Friday, December 23, 2011

Ash 5 mths

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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


I'm testing this app called Bloggeroid and attempting to post this from my phone. Teknologi masa kini, hebat kan?

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

To Do

Do you do to do lists?  I, for one, love lists. Any sort of list.  I like the act of writing actually.  I have also dabbled into doing lists on my phone, on the computer, in this blog... the satisfaction level is just not the same though, compared to writing the list by hand and then crossing out or putting a neat tick mark beside those that have been completed.

Why do we need lists?  Well, it keeps us organized. It helps you remember the things you need to do, what you want to buy, which bills to pay, whose birthday is when, ideas and thoughts to remember and so on.  Personally, I do need help when it comes to being organized.  Yes, if you glimpsed into my drawers or my house, you will find things aren't always where they are supposed to be.  I need to put reminders on my phone where I put certain documents (my car registration for example, since I only need to get it out once a year).  I always have the intention of filing all the bills together in one file..but haven't got it quite sorted out.  That's more a case of procrastination actually.

Getting back to being organized.  I read a blog today, of this lady, a stay at home mom who organizes her day's tasks into 4 categories.

Things to do
Things to cook
Things to buy
Things to pay

I think the categories are self explanatory, ya?  She swears by her list of four and says it makes her life so much more organized.  And she uses an old fashioned diary to document it all.  She prepares her list at least two days in advance so that she knows what to expect on the day and will be ready for it.  Fuhh.. just like an office manager or someone with a full time job!  Well actually, being a stay at home mom IS a full time job!

For me, I always only pile everything under 'things to do' and under there will be what to buy, what to cook, what to pay, etc. Maybe chunking it down to four or more categories would be helpful.

I recently downloaded an Android application for my phone.  It's called Astrid Tasks.  My good friend Vic aka Gaman of recommended it.  It's cool and hilarious! Haha.. well, as the name imply.. you use it to list down all your to dos.  They even divide it into categories such as home, work, personal, etc, and you can create your own categories.  You can set reminders and what's hilarious is that when the task is due or when you schedule your reminder.. it will come up on the phone with a funny sentence such as 'If only you did this earlier, you can go out to play..' or 'Go on tiger! You can do this!' Heee... it certainly puts the fun into doing up the lists.  Oh, the app also has a snooze button and if you choose to hit this button, it's going to periodically and continuously buzz and remind you of the task - which can be pretty irritating! Haha..

Did you know that you can also do lists in the form of MindMaps?  Yes, lovely, colourful, picturesque mindmaps.  They can be sorted chronologically according to level of important-ness, in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner based on your preference.  For examples on mindmaps, google Buzan or MindMap or Mindwerx.

Well, whichever way you choose to do up your lists, it certainly is a good way to keep track of things, yes?  How do you do yours?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's December!

Nah! This is the time to celebrate this year's accomplishments, to review what you have done and for some, to pretend you never made that new year's resolution at the start of this year.. For me, it's when I usually go, "What?? Where did the time go? This year has gone in a flash!' It really has... I started the year with a big belly and now, unless there's some miracle potion or exercise that can zap away the belly fat, I'll be ending the year with (still) a pretty sizeable midriff too!

December is a sweet sweet month though..not only will yours truly be celebrating her *ahemm* 30-ish+ birthday, Ashraf will be 5 months and then there's the merry, merry celebrations as well, enough to put everyone in a jolly good mood.  I've still got a lot to do, to settle off.  Some things to start over and some new sights to behold.  I need to end this year with a lighter shoulder and with a good ol bang!

I hope you have a good December too.