Monday, November 26, 2012

Try a New Tune

Sometimes I like to press 'rewind' on my iPod and listen to the same song over and over again. But it occurred to me that if I just listen to the same song all the time, I may miss out on what great song may be next (mine is on shuffle).. 

And even if the next song isn't as great as the last, at least I gave it a listen...

You can never know what different things you'll hear each time or what it might add to your day that day...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going Mobile

 I only recently just changed my mobile phone simcard to the new 3g simcard. Yes, all this while.. I was still on my old simcard, from the first mobile phone I owned (a Nokia, can't remember the model name/number, but it had an antenna! ) and the simcard was a TMTouch simcard! Remember way back then when mobile phones just emerged and it was considered so fancy back then. Heee..

Well, I been through a number of other mobile phones since then. From Nokia to Sony Ericsson. And I am still (happily) stuck with Sony Ericsson until now. Though I guess the next one won't be, since Sony Ericsson is no more.

When the whole wide world went mobile, I was still blissfully minding my own business. Happily using my (then) phone for nothing more than making calls, sending and reading smses, taking pictures (then having to transfer them via cable) and playing some simple games here and then. I didn't know what I was missing.  When hubby got his first smart phone and was suddenly able to check the internet on the go, I was impressed. In awe.  Still, I declared that I didn't need it anyway.  I was happy just checking my email and facebook on my laptop.  And the thought of having to pay hundreds upon hundreds each month for mobile internet bills (as rumour has it), scared me. Na-ah, no thanks. I'll just stick with what I had and knew.

Then, hubby upgraded to an iPhone. And there I was, still in the dust with my old SE K750i. What's Siri? Apaitu Whatsapp? Haha...kasian kan... Memang in blissful wonderment :-) Until hubby decided to upgrade me to an SE Xperia Mini Pro. And wooooahhh... what had I been missing! Seronoknya pulak, being able to check internet on the phone, Facebook, e-mail, blogging. Still, I wasn't able to utilise those apps like Whatapp since I was still using the old TMTouch simcard. And now that I finally made my way to Celcom and upgraded the card (it's free by the way!), it seems there's a whole new world waiting for me to explore. Heee....sounds so cliched? The Linachu has gone mobile :-)

I still haven't signed up for any mobile internet plan. I'm happy to just use wi-fi at home and any other places with free connection.

It's said that 75% of internet users these days are on their mobile phone or mobile devices.  Amazingly awesome this technology that we have these days.  Blows my mind everytime I really think about it.  Even blogs can be viewed in a mobile version.  This is what In Blissful Wonderment looks like in mobile!

Cool, eh?

So I guess it goes without saying that if you are a website owner, you'd want to have a mobile version of your website as well.  Check out the mobile website builder from Mobstac and get in the face of all those internet users who are now mobile.  Go mobile with Mobstac

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin (not too late to say so, right?)

I managed to make kuih makmur this year! Incredibly proud of this feat! Heeheee... and I think I was the one who finished off the majority of it anyway. But since I already know how to make it and I still have the ingredients, which is incredibly simple and minimal.. I can whip up a batch anytime I please! Weeee... Well, granted it is not perfect but it tastes and looks like kuih makmur and it is yummy, so I am happy.

Sejak awal Ramadhan lagi saya bercita-cita untuk membuat kuih makmur ni. Googled up the recipe, asks around from friends, getting tips and tricks here and there for the simplest yet most delish recipe for the little round tikes. Heee..

Here's what you would need:
  • Plain flour
  • Ghee, at room temperature (some recipes use butter or margarine but what I've heard is that ghee keeps the dough softer)
  • Peanuts (roasted lightly without oil and then beat them up to bits! Depending on preference, it's a nicer crunch if you don't beat them up too much and leave them a bit coarse)
  • Coarse sugar (mix this with the bashed up peanuts to make the filling)
  • Icing sugar
  • Optional: a wee bit of salt
The first step:
Cook the flour. Dry fry it in a wok, meaning no oil. Basically just heat it up and stir and stir. Until when? Hah, good question! Heee..I was wondering that myself.   Some say to stir up it is lightly browned. My SIL says to stir until it feels light and airy. Some said to stir with a little bit of peanut oil or ghee.

What I did was:  I basically stirred until it was nicely heated overall. It didn't go brown (impatient me). And I didn't stir with any oil. This step is supposedly so that it won't feel so floury when eaten and won't stick to your mouth (yeah right).

Once the flour has been fried, it's time to make the dough.

A friend told me that an easy method to remember is for every one cup of ghee (or butter or margarine), use three cups of flour.  It doesn't matter what cup you use, as long as you use the same cup to measure both ingredients.

This measurement did not work for me actually!  I found that at 3 cups of flour, my dough was still gooey and runny. So I added probably another 2 cups of flour.  I think it is because the ghee that I used was semi-melted, some bits were still solid. So my original one cup of ghee was actually more than one cup.

 Mix the flour and ghee and a bit of salt if you want, until it forms a nice dough. By nice, I mean, not too soft and not too hard (tough) but nice enough to be able to mix by hand without any gooey bits and not sticking to your hands. This takes practice actually. I guess once you've made enough you will know by heart what the perfect dough looks and feels like.

Then, the fun part! Mengkasi bulat-bulat. And oh, I put my filling in the middle.  My first batch was a bit too brittle and floury.  The bottoms went flat, which meant they were still too soft.  Thankfully, it was just a small test bunch.

I put the remainder of my dough in the fridge and left it there for two days (since I didn't yet have time to make anymore) and this actually helped make the dough tougher and more rigid.  For the second try, I decided to mix in the peanut and sugar mixture with the whole dough, instead of just having the filling in the middle.  And this made a whole good difference as well.  It was less floury to the bite.

Second round of mengkasi bulat-bulat (hee..) and I decided to make them smaller this time. Easier to eat, not too much of a mouthful of flour. Then bake them for around 30 minutes at 170deg C.

Once they are done. Leave them to cool and then cover them with a generous dusting of icing sugar. And voilaaaa! We have our kuih makmur :)

Baking is such a beautiful and therapeutic act that I wonder why I don't do it more often. Well, I know why actually. Because I will usually end up eating the whole thing!  It's art and science (and luck!) rolled into one.  It's chemistry and feel. It requires patience and consistency. Learning and trying again.  And the satisfaction you get at the end.. priceless.

Must must bake again soon. xx

Friday, September 14, 2012

On the subject of Education

I have always believed in the importance of education.  I am a self confessed nerd.  For the most part, I enjoyed school. I loved/love learning. I love books. I enjoyed uni. I enjoyed (for the most part) teaching in uni. And interacting and learning from the students as well.

But now I am faced with new territory: How do I get my children to love learning as well?

My daughter who is now in Primary 1 loves her games and toys and tv. A little too much, that it is quite a challenge to get her to concentrate and focus on her schoolwork.  Homework time can be such a challenge to mommy's patience level. To get her to get it done is like running in a steeplechase race - having to jump hurdles, run in puddles and all the while looking back to see time inching closer and closer by the second. A bit too dramatic you may say? Well, yes..the kid is very dramatic so mom has to do her best too.

In my search for ways to entice my darling daughter into the direction of learning, I have come across many methods and techniques, advice and ideologies, suggestions and feedback.  I have read about love and logic, homeschooling and unschooling, notebooking and lapbooking. I've downloaded worksheets. I have entertained the idea of multimedia programs such as Score A and TutorTV and TutorSpree .  Still, I do not know which is best to suit the personality and character of my budding learner.

My father is pushing for me to send the dearie for tuition classes and find some
home tutors , which is one idea that I am, for now, not very keen on. I am weary of the style and technique and quality of the teachers themselves.  I admit, there are some very talented teachers out there.  And I was priviledged to have been taught by some of them.  I believe that the issue I need to work on is the darling's attention span and how to get her to focus better. And for now, I do not believe that sending her off for additional classes will help much.

In the teacher-parent meeting a few months back, the class teacher was repeatedly asking me  where we lived. I think she was trying to let us on about sending Yasmin to her tuition classes as well.

What should I do? Take away her Nintendo, limit computer time (already done) (to which she tells me, she will plot her revenge on me..), lock her in her room until she finishes reading her books?  I am well aware that learning happens all the time.  And this is what I love in the homeschooling and unschooling philosophies.  There is no need for too much rules and regulations and schedules and structure. No making children feel that it is a competition, who is the best. No making them feel that they are bad if they don't score that elusive A.

This is what I need to work on. To make her feel that learning is natural, it is a part of life, that score and grades aren't everything. To make her love finding out something new.

Any ideas and suggestions for me?

Friday, August 17, 2012

For Writers

taken from 30 Indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors on  Good advice, I like no.2 & 3.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vision of Love - Two Ways

Heart Heart Kris Allen

From Kris' new album Thank You Camellia

And this still sounds so good too...

Mariah Carey

Friday, August 03, 2012

Fast or Feast

We had our berbuka at Le Meridien hotel on Tuesday night. On invitation by one of the companies that hubby's firm works with.

Firstly, this really brought me back and reminded me of the old days at the old workplace, where eating would be one of the main things to look forward to during events, meetings, etc. It's been a while that I have 'gone out' under an invitation from work like this. Ahhh, I miss those times. Well, I miss the friends actually. Though I am not a big socializer, prefering to sit quietly in one corner and chat quietly with some friends, those kind of eating outings or breaks were always a joy.

So, Le Meridien. I was not expecting what was to come.  Almost the entire lobby was filled with tables to accomodate all the berbuka parties that night. Our table was quite far from the restaurant area and closer to the reception counter and elevators. Jauh and jenuh mau pergi mengambil makanan, having to go across obstacles - being the many tables and people all over the place!  It was very packed and rather uncomfy.  Most of the diners as I saw were indeed from companies that have booked tables for their staff.  Some families here and there.

And the food! Masyaallah! There was a tonne of it and so much variety. Enough to feed an entire village and more.  Having berbuka at home for the past week, with simple, home prepared food - this was an astonishing sight! And almost damn nearly gave me a headache.  What more with having to maneuvre across the crowds and carrying a 10 kg baby in one arm and balancing the food in the other.  It was hard to really enjoy and savour the food.

My qualm is that, I wish hotels would embrace the spirit of Ramadhan more and not dish out these extravagant berbuka buffets and also charge an exorbitant amount for them.  That buffet was RM98++ per person, if I'm not mistaken. And sooo many people are actually going for them and paying that price! And the hotel pun, put in more and more tables to accomodate this demand. Oh my! Feeding frenzy! And to think of all the food that is gonna be wasted at the end of the night.. aduhh... sad.

I was actually so relieved when we left. And told hubby, we're not going for any other hotel  buffets this Ramadhan. Oh, but what if invited, he said?  Hah, temptation! Well, definitely not at that hotel anymore..

Another Blog?

 I've been thinking about creating another or perhaps a few new sites/blogs in a few niche areas that I am interested in.  Still weighing out the options, learning and wondering whether I would be able to carry it out and most importantly, maintain them in the long run.  Thinking about some cool domain names as well.  Any ideas for me?

Recently learned about some new tricks on how to monetize the sites and I'm hoping to apply them and see what happens.  Of course, my dream/hope/intention is that it will go like fireworks and I will be a new internet millionaire. Hah! One can dream!

Starting sites seem to be incredibly easy these days.  A lot of lessons online, free designs and templates, widgets, plug ins and a whole range of mumbo jumbo that can be easily learnt about and applied.  With a lot of patience, that is.

One such new plugin is SlideDeck.

So that is how they make those cool slide shows or sliders as it is called! (Hang on, wasn't there a show called Sliders? Jerry O'Connell? ) Anyway, these sliders definitely makes a site look more lively with one of those. Sliders can be created with your own custom contents or even dynamic contents from the web, linking to sites such as Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and others.  Coolness.  Check out this jquery slideshow.

Sometimes there's so much I want to do (online) that I wish I didn't need to sleep. Let's see. I'll let you know once I sorted out the new sites. Cherrioo..

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Make Money with Hits4Pay

Hi y'all!

In my search across possible online money making opportunities, I came across this site called Hits4Pay.  

How it works is you sign up with them (for free), your account gets approved and then  you will start receiving notifications of ads for you to view.  Every time you view an ad, you receive 2 cents.  So OK, two cents...I know this is not much, but it takes virtually zero effort to do this.  Once you receive an email notification, all you have to do is go on over to the site and read/view the ad.  There is no obligation to buy or subscribe to what is offered in the ad.  It takes a few minutes at the most for the system to verify that you have indeed read/viewed the ad, then the amount is credited into your account.

As an extra, you can also refer your friends, family, etc. to also sign up and you will receive  1 cent for each validated email that your direct referrals read and 1 cent from each validated email that your direct referral's referral reads. Two levels. Yes, this is an MLM and pyramid scheme of sorts :) But nothing to sell or promote. Really minimum effort.

And it may not seem like much but it adds up! What that old adage? Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi setumpuk? Heee.. I saw this ad for a bank on one of the bus stops here. Oh yeah, you also receive a $5 bonus when you sign up. Minimum cash out is at $25 and you can easily transfer the amount to Paypal. $25 can buy me some nice books online :)

I signed up last week and after my account was approved, I now have $5.04 in my account! Wooooo weee! 

To sign up, click here or click the banner below! Come come... sikit-sikit, lama-lama setumpuk!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dropping By

So I know it's kind of old news... but how cool and convenient is Dropbox? Very!

I only just installed it on my phone and I love how it automatically uploads and saves all my photos to my Dropbox folder. I also installed it on our PC so it's easy peasy and I don't have to go digging for my phone cable and to install the phone software, to transfer the files from my phone. Senang kerja makcik. Not only that, it can be accessed online from any computer, anywhere. Hurrah.  Their slogan is 'Simplify Your Life'. Thanks so much, it does!

Monday, July 30, 2012

He's 1!

(Rajin pulak memblog semasa bulan puasa ni kan.. I love the period of after sahur/subuh (that is, when my eyes don't fail me and lure me back to bed..) macam-macam boleh buat in this time and the kiddies are for sure still in their sweet slumber. So any-way..)

My baby is 1! The sweet boy turned 1 year old on the 14th of July. Alhamdulillah.  He is a sweet blessing and I have enjoyed this year of being able to care and see him grow as he has.  Although I mentioned that I did not want to have a big suaree for his birthday, I finally gave in and decided to have one anyway....on account that, how often does one turn one anyway? Once in a lifetime!

It was a family and close friends only gathering and I didn't even cook a thing. Boo for me, but my mom insisted on ordering and catering and so I gladly agreed.  I ordered the above and below banners from The Crafting Mummy whom I 'met' in my KK Mommies group in Facebook. Comel or what?

I ordered the cake from my good friend Carol and yes, as you can see, we had an Elmo theme going on. 

The cake was delish-cous! Surprise, surprise...look see inside..

Rainbow cake!! Vanilla butter cake with lemon buttercream icing. Sedaps sekali..

And here's a shot of the birthday boy himself.. The 'My 1st Birthday' tee bought from Urban Kids

Milestones and stats at one year old:

Weight: 9.9 kg
Height: Not sure - was too wiggly at last doc visit, the nurse didn't get to measure him..heee
Teeth: 2 on top and 2 on the bottom and 2 more emerging from the top
Mole: First tiny mole discovered near left shoulder/armpit area

Can now:
  • Walk more than 10 steps a time! Still wobbly but knows how to stabilize himself when he falls... Unfortunately, still have those accidents here and then and so bumps and bruises also here and there..
  • Clap hands
  • Loves to play peekabooo
  • Says Daadaaa especially when seeing dad
  • Loves to play with the kakak..weeeee
I'm a happy mommy. Looking forward to the coming wonderful year with this munchkin..and more wonderful developments and milestones and happy moments together with the family.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak

Observations from yesterday's visit to the Bazaar Ramadhan in Asia City:

1.  Too much food.
Temptation level and tendency to over-buy: High!

2.  Too many people. 
We went at around 430pm, which I suppose was the peak hour where most people would be scurrying about, looking for food.  Bazaar Ramadhan, like the one in Asia City, is not the most idealest place to bring along your baby, due to the high traffic and hot and smoky atmosphere.  Bringing along a stroller is not the best choice.  It would be hard to maneuvre around the crowds, not to mention that baby would be exposed to things close to the ground, like feet, lots of them.  Thankfully, I was babywearing Ash yesterday and managed to somehow shield him from some of the unwanted exposure.

3.  Please don't sit in the middle of the path
I am not heartless.  But yesterday, there was a disabled man, practically sitting in the middle of the pathway in the middle of the bazaar, soliciting for donations from passerbys.  From the look of it, he managed to collect a healthy pile of dough. It is unfortunate that he has to do so and I guess, in a way, it was the ideal location for him to be, to get the attention of people passing by.  But, it also disrupts the flow, not to mention that people could actually trample him or that someone could trip on him.  I wish he would sit nicely and safely on the sides, where everyone else were doing their business.

4.  The food is over rated
I managed to get my annual dose of Nasi Kerabu from the usual guys who sell it every year.  It was... OK. And the other food we bought was... OK too.  In retrospect, I think it is better and more satisfying to just cook and eat at home.  I cook good food too! Or even better!

Salam to everyone. Selamat Berpuasa.

PS Yasmin berpuasa in the afternoon.  I had packed her snacks and drinks for school and she didn't touch them two days in a row.  I asked and she said that some of her friends puasa so she is doing so too... Little steps, I guess...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Made $2345.67 in a Day

Did I grab your attention? I hope so!

I'm sure you have seen this kind of headline before.  Especially now with the internet, there are virtually thousands of these type of claims for virtually anything you can think of. Virtually speaking.

As someone who frequently trolls the net for extra income opportunities, I have seen my fair share of these types of claims.  More than often, I am usually turned off when the landing page is a long and winding page where you have to go through the person's entire history and more, and scroll down and down and down the page to finally see how much you actually have to pay for to have the "opportunity" to make that income that they claim you can make.  Too much copywriting, too much bruhaha.  And more than often, I am dissatisfied that I can't actually see or visualize what the thing is all about anyway.  I mean, surely there is no magic button that will make you money instantly (at least, I haven't found one. Have you?). So, I still need to know, what it is all about, what is it that I will need to be doing and if, in fact, it is something that I can do.  More than often, they will mention that 'No Experience is Necessary', 'No Technical Skills required', 'No knowledge of SEO or HTML', etc., etc. 'Make Money Easy and Instantly', they say.  And they usually come with a money back guarantee. Apa lagi si kawan, kan? (What's to hold me back, right??)

With a fair share of junk and scams on the net, it is rightful to be cautious and weary of such claims.  That is unfortunate, because I believe that a majority of these opportunities are actually legit.  The internet is wonderful. There is so much you can do.  And as many have proven, making money, lots of money, is definitely one of them.  You just need to sort through all that everything to find the one that suits you and can work for you.

To be honest, I have had a go on some of those 'opportunities'. Yes, yes.. gullible is one word that might come into mind, ya?  But as I said, I believe that there are legit opportunities out there.  Call it temporary insanity or what you may.  Well, what happened was.. I gave it a shot.  Look through their system.  And finally decided that, it was just too mind boggling (for me) to handle and maintain.  Yes, no technical or computing skills required.  But they forgot to mention patience and perseverence.

But, you know what.  I am happy and proud to say that I have made money online.  I have.  The past few months have been especially good for me. (And I pray it will continue.) I worked hard for it, oh yeah. But I did it. I made money online.  From the comforts of my home. Most of the time, in my pyjays or kain sarong. With my baby sleeping or playing close by.  So folks, it can done. It may not be thousands per day (yet) but it's something.  And it's a start.

There is a lot that you can do to make money online.  You can write, blog, do data entry, take surveys, share advertiser links or perhaps daytrade.

I certainly have made money using more than one of the above methods. You just need to browse around to find the right one for you. And be curious.  Wonderous things may await.  Curiousity never killed anyone. I know a cat who will vouch for that.

So, did I make that $2345.67 in one day?  No. Not yet.  But I have made some.  And if I do find that opportunity that is sooo good and soo easy and soo right for me and possibly everyone else, I'll let you know then.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Signing In

How different life is these days..

What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? For me, most often, I will first reach out for my mobile phone, to find out what time it is.  And most often, I will end up checking on any notifications that might have popped up in the middle of the night.

This is my daily grind.. I will check on notifications first. Most often this will be email on my yahoo account.  Then, I will check Facebook, open up any notifications, browse through for a bit, up to the point that I left off the night before or as far as my eyes could stand.  Then, it's on to my gmail email.  I have two accounts under gmail.  I will check the main one first.  Kalau rajin, I will check the other one.  After that, it's Twitter.  (Still) My main reason for checking on Twitter is to read tweets from Jesse Spencer (swoooon...still..). Sometimes there are interesting tweets there from some other folks as well.  Then on, I would go on to Instagram. Fairly new for me, since they just launched their Android app quite recently. Instagram is like Twitter but with pictures. So there. That's it. I think.  And all this whilst still laying in bed.  Eyes half shut. And most possibly needing to go to the loo. Hee.

But I do this, not just once a day. Oh yes, it's a routine all throughout the day.  Remember when email just started and you were like checking your email 51 times a day.. Eh, admit it, laa... heee..That's me with my routine.

But but, thankfully, yes thankfully... this is just at home. With wifi. Since I don't have internet connection on my phone.  Thank goodness. Some times, only some time..when I am really really at a loss of what to do and I happen to be in a place with free wifi, I will do my checking routine.

Thankfully, I am not on MySpace and Tumblr and Google+ (yet) or Friendster (anymore). I have not checked on my Multiply account in ages. Thankfully, blogger is one of the sites I still like to frequent (from time to time), as often as I can.

Speaking of, I think mobile phones should and need to be banned from the dining table. At home and when dining out.  Don't you think? Eating time should be eating time. And family time.  And not everyone's noses just stuck onto their phones. Agree?

Well, how different life is these days kan...Once upon a time, you would actually have to meet with someone to tell them how you feel. You write or call.  These days, you just IM them, give them smileys on facebook or sms and that's that. I wonder who it was that first thought about MyEmoticons Must be making a fortune. And having fun emoting all day long.. hee..

How different life is these days.... fascinating though!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Perfect Ending

I have this idea..of this perfect ending. For a book, a show, a movie. It keeps coming back to me. Sometimes with narrative and with a clear picture of what it would look like on screen. Well, it's my perfect ending. I'm starting to fancy myself a Shonda Rhimes or Sophie Kinsella. That would be my dream. It always has been. I think I need to write it all down before I lose it forever..

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I woke up this morning with this weird feeling.  Like there was a void in my gut. I tried to recall if I had had a dream the night before and what it was all about.  And if it had anything to do with how I felt.  Remembered bits and pieces of what I think I dreamt of and began to realize what it was I was feeling.  Missing.  I had this sudden feeling that I was missing someone/some people or some thing(s).

Well, I have been on my own for quite some time now.  That many of the things or activities that I used to do have been abandoned or forgotten for the time being.  I have been on my own for quite some time now that I have lost touch with many friends or people that I used to interact with or just see on a usual basis.  Is it weird to miss someone that you don't even really know?  I think, perhaps I just miss seeing them around as I used to.

I guess this is an indication to get back on track.  To start doing and living again.  To reconnect.

For now, just know this.. I miss you.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rain rain..

Rain. Wind. Fallen trees.
That is today.

Monday, June 11, 2012

In July

Some friends were mentioning about how their baby will be turning 1 year old this July.  About their planned birthday party and what they have or have not done in preparation for the party.  Theme, venue, cakes, goodie bags, entertainment and what have you.  Some are already almost done with their preparation, some are hitting the panic button.  I listen to this and it doesn't really make me budge.

My own darling Ashraf will be 1 year old this July and well, I have not done or planned anything for that day.  It's not that I don't care or that it's not a big deal.  It is.  I have thought about it.  But not to the point of planning a big do and printing out the guest list.  My mom has started asking what to do as well and what cake we should order.  Not that the baby will be having any anyway, kan...

To me, that day will be a mark of thankfulness and a big achievement for myself.  Ashraf will turn one and (I think) I have pretty much done a good job (to the best that I can) this past year of raising and caring for him on my own.  He has grown and flourished with mama's milk - still exclusively breastfed with no formula supplement - and I am so proud of that.  I bathe and put him to sleep everyday.  I am there when he wakes up.  I play with him and see how much he has grown.  And I am thankful that I have.

So, no real big bash planned.  Yeah, maybe we will have cake.  We'll take photos.  But mostly, I just want to spend the day with the family.  And in my heart be thankful and hope and pray for many more beautiful years to come..



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Growing and Adapting

I noticed this little plant growing underneath one of my flower trees. Plucked one leaf and realized it smelt orangey and that it could be some kind of pokok limau. I decided to pluck them out and replant them into a pot so that they had more room to grow. To which, hubby remarked that they grew at that spot for a reason and went into a philosophical discussion about how we would feel if we were plucked out of our surrounding and thrust into somewhere new and foreign. Yes, wonderful conversationalist my hubby is. He can pluck out topics to talk about from just about anything. So there he got me thinking, it's true. Nature does have a way of finding its own way.. Plants, animals, even us human beings, grow and adapt and a lot of times even thrive in the face of adversity. So maybe it was wrong for me to pluck the little guy out. Maybe it was right. Time will tell. But knowing how everything has its own way of growing and adapting, I'm optimistic about its chances either way..

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

TUUUUTT Tergendala Sebentar... is what I should have posted up to depict the no-updates status of this blog and my blogging challenge, for some time now.

What can I say, seperti biasa la.. life is full of busy-ness, interruptions and complications, that blogging and many more things that I would love to pour myself into..takes a backseat.  I know you know what it's like.  There is so much I would love to share with you, so many ideas popping into my mind and I think, 'Oooohh..I should blog that..' and yet, hu ha hu ha and then the moment is gone.

Been gone for THAT long that even Blogger have changed/updated their layout and look and I was for a while lost, trying to figure out how to get to my dashboard.

Anyway, I am doing fine, thank you very much for asking.  Been keeping myself busy with work and taking care of the little ones. And fitting in everything else in between.

As for an animal that I'd love to keep as a pet.. a cat! But only in theory. Heee.. I like the idea of having a cat, cuddly and cute and fluffy and sweet.  'Someone' you can talk to or tell how your day went at the end of the day.. But this is only in theory.  If I wrote a book or a script and my character were to have a pet, then she/he'd have a cat.  In practice, I don't think I can tahan.. fur getting all over the house, the cat menggusuk-gusuk near my feet, and the peepee and poopoo... Boohoo for that, am not really really an animal person.  I can't even watch Animal Planet without squirming.. I have been known to watch The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan though... Haaa..blabbering on now!

Well, there you have it.. hoping that this signals the end of the long hiatus, that the blogging challenge gets finished and that all will be merry again in Linachu land.  I leave you with this smiling creature below.. xx

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Macam di KK

Believe it or not, I only just heard this song - Macam Di KK - tonight. Haha.. Hubby suddenly had a laugh listening to the lyrics of some local songs and that was one of the songs we listened to. I guess only Sabahans or those who have been living here for a long time would get it. Siok bah di KK/Sabah ni.

So I remembered I had the picture above. This is the infamous wall at Sailor's Cafe. (Have I posted this before? Macam dejavu..) I love that they included some very local sayings like bikin panas..uisseh..tambirang..butul bah and so. Haha! They definitely embrace what it is to be sabahan. Oh, the food is yummy too!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 5

: A photo of yourself two years ago

I had to go rummaging through my FB account to find a photo from two years ago and I found this one.
 Taken by the hubster at brother in law's engagement in KL, there you go, freckles and all. Not much has changed.  Well, actually.. A LOT has changed pulak tau.  We have an Ashraf in the family now, I am much gebu-er (boo!), I'm working on some new ventures now and thinking of where I should be headed next.  The freckles are still there though.

And whilst I am at it, I thought I should incriminate some other folks too.  Heee. Another photo from two years back... Happy days

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 4

: Your favorite photograph of your best friend(s)

 I think I've posted this pic before.  Taken from Mae's wedding a few years back.  One of my favourite photos because we're all in the pic.  We're only missing Aza and Wiwir here.  Missing our get togethers.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 3

: Your idea of the perfect first date

Ho Boy.  My first date.  It's been a while.  It's been ages actually.  I don't really remember what or when was my actual first date. bad, huh?

Well, I grew up watching a lot of movies, romantic comedies mostly, which I think shaped a lot of my perception and thoughts when it came to the perfect guy, the dream date(s), the wedding and marriage thereafter.  All that romantic mumbo jumbo.  And yes, I was/am very much a romantic at heart.  Though, the rose coloured glasses I once wore a long time ago has been put aside. I know now what true romance is and what is only the stuff of movies. Still, doesn't stop me from dreaming though.  Yes, still.  A dreamer will always be :)

So my idea of the perfect first date... has to be this.

A walk around the city (preferably in cooler climate) whilst getting to know each other by talking about anything and everything that comes to mind.  You really know that you hit it off with someone if you can talk to them with so much ease.  That they don't mind any silly things that you say (though they may pretend at first) and they value your thought and opinions.

The walk can last all day and stray into the night or early morning and include excursions to museums or walk-in plays or bookstores, some drinks at a cafe and sitting at the beach to watch the sunrise.  Hmm.. sounds familiar ka?'s my dream.  Let me put on those rose tinted glasses for a mo, and enjoy and soak it all in. Merci.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 2

 : A photo of something you ate today

We went for hi-tea at Hyatt today.  I ate roast lamb and roasted chicken and sushi and salmon and salad, had 2 teh tariks and some dessert too.  But I forget to take a picture of any of this.  So instead, I am showing you what I had for dinner. A nationwide favourite.

Heehee. Mee goreng instant Ibumie!  Yum yum.  Always a saviour di kala lapar dan tidak tahu apa lagi yang mahu dimakan.  And that's two packs worth there. Hmm..I knew some of these posts were going to be too revealing :O

OK..tomorrow's topic is going to be quite a bit of a challenge.. 

Disclaimer: Sekiranya pos ini membuatkan anda lapar, bah..pergi la makan :)

Day 1

: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

Oh dear, I'm way behind on this challenge!  I saw that Mimi and Carol are already on the go with theirs.  

So, I'm going to have to cheat here.  Haha...baru first day of the challenge sudah cheating! Heee...well, I'm going to post up a photo from last Sunday and tell you about what we were up to on that day.  It was much much more interesting than today, it's sort of related since we did go back to the same place again..

OK..  we had dinner at Sushi Tei in Suria last night.  It's fast becoming one of our favourite places to eat.  They have a much bigger choice of dishes and sushi as compared to our usual Japanese restaurant on the other side of town.  Hubby loves the succulent unagi sushi there. It's so tebal and yummy!  And this was where we were on last Sunday as well...see, see..ada kaitan bah..

So, last Sunday..the plan for the day was to attend a free photoshoot by Louis Pang Studio, which was held at.... you guessed it.. Suria!  We were also there the day before but did not go for the shoot because of the long queue.  I insisted that we go again on Sunday, since hubby knew Louis as well, he had attended a workshop by Louis Pang some time ago and I thought it would be good for him to reconnect with the man! Who knows, inspiration may spark.  Heee... When we arrived on Sun, just slightly after was long queues as well! Ye lah, free kan...and it was Louis Pang. So, there was bound to be a lot of people.  We decided to have lunch at Sushi Tei first and come back for the after lunch photog session.

 Lunch at Sushi Tei. Ash sleeping :)

After lunch, guess what?? Masih bah long queue!  We almost decided to give it a miss..when one of the staff suggested that we just get in line, it wouldn't be too long anyway.  And so we did.  Yasmin was not too happy to be standing in line, waiting.  She had her eyes and mind on going to the Kiddies Play area on the 3rd floor.  Surprisingly, the queue did move quite fast.  And it was fun to watch Louis Pang work as he talked to, interacted with and took photos of the people before us.  He definitely has good rapport.  Something I feel is important especially in his line of business.  He managed to make everyone feel relaxed and made it into a fun experience, from what we saw.  And he was very efficient about it, keeping the queue moving as fast as he could.

Alas our turn was up! Hurrrahh! He introduced himself and was happy to see the hubby again and went straight into taking our pics.  The results of which..I let you see for yourself. What do you think? You can see Yasmin was not too thrilled... but it makes for a good story to tell, dontcha think..

 It was a fun experience.  Lama sudah saya tidak beratur-beratur bah...Come to think of it, lama sudah saya tidak menggunakan perkataan beratur.. heee..

Happy weekend peeps! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Day Challenge

 It's 1-ish am and I'm supposed to be working. Yes, this is my usual working time now as it is the only time I can really work, when the munchkins are all asleep.  Some nights I plough through it, longing to be away in dreamland myself.  Other nights I wish I didn't need to sleep at all, doing all nighters like I used to in me younger years.  Ah well, for some reasons tonight I can't quite seem to concentrate.  And so, I went a snooping around and I found this 30 day challenge on Mimi's blog.  A good way to kick start blogging on a regular basis again, plus I like the topics.  I think I can do most of them.  Though some might be too revealing.  Just hope I can get myself to finishing the entire 30 days worth.  Well that's the challenge aye!  Hopefully, yes.  And, err..I'll start tomorrow cos Day 1's challenge involves a photo of myself and I don't have any on me now. Heee.. See you tomorrow, then!

The 30 Day Challenge (copied from Mimi)

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.
Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today.
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.
Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
Day 7 – Your dream wedding.
Day 8 – A song to match your mood.
Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 10 – A photo of our favorite place to eat.
Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?
Day 12 – A photograph of the town you live in.
Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?
Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.
Day 16 – Your celebrity crush.
Day 17 – A photo of you and your family.
Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.
Day 19 – Another picture of yourself.
Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 – 15 facts about you.
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 – What’s in your purse?
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 27 – A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?
Day 28 – Your favorite movie.
Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

Anyone else wanna join along?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Giving and Accepting

Or in Malay: Rezeki Jangan Ditolak

How would you feel if someone paid for your food? Would you obligingly accept or insist that you repay them?

My mom and dad and myself (oh, Ash too) had a hearty lunch this afternoon at one of our favourite local restaurants. We even tapau-ed a lot of cakes and snacks. When it came to pay, the cashier told me that it had been paid for. Even all the tapau stuff we ordered at the last moment. There was this awkward moment of thinking 'heh?' and wondering what to do. It turned out, one of mom's friend who was also there told the cashier that he would pay for our tab. Mom told me to go and thank him (she always does this to me). I was like, 'Na-uhh! He's your friend. You talk to him..' Thankfully, he walked over and dad tried to repay him but he wouldn't accept. Apparently, this thing of people paying for their food has been happening quite often. To which I just said, Syukur! Rezeki jangan ditolak. (Don't reject your offerings). Enjoy them whilst they are offered. And be grateful.

So we went home that day, tummies full, slightly perplexed and still with a bunch of tapau-ed cake to spare.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love Love Actually

One of my most favouritest movies.  I bought this pre-loved book from amazon for just 5 bucks and I'm sure glad I did.  It is a definite keepsake and collector's item, complete with complete screenplay and dialogue, photos, behind the scene tidbits, I love it to bits!

Harry: Tell me, exactly, how long it is that you've been working here?
Sarah: Two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, what... two hours?
Harry: And how long have you been in love with Karl, our enigmatic chief designer?
Sarah: Ahm, two years, seven months, three days and, I suppose, an hour and thirty minutes.
Harry: I thought as much.
Sarah: Do you think everybody knows?
Harry: Yes.
Sarah: Do you think Karl knows?
Harry: Yes.
Sarah: Oh, that is... that is bad news.
Harry: Well I just thought maybe the time had come to do something about it.
Sarah: Like what?
Harry: Invite him out for a drink and then, after about twenty minutes, casually drop into the conversation the fact that you'd like to marry him and have lots of sex and babies.
Sarah: You know that?
Harry: Yes, and so does Karl. Think about it, for all our sakes. It's Christmas.
Sarah: Certainly. Excellent. Will do. Thanks, boss!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I first fell in love with this cake some ten years ago when I first discovered Secret Recipe with my mom on a trip to KL. We stayed at one of the hotel's along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, my parent's usual haunt on trips to KL. The Secret Recipe was at Sogo. My, my. That's been quite some time now. Things were a lot simpler then. I was happy and naive. Now, the chocolate banana cake still tastes pretty much the same. But a lot of other things have changed. I have changed. My palate has grown. I can better detect the different tastes on offer. I am braver to try the different plates available. I look at things with different eyes and tastebuds now. Still, from time to time it's good to revisit that chocolate banana cake. To remember that sensation and to remind myself of that first time.