Saturday, October 31, 2009

They're Here!

I bought these via e-bay about a month ago and they just arrived yesterday! Crocs Beach Ruby Red Large. I have been wanting them for some time now and finally decided to get them after a couple of times browsing through e-bay sites. These were bought using my secret stash, money I have never seen and touched, money from my paypal account received mostly from writing up reviews on my blog. Hehe! They were shipped from HongKong and I had to e-mail the sellers twice because it took such a long time to arrive, I thought it might have gotten lost somewhere or worse, that the sellers were bogus! But alas they are here.

Now I know they are some Crocs haters out there. Some who think they are funny looking or that they are just rubber. Well.. it is funny looking, it is just rubber...but I for one, like it! feet don't look too huge in them, right? Doesn't look clownish at all. So far I am loving em! They are so light and because it is meant to be worn loose sometimes feels like you're not wearing shoes at all. I love the airy feeling. I like that they can be worn as clogs. And I like that they are easily washable and dry-able.

It took me quite some time to decide what colour to get. I was torn between the many lovely colours. Well, since they are Crocs after all and that they are already outrageous and bold and since I love red, I decided on this colour. So if you see some girl walking around town in red rubber shoes - I don't think there are very many.. - and KK is such such a small place (if you think about it) - nah maybe saya la tuh! Oohh..I need to get me some jibbitz now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pimp Ma Ride

Recognize this? Yes, a cassette! I'm one of those people who still has a cassette player in my car. Nope, I don't even have one of those fm modulator pendrive thingamajiggy thingies. Most of the time, I'd just listen to the radio. The other day, I decided to give one of my old Anuar Zain cassette a go. It was fine at first. Then came that awful awful screeching sound, you know... the one that tends to come out when you've played the cassette a tad too much or you've left it in the scorching car for a bit. Tidak siok betul, this is the disadvantage with cassettes. Well, thankfully..we are supposed to have passed that era, right?
I love this analogy of how when a better delivery system comes, we'd all flock to the shops to buy the same things again and again. Beatles cassette collection already at home, they come out with cd... buy! Then.. they have the digitally remastered again! Then...someone suggest you get the digital version from la again! You've got to get with the times, right? Tidak mahu la (terlalu) ketinggalan zaman.

So anyway, my dad newly installed a dvd/cd player/entertainment system in his car and offered to hand down the old cd player to me. So yeiiy! Bulih la pasang yang ini pulak..

Hubby said the next step would be to get the full entertainment system thingy complete with screen to watch in the car. And my answer... woho! Not yet la. I'm opposed to the whole driving with a tv screen thing at the moment - tidak ka distracting tu? I remember, when they started making handphones with cameras, I was opposed to it too! Haha...I was all like, a phone is a phone and a camera should just be a camera! But look now, almost all handphones come with cameras. And yours truly, has to be in too mah.. It took some time for me to accept the idea but I love it now. So, give it a couple years...when everyone is already driving around with those screens in their cars, then I'd probably go 'Hmm..maybe I should get one of those..' Heh!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Back To Earth

When I was small, I didn't understand this phrase - Sembahyanglah sebelum kamu disembahyangkan. Translated it means perform your prayers before prayers are performed on you. I thought it meant something like if you didn't do your prayers, someone was actually going to carry you and make you move to do them. Silly huh. It was quite sometime later that I saw those wordings again on a large billboard near a mosque that it suddenly dawned on me. The meaning. And everytime I see or hear the phrase, I am reminded of that feeling of when I first realized what it meant.

And the word dikebumikan - if you really look at it and what it means, it means to send back to the earth. Back to God who created the earth.

Why so morbid?

My mom and dad took a flight to Johor yesterday morning after finding out that my Grandma was very ill and her condition had worsened. Mom said they arrived 15 minutes late. She had passed away. I asked mom how dad was, she said of course he's sad. My dad rarely shows his emotions. He doesn't talk much about his past and family too. I know he cares in his own way and so I hope he mourns and copes well in his own way too.

I was never really close to her and our relatives in Johor. The last time I visited them was probably before I got married, on one of our short family trips there. Last night I even struggled to remember what her name was, I wasn't sure. How bad of me. Mom said Grandma had been bedridden for almost 7 years, sakit tua. On our last visit there, she was still up and about but weak and with failing memory. I guess it's the circle of life.. all of life is transitory, we go back to the earth at one point or another.

Please say a verse of Alfatihah for her for me.

PS..her name was Rahmah bt Abdullah

Saturday, October 03, 2009


This is a bit of promotion and also self testimonial. I was fasting on Thursday and I woke up to sahur with a tumbler of water and one pack of Agel OHM. OHM is a concoction of Vitamin B, minerals and ginseng which is good for energy and mental focus. A friend had mentioned that she took it during fasting month and it really helped to give her good energy levels. So I thought I'd try it out. The result - yes, amazingly..I felt a good constant level of energy throughout the day. None of the usual mid morning hunger pangs. By lunchtime, tummy was just a little rumbly but not as significant as usual. No dull, tired feeling. Felt good. Bagus la nih kalau berpuasa..especially for those yang malas mau bangun makan sahur. Would be good for non puasa times too, when you need a good level of energy and focus.

OHM does make me feel a little heaty whenever I take it and this is because it also acts to convert food and fat in the body into energy. Wah wah!! Don't you think that's fab! Another friend did mention this product helped her to lose weight as well. More energy and lose weight at the same time? Isn't that on every girl's wishlist??

For more info on OHM, check this out

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