Friday, January 30, 2009


I've received three e-mails in the past three days, supposedly from my bank. The first e-mail said that there was a problem with my bank account and I needed to click the link provided or my account will be de-activated. I didn't do anything. I also checked with hubby and he concurred that it looked like a phishing attempt. So I let it be.

Next day, received another e-mail. This time it was titled account suspension. Again, asked to click a link to restore the account. Again, checked with hubby and decided to just ignore it. I thought of calling the bank to check but then I also thought I'd check it on the bank's website first. And yes, they did mention about reports on phishing, they listed some sample links (the one in the e-mail I received was not listed, but it looked similar) and also sample e-mail that might be used. And yes, they mentioned that one should never under any circumstance click on any links provided by e-mail. Satisfied, I ignored the e-mail again.

Checked my e-mail again this morning and what do you know, there's another e-mail from the bank, the content being the same as the first e-mail. Aduii... berabis juga diorang mau target saya nih! Maybe today I'll call up the bank, just to be abso-positively sure it's nothing.

Here are some things I noticed about these phishing e-mails:
- They would never mention your name. The e-mail I received was only addressed to 'bank customer'. Sometimes, they would just use your e-mail userid..for example if my e-mail was, they address the e-mail as 'Dear Linachuuu..' then you know for sure, they only used your userid
- The e-mail senders vary... the first one I received was from ***bank Berhad, the second one *** Group
-Hubby mentioned that banks would never ever use e-mail as the main means of communication. They would always write to you officially or call.
- I've also received e-mails from supposed banks that I don't even have an account with!

Oh, I did log into my bank account via the bank's official website and normal log in process. Everything looked normal. No urgent notices or such.

Anyone else encounter this? Be careful ya!

**From Wikipedia: Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger), auction sites (eBay), online banks , online payment processors (PayPal), or IT Administrators (Yahoo, ISPs, corporate) are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moo Moo Year

Happy Moo Moo Year to all that are celebrating and to all that will be menumpang in the celebrations too (that's all of us la..the thrills of living in a land with diverse cultures!) And it's a long weekend holiday too...whippee!! I've already seen and heard the Tong tong chang lorries driving around since last week. No big plans, no invitations...sigh.... But we might go on a picnic!

Mae's Pics

Some pics illegally right clicked copied from Mae & Asun's wedding collection. They were just too nice not to share!

The girls and one guy


With Mae & Asun..
Mana Rin? Sudah balik ka tu time ni?

Congratulating Mrs Mae

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Lost Sister

Met with Shaxmayra and her hubby last Friday, whilst they were in KK. My, my... eventhough we had been in touch via Facebook and sms, it has actually been more than 15 years ago that we last met! What a darling couple, Mayra and her hubby.. who incidently is my junior from the Shell days, who incidently also knows Hasnah and her hubby. Small, small world this is. So we had quite a few topics to talk about and to catch up on. I really never knew that you could borrow items from Argos and return it within 16 days! Hehehe... Good to see you Mayra, sms me the next time you're in KK :) Ooh.. Yasmin was unusually hyper that night!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My New Book

Impulse buy... oh, there's Dora!

Hurrah! The intro says that the book is translated by Hermione Granger and there are footnotes written by Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (yep, that's his full name! A mouthful, eh? I always thought that the Brian sounded out of place). It contains five fairy tales from the wizarding world, one of which was included in The Deathly Hallows book. The book also contains hand drawn illustrations by JK Rowling herself. Initially there were only seven original copies available, all hand written and hand drawn by Rowling herself (phew..ndak ka penat tu?). They were auctioned off and one was bought by Can't imagine how much they paid for those copies. Gazillions probably. It was originally said that she did not want to release the book for publication but I guess she changed her mind. And why not, there's virtually millions of Potterphiliacs would be lined up to buy it!! Another few million bucks in her bank account, it would have been crazy not to publish it. Anyway, haven't finished reading it (though it is a thin book), but I already know I'll love it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


In Damai this morning, I saw this lady, who happened to be my favourite pilates instructor (back in those days that I did pilates) and she was wearing these shorter than short hot pants. Catching a glimpse of her toned legs, my thoughts were "By George!! This woman has nice legs!" I told my hubby and he called me a pervert!

The Old Workplace

Some time in November, I received a call from my former colleague, asking if I could take up part time teaching for one subject. I agreed. And again, a few days into the new year, I was asked to drop by the office, to fill in some forms and to collect the class timetable. Honestly, I was ill prepared, and did wonder how I'd be in the lecture room, after quite a long hiatus.. oum gig not included. I even asked if I could get paid for marking exam papers, seeming that the class was to have over 100 students.

So, with the timetable set..and me leaving my preparations to the last minute (as usual), I was ok to be a Material girl again. (The subject was Material Science!) Class was supposed to commence on Monday. Got a call on Saturday morning from the colleague, saying that I shouldn't start the class yet. Reason being, the school didn't have enough budget for flying lecturers (Yeah, I only fly MAS ma.. I just drive my ol Mobila maa..). Well, my application was actually approved but they were also asking for another lecturer for another subject, and that one wasn't approved. So dear colleague, DocW, asked if I could possibly take up the other subject instead..errghh Fluid Mechanics!! I said no, fluids and I don't flare well. Never liked the subject, even almost failed it once at uni. So he said that his only other alternative would be to take up the Materials subject himself and use the budget to find a lecturer for the other subject instead. So there... the material girl song suddenly fades in the background.... No worries, I was a little relieved juga actually.

Got another call from DocW this week, asking me if I can take up yet another different subject. My response was, 'Errrr...I don't know..I'll have to look at the content...' But he was still stressing about the no budget thingy. But then, his tone changed...and I sort of figured that he was actually calling me to ask something else. And his big question was, 'Do you want to come back to the uni?' I wasn't really surprised, he had asked me this before a few times. Even Siva asked me a few days earlier and said he'd campaign for me (Thanks, my friend! Love the math monster cartoon on your window, by the way!) Hmm... DocW sounded really desperate. But all I could say then was, 'Not at the moment...'

I'm wondering, why don't they (being the management) really go out and recruit people like crazy. This problem of not enough staff is not new. It has been there all this while. And it's not just for our, I mean the Mech's all programs I would say. The lecturers are overly loaded and it's not fair to the students as well. It needs to be solved.

On another note, that day I dropped by the old office... I discovered that as much as things may have changed, some things are still the same... DocW's desk was still as messy as I remembered from my last visit, Siva still had the funny cartoons and jokes on his window, the same familiar cars were still parked in their familiar spots, the guard at the gate still let me in without any questions despite me not having a uni car sticker.... Funny how these little things are oddly comforting...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Budak Atas Batu

Being Grateful

The past few days I have been receiving text messages, asking to pray for the Palestinians and to boycott US based products and companies. I did not forward these smses. Not that I do not care, I just never been one to forward smses and such. I rarely even forward e-mails. I do not fully understand the context of what is happening there and why and I admit I do not diligently read newspapers or watch the news on a daily basis. But I do know that it is sad to see innocent people, children.. living through what is happening there. It can not even be called as living. Kind of puts your life in perspective. We live here in peace and harmony and think that we have got problems. Yet, for those people.. it is a struggle to just live another day.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Today's Lunch

I've been wanting to write for the past few days. Ideas on things to write about have been popping in and out of my head. But, come night time (or afternoon nap time), the lure of the bed wins and calls me to sweet slumber instead. And so those ideas remain where they are, some.. might even have been lost forever. Too dramatic you might say. Well, let me write about today first.

We indulged in a hi-tea lunch at Hyatt. For some odd reason, I have been craving the taste of wasabi lately and hi teas on Saturday include selections from the Japanese restaurant, so woohoo. And no, it's not that particular type of craving. Just cravings of a person who loves her food.

We were seated next to a table with a couple who had three very young boys, they were probably around the ages of 2 - 4 years old. Yasmin being Yasmin, always gets excited when she sees other kiddies around. And especially if those kids start running around, Yasmin also wants to join in. Luckily, these kiddies were well mannered enough to obligingly sit through their lunch meal. And all through lunch, Yasmin kept interacting with them. The parents seemed cool with it as well. At times, both the parents would leave the table to take food, leaving the kids there themselves. And as I stood up to get my food, I told hubby..he has to look out for those boys too!

It was cute and funny to see those boys talking to each other. And Yasmin too trying to talk to them. Towards the end of the lunch, the boys, clearly bored and having had enough food, moved away to some nearby chairs. Yasmin went near them and I couldn't see clearly what they were doing but the mom suddenly said something along the lines of 'No, don't do that to her..' I think they were trying to put their napkins on Yasmin's head. She also said Yasmin's name. I guess, she heard us calling Yasmin's name through out the lunch. Ye la, the tables being so close..I knew her kid's names too - Liam and Adrian. Hehe..eavesdropping ni.

Before leaving, she said to us 'These boys don't know how to play with girls.. 9 kids at home, all boys!' We just smiled and said it was OK. When she left, I looked at my hubby and said, "9 kids??! She has 9 kids?' This was a pretty looking, tall and lean young lady. She wore a sleeveless blouse and shorts, had excellent English and was very good with her boys. Anyway, my point being.. if I have had 9 kids and I look that great, I'd be the happiest woman alive!

Hubby and I later theorized that she probably ran a playschool, or the hubby had kids from another marriage, or they're like Brad & Angelina adopting a whole bunch of kids, or something along that. Hah! We'll have to be all stalker like ala Monica and Chandler to find out more if we meet them again.

On the subject of eating at Hyatt, the few times that we have been there before, there are two things that I have observed. The first is, there have been a few couples who would bring their children for the buffet lunch. The kids are obviously above 6 years old, those that can take their own food. When it came time to pay, the parents would argue with the waiters/cashiers that the kids didn't eat. It was only them, the parents who ate. Hmm...

Another one is that some bring along their maids. But again, the maid doesn't seem to get fed. Some don't even get to sit! I just find it kind of... wrong. I mean, if you're gonna bring your kids there... aren't you gonna feed them?? Takkan they just expected the kids to look at them eat. And if you're gonna bring the maid, at least treat la the maid to have something to eat. If not, better just go without the kids.. and then you wouldn't have to bring the maid to look after the kids as well.

Hmm.. That's my lunchtime tales today. And now to dig up those other ideas. More writings to come. TTFN! (Ta ta for now) :)

*This post was actually written on Saturday, 10th Jan.