Monday, September 28, 2009

Bye-bye George

Knew it was coming but still sad to see him go. Bye-bye George OMalley! You were the lovable dork that every show needs.

PS..AMAZING Race tonight! Weepeeekaiyeiyyy

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Woke up to this magnificent view on Wednesday. The whole family took a short trip to Kundasang, we stayed at Kinabalu Pine Resort and this is the view from our room's balcony. This must have been at just around 6am. It was bright and windy, beautiful and breezy. There was no way one could sleep in and miss this early morning scene of the whole mountain and valley waking up together to greet the brand new day. Even Yasmin woke up around 630am, much much earlier than her usual wake up time.

Hubby was already awake before it was bright, setting up his camera to capture the daybreak. I did my subuh prayers bundled in my warm fleece jacket and socks. The icy cold water fresh and tingly on my skin. I then took the chance to enjoy the quiet time, got myself a cup of hot water and just sat on the balcony, watching in awe of the scene unfolding before me. I had no troubles to think about at that particular moment in time. All was good. I thanked God for being able to be there. To be able to breathe in that morning breeze. For a lot of things that I have taken for granted all this time. It was a good morning.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Passion & Dreams

Once upon a time ago, I dreamt that if I were to ever open a cafe or ice cream parlour or any other business, I would name it Passion & Dreams. I would call it so as the business would have been born out of both my sheer passion and dreams. I thought it had a nice ring to it - doesn't it sound like an ice cream flavour or something you would call a dessert?

Well, I don't have a cafe or ice cream parlour or any shop in business....yet. But passion and dreams continue to linger in my mind and ignite my soul in everything that I do. Don't you think that they are two very essential ingredients that everyone should have in their life? A life lived without any passion or any dreams, seems unimaginable to me. Going by day to day without feeling excitement, any inate need or urge to fill your life with something you really really love, seems a life incomplete, a life of just existing without really living.

I am a dreamy person. I got my head up in the clouds most of the time. Dreaming about the life I want, the things I want to achieve, the people I want to be with when I do. It's a lovely state to be in. More than often, something would happen to pop me out of my bubble and back to reality. It may get me down for a while, I look it in the eye, let it through and then, there I am dreaming again.

I know my dreams but I am still working on my passions. What are the things that I truly absolutely love? Come to think of it, what are my hobbies? And not just something like reading or collecting stamps or listening to music, something that you would have written in your biodata in school. (Oh, no offence stamp collectors ya..what with everything going electronic these days, I believe you are a rare breed and your stamps must be worth a thousands). Your passion has to be something specific. Why do we need to identify our passion? Because it may lead you to realize what you really want to do in life, something you would be happy doing all the rest of your life. Remember that Confucius saying 'Enjoy your work and you'll never work a day in your life'. That's what I'm getting at and that's what I want to really find out.

I read in an article that your job can be classified to be in one of three categories. It can be just a job, it can be a career or it can be a calling. If you're just clocking in day in and day out, just going through the motions and be happy to receive your paycheck at the end of the month, it's a job. If you are constantly thinking about improving yourself and your situation and you have the means to do so, you have a career. If you are doing something you feel absolutely passionate about, it's your calling. For many of my friends in the academic line, they are in this category. To be able to stay in a jungle for months on, to study animal faeces, to live, breath, eat, sleep that subject matter - that's a calling! So which is you? Well, I'm writing this mostly for myself. What I am doing now, I do not consider as a calling. Or can it be? Like I said, I'm still figuring things out, figuring out myself.

Eid's Here

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin


Friday, September 18, 2009

Today's Wisdom

Yes She Will

At last night's buka puasa gathering, Yasmin started climbing onto the sliding door grills to which Uncle said, 'Let her...she's going to be an her dad'

Yes, I believe so, she will. Looking at her traits and personality now, she will also be a musician, a dancer, a singer, a gamer (oh dear!), a curious and energetic person who speaks brilliant English. She will be all that and more. And my greatest challenge as her mother will be to encourage her and not to stifle any of these traits and abilities. To not worry what other people would think but to help her be her own person, to know herself and to nourish her passions.

As for mommy, even at almost 33, I'm still figuring out who I am, what I want and my purpose in this universe.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hello Fall...

...that's autumn in the States. Also known as that time of the year when a multitude of shows return to the small screen and a gazillion more make their debut, hoping to find their place in the already packed universe of tvland.

Here's a list of returning shows and their respective dates, listed categorically by television without pity dot com, as either the best or worst returning shows this fall. Take note and set your bitcomets or bittorrents, people!

90210 (Sept 8)
Heroes (Sept 21)
Grey's Anatomy (Sept 24)
Smallville (Sept 25)
Desperate Housewives (Sept 27)
Private Practice (Oct 1)

Ouch! So OK, I don't follow 90210. I do think it is a tad crappy and juvenile, not nearly as happening as the original 90210 was 10 years ago. But oh no! Look at all those other shows listed... With the exception of Smallville and Desperate Housewives, which I only watch when I happen to catch them but which I love, actually... I do follow Heroes and Grey's and Private Practice! OK OK... I have to admit that the previous season of Heroes started off well but it all went downhill somewhere in the middle and that ending was just a bit blahh..and they killed off Nathan!! (the real one). My only reason to keep watching would be for Peter and Hiro and Ando.

And Grey's - I think it was the whole Izzie's sex with a dead guy thing last season that put it in the worst category. And the big double cliffhanger of George & Izzie in the finale, to which we already know that TR Knight will not be returning as George. I have to admit...I would still want to watch it. Worst pun....I need to know what happens! Same with Private Practise - cliffhanger ending also last season. Pregnant Violet kidnapped and about to be sliced open by one of her wacko patients.

Hopefully these shows would be better in their new seasons and bounce back.

Here are the best returning shows that I am excited about:

Supernatural (Sept 10)
Gossip Girl (Sept 14)
House (Sept 21)

So OK, I don't watch Supernatural. Just cause I'm too chicken and I don't wanna have nightmares. Even the two cutie stars aren't enough to lure me. But anyway, they are in the best category so you followers, keep on following this show!

Gossip Girl will be going to uni this coming season. I have to admit, I do think the show is a tad juvenile at times but better than 90210 for sure. There's something about it that still keeps me watching it. I'm happy that Chuck and Blair hooked up. This new season will also feature Hillary Duff and Michelle Trachtenberg coming back as Georgina. But my favourite gossip guy for sure is the still hot Rufus Humphrey aka Matthew Settle aka Spears of Band of Brothers!

House for sure will be an exciting new season. I've written that Chase and Cameron will be returning to the team, weyhey!! And with House in the cuckoo house (hmmm..), Foreman will be leading the team. Need to watch, must must watch to see what happens!

And the best, saved for last... AMAZING RACE!! Hurrrahhhh... Nothing could probably top seeing Phil in his boxers in freezing cold weather last season but it's the Amazing Race after all...sure to be more exciting places and teams and tasks this coming season. And my favourite bit - Phil's The World is Waiting for You Speech at the beginning!

Also here are two new-sounds-interesting-maybe-will-check-out shows:
Fringe (Sept 17 - returning for second season actually)
FlashForward - boasts all star cast including John Cho (Roldy!!!), Dominic Monaghan, Joseph Fiennes among others

So there you go... Happy Fall people!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Garage Sale

I'm thinking of having a garage sale to clear off some pre-loved items. Have been thinking bout this for some time now. Do we need to have any permits, etc to do garage sale? At home saja... shouldn't need one I think..Anyone know?