Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mutual Respect

Hubby told me about the incident in ShahAlam, whereby some people had protested the relocation of a Hindu temple to that area. The ugly thing was that they used the severed head of a cow in their protest, an animal that is held sacred in the Hindu religion. How offensive and intolerant and blatantly stupid. Whatever happened to mutual respect. Even if they wanted to hold a protest, there is no need to include it to that extent. How would they feel if a similar act were to be done to their religion and beliefs? The uproar would surely be a hundred times bigger.

I attended the official reception for the ship MV Doulos last night. Sure, it is known to be a passenger ship with Christianity at its backbone but that was never an issue for me and I'm sure for all the other visitors as well. Because there is understanding, there is mutual respect. You have your beliefs and I have mine but we can still co-exist, live and learn together and from each other. The Minister who officiated the ceremony last night said something about this. He said that in Sabah, there are about 32 ethnics living in harmony together. And why is it that we can live so? It's because we never question the other guy, 'What's your race?', 'What's your religion?'. We have always lived together and accepted each other. For once, a minister actually said something I could be proud of!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pretty Gullible

Hubby says that I can be quite gullible. And hence, I should refrain from accepting invitations to business previews or free whatever sessions since the likelihood of me ending up buying something (that I don't really need) or magically signing up as a member is supposedly high! :O He doesn't give me enough credit. But I guess there is some (just a weeee little bit) of truth in it. But I would only do so if I really reaally reaaallly like the products. The rest of the times, well..I think it's the way we've been raised to be so called polite and to jaga hati orang... it's sometimes just sooo hard to say no!

Took up an invitation from a friend last week for a free makeover session and since it was to be in Alamesra area, I took the chance to call up my hommies (hehe) at the nearby university to see if they wanted to join in. Thanks my dear Izy & Misako for joining me. Seronok juga kan? Hehe...And I'm glad these two ladies (who have been reading each other's blogs but have never met), finally did meet up. Heeee! Feels like you've known each other all this while, right? That's the great thing about this blogging thingamajiggy..orang yang tidak kenal-kenal pun, rasa macam kenal sudah kan? We had fun trying out skincare products and learning about how to apply some make-up which is supposed to be continued to another session this coming week! We complimented each other on how pretty we looked..hehe...Anyone else wanna join the next session?

Anyway, I (we) didn't end up signing up or buying anything that day. Seeeee...I'm not that gullible what! Truth is, I just filled up fuel for my car that morning and had just 2 bucks left in my purse! Hehe...The products are nice but I do so still love the skincare that I am using now. So, I'm safe...for now...I think....

Happy Merdeka Day everyone!!

FB Scam

I received this message from a friend on Facebook:


Hope you are doing well.I had travelled to London for a seminar yesterday, Unfortunately for me,my money was stolen from the hotel that i lodged in and they made away with my wallet (which included my cash, diary and credit cards). I am so confused right now and i didnt bring my phone here along with me.Please i want you to lend me a sum £550 GBP today, just to clear my Hotel bills and re-arrange myself back home,As soon as i get home i would refund it immediately.Write me so i can let you know how to send it to me through western union money transfer since i dont have an an account here.

As I read through it, a couple of things went through my mind:
1. OMG!!!
2. I didn't even know this guy very well, how could he ask me this!
3. I lost respect of him and furthermore, he was a business contact so I thought how could I possibly work with him after this
4. I think I saw the guy playing Mafia Wars on FB like constantly the past few days... didn't seem like he was in trouble if he could still be playing it
5. Even if I wanted to, I don't have that kind of money
6. OMG! What??!!

I read this message via my e-mail actually. Luckily, I opened Facebook a while later, immediately checked the guy's status and found in CAPS an urgent message saying that he was not in London, the message is a scam, he did not send it and to ignore it. A couple of people had replied that they received it too. And I was relieved...thank goodness! All my doubts and thoughts above could be put to rest. Phew!

But how could it be sent? Someone hacked into his account? Is that possible? Or is it some kind of virus? I think this has happened before, I received a message from someone but that person later said they did not send it out - but that time, it didn't involve any money so I didn't think a big deal of it. Gosh, you can't even be safe in the comforts of your own computer desk these days. Be careful what info you put on the net, it could be used against you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


I live with a bunch of boys and boy, do they (sometimes) take a long time in the bathroom! Especially in the mornings. I, myself, am more of an in and out person. I don't like sitting on the loo for a long time, waiting, to see if there is any outcome. Kalau ada, ada. Kalau tiada, then tiada lah. Next visit perhaps..hehe. I certainly don't read magazines or books on the toilet seat. Showering also doesn't take long. The only time is when I wash my hair, then I'd take more time in the bathroom. The good thing about having short hair is that you'd spend less time washing it.

I'm reminded of my physics teacher in college. His name was Mr Salton, a cheeky fella. He used to roll his eyes and make fun of his 3 daughters who took so much time when washing their hair. Mind you, this is a guy who claimed that he invented the new chemical element Saltonium! Hehe..he was a laugh...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We visited my friend Maria's house last week - we, as in myself and Yasmin. Yasmin instantly made herself at home, started wandering and asking, 'Mommy, what's this? What's that?' as she usually does. She started playing in their courtyard outside and found Maria's kids old bicycle and wagon. She was still playing with them as we were about to leave. Maria then said, 'You know what, you should take the wagon home for her..' Surprised, of course I politely declined. But she insisted saying that her kids are rather grown up and she sincerely wanted Yasmin to have it. She even asked her daughter Katherine and she said OK. So there...we came home with this little wagon that Yasmin now loves putting her stuff into and sometimes herself as well! It's a little run down but still solid. Hubby helped to repair one of the wheels and a small part of the handle that was broken. Maria described it as being very much pre-loved. I love that..instead of saying it is used..pre-loved meant that someone really loved and took care of that item before.

I am reminded of the movie Pay It Forward, with Haley Joel Osment and Kevin Spacey. I guess good and much loved items should be passed on to someone who might need and enjoy it as well. Imagine all those things - books, clothes, toys you just have hanging around at home. Someone could probably do with it more. Toys would certainly make some kid out there happy. Even if they are pre-loved.

PS..don't you think people are pre-loved too? Of course..before you come to be with your spouse or were most definitely loved by someone else too, right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Week

I had a great week this week and last week too. What made it so was that I took the chance to catch up with a lot of friends, be it just calling them up for a chat or visiting them or making plans to meet up for tea. It was good. It really perked up my week and by Friday, I was in a jolly mood. Important for someone like me, who works mostly alone... it would be quite easy to just be alone and finish up my daily tasks and go home. Can be quite sad and lonely. Because I took that time out to catch up with friends, needless to already haywire schedule was even more so. Between finishing up on deliveries and calling people and sending and picking up Yasmin from school...fuuhh, I was (to borrow a friend's expression) busy up to my eyeballs! But the good type of busy.

I met Jidon for coffee at 1B (he brought me back a copy of Coffee News from Canada!), I spoke to Rachel and Josie and Rina and Hasnah, I visited Fran and baby Kyle, I talked business - in an informal and fun way with Mr Yap of Cap Kuda Coffee, I met up with Saridah. Hmm... who did I leave out... Oh, met up with Mayra and Joe and Edma on the Saturday. I've always said that my friends keep me sane. They do!

A friend shared with me a little something about keeping your spirits up. She said that you can list down all the negative thoughts you associate with doing work or doing something on one side of a paper - and this can go on and on... busy la, time consuming, tiring, dissapointing, frustrating, etc, etc... then on the other side of the paper write in huge caps the word ACTIVITY. If you cover one side of the paper with your hand, you see all those negative things. But if you move your hand to the other side and cover that list, you have activity. You see, immersing yourself in activity will drown all those negative thoughts away. It is when we are not doing anything that's when all those negative thoughts and negative energy tends to creep up on you. So whatever it is, get your bum moving and just do something! I guess it's true. If you look closely enough, there's even something positive in what most people would consider a negative activity. Betul!

Thanks friends for making my days. Now..who should I call up next??

PS..If you would like to be called up by Linachu to share some of her positive vibes, please leave your name and number in the comments section or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Heeee!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Yeiyy! Just read that Chase and Cameron will be returning to the Team for the new season of House. Finally! After being in the backbench and only featuring for little smidgeons per episode, we get to see more Chase! Weeheee...if you saw the season finale on AXN.. nice kan the Chase-Cameron wedding. And what about House huh? That segment with Amber singing was kinda creepy and the ending where House realizes that it was all in his head..tak ke macam movie Sixth Sense?? Can't wait for Sept...where the whole lot of shows will be returning again - Grey's (Oh George!!), Gossip Girl, Private Practise - my nights will have meaning again..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Masih Aku Terasa


I was driving this morning and tuned in to Hot FM. They played one of my favourite Malay songs - Masih Aku Terasa by Gersang. Haven't heard it in a long time. Twas from the era of shoulder pads and tight pants and big hair, I think. Hehe...had a nice sing-a-long with the chorus. I imagine listening to it some time in the future, singing along and telling Yasmin about the cute keyboard player and she'd probably be all like 'Oh pul-leeaze mom!'

Last week I sang along to Freedom's Mulanya Di Sini (The Sama-sama song)..syiok oh! hehehe...well, driving on my own all those times, a girl's gotta entertain herself somehow! By the way, this singing along only happens when I'm on my own. I am not one for singing in public or doing karaoke. My housemate asked me to once, no voice came out! Hahaha... I do sometimes sing when I'm with hubby. The cringe on his face says it all..hehehe

Question of the Day: What's your favourite Malay song? There are quite a lot of good ones actually...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Slumber

I watched an episode of Friends last weekend. The one where Frank Jr brings his triplets to visit Phoebe and talks to her about taking one of the triplets because they were such a handful. They talk about this as the triplets are asleep on the couch in Central Perk. He talks about them lovingly and gently strokes one of them. She stirs in her sleep and he immediately goes, 'Oh please please don't wake up..' Heee. Something I can relate to!

As much as you love your kids and as much as they are adorable and delightful and amusing when they are awake, you do look forward to that time when they are asleep. At least I do. It's when I have some me time, down time from caring and dealing for the little one's every little whim. Some stolen moments to read or blog or surf or watch tv or some simple little indulgence, when the moment is just yours. Like right now, I should be sleeping. I had a long day. But I just feel like staying up and utilising this night time to do all the stuff that I want to do and can do at this moment. Haa..I wish! I wish I didn't have to sleep and can still function properly tomorrow. Wishful thinking ni..tinguk-tinguk, lima minit lepas ni trus modop! Well..I hope I have sweet dreams though

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Moment

I was dressing Yasmin to go to school yesterday morning and as usual, she started protesting once she saw me pick up her school uniform. For the past week, I had put her uniform in her bag and the teacher would change her into it. Yesterday morning I talked to her and asked if I could put on her uniform. I said that if I didn't, the teacher would change her into it anyway. Wouldn't it be better for mommy to put it on? And she said yes. Oh wow. That simple moment made my day. And it was the same today.

I think she is growing up and understanding about the concept of school now. Yesterday and today were nice and calm. No tantrums on the way back from school. Mommy pun happy and has her sanity intact.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Bluelight Specials

This post was sponsored by Kmart. All the opinions are mine.

Who loves sales, hands up please! Me, me, me...

Well, shopaholics and bargain hunters take note! If you have been waiting for the sales season or have been eyeing that certain something for yourself, here is your chance. Head down on to Kmart. Kmart is bringing back its trademark Kmart Bluelight specials for one day only - on the 8th August. There will be special offers throughout the day on everything from patio furniture to jewelry to clothing.

There will be over 40 great Bluelight Specials throughout the day in-store and other great offers will also be at only for this Saturday. There's something for everyone. For the guys, you may want to refurbish your patio with new furniture that are at 70% off regular prices. A great excuse for entertaining, outdoor lounging or barbeques this summer. For the ladies, there is an extra 10% of diamonds that are already 70% off! You know what they say, diamonds are a girl's bestfriend and a great match for any outfit. And nobody needs to know that you got them at a steal! I won't tell.

I remember in the UK, how people used to line up and even stay overnight outside the shops during the Christmas sales time. My friends even woke up as early as 4am to go to the shops. Just to catch those best bargains. Does this happen for Kmart as well? With deals like these, it might. You may want to set your alarm early for that day then. You may also want to check out Kmart on Twitter, for more updates and information. Have fun and go get em bargains!

Malaysian friends, don't fret..Mega Sales now on here too, right...

Click Here

Monday, August 03, 2009


20 schools in Sabah have been closed to date because of the H1N1 pandemic. It's alarming. It was just a few weeks ago that the first case was discovered here and now it has affected 20 schools and who knows it could most possibly be more. With symptoms that initially mirror that of a normal cold, how could one possibly know? The safest bet is just to be safe. Get good supplements to help strengthen your immune system, be extra hygienic, avoid travelling and avoid too many excursions to public places.

Even Masidi Manjun suggested that all schools should be closed especially in high risk towns like KK. I agree with him when he says, 'They (schools) are not in the position to put the children under unnecessary risk in schools' At least until this thing seems more under control and it is not spreading like wildfire.

A business associate invited me to attend a training in Brisbane, Australia this August. To which I have to respectfully decline. It is a tad last minute but more importantly, Australia has been recording so many cases of H1N1. Hubby told me that Melbourne has even been dubbed H1N1 capitol of the world? Ouchh...that can't be good for them.

Hubby decided that we shouldn't send Yasmin to school this couple of days. We heard that a nearby school (to Yasmin's) was one of those that had been ordered to close because of suspected H1N1 infection. And I know that a friend's daughter goes to that school and also goes to Yasmin's school for tuition in the afternoon. Who knows, there could be more. Or there could be other kid's siblings who go to that school. We also haven't been going out much. As much as we'd like to bring Yasmin out to jalan-jalan or to the park and playground, it's just better to be safe for now.

It's a scary thought that this thing is among us now. Be safe, everyone.

Ohh...I heard UMS pun ada sudah case??

Saturday, August 01, 2009

KK Is Home

Around about twice a month, I will go to do my banking in KK. I would usually park at either Gaya Street of near TongHing and walk to the banks. It's nice and leisurely to walk in the shaded sides of Gaya Street, it's actually enjoyable. Especially if it is breezy. I love walking past those old shops, you know the ones that still maintain their old traditional look, that still pile up onions in huge rattan baskets and biscuits in big glass jars. It is a wonder that they still in business now..with newer and hipper looking stores around.

When I do deliveries as well, I would park at Segama then walk to Wisma Merdeka and to Gaya Street. Parking is notorious in these areas so it just makes sense to park at one place to walk to the others. I also walk to Api-api and the Waterfront when I do deliveries in Centre Point and Warisan Square. So yeah, if you see me walking or crossing the street in these areas, that's me being a delivery person. And yeah, as much as I sometimes think that I dread this usually turns out to be nice and not to mention good exercise as well!

Look at this sight from the parking lot in front of HSBC and TongHing Supermarket. Isn't it hiii-uuge?? The grey cladding kind of reminds me of the Pavillion in KL. Once upon a time, it was just a parking lot (not even tarred, just covered in gravel). You could see the sky and ocean and Pulau Gaya from here. And now, there is this humongous Suria KK at its place.

Here's another sight only to be seen in KK...well, in other bits of Sabah as well. Can you see Mount Kinabalu peeking out at the distant? It's a nice sight to drive with each day. On a clear day, you can see its majestic view from almost anywhere in KK.

And how about driving along the coastal highway, right by the ocean? This refreshing scenery has accompanied me on many drives. I do so love it.

Only in KK. How lucky we are.