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Of Reiki, Yoga and Intentions

I had a chance to learn a little bit of Reiki last Saturday.  It wasn't my first time sampling it, I had previously brought my mom for a reiki session and had a sample of it myself. If you are not familiar with reiki, it is a type of healing energy treatment/practice used for relaxation, stress reduction and unblocking the energy path in the body.  It originated in Japan, was then brought to the US by a lady named Mrs Takata who then adapted the practice to be more suited for the Western culture.  How reiki works is through the transfer of healing energy (known as ki/chi/qi) through the palms.  The session on Saturday was taught by my dear friend Maria.  She is a reiki master, which means she is qualified to teach reiki. Maria taught us how to perform reiki on someone else and also for ourselves. Essentially, here are the steps:

1. Wash your hands to clean off negative energy (which we can pick up everywhere).  For Muslims, you can also do your ablution (wudhu')
2.  Ask the person whom you want to perform reiki on if they are ready and allow you to do so
3.  Set your intention : Say something along the lines of 'I intend the reiki energy to flow' or you can also say 'Reiki on!', just like you're putting on a switch.  I shall share more about this step later
4.  Place your palms on the part of the body you want - which are for different bodily functions.  If the person allows and is comfortable with it, your palms can touch the person's body part.  If not, you can just hover your palms over the body part and 'beam' the energy to them
5. Hold the position of your palms for the length of time you want - 3 minutes is good enough for each position.  Change to another position and hold the position again.  Repeat until you've finished for the entire body or as required
6.  Once done, disconnect yourself by doing a criss cross action of the palms (as though cutting through the energy field).  Express gratitude for the healing energy transferred.

Doing it for yourself is basically the same steps as above, only you are doing it on yourself.

What does it feel like? Or how do you know it's working?  Well, for me, what I've experienced is this warm sensation all over the body.  It's relaxing and it sort of puts you into this dreamy, relaxed state.  Maria said that the sessions she has conducted before brought comfort and relief to those people who were ill and in pain.  Even when I was waiting for my mom to finish her session that time I brought her, when she came out, I immediately felt this sense of warmth.  It makes sense, the energy is being dissipated in the form of heat.  And if you think about it, placing the palms at the certain positions for a certain period of time is of course going to generate heat on the palms.

What I liked about Maria's session was this.  She gave some emphasis on starting out by setting your intention and she said it can be as simple as saying, 'Bismillahirahmanirahim, Ya Allah..I intend the healing energy to flow' and expressing gratitude at the end by saying 'Thank you Ya Allah for the healing energy'.  Accordingly, you can set your intentions any way you wish or feel suitable, based on your own faith and beliefs.

I find this to be so important, especially in the wake of some people deeming practices such as reiki, yoga and even NLP (neuro linguistic programming) as haram for muslims. Reiki is a spiritual practice but it does not have any religious background or component associated with it. Yoga on the other hand has roots in Hindu-ism and also Buddhism.  It is also associated with meditative practices and chanting of mantras.  So therein lies the reasoning behind banning it for muslims. With NLP, NLP is a way of being aware of your thoughts, the language you use which then influences your actions, behaviours and habits.  I don't see how this can be deemed detrimental for muslims.  As someone who has experienced and practised all three, I do not agree that they should be banned.

I would again bring it back to the person's intentions.  I guess yoga is the most controversial of the three.  But there are many types of yoga. And the yoga practised by most of the non-Hindu world is called Hatha Yoga and emphasises more on the postures and breathing as a form of exercise and stretching for the body. It does not involve any chanting of sanskrit verses or worshipping of the sun or moon or trees as implied in this blog.  Sure, there is a set of postures called the Sun Salutation which is an excellent overall body stretch, but it is not saying that performing it automatically means you are worshipping the sun. I believe that most people who practise yoga do so with the intention that it is beneficial to their mind and body.  What I've found with yoga and reiki is that both are excellent for quieting the mind, to just be aware of yourself, your breathing.  This in itself is a form of meditation.  And just as Maria told us to say Bismillah before performing reiki, the meditation part of yoga can be used to say zikir, tasbih, istighfar or to recite doa.  And doesn't everything, including the energy that is as in reiki come from God Almighty anyway?

Well, the only person who knows their intention is the person him/herself.  And as long as it is a good intention, it does not harm yourself or anyone else, who is to say that it is wrong.  I for one, would continue to do my yoga, I would love to learn more about reiki, I am a believer and practitioner of NLP.  My intention is nothing less than doing it for better health, better awareness of myself and being a better me. End.

For some reiki basic, read this - How to Heal Yourself Through Reiki.

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Some pictures of our reiki learning session (from friend Karen's FB)

Transferring the energy.  Guess which are my chubby hands?

No, it's not a loud noise.  This is one of the positions for reiki, cupping the ears with your palms.

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