Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going Mobile

 I only recently just changed my mobile phone simcard to the new 3g simcard. Yes, all this while.. I was still on my old simcard, from the first mobile phone I owned (a Nokia, can't remember the model name/number, but it had an antenna! ) and the simcard was a TMTouch simcard! Remember way back then when mobile phones just emerged and it was considered so fancy back then. Heee..

Well, I been through a number of other mobile phones since then. From Nokia to Sony Ericsson. And I am still (happily) stuck with Sony Ericsson until now. Though I guess the next one won't be, since Sony Ericsson is no more.

When the whole wide world went mobile, I was still blissfully minding my own business. Happily using my (then) phone for nothing more than making calls, sending and reading smses, taking pictures (then having to transfer them via cable) and playing some simple games here and then. I didn't know what I was missing.  When hubby got his first smart phone and was suddenly able to check the internet on the go, I was impressed. In awe.  Still, I declared that I didn't need it anyway.  I was happy just checking my email and facebook on my laptop.  And the thought of having to pay hundreds upon hundreds each month for mobile internet bills (as rumour has it), scared me. Na-ah, no thanks. I'll just stick with what I had and knew.

Then, hubby upgraded to an iPhone. And there I was, still in the dust with my old SE K750i. What's Siri? Apaitu Whatsapp? Haha...kasian kan... Memang in blissful wonderment :-) Until hubby decided to upgrade me to an SE Xperia Mini Pro. And wooooahhh... what had I been missing! Seronoknya pulak, being able to check internet on the phone, Facebook, e-mail, blogging. Still, I wasn't able to utilise those apps like Whatapp since I was still using the old TMTouch simcard. And now that I finally made my way to Celcom and upgraded the card (it's free by the way!), it seems there's a whole new world waiting for me to explore. Heee....sounds so cliched? The Linachu has gone mobile :-)

I still haven't signed up for any mobile internet plan. I'm happy to just use wi-fi at home and any other places with free connection.

It's said that 75% of internet users these days are on their mobile phone or mobile devices.  Amazingly awesome this technology that we have these days.  Blows my mind everytime I really think about it.  Even blogs can be viewed in a mobile version.  This is what In Blissful Wonderment looks like in mobile!

Cool, eh?

So I guess it goes without saying that if you are a website owner, you'd want to have a mobile version of your website as well.  Check out the mobile website builder from Mobstac and get in the face of all those internet users who are now mobile.  Go mobile with Mobstac