Friday, August 17, 2012

For Writers

taken from 30 Indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors on  Good advice, I like no.2 & 3.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vision of Love - Two Ways

Heart Heart Kris Allen

From Kris' new album Thank You Camellia

And this still sounds so good too...

Mariah Carey

Friday, August 03, 2012

Fast or Feast

We had our berbuka at Le Meridien hotel on Tuesday night. On invitation by one of the companies that hubby's firm works with.

Firstly, this really brought me back and reminded me of the old days at the old workplace, where eating would be one of the main things to look forward to during events, meetings, etc. It's been a while that I have 'gone out' under an invitation from work like this. Ahhh, I miss those times. Well, I miss the friends actually. Though I am not a big socializer, prefering to sit quietly in one corner and chat quietly with some friends, those kind of eating outings or breaks were always a joy.

So, Le Meridien. I was not expecting what was to come.  Almost the entire lobby was filled with tables to accomodate all the berbuka parties that night. Our table was quite far from the restaurant area and closer to the reception counter and elevators. Jauh and jenuh mau pergi mengambil makanan, having to go across obstacles - being the many tables and people all over the place!  It was very packed and rather uncomfy.  Most of the diners as I saw were indeed from companies that have booked tables for their staff.  Some families here and there.

And the food! Masyaallah! There was a tonne of it and so much variety. Enough to feed an entire village and more.  Having berbuka at home for the past week, with simple, home prepared food - this was an astonishing sight! And almost damn nearly gave me a headache.  What more with having to maneuvre across the crowds and carrying a 10 kg baby in one arm and balancing the food in the other.  It was hard to really enjoy and savour the food.

My qualm is that, I wish hotels would embrace the spirit of Ramadhan more and not dish out these extravagant berbuka buffets and also charge an exorbitant amount for them.  That buffet was RM98++ per person, if I'm not mistaken. And sooo many people are actually going for them and paying that price! And the hotel pun, put in more and more tables to accomodate this demand. Oh my! Feeding frenzy! And to think of all the food that is gonna be wasted at the end of the night.. aduhh... sad.

I was actually so relieved when we left. And told hubby, we're not going for any other hotel  buffets this Ramadhan. Oh, but what if invited, he said?  Hah, temptation! Well, definitely not at that hotel anymore..

Another Blog?

 I've been thinking about creating another or perhaps a few new sites/blogs in a few niche areas that I am interested in.  Still weighing out the options, learning and wondering whether I would be able to carry it out and most importantly, maintain them in the long run.  Thinking about some cool domain names as well.  Any ideas for me?

Recently learned about some new tricks on how to monetize the sites and I'm hoping to apply them and see what happens.  Of course, my dream/hope/intention is that it will go like fireworks and I will be a new internet millionaire. Hah! One can dream!

Starting sites seem to be incredibly easy these days.  A lot of lessons online, free designs and templates, widgets, plug ins and a whole range of mumbo jumbo that can be easily learnt about and applied.  With a lot of patience, that is.

One such new plugin is SlideDeck.

So that is how they make those cool slide shows or sliders as it is called! (Hang on, wasn't there a show called Sliders? Jerry O'Connell? ) Anyway, these sliders definitely makes a site look more lively with one of those. Sliders can be created with your own custom contents or even dynamic contents from the web, linking to sites such as Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and others.  Coolness.  Check out this jquery slideshow.

Sometimes there's so much I want to do (online) that I wish I didn't need to sleep. Let's see. I'll let you know once I sorted out the new sites. Cherrioo..

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Make Money with Hits4Pay

Hi y'all!

In my search across possible online money making opportunities, I came across this site called Hits4Pay.  

How it works is you sign up with them (for free), your account gets approved and then  you will start receiving notifications of ads for you to view.  Every time you view an ad, you receive 2 cents.  So OK, two cents...I know this is not much, but it takes virtually zero effort to do this.  Once you receive an email notification, all you have to do is go on over to the site and read/view the ad.  There is no obligation to buy or subscribe to what is offered in the ad.  It takes a few minutes at the most for the system to verify that you have indeed read/viewed the ad, then the amount is credited into your account.

As an extra, you can also refer your friends, family, etc. to also sign up and you will receive  1 cent for each validated email that your direct referrals read and 1 cent from each validated email that your direct referral's referral reads. Two levels. Yes, this is an MLM and pyramid scheme of sorts :) But nothing to sell or promote. Really minimum effort.

And it may not seem like much but it adds up! What that old adage? Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi setumpuk? Heee.. I saw this ad for a bank on one of the bus stops here. Oh yeah, you also receive a $5 bonus when you sign up. Minimum cash out is at $25 and you can easily transfer the amount to Paypal. $25 can buy me some nice books online :)

I signed up last week and after my account was approved, I now have $5.04 in my account! Wooooo weee! 

To sign up, click here or click the banner below! Come come... sikit-sikit, lama-lama setumpuk!