Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dropping By

So I know it's kind of old news... but how cool and convenient is Dropbox? Very!

I only just installed it on my phone and I love how it automatically uploads and saves all my photos to my Dropbox folder. I also installed it on our PC so it's easy peasy and I don't have to go digging for my phone cable and to install the phone software, to transfer the files from my phone. Senang kerja makcik. Not only that, it can be accessed online from any computer, anywhere. Hurrah.  Their slogan is 'Simplify Your Life'. Thanks so much, it does!

Monday, July 30, 2012

He's 1!

(Rajin pulak memblog semasa bulan puasa ni kan.. I love the period of after sahur/subuh (that is, when my eyes don't fail me and lure me back to bed..) macam-macam boleh buat in this time and the kiddies are for sure still in their sweet slumber. So any-way..)

My baby is 1! The sweet boy turned 1 year old on the 14th of July. Alhamdulillah.  He is a sweet blessing and I have enjoyed this year of being able to care and see him grow as he has.  Although I mentioned that I did not want to have a big suaree for his birthday, I finally gave in and decided to have one anyway....on account that, how often does one turn one anyway? Once in a lifetime!

It was a family and close friends only gathering and I didn't even cook a thing. Boo for me, but my mom insisted on ordering and catering and so I gladly agreed.  I ordered the above and below banners from The Crafting Mummy whom I 'met' in my KK Mommies group in Facebook. Comel or what?

I ordered the cake from my good friend Carol and yes, as you can see, we had an Elmo theme going on. 

The cake was delish-cous! Surprise, surprise...look see inside..

Rainbow cake!! Vanilla butter cake with lemon buttercream icing. Sedaps sekali..

And here's a shot of the birthday boy himself.. The 'My 1st Birthday' tee bought from Urban Kids

Milestones and stats at one year old:

Weight: 9.9 kg
Height: Not sure - was too wiggly at last doc visit, the nurse didn't get to measure him..heee
Teeth: 2 on top and 2 on the bottom and 2 more emerging from the top
Mole: First tiny mole discovered near left shoulder/armpit area

Can now:
  • Walk more than 10 steps a time! Still wobbly but knows how to stabilize himself when he falls... Unfortunately, still have those accidents here and then and so bumps and bruises also here and there..
  • Clap hands
  • Loves to play peekabooo
  • Says Daadaaa especially when seeing dad
  • Loves to play with the kakak..weeeee
I'm a happy mommy. Looking forward to the coming wonderful year with this munchkin..and more wonderful developments and milestones and happy moments together with the family.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan Mubarak

Observations from yesterday's visit to the Bazaar Ramadhan in Asia City:

1.  Too much food.
Temptation level and tendency to over-buy: High!

2.  Too many people. 
We went at around 430pm, which I suppose was the peak hour where most people would be scurrying about, looking for food.  Bazaar Ramadhan, like the one in Asia City, is not the most idealest place to bring along your baby, due to the high traffic and hot and smoky atmosphere.  Bringing along a stroller is not the best choice.  It would be hard to maneuvre around the crowds, not to mention that baby would be exposed to things close to the ground, like feet, lots of them.  Thankfully, I was babywearing Ash yesterday and managed to somehow shield him from some of the unwanted exposure.

3.  Please don't sit in the middle of the path
I am not heartless.  But yesterday, there was a disabled man, practically sitting in the middle of the pathway in the middle of the bazaar, soliciting for donations from passerbys.  From the look of it, he managed to collect a healthy pile of dough. It is unfortunate that he has to do so and I guess, in a way, it was the ideal location for him to be, to get the attention of people passing by.  But, it also disrupts the flow, not to mention that people could actually trample him or that someone could trip on him.  I wish he would sit nicely and safely on the sides, where everyone else were doing their business.

4.  The food is over rated
I managed to get my annual dose of Nasi Kerabu from the usual guys who sell it every year.  It was... OK. And the other food we bought was... OK too.  In retrospect, I think it is better and more satisfying to just cook and eat at home.  I cook good food too! Or even better!

Salam to everyone. Selamat Berpuasa.

PS Yasmin berpuasa in the afternoon.  I had packed her snacks and drinks for school and she didn't touch them two days in a row.  I asked and she said that some of her friends puasa so she is doing so too... Little steps, I guess...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Made $2345.67 in a Day

Did I grab your attention? I hope so!

I'm sure you have seen this kind of headline before.  Especially now with the internet, there are virtually thousands of these type of claims for virtually anything you can think of. Virtually speaking.

As someone who frequently trolls the net for extra income opportunities, I have seen my fair share of these types of claims.  More than often, I am usually turned off when the landing page is a long and winding page where you have to go through the person's entire history and more, and scroll down and down and down the page to finally see how much you actually have to pay for to have the "opportunity" to make that income that they claim you can make.  Too much copywriting, too much bruhaha.  And more than often, I am dissatisfied that I can't actually see or visualize what the thing is all about anyway.  I mean, surely there is no magic button that will make you money instantly (at least, I haven't found one. Have you?). So, I still need to know, what it is all about, what is it that I will need to be doing and if, in fact, it is something that I can do.  More than often, they will mention that 'No Experience is Necessary', 'No Technical Skills required', 'No knowledge of SEO or HTML', etc., etc. 'Make Money Easy and Instantly', they say.  And they usually come with a money back guarantee. Apa lagi si kawan, kan? (What's to hold me back, right??)

With a fair share of junk and scams on the net, it is rightful to be cautious and weary of such claims.  That is unfortunate, because I believe that a majority of these opportunities are actually legit.  The internet is wonderful. There is so much you can do.  And as many have proven, making money, lots of money, is definitely one of them.  You just need to sort through all that everything to find the one that suits you and can work for you.

To be honest, I have had a go on some of those 'opportunities'. Yes, yes.. gullible is one word that might come into mind, ya?  But as I said, I believe that there are legit opportunities out there.  Call it temporary insanity or what you may.  Well, what happened was.. I gave it a shot.  Look through their system.  And finally decided that, it was just too mind boggling (for me) to handle and maintain.  Yes, no technical or computing skills required.  But they forgot to mention patience and perseverence.

But, you know what.  I am happy and proud to say that I have made money online.  I have.  The past few months have been especially good for me. (And I pray it will continue.) I worked hard for it, oh yeah. But I did it. I made money online.  From the comforts of my home. Most of the time, in my pyjays or kain sarong. With my baby sleeping or playing close by.  So folks, it can done. It may not be thousands per day (yet) but it's something.  And it's a start.

There is a lot that you can do to make money online.  You can write, blog, do data entry, take surveys, share advertiser links or perhaps daytrade.

I certainly have made money using more than one of the above methods. You just need to browse around to find the right one for you. And be curious.  Wonderous things may await.  Curiousity never killed anyone. I know a cat who will vouch for that.

So, did I make that $2345.67 in one day?  No. Not yet.  But I have made some.  And if I do find that opportunity that is sooo good and soo easy and soo right for me and possibly everyone else, I'll let you know then.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

Signing In

How different life is these days..

What's the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? For me, most often, I will first reach out for my mobile phone, to find out what time it is.  And most often, I will end up checking on any notifications that might have popped up in the middle of the night.

This is my daily grind.. I will check on notifications first. Most often this will be email on my yahoo account.  Then, I will check Facebook, open up any notifications, browse through for a bit, up to the point that I left off the night before or as far as my eyes could stand.  Then, it's on to my gmail email.  I have two accounts under gmail.  I will check the main one first.  Kalau rajin, I will check the other one.  After that, it's Twitter.  (Still) My main reason for checking on Twitter is to read tweets from Jesse Spencer (swoooon...still..). Sometimes there are interesting tweets there from some other folks as well.  Then on, I would go on to Instagram. Fairly new for me, since they just launched their Android app quite recently. Instagram is like Twitter but with pictures. So there. That's it. I think.  And all this whilst still laying in bed.  Eyes half shut. And most possibly needing to go to the loo. Hee.

But I do this, not just once a day. Oh yes, it's a routine all throughout the day.  Remember when email just started and you were like checking your email 51 times a day.. Eh, admit it, laa... heee..That's me with my routine.

But but, thankfully, yes thankfully... this is just at home. With wifi. Since I don't have internet connection on my phone.  Thank goodness. Some times, only some time..when I am really really at a loss of what to do and I happen to be in a place with free wifi, I will do my checking routine.

Thankfully, I am not on MySpace and Tumblr and Google+ (yet) or Friendster (anymore). I have not checked on my Multiply account in ages. Thankfully, blogger is one of the sites I still like to frequent (from time to time), as often as I can.

Speaking of, I think mobile phones should and need to be banned from the dining table. At home and when dining out.  Don't you think? Eating time should be eating time. And family time.  And not everyone's noses just stuck onto their phones. Agree?

Well, how different life is these days kan...Once upon a time, you would actually have to meet with someone to tell them how you feel. You write or call.  These days, you just IM them, give them smileys on facebook or sms and that's that. I wonder who it was that first thought about MyEmoticons Must be making a fortune. And having fun emoting all day long.. hee..

How different life is these days.... fascinating though!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Perfect Ending

I have this idea..of this perfect ending. For a book, a show, a movie. It keeps coming back to me. Sometimes with narrative and with a clear picture of what it would look like on screen. Well, it's my perfect ending. I'm starting to fancy myself a Shonda Rhimes or Sophie Kinsella. That would be my dream. It always has been. I think I need to write it all down before I lose it forever..