Friday, January 15, 2010


Read this on a friend's FB status this morning:

Received a divine message from the universe from a parking ticket machine. It said, 'Change is possible'

Haaa! Brilliant! I like it

Sunday, January 10, 2010


One of Yasmin's favourite things lately is to 'groom' my hair. She would brush my hair or twirl it (using the hairbrush) and then she'd put on the headband. Then she would say, 'Finished!!' And then, whilst turning my head to look at the mirror (imaginary or real), she would say...'Andddd...voillaaahh!' And we both laugh out loud :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Romantic Dreams for 2010

Ho Ho Ho!!!
What?? Christmas is over?
What? I missed that as well....
Oh doggone it!

Well, I've been reading many friends' posts since before the new year, each of them recapping the year that was 2009 in their own wonderful ways. And with that came their wishes, hopes and dreams for this new year that is (now) 2010. I read these with fervor, sharing their joys and sorrows of the year, impressed and inspired by achievements and resolutions made. And I too, started constructing my own thoughts to go back and see what the year has been for/to me. A post that included among others - my favourite show of 2009 (which, by the way, is House) and my favourite tv moment of the year (Kris Allen winning AI instead of all hyped up Adam Lambert). But, as you can see though, I still haven't manage to finish that particular one to share with you here. All I have for you is me with my silly Santa-Mickey Mouse-hat. Will this do for now?

I did not make any particular resolutions for the new year on those last moments of 2009. Resolutions are overrated, no? I think it's no good to just say something like - I'm going to lose weight. It's easy to say. (I did this all too many times, year in and year out, with not much results). But to really mean it and actually plan a path that you are going to take to achieve it, that's the tough bit, yeah? And so, let me still work on that my dreams for this new year. I prefer to call it dreams rather than resolutions. Dreams sound much more romantic. Resolutions sound like something you've got to clear with an examining board before getting a pass!

I know this though. I am going to continue to dream big this year. And to work my way playfully, passionately and blissfully towards that dream, absorbing as much new learnings as I can along the way. I am going to embrace opportunities and life as they are laid before me. I will remind myself each day to be grateful for all that I have. Please say Hi to me if you see me on my way! Heeeee...

Much love and my best wishes to you, my friends, for this new year 2010! xoxo