Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Clock

....that has boggled my mind since I saw it.  Hubby forwarded it to me and it came from sis-in-law, Ann and originally posted on the mentioned website.

Now I can't say I was excellent in math but this has been semi-bothering me that I can't figure out the equations! Hahaa... the only thing I could pride myself on was remembering what 3! is.. hahaa... and the punca kuasa tiga one, were all I knew! 2^(-1) is 1/2? What is mod7?? And the 5 2 matrix?? Arghh some people just have waaay too much time on their hands!  If you know..tell me!

Come What MAY

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan!'s an extra long weekend here in Sabah.  Coupled with the school holidays and another public holiday on the 4th. Woohooo...May has come and gone in a flash.  In fact, *alarm bells!!* almost half of the year has swooshed by!  And what have I got to show for it?  Hmm... not enough I have to say...Most of the days, I have been floating by in my own bubble, trying not to think too much, staying in (from the too unbearable heat) as much as I can, lazing around, chauffeuring my little one who is growing up much too fast, drinking too much tea and carbonated drinks than I should and ending up going to the loo a hundred times a day...

All my time filler shows have ended their run in time for summer - House (hmm..not the vicodine again! We wants more Chase!), Grey's (the only good thing was Henry), Celebrity Apprentice (I did like John Rich!) and guess what...for the first time since season3, I did not watch the American Idol finale!

*Sigh* The clock is ticking, I know too well... (speaking of clocks...oh, I'll put in the next post)

Here's the sweet thing about this month...I received this..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

You've Got Mail...Or Have You?

Did the postman stop by your place today?  Anything interesting in your mailbox?  Remember those days when you used to receive written letters, birthday and greeting cards in the mail?  Do you still do?  Well, the internet and mobile communication has certainly changed this.  All I receive in my mailbox these days are bills, catalogues, promotional flyers and offers on everything from insurance and travel right down to solicitations for donations from people and companies I've never even heard of.

Most of the time, when I sign up for services or memberships or buy select items, I would always remember not to tick the Send me promotional offers and updates from affiliate companies or such box.  But one way or another, these unsolicited mails still magically find their way to my mailbox.   And most of the time, what happens is.. one glance and in it goes to the rubbish bin or recycling collection box.  Imagine how much that would accumulate to within one month or one year.  What a waste of paper, yeah?  

Is there any solution to get rid of this unwanted mail?  Sure there is.  Well, for one, when filling in any application forms, always remember to let them know No thanks, please!  I don't want any of your catalogues or offers!   Better still, don't sign up for anything at all.  Too extreme?  Well,'s a real solution for you.  Check this out.. here's one way you can clear your junk mail blues, reduce clutter, save paper and get only real mail you want in your mailbox.  

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Life and Life

I was surprised and saddened by some news from a dear friend the other day.  A former colleague from the office had passed away.  Although I hadn't seen him since I left, he was definitely a character that one would remember and mourn the loss of.  He was jovial, funny, very helpful, inquisitive, enterprising, sometimes silly, sometimes irritating for his antics.  But he was the life of the office.  Any staff or (former) student would surely know and remember him.  Reading the outpouring of grief on facebook made me even sadder.  I cried for the thought of his family and his little kids.  I know he wasn't wealthy but he was a generous man.  And I hope he will be rewarded in eternal peace for this.

And as these sad thoughts lingered in my mind that morning, I came across another message posting on facebook.  Another (former) colleague had just had his first newborn.  Ah, the circle of life.  One's sad passing, a joyous beginning for another.  Such is life.  Whilst death is a reminder that all in life is not permanent, the birth of another reminds you that life is also full of miracles, hope and wonder.  That of which we should always (remember to) be grateful for.

Alfatihah Allahyarham Awg Latif.  May you rest in peace.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Labour Day

Happy Rest Day for all you working people! And those who might be going into labour today...