Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life Changing

I'm watching American Idol as I write this.  Lee Dewyze just performed and Simon Cowell made this comment: 'Tonight is probably the night that changes your life..' and I get teary eyed and goosebumps at the same time.  This is why I am a sucker for shows like American Idol.  Because it's about  your ordinary Tom or plain Jane, who would otherwise be stuck doing the same thing they were doing for years in, and there they are vying for their dreams of a lifetime to come true. And isn't that somehow true of all of us?  We just wish we had the guts or the talents or the money to be able to do what we really want to do in life.  And it all has to start somewhere.  What little thing you do today, what decisions you make, what thoughts you nourish, what company you keep, might just be that spark that changes everything.

I spent the evening speaking with Paival on this topic among others.  He also made me realise....that it's about time I start to dream again. Thanks mate! And here's to a great life changing year ahead for us both...and for all of you too, my friends.  Amin.

Time Travelling

I was at a wedding with my mom last weekend.  A friend of hers came up to us and they chatted for a while.  Mom later told me that the lady was her classmate from school years and years ago.  The brief encounter got me time travelling to the future, maybe 20 years ahead, where I would be the one dragging Yasmin to a wedding and introducing her to my old classmates.  Oh wow. She'd maybe have her own little munchkin to chase after.  Imagine that.  I sure hope I would have the chance to experience that.  Insya-allah.

PS who says time travelling doesn't exist?

PPS I have read and watched The Time Traveler's Wife!  I'm in love with Henry.  The book has so much more detail but the movie is not bad as well.  And oh yeah, Eric Bana is hot!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Flea with us!

My friends (Josie Rosie, Rinchan & Wiwir) and I will be participating in a flea market held at SESB lobby tomorrow!  We have rented a space and will be attempting to sell off some of our pre-loved items.  For me, it's mainly books, music and movie cds (all ori ones!).  My mom has some handbags and tudungs that she wants me to sell off.  My dad has pitched in his old vcd player.  Hubby pulak, is quite the sentimental, he says he's not selling off any stuff this time round!

For me, it's not that I'm not sentimental and I don't value those stuffs - it's just that, there are those stuffs that their moments have passed or those things where they seemed to be a good idea at the moment but now you think back and don't really know why you got them in the first place.  I'm also trying to clear out clutter.  There's just too many stuffs at home. If I'm not using them anymore and if I don't feel like holding on to them for future use, then isn't it better to pass it on - pay it forward - to someone who might need/want them for now.

My mom said, 'Tidak ka malu mau pergi berjual-jual begitu? Nanti orang fikir...etc etc etc...' Well, what is there to be embarassed off, it's not like it's something bad or illegal.  It should be fun, in fact!!

So...if you are around the area or if you want to come by and meet me (hahaha...macam la celebrity kan!), please do drop by the SESB lobby area on Sat, 27th March from 10am - 5-ish pm. Sees yah!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yasmin - The Budak

One of her favourites when we go to the bookshop - grab a book, sit on the floor :)

Well there's Charlie and Lola Sonner! Thanks Auntie Aza for bringing them for me...they are my favourite and my best!

Sizzles Lowe!

Si Boods... (Si budaks)

I'm at Tune Hotel in Penang for the night.  Been a long day and yet I can't sleep (again..).  It's actually my first ever night away from Yasmin, since she was two days old and slept at the hospital nursery.  Other than that, we've been like two peas in a pod...The hubby called and she seemed to be Ok and was as usual laughing and playing away.  Other than the insomnia, I'm not doing too bad as well.  I guess, sooner or later, she's gonna be all grown up, spreading her wings to fly and all.  And mommy would need to be ready to be away from her even more.  Gotta embrace these final years when I can still call her mommy's baby.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Excited to Sleep

I can't sleep. A bit excited but confused at the same time.  So here's the good news (and the cause of excitement) and I haven't told anyone else, I'm telling you first...

Coffee News is soon going to be available in..... *drum roll, please*:
Downtown KL!!!, Subang & PJ, Penang, Melaka
(Sorry to dissapoint if any of you thought I was announcing being preggy..belum lagi bah..)

But anyway...ain't that a wonder!! Closed the deal(s) was a gooooood day!  And now my mind is racing on what I need to do next, all the stuff I want to do, t-shirts & knick knacks to order, website to revamp, not to mention a trip to meet and train my new licensees.  And herein lies the confusion part. I want to go next week but hubby also has a work trip on the day that I planned to go on.  He's been having a lot of those lately...And I hate the idea of both of us being away from Yasmin at the same time.  But that date is the most ideal for me. Hmm...

Maybe I need to sleep on it.  By the way, I'm still waiting for you Paival, to join in the gang!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lonely is The Night..

Feeling a bit lonely tonight.  All I have is you and James Morrison on my iTunes.  It's one of those nights that I wish I could stay up all night and read or write or watch youtube videos til I get sick of waiting for them to load.  I should really be getting some work done.  What work, you ask?  Hey, I've got invoices to prepare, expiry dates to check on, agreements to finalize.  The lone life of the self employed.  Just yesterday I was all over town doing deliveries.  I told hubby that I think I will be needing an assistant soon.  And just the other day, Carol and I dreamt up having our shared office cum cake boutique (Carol's of course).  And today, I think I found a great place for it.  That would be nice.  That, would also involve a lotta ka-ching.  I'm not even sure I can afford an assistant, what more an office cum cake boutique.  Still, it's a lovely dream.  And now I am rambling. And yet, you are still reading this. Heee.  Thanks for your company


Watched the penultimate episode of The Biggest Loser Asia tonight.  I have to admit, I was a tad skeptical when this show started.  I don't know why.  I watched all those American editions before.  I do love watching the transformations as those contestants lose their fat suits and emerge beautiful and healthy and toned.  And I do always have a sudden urge to either run or go do some squats and lunges after watching the show, vowing to start tomorrow, transform my eating habits, exercise more, emerge a beautiful, healthy and toned me.  To change.  And it's always tomorrow that this supposed transformation is to start. Heh.  Well, perhaps if I had Dave Nuku pushing me on, I'd be on the get go.  By the way, I do think Bob is somehow a tad more interesting compared to Dave. Hmm.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yes.  Change.

In tonight's episode, which by the blah (for lack of a better word) is it that Martha won the immunity?!  Of all the challenges to have immunity, she gets this one.  But the fact that she slacked off after that just shows to me that she really should have been the one to go this week.  I don't think she'd be able to catch up with the guys anyway.  In tonight's episode, everyone spoke of change.  Of how this experience had completely changed their lives.  Of how they would be leaving a better person.  Of how it was an experience of a lifetime.  Of how they would never want to go back to how it was.  I think if it were me, I'd be saying the same things as well.

The person who struck me the most though, was Carlo.  I loved how he talked about his former life, of having to work 15 hours a day and barely spending time with his wife.  And how now, he is ready to change his life completely, if it meant having to change his career to spend more time with his wife, then so be it.  I loved that.  Going beyond just changing eating habits and his former lifestyle, there was a bigger picture to look at.

Reminded me of Bill Rancic some time ago, in the final episodes of that first season of The Apprentice. Clad in a simple white shirt and blue jeans, looking uber gorgeous (yes, I remember this), he talked about how winning the title would change not just him but generations in his family to come.  I totally fell for him then.  I wonder if Giuliana saw that.

So anyway, yeah..I'm rooting for Carlo to take the title.  More so because of the whole Blue Team alliance thingy.  Look forward to watching that.  I think Marilyn would be totally gorgeous if she lost more weight.  I should say this to me - I think Linachu would be totally gorgeous if she just gave up those nasi lemak and roti kawin, got off her hiney and lose a bit of weight!  Where are my running shoes??