Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopaholic Talk

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Movie Tie-in Edition) I just finished reading Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (my January book of the month) and so, now, I get the movie - Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I don't get it per se..I mean, I see why the movie was as it was.  I had many qualms when I first watched it, based on my memory of the book.  I couldn't believe Sophie Kinsella allowed them to make all those changes.  But now I see that the movie was actually a combination of these two books.  The third book even.  Suze and Tarquin's wedding is actually from Shopaholic Ties the Knot - the third book in the series.

I still have my issues with the movie.  Enjoyable and easy to watch as it was and as much as I think that Isla Fisher is cute as a button - I thought they made Becky too ditsy, too desperate and over the top in the movie.  Hugh Dancy is definitely not my Luke.  From the books, I imagined Luke to be this classy, slick, tall, dark and handsome fellow with neat hair.  My Luke would probably have been someone like Julian McMahon or Josh Duhamel or some brit like Jonathan Rhys Meyer.  Hugh Dancy's Luke is a bit short for my liking and the hair..couldn't they have given him a better haircut! At least they kept him as British, where the whole movie and other characters were Americanized.  The first time Becky and Luke hooked up in the book got my heart racing more than those kissing scenes in the movie did!

I just realised that the opening line in the three books are the same.  It's 'OK. Don't panic.'  A definite hook - first time readers are going to read this and think.. Oh, what happened?  Those who already read the first book are going to think - God, what's she gone and done now!  I just checked and the opening line for the forth book is 'OK. I can do this.' So we who are already hooked in finally think, At last, she's got something right!  Hebat. I wish I was Sophie Kinsella.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello 2011!

A few days late..but it's bubye 2010 and hello to you 2011 - bunny year!

And so, we close another book in our lives..

 And open a new one...

What are your new year resolutions?  I hadn't thought about it much.  Well, I thought about thinking about it but didn't really come up with anything specific.  I asked hubby and he said that he doesn't believe in making new years resolutions - why wait until the new year to do or declare something that you want, he says.  It can be done anytime.  He has a point.  But still, I years is the time when we take stock of our lives, what we did and achieved in the past year and what our hopes are for the coming one.  A time to remember and to dream.  A time we look ahead and hope for the best.

I went to bed early on the night of new year's eve - oldie that I am.  Heard the fireworks and thought - blah.. yaa, yaaa... On new years day morning,  I found myself doing the ironing, thinking about new years resolutions but not really coming up with anything specific (did I say this already?), pondering of how times and things have changed, lamenting on how some things (and people) haven't changed at all.  The only thing I really remember coming up with was being a better mother.

Last night though, I picked up the latest copy of the Toastmaster magazine and it was filled with a feature on new years and goal setting.  There was an article about a man who has set out to do 100 marathons and 100 speeches in 100 days!  Wow! And a feature article about creating and fulfilling your bucket list.  And I was pumped.  It started me thinking about the whole news years resolutions kerfuffle again.

They say that it is good to list or write down your resolutions, to declare it and make it real.  To remind you and keep you on track.  Just keeping it in your head - it might get lost along the way.  So what do you reckon?  I think it's good to go by things on a monthly basis.  Here goes:

Linachu's New Years Resolutions for 2011

1. Write one article each month and submit for publication
2.  Finish off my Toastmasters Competent Communicator projects - one speech per month up to May/June.  Extra challenge: Deliver speeches at different clubs.  In fact, the speeches itself can be turned into the articles for number 1 above!
3.  Read and finish one book each month. Current book of the month: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I think it's a pretty doable and achievable list.

And for the big ones - here's the Dream Big list:

1. Train and be certified as a Buzan Licensed Instructor
2. Family trip to London (a stopover in Paris would be nice too!)

To look forward to this year:

1.  Got a big project due in July - will tell you more about this when the time comes
2.  Deathly Hallows Part 2 - The Big Finale! Also in July
3.  Moving house

Still under consideration:

1.  Registering for and pursuing a Phd in Materials

So there.  That's my current list.  Let's see how it goes and grows throughout this year.  Want to share yours?

PS..I do so love my new 2011 diary cum notebook.  Bought from Times. Red is my favourite colour.  There's one page dedicated to each day. Dandy for writing little notes and inspirations each day.