Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Were you naughty or nice this year? Did your Santa grant you all the presents you wished for?

Here's one kid that is getting naughtier by the day!

Hard to believe she was once this little munchkin...just lying down quietly..googoo and gaagaa-ing..

Oh yes, she is definitely entering the naughty ages.  Tantrums and demands and yelling. Aduuhh... And she's adding all this new vocabulary that a mother doesn't necessarily want to hear from her five year old kid.  No foul words but words like stupid - she likes to say a lot! Errghh...and she's in this booing-jelir lidah phase as well. Double erghhh...

As my mom would say, 'Begitu la kalau budak...kamu pun begitu dulu..' Really?? I hate to think I was ever  like that.  Haahaa...But, it's all too easy for grandparents or relatives or others to say this kind of statement or give their so called advice on what to do and how to raise the kids and what not.  At the end of the day, it is you, the parents who still have to handle the brats *oopss*.  Patience is definitely a virtue one needs as a parent.  Nope, I rephrase - you need double, even triple doses of patience.

There are times when she gets up to her naughties and I am hot on the edge of madness *double meaning = marah dan juga macam mau gila*, that I feel like...'geramnyaa..' Macam mau pukul sikit budak nih to teach her a lesson.  But I never.  I can honestly say I never ever hit her all this while. Maybe just a pat. But never a smack or a rotan or even a pinch or a lastik.  I don't believe it is the way to discipline or teach.  There has to be another way.  I believe in talking and reasoning and teaching by playing/spending time together and showing by our own actions.  If the parents hit or pinch or lastik the child, won't they grow up doing the same thing to others or even to their children in the future.  I feel guilty that the thought even enters my mind.  Why is it even the first thing that I automatically think of? To hit.  My parents never hit me. But I guess it is a norm that we see and hear of too much in our society and it becomes like a gut reaction one automatically goes to.

Well, the talking and reasoning and teaching by playing/spending time together and showing by our own actions isn't working much now. She very much has a mind of her own.  Very defiant and quite hard-headed this little girl.  Wonder where she gets it from... I am hoping that this will tone down as she grows a bit more.  Will it?

I am very mindful though that whatever her behaviour, she somehow got it from us. And her immediate surroundings.  We are/were the ones that made her that way.  Because she saw us do it, or we did not show her the right way, that it somehow still falls back to us.  But of course, nobody is perfect and we can't be there all the time and we sometimes don't do the right things ourselves.  So, it happens.  Heavy responsibility it is being a parent.  So at that edge of madness, I guess this is the thought that stops me.  I pray it always will.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Look at these bunch of books sis-in-law brought back for me from the states!

Wooohooo... three shopaholic books! Though I am a big Sophie Kinsella fan, I've only read the first of the shopaholic series.  PS I Love and Julie & Julia... I love both movies! Which one shall I start with?

I do feel like re-reading this one though..

Yep, watched the movie and loved, loved, loved it!  The first chapter of the book is exactly what was on film.  Loved the 7 Potters scene.  And the part they broke into the ministry of magic.  There was one part in the book which I really loved that wasn't featured in the movie though...the part where Harry and Hermione went back to Godric's Hollow. Oh, but that Bathilda Bagshot scene was scary oh!

These two are always a good read/re-read for the soul.  I starting re-reading EPL after I saw the movie, I'm still stuck somewhere in Italy  - a good place to be stuck in :-)

Perhaps, this is the one that I should be reading though.... With the new year coming and with it, resolutions to make.. I still need to figure out

Merry Jolly Christmas friends.  Don't eat too much (note to self)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Random December Thoughts

My favourite month is here! But then, I think, oh man...this year has gone by in such a breeze.
Another wedding this weekend. I hope my stuffy nose clears up by then so I can actually enjoy the food.
Yasmin's year end tea party is this Fri. What do kiddies like to eat other than sausages (says Yasmin) that's easy to prepare?
Another trip to see the cows and rabbits next weekend.  Looking forward to getting away for a bit.
For some reason, everybody's going to London lately.  And I look on with envy as they post their status updates and pictures of a white England.  I wish I was there, only to hibernate in my plushy plush duvet.
Oooh, I need to get me something for the 15th!
Happy days :)