Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Report No 1

Osmand & Lolly

Had the pleasure of attending this wedding of our former schoolmate, Osmand Danny and his sweetie heart, Lolly.  It was an outdoor wedding held at the cafe of the first beach in Tanjung Aru.  And it rained!  There were only a few canopies put up and it was all full by the time we got there.  Thankfully, the rain died down and left with it a nice cooling breeze for us to enjoy the night.

The lovely thing about this wedding was that it turned out to be a reunion of sorts.  Really.  All those long lost friends I haven't seen in ages, some even flew in from KL and across the state.   Loved seeing guys like Johaniff and Choi, the two guys who sat behind me in form 5, whom I'd fight with but then miss terribly whenever they went off for their cricket tournaments.  (There were only 19 of us in our form 5 class and more than half were on the cricket team!).  There's Norshamsul whom I had a sort of fight with in form 4 and he didn't talk to me for ages! I wonder what it was about...haahaa.  Then, there are those usual guys we often see around in KK (and mostly on facebook)  I mean, forget organising reunions, someone just needs to get married to get everyone to come together again.  I think we still have a few candidates remaining to have a few more weddings in the near future.  It was a nice get together, glad we went.

aiih, am looking very the gebu here..shhh

More wedding reports coming up soon!  Ramai urang kahwin ujung tahun nih!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Year End Reflections

How are you supposed to know what you are meant to do in your life?  You'd think that by 33, I would have figured this out but I find that I am constantly still asking myself this question.  Now that the year is coming to an end (can you believe it? Where did it all go?), I find myself reflecting about the year gone by, what I have done and could or should have done (by now).  Should there be more? Definitely. But what exactly??  And what's the plan for the coming year?

It has been 3 years since I have been on my own.  It has been great and liberating and I have found that I learnt more about myself.  What are my strengths and not so strong points.  What are my likes and definite no-nos.  You'd think that by 33, I would have known these things, huh?  Well, sometimes we are just so caught up with what everyone expects of you, what is the norm, what should be...that you tend to just go along and conform to those expectations.  I realise this is true of me.  There is some good to it, of course.  But I think the main thing I am trying to really do, is to know myself and to be true to myself.  To know that at the end of it all, I can look back and know that I was true and sincere in whatever I did.

I do have something big coming up next year so I need to decide how my current work and situation are going to affect this.  I also have some ideas of what I may want to do and again, I am not sure of how it will come to play.  So again (universe), I ask you...how are you supposed to know?  I shall be looking out for signs.  Please show me the way.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simple Wonders

Took these pictures some time ago, on our trip back to mom-in-law's kampung in Kiulu.

We walked across the hanging bridge and there was this group of kids playing in the river, just floating by underneath the bridge.  They were laughing and obviously having a good time.  It just made me wonder of what such a simple joy that was - for them.  Whilst some other kids were in front of their computers or tvs or games console, that was how those kids enjoyed themselves.  What pure and innocent joy!  Happy weekend folks.