Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kay's Hot Oven

(or Here's Another Post by the Suddenly Insomniac Linachu)

Hi everyone.  My name is Linachu and today, I am a freelance (as in working for free) PR officer.  My job is to share with you some wonderful gems that I think you should check out.  And today, I want you to check out this blog: 

This is my friend Carol's blog.  She is a home based baker who bakes the most delicious and moist butter cakes, topped with delectable yummy icing, decorated to your heart's (and tummy's) whim.  I have been craving for her cakes (well, any cake for that matter) since last week and I have told her this.  I am meeting her for breakfast tomorrow morning and am secretly hoping that she brings me some.  (Hahaa..Carol, if you read this...just joking bah! Though kalau ada, I won't be a fool and say no!)  How to be the biggest loser like this kan?  (Carlo lost 9 kgs in a week! Crazyyyy and kotoh the Blue team members..hehe)

Seriously though, I have ordered cakes and cuppies a few times from Carol and loved them.  She baked a princess cake for Yasmin's 4th birthday, which you can see a picture of in her blog.  She especially specializes in cakes for weddings, engagements and hantarans. She just started blogging, so there's not so many entries, yet.  She uses halal ingredients and I'm sure all her cakes are baked with much love and passion. As is this free publicity here, born out of love and support for my friend.  Carol and I have something in common, in that she also left the security and comforts of her 9-5 job to pursue this passion.  Just like me, she encountered a lot of comments and negativity on this.  Just like me, she does it because she loves it and is in search of something better.

Check it out my friends, your tummies will not be sorry! 
(Oh by the way, I have to tell you guys about Julie & Julia/The Julie Julia Project! Soon soon...I have so many things to write about!)
Also, by the way, please be a darling and tell Carol that azlina referred you. Cheers!

Small World

I had a meeting earlier this evening with someone enquiring about advertising in my paper.  Didn't have much idea about the person, only knew her first name and that she runs a cafe and a training centre.  Tengok-tengok pula, turns out, that person is the sister of my darling friend Fran. Who is practically like my little sister as well.  Cerita punya cerita.... she is also the colleague of another friend's brother - Sharon's brother Richard.  Who also happens to be my junior from school.  Haaiiyaiyaiii...what a small small world this KK is, huh?  Teeny tiny.  It was nice though, that we had stuff to talk about.

I enjoy meetings like these. Good meetings with good conversations that leave you quite exhilirated that you end up feeling like you want to stay up and blog all night.  That's me.  Macam high pulak...though I didn't try the shisha that was introduced to me at the cafe!

If you wanna check out the cafe, it's Colossus Cafe at the Asia City Open Space (near where the bazaar ramadhan usually is, about 50m walking distance from Cititel Express/Fook Yuen. It was formerly the Pirate's Bar).  They open 6pm - 1am.  Nahhh, free publicity lagi nih..

Oh My... (Part 2)

Jesse Spencer is on twitter! It's the real him, verified by one of the House producers/writers.  His bio reads: Doctor on House, twitter virgin. Heeheee..

So guess who will be logging in to twitter more often now? Hahaha hihihi huhuhu.....

I've actually signed up for twitter since last year.  Though I wrote some time before that I would only do so once I have a mobile online device.  Alas I relented.  Peer pressure I tell you! Heehee.. Now that I absolutely essentially will need to be checking on Jesse's tweets often, hopefully I will be tweeting more too.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh my..

Hubba hubba... I wouldn't mind running with him anyday!

Vote for Chase/Jesse as one of Fox's Hotties

Pic taken from jessepixdaily

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Cloud Keeper

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! I spent most of the day indoors today.  And when I went out to take in the laundry around 5-ish pm, I was awed by the beautiful blue sky and whimsically gorgeous scattering of clouds. It was an ocean of calm and peacefulness, literally a breath of fresh air and I wondered how I could have missed this wonderous scene hiding away indoors all day.

I love looking at the sky.  And the clouds.  The tones of blue are soul soothing.  If you get a chance, just get yourself to a nearby park, lie down on a bench or on the grass and just look up at the infinite sky.  It will surely drown out all your troubles, if only for those brief moments.

I'm not sure when this fascination with clouds started.  Those beautiful fluffs of soft cotton.  And to think that it's just water vapour, surely there has to be some magic and mystics going on inside.  So all of a sudden I found myself buying books on weather and clouds. I took lots of photographs of clouds and gave them titles like Above the Clouds and Ocean of Cloud and Into the Light.  I took photos of sunrises and sunsets. Yeah, and this was in the days before DSLRs.  I wished I was a climatologist and able to identify each distinct cloud and what it meant.  I wished the geography and science teachers at school could have told us how cool this would be.

I had this dream once.  In which I was asked what I wanted to do or what my ambition was.  And my answer, and I remember this so distinctly was 'To be a Cloud Keeper'  And I remember waking up and thinking to myself, 'Heh? Cloud Keeper... coool!' (Am suddenly feeling dejavu-ey that I've written about this before... )

Here's to more beautiful clouds tomorrow..