Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Ocean of Time..

We had a deelicious dinner the other night, at Ocean Seafood here in KK.  Dinner was courtesy of my ever so generous parents to treat some guests we had from overseas.  The guests being our long lost friends from way back when - Uncle Malek and family.  Uncle and dad did their masters together in the US, specifically Pittsburgh PA, waaay way back in 1983-84.  Yes, when I was still a teeny tiny tot.  But then the connection continues, as I pursued my degree in Southampton UK, uncle's daughter - affectionately known to us as Kak Lang was also in Southampton doing her medic degree! I landed in Southampton in 1995 and was there til 98.  Can't remember when Kak Lang graduated.  But now, years years later...we were of course reconnected via - you guessed it! - Facebook!  Kak Lang's hubby has been in KK for the past 6 months and also unbeknownst to us, her brother (who was a mere 2 months olds when we arrived in the US) has also been working in KK/Kudat as a doctor for the past 3 years!  Kak Lang works as a GP in Dubai and is looking to transfer here in KK to be with her hubs.  And so, that is how the dinner at Ocean Seafood came about! Phewww.... long story kan..jejak kasih.

The food at Ocean was goood!  I don't have pictures though...too hungry and greedy and gobbled up the lot. Heeee... I had been craving for some sweet and sour fish for some time.  You know the best part..near the fish belly area - yang sungguh lembut dan lemak itu...yum yum! Heeee...

It was a nice dinner and nice catching up.  I guess if she does move here then we'd have more chance to catch up again.  It was rather funny seeing the parents, exchanging handphone numbers - squinting through their glasses, typing in the numbers with their plump (hee) fingers, trying to remember their own phone numbers...keeekeee... kan zaman dulu-dulu main tulih kat kertas times have changed.  And all the while, the little kiddies were playing with the iPad (not ours..uhuk) And yet Kak Lang said my dad hadn't changed one bit, looks wise.  She's probably right. He ain't really one to go with the trends..heehee..