max-Liz thing, the first season was so full of potential but then it got sorta crappy in the 2nd and 3rd seasons. I liked that Max and Liz got hitched in the end though. Not forgetting that this show also featured the then already beautiful Katherine Heigl, her character's name was Isobel as well. And Collin Hanks! Tom Hanks' son. And Emilie De Ravin, now more known as Claire in Lost.

Despite not being into vampires and such, I surprisingly was a loyal follower of Buffy. From the early days when Angel was still cool and mysterious, to Willow being a lesbian, to the second slayer thingy and the Dawn thingy and Spike growing a conscience til the very last episode, I watched. I liked Oz!

I watched X Files on and off. Boleh la. I was scared to watch it at first but then realised that it was more about controversies and cover ups rather than scary alien monsters.

I caught a Boyzone reunion concert on channel 808 whilst I was flipping channels. And erghh..I actually cringed!.. I was such a fan of their songs and Ronan back then...but now, I can't get why they reunited...

Engaging Sunday

Bro in law got engaged yesterday. A happy, merry occasion. The boys were all segak in their full uniform of baju melayus, one of them even kena puji nampak muda. :) Hubby, was on photographer duty again. Saw many familiar faces. Only thing was... the combination of the heat, the busy and crowded house and a cranky, screaming toddler got me all flustered and left me with a little migraine in the end. Thankfully managed to sleep it off.

Anyway, here's a picture of one of the hantarans.

Isn't it nice? I like how it looks so chic and modern, just by replacing the ol talam tembaga with that vase filled with flowers. Very creative!

As for the wedding details of where, when? I have no idea!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Of Movies & Shows

These days I seem to watch half movies only. Yeah, I'd start off watching some movie on Astro and then mid way, Yasmin would ask to have her channel on..or she'd drag me into the bedroom or something else. And you know, it's been ages since I went to the cinema..probably don't remember what the insides look like anymore. So far, I have watched Mission Impossible 3, Little Children, The Nanny Diaries and I still don't know how these movies ended. I watched half of Transformers last weekend and then thankfully caught the other half a few days ago. Hehe. By the way, I so had to ask hubby lots of questions about the movie... what can I say, I grew up on the Smurfs and Alvin & The Chipmunks! Ndak tau menahu bah pasal Autobots nih! By the way, that little bad transformer robot thingy, yang jadi handphone tu..freaked me out!

My Heart Will Go On.... can you hear the song in the background? :) I'm happy that two of my favourite-test stars, Leo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet have reunited for the movie Revolutionary Road. Both stars have gotten gorgeous-er since their Titanic days. I watched Titanic twice at the cinema, cried both times then watched it again at my uni's union films and cried again. Here's a snippet from the article in the link above:

"After 13 takes, with patience running on fumes, someone cues up the music again — only this time a practical joker has replaced Dean Martin with Celine Dion's ''My Heart Will Go On,'' the syrupy but strangely stirring anthem from Titanic. Suddenly, it's as if someone pressed the pause button. Everyone freezes for a good five seconds. And then, without saying a word, DiCaprio wraps Winslet in his arms, she spreads hers, and they re-create the iconic hood-ornament image that was wallpapered all over the planet 11 years ago. The 300 or so extras and onlookers explode into applause, juicing the stars enough to nail the scene on the next take."

Cute! Will look forward to watching that one... hopefully the full movie and not just half!

I've finished watching all episodes for Heroes! Still riveting I must say. Hiro and Ando still steal the scenes everytime and ohhh I totally loved the cameo by two very geeky comic book guys! What a great choice to have them in the show! Hehehe...Though I think some of those baddies will probably resurface again for the next season..

I loved the latest episode of Gossip Girl for that tender moment shared between Chuck & Blair. If you haven't seen it and want to... look away now! * I think there's something rather fishy in the demise of Mr Bass Senior. And can't Lily & Rufus just be together already... sighhhh...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Thoughts

Happy Boxing Day!!

It's raining bonkers here in KK. It's the perfect stay in-afternoon nap inducing kinda rain you'd wish for during afternoon prep class, right into turun sukan time. Heh.

I've just resurfaced from a trip to the heart of London and its outskirts, meeting with people named Lexi and Jon and Fi and Loser Dave. It was a nice trip and it didn't cost me a thing. Well, it cost some 20 odd ringgit actually. :) I've just finished reading Sophie Kinsella's book Remember Me? bah. Been burying my glasses into it the past few days, reading in the darkness after Yasmin goes to sleep, accompanied by David Archuleta* on my ol faithful discman, and continuing first thing in the morning. Even gave up fighting hubby for the use of the computer. I forgot how wonderful reading was. Immersing yourself in a different world, getting hooked into turning page after page and then when you finish reading it you feel like you've just said goodbye to some old friends you spent the last couple of days having a blast with.

Reading the book, I got to thinking about the thought process that must go through these authors minds as they write. Like in this book..the main idea is simple really. What happens if you wake up some day and don't have a clue who you are and what you've been up to the past couple of years. You don't even remember your own husband and your own home. And yet, one of the most shocking things to find out is that Brad and Jen aren't together anymore! Hehe...

I remember watching The Making of Mr Bean and they talked about how they come about with ideas for the show. Basically, in any given scenario, they just list out at least 5 things that can happen or can go wrong and that's how they come up with all those maniacal Mr Bean story lines. Cool huh. Sounds simple too but the tough part must be honing in on what would actually make people laugh or for a book, what will make people turn the pages. Something I should practise I guess, if ever I am going to have my own book out.

On a different note, attended a kenduri last night. My cousin who just gave birth has moved back to her house, which is actually my late grandmother's old house in Tanjung Aru. I haven't been there in ages. And it was nice being back there. We then went to Mae's house in Lintas for a short visit. She had invited us for their Xmas open house dinner, we got there quite late but nevertheless enjoyed a nice chat with the tired hostess. Yasmin seems to have no trouble customizing herself to other people's homes and immediately finds ways to entertain herself.

Oh drat, it seems the rain is thinning out... the hunnies are still enjoying their afternoon nap...I'm hungry again..

*David Archuleta CD = hadiah from Rina for my birthday...when I brought out my ancient discman, hubby actually winced out 'Oh god, what's that huge thing?!...' Thanks for the CD Rin! Archie does a lurvely cover of Robbie Williams' Angels.. I like!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pink Elephant

This morning Yasmin looked at me and said, 'Mommy, you're not a pink elephant. You're a mommy!' *Mommy raises her eyebrows in wonderment* I told the daddy and he remarked that it's a good thing that she knows the difference between things. Well, yeah huh! I'm pretty sure I am not a pink elephant, nor would I want to be classified in the same category. No matter how pretty or rare a pink elephant may be! I suspect it's all those episodes of Charlie and Lola she's been watching.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Note: I'm Here

My darling blog, I haven't abandoned you. I'm here. Oh hello you who is reading this...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

40 kgs!

I met a man yesterday. And according to him, he has lost 40 kgs since April this year! We asked him again to be sure.... 14 kgs or 40 kgs? And yes, he said 40 kgs! Oh me oh my oh me oh my... I don't know this person and how he looked like before, but yesterday he was a quite good looking, fit looking guy. He also said that his waistline has gone from 40 to 33. Oh wow. According to another friend, he has also now begun to enjoy life more..he used to be very shy and now after the weight lost, he has even gotten a new job. And his confidence just boomed. How did he do it? Well, he uses this product (iklan sekejap) on a daily basis.

But he also mentioned that he changed his eating habits and started to exercise regularly.

So people...5 or 10 kgs? Or 40 kgs? It can be done!

Today's Thoughts

I am suddenly a weekly visitor to the new KKIA airport. Not that I am jet setting to any exotic locals on a weekly basis, just that we have started to distribute our Coffee News paper at the airport's 24 hrs McDonalds outlet.

I like the new airport. Still pristine looking. Quiet. Calm. And I like the idea of frequenting the place. Only I'd rather be there to be flying off to somewhere and not just make deliveries.

I caught a sight of a man reading at the airport the other day. And I thought.. what luxury, to be able to just sit and enjoy a good book. Whilst waiting to be off to some other place, another world. The great thing about going off somewhere is that, for that period.. you can just forget about whatever is going on in your world. You can switch that off for a while and just enjoy the journey, the sights and sounds of a place where you can be invisible.


I just realized..I like to make lists. To do lists. List of things I have done. List of topics to blog about. List of books I want to read or check out. Waiting for my friends at lunchtime today, I even thought I should make a list of lists to make. Heh! I think it's mostly because I like the act of writing itself. I like scribbling. Doodling. Which is why you'd always see me with a notebook and pen wherever I go, or tucked in my handbag. Even with PDAs and organizers on cellphones, nothing beats that feeling of actually putting pen to paper. Oddly though, I rarely do shopping lists. Which probably explains why I most often end up buying more than I intended or with stuff I don't really need!

Note to self:
  1. Practise/Make shopping lists..
  2. .......

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New Reads

Got meself some new reads. From the Times warehouse clearance sale in Kompleks Asia City. I had seen them setting up a few days before, even saw a book that instantly grabbed my attention but didn't really give a thought about going, for fear of buying more than I can chew as I tend to do when it comes to books. But after reading Carol's post about the sale, I told hubby on Saturday that we were going.

Here's what I got:

Hurrrrahh! Have read a few pages of both books and they are good purchases indeed. I read Phil's book as if he is narrating it to me..hehehe..his style of writing is easy to read and he's funny too. Caught a video of him being interviewed on the Bonnie Hunt show, on youtube, and he is really funny and a fun guy...unlike the cool and serious persona we always see on The Amazing Race.

And Sophie Kinsella..well, been waiting for this one to come out in paperback for a while now. 30% off lagi at the sale. Fikir 2 saat jak, then angkat terus. Oh, Phil's book was RM20 by the way. I bought two books for Yasmin as well. There's actually a huge selection at the sale, but you really need time to go through the books, to find what you may want. Not that easy when you have a little kiddie who wants to wander off to the nearby chocolate shop. They had a bargain corner with RM1 books, but was mostly children's books. The sale is on til the 7th Dec, so go check it out if you haven't, you book lovers.