Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yasmin Has Homework!

It's been almost a month now that Yasmin has started school. How has it been? Well, it's been a whole mix of emotions - and that's just the mommy! The first day was full of excitement and discoveries for her whereas mommy was mostly filled with anxiety. I couldn't help thinking that it would be the start of a different life for her - a life of having to conform to rules and orders, having to wake up early every morning, of being programmed into someone the norm thinks she should be. The end of a life of true freedom. But the beginning of a new journey.. of developing into her own person, of learning to be part of society, of learning to learn and play and hopefully, eventually, carving out a life of freedom of her own. As parents, we would have to do our best to teach her about the latter part and all the other stuff they don't teach you in school.

Well, as I was saying, Yasmin had a good time on her first day of school. She wore her school uniform, we carried her bag. Hubby and I sent her to the school together. Oh, her Atuk was there too..armed with his video camera as well! She seemed to like it. She didn't cry. But she was much too curious with the new environment to want to sit still and follow in the classes. So for the duration that we were there (and according to the teacher, until the end of the classes), she was just roaming around the school. The principal mentioned though, that kids are usually like this on the first day but it may be a different story the next day. The initial excitement might be gone, they might cry, etc. I was hoping this wouldn't be the case for Yasmin.

1st day, on the way to school

Turns out, the principal did know her stuff. Yep, the second day started with Yasmin refusing to wear her school uniform. In the end, I only managed to get her into her school socks! And when I picked her up later, I saw that her nose was a little runny and her eyes wet. I asked the teachers and they said she was OK. And it was the same thing for the next few days, she still didn't want to wear her uniform and she was crying at school. She wouldn't really go into the classes but the teachers just let her play or wander around the rooms on her own. Once, in the morning, I woke her up to go to school and her face was instantly sad and on the verge of crying. This is the hardest bit as the parent. I knew this was just a reaction to the new change in her life but it sure is heartbreaking and gut wrenching to have to see it. What was she feeling? Scared? Worried she would be abandoned at the school? It's easy for others to give advice and tell you this and that, but in the end, you're the one who has to be there to comfort and deal with the child.

2nd day onwards..only school socks

On the second week, Yasmin came home with a runny nose and cough and we decided to get her to the doctor and not send her to school for the rest of the week. This is another challenge once kids are in school - the ease in getting infections from the other kids. She was still coughing slightly on the coming Monday but we decided to just send her so as not to have such a long gap of her missing school. Then the following week, the school organised a trip to the UMS Aquarium. Again, we decided not to allow Yasmin to go with them - she still didn't want to wear her uniform (which was required for the trip), she is prone to wandering around and we were worried the teachers wouldn't be able to handle her plus with flu bugs going around, it wasn't a good idea to be at public places anyway (something hubby thought the school should have considered).

She's getting better. Some days she still pulls a bit of a crying face when I drop her off in the morning but only for a while (so the teachers say). She is joining into the classes - which is good. Usually when I come to fetch her around 1140am, she is already ready and waiting with her school backpack on. The other day she was holding hands and playing with the principal's son (whom according to her is younger than Yasmin - and at this, the little boy stormed off yelling 'I am not younger!!' Haha..cute!). I went to pick her up yesterday and was surprised by this.

I had packed her school uniform as extra clothes in her bag and the teacher had changed her into it!

I am slightly worried about a few things though. Yasmin seems to be developing some new habits - which we are quite sure she has picked up at school. Like sometimes yelling to us (whilst pointing) and saying, 'You go over there!' or 'Hey, no crying!' Hmm...we never say stuff like this to her at home. I get worried and sad thinking if she is being scolded. I know she can be naughty at times and she also doesn't follow instructions well. I stayed with her at the school one day and noticed that the principal is rather kasar when she talks to the kids. And some of the teachers, when one of the students didn't listen to them, they merely said 'Bah, biarlah kau..' to one of the kids. Hmmm......Pre-school teachers (and all teachers for that matter) ni kena la extra extra penyabar, right? I hope it's not as bad as I am making it out to be..

Oh yeah..Yasmin came home with homework last week. 3 year olds pun ada homework??! Well, it was just two pages of copying out alphabets actually. And she didn't finish it pun!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yes or No?

I wonder what was the thought process behind this...

'We're doing a campaign so people say no to the use of plastic bags... I know! Let's print a million plastic bags with the words Say No to Plastic Bags!' Genius, huh?

Ever since my school days, I have learnt about how plastic bags are non-biodegradable and that they are a danger to sea creatures when thrown into the sea and so on. Yet now, 2o or so years on..and here we are, still using plastic bags. I guess the plastic bag manufacturing industry is still a major player in the economy.

Some shops now sell reusable bags yet I have never come across any stores that actually encourage people to buy them. They will still automatically pack your goods in plastic bags. Sometimes when I buy just one item or something that is small, I would tell the cashiers that I don't want a plastic bag. I can just hold or put the item in my handbag. You'd be surprised that some of them actually really insist that you take the plastic bag. Sheesh! I remember one supermarket did attempt to introduce the use of paper bags some time ago. It lasted for a while and now they are back to plastic bags again. In the UK, in some supermarkets you actually have to pay for the plastic bags. This did encourage people to bring their own bags. I'd usually just stuff everything in my backpack.

We have a whole big bag of plastic bags at home. After a certain time, they miraculously dissapear and then it slowly piles up again. I always try to remind myself to bring a reusable bag whenever we go grocery shopping but usually forget too...bad! Peeps, what say you? Mari la kita bersama-sama berusaha berubah agar kehidupan kita menjadi lebih cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang! *cough cough..* But seriously, reusable bags people!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Felix Felicis!

So finally, after almost 4 years of not stepping into a cinema, on Thursday I went to watch my much anticipated Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince! Ada la jakun sikit, I asked hubby this and that to prepare myself.. which is the better cinema to go to, where to park, how much is the parking fee, even how much is the popcorn! Heheee! I went for the noon show, initially planned to go to Cathay but hubby helped to call them earlier and they said they will only show the movie if there were minimum 5 people and there weren't. So I went to GSC instead.

I went in 10 minutes before the showtime and the cinema interior was already pitch black. I had trouble finding my seat but as the auntie at the ticket counter said, 'Tidak ramai orang, kalau tidak suka tu seat, kau pilih saja la yang lain..' Hee..and yes, there was definitely less than 10 people in there. I was the only one sitting in my section of seats. So, it could've been like me just watching a movie alone at home. I had a sudden feeling of anxiety though..because it was so dark in there, I was basically alone and my overactive imagination started running away with crazy thoughts. Thankfully, the show started and it was slightly brighter. I sat back, relaxed and slurped on my iced lemon tea.

I had been re-reading the book in the previous few weeks but haven't finished yet. I first read it in 2005, too long ago.. I did remember the main bits but I also wanted to reacquiant myself with the storyline again. The parts that I have re-read though..I did notice some differences in the movie and some parts that were spot on like in the book. The book is over 600 pages thick. Understandably, it can't all be fitted into the movie (although I wouldn't mind watching even if it came out to be 4+ hours!). For this movie, the cast and crew also had the benefit of the fact that the final book had already been released during the making of this movie. So they knew what would happen and were able to weave the storyline together with the final movie(s) and move it in that direction.

Overall, of course I have to give a double thumbs up! The scene at the island, with the inferi was as scary as I remembered from the book. And Dumbledore's ring of fire was exactly like the one on the cover of the book and as I imagined. And the ending, although I was expecting it...caught me by surprise that it would be so sad and moving. Having read the final book, I fully understood the meaning behind Dumbledore's plead of 'Please..' to Snape. Luckily I was sitting alone, for I actually cried watching this bit.. sob sob

And everyone's so grown up already. Looking back at the first movie, they were all so tiny. And now they have blossomed. They've grown up before our very eyes. Draco however, looks rather..old. Young Voldermort (played by Ralph Fiennes' actual nephew) is a creepy looking kid (but not as creepy as the Omen's kid!). The Weasley twins have better looking hair and frankly Ron (Won-won) needs a haircut too. I thought they should've explained further though about who and why the person who is the Half Blood Prince came to be called so. Perhaps it will be addressed in the next movie.

And I can't wait for the final two movies. Set for release in November 2010 and July 2011 respectively. Lamanya lagi...Oh the anticipation! It's gonna be sad to say goodbye to Harry and the gang then.

PS..I wouldn't mind having a bottle of Felix Felicis handy if it exist!

Friday, July 17, 2009

What's an Azlina?

Hehe! I found this site from my friend Zam on Facebook. And are the top ten trivias about an Azlina :)

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Azlina!

  1. Worldwide, Azlina is the most important natural enemy of night-flying insects.
  2. Azlina can not regurgitate.
  3. Cats use their Azlina to test whether a space is large enough for them to fit through.
  4. Americans discard enough Azlina to rebuild their entire commercial air fleet every 3 months!
  5. In her entire life, Azlina will produce only a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey!
  6. It takes more than 500 peanuts to make Azlina.
  7. Azlina is black with white stripes, not white with black stripes.
  8. Azlina will often rub up against people to lay her scent and mark her territory!
  9. Banging your head against Azlina uses 150 calories an hour.
  10. Europe is the only continent that lacks Azlina!
I am interested in - do tell me about
Natural enemy of night flying insects - I guess so..I don't like insects!

Cats use me for tests? Hehe

Americans discard me but Europe needs more of me! Go figure

Peanuts and honey? Black with white stripes?

Rub against people to mark my territory? Tidak la bah!

Try putting in your name and see what comes of it..

Hello Cyberspace

There's so much I want to tell you
Will you wait for me and come by again

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pictures of the Day

Kenko Fish Spa at Pavillion KL - our second visit here. Felt so nice and relaxed having those fishies nibble on my feet - a kinda soft massaging feel. I wanted to go for the foot reflexology session but decided not to in the end cos we were catching time. (Question: How does one catch time, actually?) Yasmin was laughing and yelling as the fish were kissing her feet - heeee!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

To You

A friend tagged me on Facebook quite some time ago, to do this list of 25 random things about myself. I gave it some thought and talked to my hubby about how I have some business contacts on my FB list and that I didn't really want them to be reading all those things about me. I thought about doing the tag here, in my blog instead. To which hubby replied that..with the blog, you wouldn't even know who would be reading it. At least in FB, the people reading it would be people you actually know and only those who are on your friends list. Which is, true.

I never got round to doing that tag though. And I am still always surprised when somebody (whom I didn't know of) tells me that they read my blog. It's like that feeling when you discover that people actually know of your little secret. And you start thinking of all the other little things they might know about you. Then you go back and try to think if you had ever written or mentioned anything about that person, even indirectly, anything incriminating, offensive or embarassing. Then you think, well..if I ever did, they wouldn't still be reading this would they...

I remember reading a book about writing, at which the author mentioned that it is a challenge for writers to have to worry about what they are writing and who will be reading it. You wouldn't want to write anything that would offend anyone in any way and this in a way does limit an authors freedom to write. I realise sometimes that I do write more for people who will be reading this.. and not just for myself. And yes, I filter out stuff that I think I shouldn't include for various reasons.

I only have 4 official followers of this blog and I know the bunch who usually visit my blog - those bloggers on my blogroll and who so kindly leave me comments. So I am writing this to you..who is reading this, my anonymous readers who have visited and come back. Who thinks that my sharing here is worth the read. Hello and Thank you. Leave me a comment some time. I'm nice, I don't bite.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Heart Andy Roddick and The Wimby's

There's so much I wanted to write about this past few days. But a combination of busy-ness, bad internet connection and tiredness meant that it's all still just here in my head. So here I am.. hoping that the internet connection holds and I can let out some thoughts. Let me start with this one.

Last Sunday evening, I did something that I haven't done in a while now. I was up til past 2am. I stayed up to watch the Wimbledon's Men Finals! Hehe..what were you thinking?? I haven't been up to anything naughty bah. And I have to say this... I heart Andy Roddick!

Going into the finals, I thought it would be smooth sailing for Federer and I was all for him to win, to clinch his much hyped about 15th Grand Slam title, surpassing Pete Sampras and all that. I was nicely surprised though when hubby told me that the match had gone into the fifth set with Federer and Roddick winning two sets each. I had seen Roddick play the other Andy in the Semis and I was impressed. Not just by his big serves and winning shots but there was a sort of coolness and calmness to him that I hadn't seen or noticed before. Seeing him grow up on the courts all these years, he was usually easily frustrated or angry and it would really affect his gameplay. But not this time. There was definitely something different. Could it be.. maturity after all those years of experience. Or it could be his new coach. Or the fact that he is happily married to a gorgeous model. Whatever it was, it's good. And I thought..if he could only keep that up, he'd have a chance against Federer in the finals.

And so he did. He really gave Federer a run for his gold blazer. To use a line that Roddick himself came up with a couple of years ago..where Federer threw the kitchen sink, there was Andy hauling back his bath tub! (Haa..I love that and I still remember that til this day..I think most tennis fans would). His game was on par with Federer's. The fifth set was on serve at 6-6 and in the finals, there is no tiebreaker. So they would continue play until someone gets a break and go on to win another game. Last year's final was deemed an epic..with Federer and Nadal going at it til Nadal won at 9-7. It was supposedly the longest final in history..that is, until this year.

At 14-14, after more than 4 hours of play, both seemed as though they could go on at it all night. Federer served first and won his 15th game. Roddick needed the same. But a couple of errors and suddenly Federer has a break and championship point. Save it Andy, save it, I thought. You can. You deserve to win this one. But alas.. one long shot and Federer has it. Roddick had played the best game of his career, hung in there side by side with Federer and after all that..he lost. What heartache.

The look on his face said it all. He was the better player that day. He was so close. He had given his all and still come in second. He looked dejected, deflated and downright dissapointed. I couldn't help but to wish someone would go on court and give him a hug. Then again, I think he would have completely broke down there and then if someone did. He looked as though he could cry. And Federer is the one who's the crier.

image from

How do they do it I wonder? Go through all that and still be such good sports. They have to, I guess. Roddick still managed a little joke when being interviewed by Sue Barker, saying 'Sorry Pete..I tried to hold him off..' and when Federer tried to console him he bantered, 'But you've already won five...' Roddick is always humorous in his interviews but in the post match press conference just hours after the finals.. reporters too were at a loss of words. They felt for him and remarked that he was not his usual entertaining self, he was really down and they only saw the front of his cap for most of it. Kesiannya.

I was curious to know what he would tweet the next day (yes, he's on twitter). He tweeted a thank you message for all the support and that he will be back. Yeiy! He might not have won this one, but I think he gained a whole bunch of new fans that day. And if he continues playing as well as he did, he's surely gonna win a Grand Slam soon.

Next up, it's the final Slam of the year, Flushing Meadows in September. Go Andy!

** wow..I can't believe I wrote such a long post on..sports!! not linachu's usual topic to write about but there ya go!