Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What is? No electricity two days in a row!

There was no electricity two days in a row, in the morning at our housing area. I think it was experienced in Seri Gaya, Foh Sang and all the way to City Mall area. Damai fortunately was sparred. On Monday afternoon I was in Centre Point and also there was no electricity there then. Oh my...if I was a business owner in City Mall or Centre Point, I think I'd be fuming! McDonalds in the basement of Centre Point was in complete darkness and there were still customers trying to buy drinks! This is really bad. And we're supposed to be a city?? What is actually up with all these power cut problems and why after all this while we are still experiencing what we had 10 years ago? They really should re-think that 'Working harder for better power' slogan.

To add to that, internet connection has been bad too this past week. On Monday morning, we had connection problems at home. After 20 minutes or so, it was OK. But then, guess what.... the electricity pulak went off! *Fume*

To add to has been scorchingly hot this past week here... hmmm..the combination of

No electricity + Sucky internet connection + Hot, dry weather = Cranky, Grumpy KK'ians!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All Aboard!

This was a few weeks ago. Bro in law invited us to go on a visit to the ship/yacht owned by the company he works with. When else would we get such a chance, so we went. The ship is called the Raja Laut. It is available for charter, very luxurious and beautifully crafted, not that I know a lot about ships. I didn't get a chance to ask what the rates are though. Here are some pics:

Passing by all the boats parked at Sutera Harbour Marina

Munching on the snacks served to us
We realised that the fruit punch was spiked...nasib I drank the orange juice saja

No Captain Sparrow up there

We're on the map!

I liked this gadget..I think it's used to measure the pitch and roll (angle) of the ship when it's sailing

Don't know what this is called..

After about 40 minutes on board, she started getting restless

Left just before sunset
(Sounds like a song...)

Just realized that we don't have a full picture of the actual ship. There were a lot of people that day, I think they invited quite a few of the influential people in KK to visit the ship. They were 'open' til late at night and I saw quite a few guys armed and ready to shoot..with their cameras. And I'm guessing most of them would be posting pictures on facebook, flicker or their blogs. Good publicity I say!

I'm not such a water person but sailing seems such a romantic thing to do, maybe some day I'll get a chance to have the experience.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eavesdropped Conversation

As I was waiting to pay for my purchases, I managed to eavesdrop a conversation between three elderly men. It went something like this:

Pakcik1: Eh, how come you are limping? You got uric acid problem ah? Gout?
Pakcik2: No la.. (I forgot what he replied actually..)
Pakcik3: Ya la.. have to be careful, can not eat all the kacang..
Pakcik1: Have to be careful your liver also..
Pakcik2: Ya oh.. Liver and pancreas important oh..
Pakcik3: Kidney also oh..if rosak die oh
Pakcik1: What medication you taking?

And they went on and on.. I couldn't help but hide a small laugh. They were chatting rather loudly and with high spirits too. And it's not such a nice topic of conversation in the first place! I hope my friends and I don't end up like that some day... No more interesting topics until you can only discuss health and bodily organs and medications? ...I hope not!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog and Be Merry

Being in the advertising business, I have come to learn how advertising works. The idea is simple, the more exposure the better. Newspapers and magazines, tv and radio, billboards and banners, all serve this same purpose to create exposure for the advertisers. These days though, there is a new advertising trend emerging - blog advertising. Blogs have become such a good vehicle to which advertiser's messages, products or services can be delivered to a large group of people. Virtually all businesses these days have their own websites so promoting their sites using blog advertising and blog marketing makes sense. All it takes is a click and you might be ahead of your competition. It is no wonder that this trend has really taken off.

If you already have a blog and love concocting entries to express your thoughts, then why not go one step further and get paid to blog? Almost everyone has gotten into this blogging revolution and advertisers have taken note. Even when you are just sharing your thought about a product you just bought or a restaurant you just ate at or a movie you just watched, that is a form of advertising. There are many advertisers looking for bloggers to deliver reviews on their products and services. Writing these type of posts do not require technical knowledge or in depth experience about something, it is just you giving your honest take on things. And that is what most readers are looking for. Some bloggers are even making a full time income doing this. For me, it means getting paid to do something that I already love doing and being able to use that extra money to splurge in some online shopping!

What about you? Come join the revolution, blogger or advertiser, both will benefit and be merry!

The Save

So Matt G was saved on American Idol. Personally, I feel they never should have introduced this new twist to this year's competition. I mean, how painful would it be for Matt if he is still eliminated next week (because two people will be) after being saved. When the season just started there was a supposed rumour that the season has been rigged and the two finalists were Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey. And Alexis was eliminated the week after this news came about - hmm... some would think that it was a rumour all along..others might think that it was a way to cover up the blunder of the news coming out in public.. What do you think?

But now that it has come down to the final 7, I think that the main contenders are (still) Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert and I think Kris Allen might be up there with them. *Me do likes Kris!* And so, it would take a real big upset to have Matt, Anoop and Allison to make it to the finals. They have all been in the bottom three a few times which means they still do not have enough supporters eventhough they do give out good performances. Oh, I missed out on Lil.. (I cracked when Simon called her Little!)..well, she's a good singer but I'm not really a fan..we've seen and heard singers like her before, many times.

Speaking of, I do try to like Adam Lambert but I guess his voice is just not my taste. A bit too shrieky at times. And even his toned down performances, I just find OK. I would prefer Matt's voice to his. I started out liking Danny's voice but now I am really routing for Kris.. I think his voice is the type I can listen to and relax to and I do love his artistry that the judges kept talking he's cute :)

Well..that's my thoughts. We'll see what happens..

Wireless Freedom

I am still amazed at the technology that is upon us these days. Being able to surf the net without actually having any cables attached, to transfer files and photos via Bluetooth technology..isn't it just amazing? I sometimes have these moments where I try to fathom just how this technology works...but I usually just give up! I mean, think of can those information travel in mid air and land in another device? Maybe they have one of those Discovery channel shows How Things Work on this topic. Who would've thought this was possible just ten years ago? It would've been the stuff of movies.

At home we use a wireless router. There are five of us at home, well... six including the little girl. Everyone has a laptop or pc with wifi capability and so all of us can be connected at the same time, 24/7. Ain't that convenient, no need to book a place in line for who gets to use the internet first. And it also gets rid of the need for all the unsightly cables we used to have dangling around. I love it.

Most cafes and restaurants that you go to these days also provide this wifi technology. And so we see a change in the culture nowadays. People don't just go to cafes to eat or drink or chat, they can actually be doing their office work, shopping online or chatting to someone on the other side of the world. Most networks do incorporate elements of safety whereby it can be set up in a way to protect your network from unwanted visitors using the security features built into the router or using an additional firewall. I love being able to hang out somewhere and still be able to check my e-mails or research things online.

Thinking of setting up a wireless network for your home or office? Clueless as to where to start? Check out this buying guide to help you decide which set up and devices to go for. Go wireless!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Transit

Got a call from my dear friend yesterday morning informing me that a former colleague had passed away the night before. He had been battling cancer. He was my colleague in the Mechanical Engineering program and though we were not that close, a sort of sadness irradiated within me. I did spend almost 7 years sitting in meetings with him, knocked on his door a couple dozen times, passed him in the corridors almost everyday whilst I was there. He was a very courteous and polite person. And he had a good sense of humour, I remember he came up with a few strange and unexpected questions for students doing their final year project presentation. He was very meticulous too..where you can tell that some lecturers did not really read through the thesis', he was always armed with his list of questions and suggestions. He was well liked by many of the students, he won the nomination for best lecturer a few times. It's a big loss to the school and program.

After receiving the news, I was preparing to leave the house yesterday morning..glimpsed at myself in the mirror and suddenly tears start streaking down my face. This has happened before. A couple of months ago, some time last year, I was driving when I received an sms from my cousin that my father's foster father in Kota Belud had passed away. Again, I wasn't particularly close to him all this while. I gulp in the news but then suddenly there I was in the car, crying as I was driving.

I think it's just that sudden realization...that a person you knew - is gone. You'd never see them again or brush shoulders with them or hear their laugh. A slap in the face that life is just in transit. We don't really know when our time will be up or when someone we know might be leaving us. I don't mean to be so morbid but this is the fact of life, right.

Alfatihah Dr Harimi Mohamed. May God bless you and give strength to your family in this sad time.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do You Tweet?

When a lot of us are getting caught up with Facebook, there is apparently another phenomenon booming on the web. A little something called Twitter. It is a way to update your status and to tell people what you are doing at any given moment, on the get go. Some people even post quotes or their thoughts or observations. You can actually sign up to follow people's tweets, send them messages, etc. I've seen it on a few friend's blogs and yesterday I read this entry on on the stars who are also erm..tweeting. Apparently everyone from Mr &Mrs Kutcher to Ryan Seacrest to Milo Ventigmilia and Phil Keoghan are into this. Ooh..I wouldn't mind following Milo and Phil's tweets ;) I heard that some of the celebrities have been in the hot soup though because it was discovered that it was their staff or assistants doing the tweets for them.

But I think to really appreciate this, one would have to be connected 24/7, otherwise you'd have the same status idle for hours or days, which would defeat its purpose in the first place. So I think I'll wait til I have that Blackberry or iPhone before I get into this one. Hmm..or maybe by then it would have become old news! Can you imagine just a few years back, if you had pitched this idea of a website/program that is used just to tell people what you are doing.... people might have laughed it off! But now that everything, everyone is so mobile... that person who *twitted* up this idea must be smiling hair to hair.

* The alternative title to this post would have been Are You a Twit? hehehe

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bits and Bytes

I attended a Biz Network gathering yesterday and there was a presentation on computer systems by the owner of a local computer training centre. She explained about how we always talk about memory in terms of Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB) but do we actually know what is a byte?

A byte is equivalent to one character. For example, abc is three characters meaning 3 bytes. abc-123 is seven characters, inclusive of the dash and so it is seven bytes. And so if we talk in terms of megabytes that means it is 1 million bytes. That's a lot you may think. And actually, the accurate number is 1 024 000 bytes. Don't know where the number 24 comes from, computer scientists can help to explain perhaps?

So 1 Gigabyte (GB) is equal to 1024 Megabytes. What's after that? This is what I learnt:

A level up after Gigabyte is called Terabyte (TB - not the penyakit ah..) and 1 TB = 1024 GB

After that is Petabyte (PB) and 1 PB = 1024 TB

And after that is Exabyte (EB) and 1 EB = 1024 PB!! That's a lotta lotttaaa bytes!! And some companies/systems are already using this level. What will be after that?

So soon, probably.. we will start to see TB pendrives or hard drives in the market. But even will this huge memory capacity, we will still need to upgrade our other components in our computing systems. No good having memory of 1 TB if your CPU or RAM is still running on the old ones.

Oh my...remember those days when we used those disks with 1.44MB!! And then there were this disks with larger capacities, I forgot what they were called..but you needed a special disk drive to use them.... and now...people laugh at you if you use 128MB pendrive!! And have you seen the price of pendrives these days?? 1 GB, can get for RM19 oh!!! When these thingamajiggies first came out, they were darned expensive right.... I think 128MB back then was 100+ juga!

Anyway, if I got any of the above facts scientists/junkies..please correct me ya! And oh, how about graphics? Are they calculated in terms of bytes as well? Or pixels? Is there a conversion from pixels to bytes? Geezz... I guess once you come from a science background, numbers and equations and conversions pun make you excited..heh!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I Liked Kutner

*Spoiler Alert!! Do not read on if you don't want to know what has happened on the show House*

If you are a follower of House, you might or might not have seen the latest episode, but you might have seen the HUGE spoiler that has been smacked on the net the past few days. Kutner, the character played by Kal Penn (perhaps better known as one half of the Harold and Kumar duo) is leaving the show to move on to whiter pasteurs. He has been offered a position on President Obama's staff as an associate director of Asian-American liaisons. But the manner in which he left the show, is what has gotten the buzz across the net.

In the latest episode, Kutner apparently commits suicide, his body found by his colleagues. Why his character commited suicide when he was actually the most happy go lucky and jovial one on House's team, you can read about in this exclusive interview with Kal Penn and the show's producers. And it makes sense, I guess. I was shocked and sad, Kutner's character was smart and witty, kind and generous. I would've rather seen Taub go. Fans have even quickly put up memorial sites for Kutner online and there is a tribute to him on House's official site on

In the interview Kal Penn was asked if his appointment to the White House meant there will be no more Harold and Kumar movies? And he replied, yes, it seems so. Awww, I liked that zany-marijuana smoking duo! At the same time, it is admirable, his decision to stop acting (for a while) to pursue his passion in politics in hopes of making some difference. I hope he does. I'll miss you Kutner...who else could've gotten a cat to pee on House's chair..hehe

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Diet Tip of the Day

Eat your dinner whilst watching The Biggest Loser on Hallmark channel. It'll surely make you think twice about getting up to get that second helping!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I found some treasure a few days ago. Here it is:

These are my journals. My original blogs. The one with the sunflower, was bought at Southampton Uni student union during my first year in uni. The entire journal is filled. I wrote in it starting from 1995 and the very last entry was sometime in 2002. Seven years of my life is in that book! It started with just ramblings, later on I added pictures and sketches and mindmaps and newspaper clippings and even ticket stubs of movies and train rides and entrance to places I visited. It's really colourful. I loved looking back at it and reading about me back then. My experiences and observations, hopes, ideals and dreams, silly (secret) crushes, sad moments and realizations, not to mention my even then tv obsessions. Back then it was Dawson's Creek and Party of Five and Ally McBeal.

The other journal contains mainly entries from when I went to Madinah and Mecca with my parents. Records of our travelling times and destinations. My thoughts and revelations during that time. How amazing and peacefully blissful it was. Then there are entries from before I got married up to the time I was pregnant. And that was it. I think that was about the time that I started this blog. Sayang.. I'd love to start writing, actually writing again.

Some day, my kid(s) are probably going to read these and find out who their mommy really was and all the stuff in between. But for now, these will definitely remain in my treasure chest.