Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Forgotten

Met up with my friends Hasnah and Lilian last week. They brought me a pile of my old mail that was still lingering around the old office. Sifting through them, I fully expected to be opening into overdue invitations, brochures or greeting cards from suppliers who thought I was still there. Cheques would have been nice! Then I came upon a large envelope with the Perodua logo on it. Remembered that there was one former student who was working with Perodua, who had a penchant for sending me greeting cards in the past.

Here's what was inside:
It was dated August 2007. Oh me.. almost two years ago..I wonder do they still remember me now? Thankfully, a few of those kids who signed the card are on my friends list in FB. I immediately messaged them a thank you. A very belated one. Still..this made my day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Featured in

Our paper was featured and reviewed by a local blogger last week and it got me smiling ear to ear everytime I read through it again. It's good to know that what I'm doing is appreciated.
Check out the full entry at

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Losing & Keeping It Off

Hands up who wants to lose weight?

Almost everyone I know, either wants to or needs to lose some weight. Whether it's to look better, to get healthy, to get back their post pregnancy body, needing a boost of confidence. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that a balanced diet coupled with exercise and a positive attitude is the way to go. Everyone has now gone crazy with The Biggest Loser phenomenon. And it's amazing the weight loss that those contestants achieve. But the real question is, are they able to maintain it once the cameras are off?

This is something I relate to personally. Having lost some 8 kgs last year from practising mindful eating habits, I have somewhat fallen off the tracks this year and have started to see the weight a piling up again. Where did I go wrong and what do I need to do now?

It has been shown that exercise actually has the greatest impact for weight maintenance and preventing those lost pounds from appearing again. Physical activity of 60 to 90 minutes per day is recommended but may sound impossible for most people. Do not fret. Every little bit helps. Studies have also shown that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day does a multitude of health benefits. What's better is that it does not need to be in one whole burst. Breaking it down to 3 sessions of 10 minutes each is equally as beneficial. Certainly, the more one exercises, whether moderately or vigorously, the better the benefits for weight loss, weight maintenance and for better health.

The key is finding something that is enjoyable to do. Don't like the gym, go walk or run outdoors. Think aerobic classes are too mechanical, go for dance classes instead. Lucky for me, I enjoy a variety of different exercises. Any form of exercise makes me feel good. We should also get rid of the no pain, no gain mantra. It's so old school. Instead, just find some friends to exercise with and turn it into a social activity to be enjoyed together.

Stick to these key points and exercise will definitely boost our weight loss goals and beyond.

Let's go walking... anyone with me?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Faith, Hope and Belief

I watched this wonderful video in which this guy, Eric Worre talks about the topic of faith, hope and belief. Eric is a prominent leader in network marketing and his videos are dedicated to providing information, motivation and inspiration to those involved in the network marketing profession. This particular video and topic though, really touched me. I felt that it is something relevant to anyone and everyone. Here's what he mentions:

Everybody needs to have belief. Belief in themselves, belief in what they are doing, belief in others. Developing belief comes in 3 stages.

Stage 1 is you have to have Faith. And faith is... imagination, being able to see something before it becomes real in your life. If you can establish faith in yourself or in whatever you need to - your partner, your family, your job, your business - then it leads to Stage 2.

Stage 2 is Hope. Once you get past faith, you start to fill up with hope. You start to feel like maybe this is possible for me. You see nothing but possibilities.

And after hope comes Belief. Belief is solid, belief is unshakable - it can't be moved. If you know people who have certain beliefs in their life, you know what's it like and how it drives them and how they would absolutely positively never let go of those beliefs. This is where we need to get in order to be successful in what we do. Rock solid belief.

A little secret - for those who are in a leadership position, before you have belief, you need to act as if you are in belief. This is what's going to allow other people to have faith in you, to have hope in you, to make them feel that they are involved with the right person. What this means leaders, you can't have any 'down' days, you have to be strong and act strong even if you don't feel strong. That's the only way to get past the faith stage and into the hope stage and eventually into the belief stage.

Eric goes on to mention,

"For those of you who don't have rock solid belief this second, borrow my belief in you. I know something about you. Without even knowing you personally, I know that you are somebody who is heroic, you are a dreamer, you are a non conformist, you are not willing to settle for the way things are, you want things to be different and better. So, I'll tell you this. Borrow my belief in you for a while. If nobody's cheering you on in your home or in your family or in your life. And if your friends are looking at you strange, know that I'm not and know that there are people out there who are believing in you too."

Listening to this, I start to get teary eyed. I have had some tough moments of late, of course I never talk about it, I just put on my strong and happy face to showcase to people. But there have been challenges. And to hear him say that just really touched me. Do you know someone out there who could really do with hearing something like this too? Tell them. We live in a world where things are so fast paced, people are sarcastic and unfeeling, most probably just to protect themselves. But wouldn't it be wonderful to share something like this with someone who might really need it?

So folks...Faith is the beginning - imagining what is possible for you. Second is hope, where you start to fill up with the possibilities of a better future. And then third is belief, and once you get to belief, you can't be stopped!

Please share this with people you know. It's beautiful stuff.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Words

When Yasmin wakes up in the morning, her first words are always.. rather odd. Usually they are questions. Like yesterday, she woke up, sat up on the bed and asked me, 'Mommy, how to spell TOP?' :)

A favourite of late is 'Mommy/Daddy, where's the PSP?' Yeah, she has hijacked her uncle's PSP and she is very good at playing the Indiana Jones game on it! Here she is caught red handed.

On some days, she woke up and asked, 'What did Mr Bean say?' or any of her other favourite characters like Charlie and Lola or Dora or Pingu. If it's something funny, she'd then laugh out loud. You couldn't tell she just woke up. Funny little girl.

I personally think Pingu isn't a good one for kids to watch, sometimes she blurts out Pingu like phrases, it's funny and disturbing at the same time! It (Pingu) doesn't encourage children to speak properly.

Sometimes she would blurt out entire lines of dialogue from her favourite shows or stuff she hears on the internet like instructions for games. She has excellent memory! Future career as an actress perhaps?

Become a Hacker?

Hear the word hacker and the mind automatically conjures up images from movies like The Matrix, Swordfish, Sneakers, The Net and many more. Information has become the most important asset in this day and age that theft no longer just involves your classic items like cash or jewelry or art. Theft can now be stored in a disc or hard drive. Hackers steal information of value, compromise a system and can completely erase their tracks within minutes.

Have you heard of Ethical Hacking? They say that to catch a thief, you need to think like one. Ethical Hackers are employed by organizations and trusted to undertake attempts to penetrate systems or networks using the same methods as a hacker. They are authorized to attack the system or network in order to determine its security. They would play an integral part of helping companies tighten their IT Security. Yahoo! Hotjobs actually listed the profession of an Ethical Hacker as one of their picks for highest paying albeit unusual professions for 2007. With more businesses going into or already immersed in the IT revolution, I would say that this profession would be in higher demand in the years to come.

So how does one actually go into this line? You would need more than just a knack of tinkering around with your computer in your bedroom. A good start would be to get a background diploma or degree in Computer Science or Information Technology. One can then train to become a Certified Ethical Hacker through additional courses such as the online training provided by EC-Council. They provide live, online, instructor led certifications in the areas of Security Fundamentals, Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics
, Disaster Recovery and Secure Programming. All in the comforts of your own space without the added expense travel and accomodation.

For those still considering what career to go into, this might be one way to go. I mean, how cool would it be, to list down your occupation as a Professional Hacker? Cool!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Karev's Wedding Vows

I really like this. These are Alex Karev's wedding vows, marrying Izzie Stevens in Grey's Anatomy:

Today’s the day my life begins.
All my life I’ve been just me.
Just a smart mouth kid.
Today I become a man.
Today I become a husband.
Today I become accountable to someone other than myself.
Today I become accountable to you.
To our future.
To all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer.
Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready.
For anything.
For everything.
To take on life, to take on love.
To take on possibility and responsibility.
Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins.
And I for one can’t wait.

Pass me the kleenex!!!
Pic taken from

Spoke to Soon..

Danny Gokey is out, leaving Adam and Kris to sing it out in the finals. *Go Kris!!* I blame Paula..she could've chosen a better song for Danny!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I received an sms during the weekend. I thought it sounded dodgy but I replied anyway, thinking it could maybe possibly be someone interested in our paper. The first sms read

'Are you the one doing the distribution of the leaflet?'

I've translated it, the sms was in Malay actually. So I replied, just to make sure 'Which leaflet?'

Then they replied 'Saw ur number on Coffee News'

So I replied, 'Yes..anything I can help you with?'

Their reply was this 'Your delivery person stole my handphone when he was sending the paper to Tuaran'

And I was gobsmacked!! Here's how I know for sure it's a scam

1. We do not have delivery people. We (hubby and myself) do all the deliveries on our own
2. We do not deliver to Tuaran!

And if the person's handphone was stolen...dapat pulak dia sms saya mau kestau! Kenapa ndak report saja terus..Buang masa aku saja.

I can't believe there are people who do this kind of thing. What could they possibly think can come out of this and do they think people are so gullible to believe them? Be careful and watchful guys, so many scams going on these days. Be extra safe. I think I need to register a new number for the business soon...

TV Talk's been a while. Haven't had much appetite for blogging lately, not that I haven't had things to write about..I have/had loads. Just that with the slow mo, kejap ada..kejap takde, internet connection lately.. internet time has been kept to just browsing through e-mails, a quick peek in and out of Facebook, a dash of bloghopping here and there.

Anyway, I wanted to write about all the tv shows I've been watching lately! Yes yes..I watch lots of TV. I always have. Just the other day I was wondering why I never considered a career in TV..I mean, with all the stuff I watch..that could be me on E-buzz reviewing all the shows. Hee!

Read on but beware of spoilers that may pop up!

American Idol: Why I Think Danny Gokey Should Win

So you know that I'm just not that into Adam Lambert. Yeah. Still not. Now that it's down to the final three..I am kinda sorta scared that Kris will be ousted, he's sweet bah and he plays guitar and keyboard, you gotta love the talent there. I am really worried that Adam Lambert will be in the finals and that he might win. Sorry Adam fans! I reaally really am starting to think that Danny Gokey should win know why? Because we just don't have enough good husky voiced singers out there. I mean, there's Bryan Adams and James Morrison.. Rod Stewart (a classic but the geezer's getting old)..who else? I'm a sucker for husky voices and Danny Gokey has a nice, soulful tone to his voice plus the guy's really likeable. He should win. You know what...he's never been in the bottom three...Adam has... so there is that possibility that he is and has always been leading all this while! *Fingers crossed*

Wedding Bells! *spoiler alert*

... on Grey's Anatomy! I watched the latest episode with full spirits that Meredith and Derek would be tying the knot and I got such a sweet surprise when someone else did instead!! Yeiyyy Izzie & Alex - one of my favourite tv couples. Lovely vows by Karev, loved that Cristina was the Maid of Honour and that George gave Izzie away. *Sob sob* One more episode to go to the season finale and to find out what's in stake for Izzie's character.

House *spoiler alert*

So I blurted out the Kutner thing before some of you watched it..sorry! I did warn you though. Another tv-doctor wedding possibly here - no, not House and Cuddy but something is a brewing between them!! Chase and Cameron are possibly getting married. Yeiyy..though it would have been so much sweeter if they had stayed a couple in real life.


Not going to give too much away, I've watched the season finale and a LOT of questions came to mind. This season had a lot of potential to begin with, but I think the writers were trying to do too much towards the end. Some storylines didn't seem to fit in and when it came to Sylar..I think maybe even they themselves forgot which powers they gave to him..cos he ended up with so many. And of course, the question of 'why when he shapeshifts sometimes shapeshift together with the baju, sometimes not..' Hehe..

The Amazing Race

Yeiyyy Tammy & Victor won! First Asians to win. I guess what we have seen in the past few seasons, in the end, it still comes down to brains and luck! Too bad for Margie & Luke, they were in the lead from the start. Ooh Phil, when will I see you again??


I havent watched CSI in a while but I watched the episodes with Grissom's last case and oh this show still rocks! Sad to see Grissom go, he was the life of CSI Vegas (still undoubtedly the best CSI among the three) but the transition with Laurence Fishburne was a nice one. I like Morpheus because as the newbie CSI, he's so wide eyed and interested, like a kid with new toys.

Gossip Girl

Still mostly the same-o-same-o storyline. A little crappy and rushed and juvenile at times and yet I still watch it!

Ohh..I am suddenly into Project Runway too. Am watching the new season and the re-runs of the previous seasons. I love the fact that they can dream up and come up with entire outfits in just two days. I wish I could sew my own clothes..kan syiok. Mahal oh tailoring nowadays!

See...I told you I watch lots of shows. What can I do....

hopelessly addicted (and loving it!)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

It Drowned

I was getting ready to leave for work on Thursday when I double checked my handbag to make sure my pendrive was there. It was my work pendrive, containing all the files and info for my publication and clients, which I did not think I had made a back up of. It wasn't in my handbag so I searched in all the usual spots it could be in in the room. Couldn't find it so I went back and searched my handbag again, in case I had missed it the first time round. Nope, it wasn't there.

I didn't think I left it in the car or in any other bags. So I retraced my steps from the day before, tryng to remember where I had placed it. Rewinding on the past day's events, my eyes widened as I realised where I had put it last. It was in my jeans' pocket. And I had just put my jeans in the washing machine that morning!! I frantically went to search on the clothes line and yes, there it the pocket of my jeans! It had been soaked and spinned in the machine. I took off the cap, shaked it and some small driplets of water came out. Oh no! I had a meeting that morning so I didn't have time to plug in onto the computer to check if it was OK. Left it in my car hoping any excess water would evaporate out. Went through half the morning without thinking about the pendrive but come afternoon time I needed to check if it was still functional.

Plugged it in and waited. Tick tock..tick tock.. the seconds passed by and alas! Came the window of External Hardware detected. Opened the folder and found all files still intact.. (where could it go anyway?). Quickly copied all the files onto my laptop. Opened up a couple of files to make sure they were OK. Phew!! It survived!!! At least for now. I don't know if any damage was done to the insides.

Am suddenly recalling a student telling me about his handphone that got plunged into water and how he disassembled the whole thing and used a hairdryer to dry out the insides and it still worked. Am also recalling my friend Sharon's little brother (at the time) saying that their family car drowned during one of the floods that hit Penampang some years back. Anyway, moral of my story guys...don't forget to check and clean out your pockets before putting your clothes for washing. Another thing..back up your data!